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Salvation Army Song I Love To Sing lyrics

Browse for Salvation Army Song I Love To Sing song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Salvation Army Song I Love To Sing lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Salvation Army Song I Love To Sing.

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Chris Rea - Sing a song of love to me lyrics

a song of love to me As the shadow starts to ... grow And I won’t be sad and lonely ... anymore ’cause if you sing a song of love to me I will always find a smile That will warm my cold, cold heart

Copeland - You love to sing lyrics

ve never any time to play i always seems to slip away ... but it never really goes by while i wait here with my lullaby ... for our only try sing with your head up with your

Kris Kristofferson - Song i'd like to sing lyrics

na na na na....) There's a song I'd like to sing Do you know ... the song I mean? It don't always sound the same ... But it's always good to sing. Maybe it don't mean a

George Jones - We love to sing about jesus lyrics

we love to teach about And we love to ... preach about We love to sing about our Jesus. All down ... knees and pray And thank him in our special way We love to sing about our Jesus. We love to talk about We love to let it

Anvil - Song of pain lyrics

bit, twice shy Just the average kind ... of guy Loved and lost felt the pain The ... need to start all over again Heart broken, on the mend ... The loss of that special friend The look and feel of

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Song for love lyrics

lie awake with open eyes My love just died I'm cold inside ... Can't face the thought to be alone All by myself on my ... own Loves come and gone I look around and see The

Donovan - To sing for you lyrics

the night has left you cold and feeling sad I will show you that it cannot be so bad. Forget ... who went and made you cry. I'll sing a song for you That

John Frusciante - Song to sing when i'm lonely lyrics

song to play when I'm lonely Win and never play ... a game again No one to face when I'm falling Holding tight to dreams that never ... end I'll be you I do I'll be you No one's afraid to

Hope - Who am i to say lyrics

of my life, my soulmate You're my ... best friend Part of me like breathing Now half of me is left Don't know anything ... at all Who am I to say you love me I don't know anything at

Rebecca St. James - Song of love lyrics

King of my heart Father, my ... peace and my light Spirit, the joy of my soul You are ... Jesus, to you none compare Father, I ... rest in Your care Spirit, the hope of my heart You

Jennette Mccurdy - Song- generation love lyrics

found a picture of my mother in her bell-bottom jeans ... Flowers in her hair and two fingers up for peace In that ... Polaroid she smiles, a grown up baby boomer

Carpenters - Love makin' love to you lyrics

so fine every time Oh I love makin' love to you Anywhere, ... I don't care Oh I love makin' love to you Oh the fire in your eyes Makes my loving ... temperature rise Honey sweet ecstasy Oh I love what your doin' to me Give

Deep Blue Something - Song to make love to lyrics

wouldn't be so hard to sleep at night If I could ... make a day without a fight. I really think the world would ... be impressed If it were equally as blessed...

Anew Revolution - Love to hate lyrics

found another way to let you down i found another ... way to complicate just say it, just say it just say you love to hate it just say it, just ... say it i am the one you love to i found another way to let

Dj Hip Hop - To sing lyrics

I got a new life You would hardly recognize ... me I’m so glad How can a person like me care for you Why do I ... you’re not the one for me Is enough enough I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes I

R5 - Love to love her lyrics

the record off Reminds me of the girl of my ... dreams She played it every night Sounds better with her ... next to me But she’s gone, gone ... Yeah she’s gone, gone And I’m alone, alone Man, this

A Static Lullaby - Love to hate, hate to me lyrics

the tale of my desire I'll never walk away A book of ... hate, yeah I'll never exhale 1000 volts ... for, I'll never walk away every smile you gave me Never exhale

Agnostic Front - Love to be hated lyrics

I know somebody somewhere is gonna Love me! Well I ... somebody somewhere out there is gonna Hate me! Well I'm loved and I'm hated And loved ... and hated And loved and hated And love love love to be hated! Well I know

Abbie Lynn - Love to burn lyrics

One: We lie surrounded by what’s left of ... the night.... These tangled ... sheets are still warm.... We start a fire that we just can’t put out.

