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Blood Red Shoes - Light it up lyrics

a feeling it's a fever it's a fire Talking trouble ... take it down into the wire Once ... chance two chance It's a lie It's old and old and ... old and worn out Light it up for real and watch it work a

Flinch - Light it up (feat. heather bright) lyrics

that I love too hard, I take it too far Go ahead, go ahead ... tell me that I lost my brain, its all down the drain I'm too ... went out Why don't you try it I know you baby I swear you

For King & Country - Light it up lyrics

stole the light That colored in your eyes ... You're lost in silhouette Light it up and let it go Don't ... see that you are not alone? Light it up and watch it fly Cause

Marcus & Martinus lyricsMarcus & Martinus - Light it up lyrics

ll be the one if you believe it. Give all my heart if you ... will keep it. But you better keep it ... and i feel ya deep from within. You better follow

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Light it up lyrics

I'm unorthodox like Lenny Kravitz. I don't play gui-tar - and ... Look in your face like I'm a hit you with the milk crate. ... - He's a animal! My appetite is enormous like that of a

Major Lazer - Light it up (feat. nyla) lyrics

you're built like that Gun it like a holster baby Show dem ... t cave in Tonight we'll let it all go free Gimme di' ... me rock inna' di' dance Mash it up, hot step inna' di' dance

Major Lazer - Light it up (feat. nyla & fuse odg) [remix] lyrics

know you built like that Gun it like holster baby Show dem ... won’t cave in Tonight we let it all go free Gimme the ting ... make me rock in a dance Mash it up, hot step in a dance

Calvo - Light it up (ft. noubya) lyrics

ve been waiting for you To take me out of ... the dark I've been waiting for you All you need is a ... spark To light it up like fire Light it up, take ... me higher Light it up like fire Light it up, up -

G-dragon - Light it up (ft. tablo and dok2) lyrics

bul but-yeobwara (I BURN IT!!!)(UP UP UP UP) [TABLO ... ttaekkaji chi chi chiwora LIGHT IT UP ON ONE TWO THREE ... bul but-yeobwara (I BURN IT!!!)(UP UP UP) [GD]THEY GO

Rev Theory - Light it up lyrics

and I can't explain Why I wait for your face You're a hotel ... seem to get enough I ignite So hold on Cause we're ... about to light it up It's on tonight So hold on

Kottonmouth Kings - Light it up lyrics

time to light up time to gather in a circle ... time to divvy up you got one life to live- ... Start livin it up- pull a branch from your ... sack lets roll one up- well I understand if your

Little Brother - Light it up lyrics

one phonte.. representin little brother.. from now, never ... be another.. it's phonte poo and 9th wonder.. ... . gettin' freaky wit them broads undercover..

Nine Lashes - Light it up lyrics

of this is overwhelming With things unsaid they were ... t see me at all We'll make it fall We'll make it fall ... So light it up, light it up, burn it to the ground Or

Onerepublic lyricsOnerepublic - Light it up lyrics

a stone you watch it fall And let it roll out ... You take your time and watch it crawl Like you're the big ... you say if I told you 'the pitch is wrong' with a smile? I

Dj Antoine - Light it up vs. mad mark lyrics

s making me so loco feel it from my cabeça down to my ... the ocean Before I even know it, I'm letting go Forget all ... shine like the stars above Light it up In the heat of the

Europe - Light it up lyrics

of life Then Sammy sang and it felt so right Started up a ... star is a fading sun Let’s light it up Eveiy kid got to hit ... the ground and run Let’s light it up Oh light it up

Anthem - Light it up lyrics

IT UP! NO SUN, NO SKY tsukareta ... iki wo hisome warau OH, LIGHT UP MY SOUL afure dasu ... NO SHADOW, NO FIGURE shibaritsukeru NO VISION, NO FUTURE ... kurutta haguruma OH, LIGHT UP MY SOUL afure dasu chikara

Sing It Loud - Light it up lyrics

There's been just a couple things And I'd like to ... s not much you can hide Light it up, tear it down These ... figure out Where do we go Light it up, tear it down These

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Roll it up. light it up. smoke it up lyrics

It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It Up Roll It Up. Light It Up. ... Smoke It Up Roll It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It Up Roll It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It Up ... Roll It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It Up Roll It Up. Light It Up. Smoke It

Phlex - Light me up lyrics

just wanna show you the true light. Light me up and make me ... just wanna show you the true light. Light me up and make me ... just wanna show you the true light. Light me up and make me

Red Velvet - Light me up lyrics

I wanna light up the world between you and ... I’m in love Ooh boy Come and Light Me Up kamkamhan sesangeul ... balkhyeojwo Light me Light me ja soneul jaba jwo Ooh

Hunter Hayes - Light me up lyrics

Had all the curtains drawn, sitting all alone, feeling like ... badly in need, of a little of love's electricity, ... then you flipped the switch. You turned on the show.

