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Salute The Flag I Wave To You lyrics

Browse for Salute The Flag I Wave To You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Salute The Flag I Wave To You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Salute The Flag I Wave To You.

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Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - The closer i get to you lyrics

The closer i get to you The more you make me see By giving me all you got (tell me ... more) Your love has captured me Over ... and over again I tried to tell myself that we Could

Louis Xiv - The distances from everyone to you lyrics

around you wants your autograph Hunting around, placing ... bids for a backstage pass Just to pin you up like a photograph ... You're a porcelain doll so fragile that could

Bette Midler - The girl is on to you lyrics

ll bet you think you can just use her the way you ... used to do. I've got news for you. Your fuse is out. The girl is on to you. I'll bet you think you can abuse her and say you love her too. I remember pain

Asia - The closer i get to you lyrics

can't begin to make no sense of it all ... Maybe I don't try enough But there is nothing that I wouldn't do I would beg, I would plead for ... our love I want to know if you're just tired of me Or have

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - To you lyrics

if the same thing happened to you Would you still put me ... through what you put me through? If it ... happened to you. What if it happened to you? What if it happened a man kept shaking you down But you can't get a ride to his side of town? If it

B*witched - To you i belong lyrics

fell down You were there I cried for you when I hurt ... my hand Storm a-rushing in Wind was howling I ... called for you, you were there Whenever dark turns to

Buldok - The flag of truth lyrics

see my dreams laying broken apart, I feel the ... pain on the bottom of my heart, the failure of ... our glory, hear the final warning I see my dreams laying

Gordon Lightfoot - Salute (a lot more livin' to do) lyrics

mister I won't waste your time I hope all the mistakes you made were a lot like mine ... Lovin' girls too much sometimes they made you cry Maybe ... we've got more livin' to do with a lot less pain Here, let

Morgana Lefay - Salute the sage lyrics

eyes staring through crystal Wild ... laughs, demons of wisdom Recall all the heretics ... of the dawn Cry out the names of the angels Spell ... god as in the beginning Profane is the devil's grimoire Salute the sage, he's

Down By Law - Fly the flag lyrics

cast aside but i survived now fly the flag criticized opened wide left to die ... now fly the flag brutalized cut down to size but i ... ll survive now fly the flag deified mystified crucified now fly the flag justified penalized but i survived

Galneryus - The flag of reincarnation lyrics

life has continued for centuries Don't you cry When one life is over You should welcome ... a birth of new life Watch through the repetition of birth and death *

Aus-rotten - The crucifix and the flag lyrics

crucifix and the flag are both the f***ing same They both represent dominance and ... control Arrogant symbols displayed high about our heads ... A constant reminder that you are being controlled If the

Aus-rotten - The flag will cover coffins lyrics

your countries flags F*** your patriotic pride F*** the ... politicians and the shit they try to hide They make you ... pay their taxes and they make you fight their wars But they

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The dead flag blues (intro) lyrics

car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel ... And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides And a dark wind blows ... The government is corrupt And we're on so

Gallows - The riverbank lyrics

Britain is burning down. We'll be buried alive, before we drown. The ... Queen is dead, so is this ground. The shallow grave, ... fit for the crown. Stick your coffins in the riverbed,

Exhumed - The shape of deaths to come lyrics

endless funeral procession marches on Numbed and grey ... as they delay their slow decay into the ground ... Nameless tombs amid the gloom, await like shadowed,

Anti-flag - The weathermen know which way the wind blows lyrics

2, 3 - in the dead of night 1, 2, 3 - the weather ... seems alright 1, 2, 3 - fear less, live ... more 1, 2, 3, 4 - declaration of war The days of rage ... and nights of peace You wanna find us, this is where

Anti-flag - The debate is over (if you want it) lyrics

the first time in my life I'm truly free To see the ... clear cut forest for the poisoned sea To see the waters ... occupy the shores of Jersey And I ... feel alive For the first time in my life I'm truly free To watch the waters persecute in

Pascal Obispo - The time it takes to fall lyrics

s okay, you're not alone You're on the luckiest star that ... s taken you far away Did you know, that the rain in the ... yard has taken to going insane? A little nuts...oh, a