Alex Goot - Love to hate myself lyrics

going crazy, Thinking about the things that I ... should have done while I was a slightly younger man ... I know I made mistakes I wasted my time Thinking I

Apoptygma Berzerk - Love to blame lyrics

ve gone a long way while learning Still our hearts kept on ... burning We've gone right We've gone straight And ... far-out We've reaped the fruits of deception Opened the

Artist Vs. Poet - Love to hate me lyrics

know you love, love, love to hate me! Du du du du dudu ... up, get up, get out of bed. I folded your clothes this time ... Instead of leaving them in a mess. I'm sorry I didn't

Black Lab - Love to love you lyrics

would love to love you but I know that it would be wrong ... you got someone waiting for you who's never done me ... no harm I would love to touch you like a building on fire in my chest so the only voice I turn to is the one I use to confess it's already done it

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Love to hate you lyrics

s a fascinating story About a man With a look ... of despair You are not a soldier No ... cliche [So] take good care ... So give yourself a handshake It

Elegant Machinery - Love to cry lyrics

endless streets of hope I tried to pave my way to find ... who could operate my fading world in grey Through ... concrete dreams I ran discarding all I knew when this smiling girl with plastic flowers told me what to do I love to

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - Love to see you cry lyrics

on Maybe I just wanna touch you Feel you warm in side ... again Maybe I just wanna hurt you The ... sweetest pleasure is pain I don't know why, why But I love to see you cry I don't know

Jeffree Star - Love to my cobain lyrics

want a love so good, So good that it’ll ... make me sick.. to touch.. but I need it You are the Love ... to my Cobain Blood to my blade And ur no good for

Kyte - Love to be lost lyrics

the doctor is wrong, With the twisting of the skin, ... It's been running for too long, To let someone else in. And she'd love to be ... lost, She'd love to be alone, She'd love to be

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Love to love you lyrics

lonely drifting through the day Was so sad ... and then I walked away I felt the disillusion, ... headless of confusion - baby What you did and ... that you lied to me I'm old enough and not too blind to see We walk through different doors now We sail on

No Connection - Love to hate to love lyrics

like the taste of your kiss But it don't feel the same ... And life is so much easier Now I don't share the ... blame I'm falling for temptation I knew that I would

She Wants Revenge - Love to sleep lyrics

doesn't miss much She never stays too ... long She'll read you like the morning paper ... Everybody loves her Attentions like a drug Should you ... run across her, Erase the ideas of The moments all you

Slayer - Love to hate lyrics

Music: Hanneman, Lyrics: Hanneman & King) ... Enter my mind can you stop the rage No one shall ... mourn or pity my grave Fighting the world without remorse

Bros - Love to hate you lyrics

a head too big for your body and a mouth too wide for your face an ego ... as big as a mountain and in those clothes you look a disgrace. Girlfriends love to

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Love to lean on lyrics

Can Make Your Point I Can Disagree But It Will Not Change ... What You Mean To Me Did It Go Too Far Are We To The ... Edge Is There Some Way I Can Talk You Down From The

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Love to love you lyrics

would love to love you like you do me I'd love to love ... you like you do me There's a pillar ... in my way you see I'd love to love you like you do me I

Nikka Costa - Love to love you less lyrics

have just been reposessed I'd love to love you less ... When we're alone Half the time you're on the phone Well ... maybe baby if I sent it in a text I'd love to love

Darius - Love to love lyrics

me babe You got my struck I'm hit by lightening Got me ... strung out on a limb And I love to think that I can't fight it You rock like a hurricane I've been blown by an

Neil Diamond - Love to love lyrics

s a thing that needs wants to thrive on Then it grows At ... least that's what I've been told You can't love someone If ... you find that all you get in return Is a heart that's

Dido lyricsDido - Love to blame lyrics

ventured Nothing gained It's all for love So I'm not to blame I'm not to blame ... She said I doubted my eyes And I ... crossed my tears Had times for friends when they