Ingrid Michaelson - Light me up lyrics

see that ordinary, isn’t Light me up again Light me up ... alive And I want to see you with my eyes But I see you in ... how extraordinary is that Light me up again Light me up

Icona Pop - Light me up lyrics

oh oh oh oh oh oh oh) That it hurts and it burns when you ... I won't I won't I won't hesitate Even if I'm going down in ... flames Light me up light me up light me up yea Light me up light me up light me up yea I

Birdy - Light me up lyrics

is torn and we don't need it no more Wherever we are I'm ... yours always It flows in my blood I still ... where shadows fall You light me up When all I see is

Lonsdale Boys Club (lbc) - Light me up lyrics

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah, I said it's dark tonight, It's cold ... outside, Oh, OK, 1, 2, 3 Light me up, take me out, I'm on ... but I'm takin' off, I get up, I get on out, yeah C'mon, c

Mylène Farmer lyricsMylène Farmer - Light me up lyrics

out, all night Thought it was all up with me All up with me too scared not fair You ... drowned My heart is down Little me little me you see Light me up light me up we can

Foxes - Light me up lyrics

name [Chorus] Cause you light me up, yeah You're all I ... ever want You take me up there You're all I ever need ... I always knew that it could be like this I always

The Pigeon Detectives - Light me up lyrics

till we see the sunrise. Light me up a cigarette, I’m in a ... own, You know you’re doing it right when you don’t wanna go ... till we see the sunrise. Light me up a cigarette, I’m in a

Blue October - Light you up lyrics

never gonna give up Remember what abuse did It’s time you look and face it ... were in anyway understood It always lowered me to downsize ... It always lowered my faith But it’s in the corner

Day Of Fire - Light 'em up lyrics

look back never let it go Do the graveyard dance at ... make a bigger bang baby make it bigger Burden in my hands ... burnin up the road you know That I ... and on and on we go... (Put it on the line cause I'm going

Godley And Creme - Light me up lyrics

me, light me Come on out here and ignite me Light me, light me You're ... silk Come on out here and ignite me Tell me all about it Light me, light me Come on out here

Kurupt - Light shit up lyrics

Kurupt (Buckshot)] Yeah, true ... the Duck Down family keepin' it motherf***in' real (Wha, ... you get when you get this shit) (This is what you get when ... you, smo-kin' it) (This is what you get when

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Shake it up lyrics

scene Of forever having faith Have you forgotten? Can ... help To bring the sun down It's getting back somehow ... Take it up break it down again start me up shake

Inxs lyricsInxs - Light the planet lyrics

ha ha, oh yeah, light it up There's no love where ... there's no life Where it's dark and we fuss and fight ... We've gotta lighten up, we've gotta open up

Naomi King - Light me up lyrics

over my head You can light the pain, yeah If I'm going ... me down, you can pin me down with pegs But somehow I'll still ... wont see, yeah You can slit my throat, you can stab me in

Lawson - Up in flames lyrics

gonna keep the world awake Light it up Do or die Feel the ... and come alive Let's go up in flames Up in light Shout ... be the dying embers Let's go up in flames Up in flames

Kenny Chesney - Drink it up lyrics

it up, don't waste a drop Squeeze ... out of that old clock Kick it back man, enjoy the ride ... Keep living every day like it's Saturday night Cause you

Attila - Light me up lyrics

on your conscience. So take it in, it is what it is, SO ... ACCEPT IT! I've been away for 30 ... If you want less, you'll end up with MORE, WHORES ON THEIR

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Roll it up again lyrics

comin at'cha live Direct with the biggest, fattest joint ... Comin in with indo flavours F***in' ... at'cha like this '95 It's Friday mornin', where the