Kenny Rogers - The vows go unbroken (always true to you) lyrics

the moment I met you, You made my life complete. This wave of pure devotion, Has swept ... me off my feet. And tonight when we kissed, You still ... took my breath away. It goes without saying, But I

Azu - To you ft.sunya lyrics

hajimete kidzuita'n da kokoro ni pokatto aita ... sonzai Tsuyogatte ita no wa ore no hou da yo ne ... mou kimi wa inai no ni... Otagai ni mada kodomo ... sugi tada nante, yowasa kakusu

Despite - The cause and solution to all problems lyrics

not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not found not...

Propaganda (germany) - The last word / strength to dream lyrics

we see or seem But a dream within a dream? Is all that we ... see or seem But a dream within a dream? Is all that we see ... or seem But a dream within a dream

Oliver Onions - To you mi chica lyrics

You Mi Chica To You Mi Chica To You Mi Chica To You Mi ... Chica To You Mi Chica To You Mi Chica To You Mi Chica To

Bi Rain - To you lyrics

I wanna say these words to you I~I I love you I~ I wanna ... say these words to you I~I I~ I wanna say these words to you Onjebutho nega byonhangonji nomu bappun senghwal soge jichyo issonabwa onjena naman

Paula Abdul - To you lyrics

chrous:] to you, gonna give it all to you to you, gonna give it all to you if it's ... pleasure you want and it's pleasure i've got baby i ... will give it all to you if you're lonely at night and it's

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The same deep water as you lyrics

me goodbye, pushing out before I sleep Can't you see I try Swimming the same ... deep water as you is hard The shallow drowned, lose less ... than we You breathe the strangest twist upon your lips And we shall be together

Scar Symmetry - The shape of things to come lyrics

of the Neohuman race, coming our way. At their birth will we become as tears in rain, ... lost to the void? Dawn of the Neohuman age, reaching to claim our world. Will we resist

Morgion - The serpentine scrolls / descent to arawn lyrics

winds of emerald lands, Come ... and meet my fellowship. Journey afar, rest among ... my flock And shelter the serpent's egg. Among the ... shores I gather Netherlands, Seek unto the marble

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - The pills won't help you now lyrics

we were going And go up the field a ways And join all the other living souls But you ... never came Robbed of your fortune You get disappointments in life You're

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - The pills won't help you now (feat. tim smith.. lyrics

we were going And go up the field a ways And join all the other living souls But you ... never came Robbed of your fortune You get disappointments in life You're

The Agonist - The man who fell to earth lyrics

lies the man who fell to Earth Who fell to Earth... ... A spare beaten spirit soul of se**** dystopia ... Whose sound is deathly frantic - deathly frantic Deathly

Evenoire - The prayer lyrics

my dearest lake I will be forever yours mirror of ... my misfortunes father of my painful days All the ... tears I gave to you will be drops of memories ... Goodbye my lake I leave to reach

Demiurg - The doom that came to... lyrics

such wealth and golden reign A time of growth and no pain a thousand years has gone ... Such wealth and golden lies that time of growth amount to nothing but doom In towers

Electric Wizard - The sun has turned to black lyrics

torn from its path by meteoric pass, Showered by debris, ... Continents crumble, our cities funeral pyres, Crash into the sea. The sun has turned to

Mael Mórdha - The man all hate to love lyrics

cold rain flows down the inside of my skin Days turn black ... as night as my heart dies Blood runs red as life ... freezes away Isolation reigns in this land of decay

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - The mission lyrics

open up my head Inside I find another person's mind I'm ... gonna take this chance I've got I run denying as we ... speak Hiding my face among the weak Some say their day is

Blaze Bayley - The day i fell to earth lyrics

thought I stood on solid ground but I was floating ... near the stars And never once did I ... look down I was Falling Down and how far.. To a ... place I cant even say my name I'm the alien the drifter I'm to

Clairvoyants - The shape of thing to come lyrics

times I feel like I'm eternal The master of my life I feel like no mountain's ... high enough No trial's too demanding I set the world ... on fire That's when I come alive At times I feel devoid