Erasure lyricsErasure - Love to hate you lyrics

oh oh oh, woah oh oh oh I'm crazy flowing over with ideas A thousand ways to woo a ... lover so sincere Love and hate, what a beautiful ... combination Sending shivers up and down my spine

John Farnham - Love to shine lyrics

have no cause to doubt what you see Close ... your eyes and set your feelings free Who has the right to ... Open your heart and let our love grow strong I want our love to shine down on me Shining

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - Love to be loved lyrics

you know how people are When it's all gone much too far The ... way their minds are made Still, there's something you ... should know That I could not let show That fear

Alex Hepburn - Love to love you lyrics

it's hard to breathe When I look into your eyes I just ... can't believe That you're mine all mind and soul My home is where my heart is And where ... I belong No tears in the poring rain Every rise is like a bright sunny day Did I did I did I Ever tell you

Lambretta - Love to hate you lyrics

seven months and fifteen days I've been telling ... you lies in different ways I know things will change But I don't know when You keep ... talking about us Like we still were friends I just hate

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Love to hate lyrics

fascists out in droves, Some with powder up ... their nose ... And the money men ... who had to steal away. Telling stories who they've had. ... around and say how much they like you ... Like you ... Like

The Mission - To love & to kill with the very same hand lyrics

t ask me to choose when you give me no choice And does it ... make you sigh when you hear my voice? I ... don't wanna be raped, I wanna be seduced And if you

The Monkees - Love to love lyrics

s a thing that needs one to thrive on Then it grows At ... least that's what I've been told You can't love someone If ... you find that all you get in return A heart that's cold

The Nipple Erectors - Love to make you cry lyrics

let me forget you And every time I try to please you, you ... just sigh Baby that is why, I love to make you cry I love to make you cry I love to make ... you cry I like y'to cry cry cry When your

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Love to hate lyrics

day and more bad news I wonder who died today I feel ... so numb I might as well be dead I live ... on hope and legal dope Addicted to the system Is it real

Rebecca St. James - Love to love you lyrics

many things I wish to say to you Hard as I try-words ... cannot explain So I, lift my eyes and lift my hands In awe of you, adoring you And ... I want to say that I love you Oh how I love to love

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Love to lose lyrics

on, gather round I'm gonna tell you how the fire ... went out Sorry for the ending, I didn't mean to let you ... down We were supposed to be forever but it's too bad

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Love to love you baby lyrics

I love to love you, baby Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby Ahaaw, I love to love you, baby When you're laying so close to me There's no

Dido lyricsDido - Love to blame lyrics

ventured Nothing gained It's all for love So I'm not to blame I'm not to blame ... She said I doubted my eyes And I ... crossed my tears Had times for friends when they

Life Of Agony - Love to let you down lyrics

to start again, Willing to give another try. Willing to ... pretend but still so dead. Willing to comprehend Willing to give up all my pride Willing ... to forget but still so dead And it’s

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Love to lay lyrics

Verse 1] It has begun again, my friend In this room, we ... are nothing but strangers in a bed You made me fall again, my friend How can I forget ... when you said love was just pretend? [Pre

Go Fish - I love to tell the story lyrics

love to tell the story It will be my theme in glory To ... tell the old, old story Of Jesus and his love ... Na, na, na ,na Hoo Hoo Oh I love to tell the story Of

The Rabble - Salvation lyrics

s another spin out just like every other night Dusk ... more and on go the street lights Your getting cold out in ... the dark and you think you are alone You think

Rancid - Salvation lyrics

t you show me what you got I want your salvation there ... s a neighborhood called blackhawk ... where all the rich people hide I was down on my luck working for the salvation army The

Cimorelli - Love song (over me) lyrics

don't have much to give you, Lord I'm afraid and insecure I wish my eyes could ... my heart the way you do So I hide behind the walls, Of ... and carry me back home Sing your love song over me Sing your love song over me I

7eventh Time Down - Love parade lyrics

m like a love sick puppy Chasing you around Just like a ... rolling stone Ain't nothing holding me down This world ... is crazy falling In and out of love everyday I

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