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Cuttin' it up lyrics

of Mobb Deep] "Get ya shit beaten" [Intro: ... Raekwon] Aww shit, these niggas out here, hold ... yo, come on Yea, word up, I look good right? Yo, aiyo

Eurovision - Gromee feat. lukas meijer - light me up (pola.. lyrics

I took a chance but now it feels so hard to breathe ... hard to breathe) A leap of faith (a leap of faith) Now ... me) What happen to the words it's always you and me I

Backyard Babies - White light district lyrics

got a feeling it ain't right To turn your ... back against the light anymore I didn't come this ... gods die Walking down the white light district Not all gods

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Light up the night lyrics] Hey, ohh x3 Wait a minute Uno dos It's ... time to go Adios It's on and poppin' And we ain ... t stoppin' Let's light up the night Let's light up

Omer Bhatti { O-bee } - See the light (feat. shontelle) lyrics

see the light Open up your eyes Head to the sky ... me down, but I wont give up, Never So get used to the ... me down, but i won't give up, Never So get used to the

Sammy Wilk - Light up ft. ky-mani marley lyrics

myself You know I need to light up And if you're feeling the ... the vibes Go and put your lights up I need to roll one and ... smoke one Yeah it's time to call the plug again

Owl City - Light of christmas (ost "veggie tales") lyrics

a snowman with the wind at his back Got ... wrap Fight the wind chill with all of my friends ‘Cause it’s Christmas time again ... the snow Fight the cold with some hot cocoa Grab your

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Light my body up ft. nicki minaj & lil wayne lyrics

started my sentence like a capital letter Got bars for years, ... out no album or tours Yes, bitch, I'm me Pretty N-I-C You ... get it? Icy But my name is spelled

The Rasmus lyricsThe Rasmus - Someone's gonna light you up lyrics

ve waited for somebody to break into ... for the night Don't lose it now Just drag yourself back ... into the light You'll find yourself a ... reason Don't you give up the fight Sick of all the

Chapin Harry - One light in a dark valley lyrics

is falling like rain One light in a dark valley And I'm ... alone again One light in a dark valley And I am ... all alone One light in a dark valley Is all I

Slaughter - Up all night lyrics

all night, sleep all day Up all night, sleep all day ... prowl around in the streets It's the moonlight that controls ... dusk to dawn Watching the city lights Stars are shining

Darren Hayes - Light lyrics

.. it flickers Your light Travelling down so deep ... my mind I can put my faith in you Light... it ... blisters Your light Coming down so bright ... Transformation Turn it up, give me some room to grow

Lazarus A.d. - Light a city (up in smoke) lyrics

the more we earn This dream it will survive Fire it up ... take it slow Soon enough the truth ... will show Light a city up in smoke Burning without ... (repeat) Arrest the weak withhold the earth Imprisonment

Jay Sean - Hit the light lyrics

the lights Hit the lights Hit the lights Hit the lights ... Baby hold it, And let me holla at you ... for a moment And if you with it, I'm with it, keep it rollin'

Push Play - Watch it burn lyrics

and it's consequences You can't win ... can't get back down Love and it's consequences One long ... danger Flying like a moth to light You can't save me this time

Busta Rhymes - Live it up lyrics

Pick up the pace now C'mon Yeah ... This feel like that tight shit That make you just go get ... N'ah mean Go stop at the little spot Get you a little bag

Lil' O - Let's get f***ed up lyrics

now, we getting f***ed up In this motherf***er, with ... the Screwed Up Click And this is what, we ... want y'all to do Light it up, roll it up Throwed as a

Kataklysm - If i was god... i'd burn it all lyrics

rage that rots core, entitled children above the law ... Political ambush to serve the elite ... to believe Enslaved to profit a world in ruins, distant ... If I was god… I'd burn it all I'd take it to the ground

Jet - Rip it up lyrics

to lose Smacked in the face with a silver spoon Skinny doll ... From the bedroom baby to the city a' light You look pretty ... gonna get ya my pretty:your little dog too Make me rich,

Afromental - It's my life (feat. vnm & sound'n'grace) lyrics

grooving And man when I feel it, I just can’t stop moving I ... ‘cause I’m on success mode with my band Called Afromental, ... and even if we’re done with it Man I’ll remember Still

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