Engelbert Humperdinck - The way it used to be lyrics

table, just for oneIn a bright and crowded room While the music has begun I drink to ... memories in the gloom Though the music's still the same It ... has a bitter, sweet refrain So play the song the way it used to be Before she left

Fish (u.k.) - The voyeur (i like to watch) lyrics

down a satellite, beam in the action, life lies bleeding live in your living room, our ... senses on remote control overkill and overload. >From ... Lockerbie to Lebanon's getting closer every day Hollywood

Samantha Fox - The best is yet to come lyrics

he's wearing purple, then I'll wear white And then we'll ... take a ride in search of the bright, bright moonlight ... And all the people they wonder As we walk by Why

From First To Last - The levy lyrics

Rise, rise, rise to fall I never cared, never cared to ... try until now To find, home The distance grows as the ground ... approaches Faith, at least in the form of gravity keeps

Lord - The richest man lyrics

eyes stare beyond these lonely walls Out toward the sea In a darkened room, he sits and thinks of All that might have been Sure - there ... But he wouldn't change a thing He had it all and lost it all But the memories remain

Ramones lyricsRamones - The shape of things to come lyrics

s a new sun Risin' up angry in the sky And there's a new ... voice Sayin' "we're not afraid to die" Let the old world ... make believe It's blind and deaf and dumb But nothing can change the shape of things to come There are

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The love i used to call mine lyrics

gentle as soft breezes blowing as warm as the summer sunshine As sweet as the dew on the ... roses was the love I used to call mine Sweet memories ... keep on holding revealing the past in my mind But my arms

Kenotia - The sun's up, but you're down lyrics

trip it all came down you think it's over now. but its not ... time to break there's at least 10 more rounds in this game. I know the way ... from here, so I'll go and one day you'll care

Exhumed - The axe was made to grind lyrics

to pieces they found her Or rather, they ... scraped her off the floor Bits of bone and brain around ... her And the whole room was splattered with gore Her death was pitiless and violent Bludgeoned

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The world we used to know lyrics

flowers died on fields of hope All the way from ... east to west Where the mighty winds will blow I'll put ... my dreams to rest This scary monster is very much

Ceremonial Castings - The devil in salem lyrics

witch of the southern path Led the young into ... conjuration Bringing forth thou of which we do ... not speak Now here the devil in Salem Unclean witch whipped be once a slave Led the young into temptation Condemned to chains So halt thee silver tongue Still now here the devil

Hinder - The best is yet to come lyrics

first make-out session I learned my first lesson While trying to get to the next ... base When I slipped past her waist She ... smacked my hand away Then I got a slap in the face If I could go back in time Wouldn

Onward To Olympas - The lost generation lyrics

know you're mad at every possible thing That's what gives you so much hate I know we all ... aren't perfect in this world But why have you ... chose to act like this You think it's right to be evil inside But let me tell you something Wake up you're not that toug

Tony Bennett - The best thing is to be a person lyrics

was a man Looked up to Heaven And he said, “Lord, ... what good am I? I feel so unimportant that it makes me want ... to cry. What should I do, Lord? Please answer me.”

Faderhead - The bitch i love to hate lyrics

mind Inflamed Undone By rage To ... see you's driving me insane I can't stand it Think lie Live truth Can't deal With you ... There's just no telling what to do I can't stand it Close

House Of Lords - The next time i hold you lyrics

next time I see you again I know it's gonna be in my ... memories And the next time I touch you, my friend I know it ... be just a fantasy But I meer wanna leave you I´m

Lyfe Jennings - The way i feel about you lyrics

Hello [Female:] Hey! How you doin' [Lyfe:] Haven't seen you in a while [Female:] Yep it ... s been a while [Lyfe:] Girl I really missed that smile and ... that thing you do with your tongue still drives me wild

Mastodon - The motherload lyrics

can see what the world has done to you I can ... feel the weight, feel the weight I can see what this life ... has handed you I can feel the weight, feel the weight This time, this time, things'll

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