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S Laptop Thudikum lyrics

Browse for S Laptop Thudikum song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed S Laptop Thudikum lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to S Laptop Thudikum.

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Idgaf lyrics

Ride 'till the wheels fall off and my heart stop I ... t feel my face but I won't stop Can't stop, girl you know ... I can't stop, won't stop Can't stop, girl you know

Mc Lars - Straight outta stockholm lyrics

this C major! Comin' straight outta stockholm, a fun ... boy named Lars, Survived loma prieta, mad cow, ... and SARS. I hit you with these flows ... like your name was Nancy Kerrigan Here and

Next - Cybersex lyrics

want ya P.C Sit on my laptop Push all my buttons Baby, ... please don't stop Download all over me Let ... your internet Dial me up it's time for Cybersex T-Low~It's

Dj S3rl - Press play walk away - s3rl & synthwulf lyrics

s the music?! -My laptop died! Ha-ha! Press play, ... walk away I'm your laptop DJ I don't know how to mix So I just click on sync Please ... go to my head And if the music stops It means the battery

Kimmi Smiles - Royals parody lyrics

ever leave my bedroom walls I'm still laying in my bed ... by midday With my laptop on my chest Scrolling ... through my blog Stalking web celebs But ... other girls are like clubs and parties, taking all them selfies boys and dates, sippin

K. Michelle - Mp3 lyrics

won't take off your mp3 adress until you tell me yes That ... my text, now you got the sack I wanna mp3 me&you, I ... want your laptop, go ahead & down low baby

Darren Hayes - Like it or not lyrics

yeah I've been broken, shut down and useless Feet ... above me hands in the air You got me ... over and over You got me twisted tied up and tangled I do ... you Thought I tripped on a shoelace I look down and it's

Outkast - Synthesizer lyrics

s got opinions on the way you're living ... But see they can't fill your shoes Life is made of half ... illusion (illusion) Forty percent confusion ... (confusion) Whatever's left I'm using to keep myself

Casey Abrams - Simple life lyrics

need no phone Don't need a speedy car to get me home Don ... need no nothing All I need is time for the simple life ... lazy couch Put down the laptop and get out of the house

Pretty Ricky - Searching for love lyrics

SPOKEN:] We Can Do it Microsoft 'Cause I Have That Hard ... Bet You Online Now You On My Laptop (Laptop!) Call Ya Boy a Master You On My Laptop [Slick ... You know what I'm looking for So make me beg for more Make me

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Dont let me die lyrics

Dear God, bring our P-O-Ws home And our brothers on ... !!! Back blocked on everybody laptop (HOV) Hittin' niggas from da ... hold a note like da guy who said da British is comin'

Allison Iraheta - Robot love lyrics

Waking up to the sound of text messages And ... typing in my ear You just can't wait to check your e ... beg, baby connect with me instead Technology sucks (Sucks!) I wish I could change

Becky G - Novacane lyrics

a mixtape I'll do it Labels say give one more take ... Influence All the young singers All the new rappers ... It's the first chapter, Welcome Open up

Jello Biafra - Electronic plantation lyrics

Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho Shipped your job to Mexico But ... we got plans for all of you to re-train ... Pit the whole world against each other For who will ... work for the lowest wage The rest of you can

Bones lyricsBones - Livingstoncountylegend lyrics

not trying to make a mil Just trying to make a pill to ... the way I feel But I'm opposed to medicine so I just got ... I do on the daily all by myself It's the truth from the

B.o.b. - Paper route lyrics

by far I'm no republican This the type of talk that'll ... probably piss off my publicist And I ain't even started, ... me in public Won't hear this on the radio, this here ain't

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - High all the time lyrics

Chorus] I don't need Dom Perignon, ... I don't need Cris Tanqueray and Alize, I don't ... need shit Nigga I'm high all the ... time, I smoke that good shit I stay high all the time,

Chamillionaire - Top down money up lyrics

look up in the sky It's not a bird, it's not a plane ... It's one of them little Batman symbol things Except it's got ... in it Chamillitary, let's get it, ye-yeah! Top down,

Classified - Desensitized lyrics

fully enjoy this recording do not, I repeat do ... not, Listen to it on your laptop, cellphone, or any place ... without bass I need to here that (boom, ... Turn it up I've been desensitized, I've been exposed to

Da Backwudz - Wood grain (interlude) lyrics

sun is setting On days of old I can't imagine Not ... having them to hold It hurts me deeply To let this ... gooooooooo My cards are played now No time to

Dean Martin - Hale bop she bop lyrics

s a tip: loose lips don't sink space ships. Count those ... tiny blips. somebody call the cops. Hale ... bop she bop Little bo peep, ... where are your sheep? Fast asleep. dreams crashing to a stop. Hale bop she bop As

Samy Deluxe - Deshalb lyrics

dies ist mein Leben, dies sind mehr als Songs die ich schreib. Ich muss den Vibe ... kommen von allein. Wie sollt ich jemals lächeln, wenn ... hier scheinbar niemals die Sonne scheint Ich wünsch dies

Samy Deluxe - Samy deluxe - die reise ist das ziel lyrics

es geht wieder mal los: Ich brauch mein Handy, das ... Netzteil, den Laptop/ Hip Top, iPod, Stift und ... Textblock/ Brauch den Rasierer, das Aftershave und das

Emma Giltreet - Me myself and time lyrics

I can make the rain stop if I wanna Just by my ... attitude I can take my laptop, record a snapshot And ... change a point of view I just entered this brand new world

Emmy The Great - Constantly lyrics

Constant Constant Constantly... The last time ... that I see you It's something in the morning Your ... iris is a universe Your laptop it is glowing And you say

Rick Ross - "gun play" lyrics

m sittin at the table, countin' ... be but I got a few hundreds A lot of talk on the streets like a nigga crossin' me ... Well, that's somethin' I gotta see Is it

Joey Bada$$ - World domination lyrics

Intro] Say Brain, what do you wanna do ... tonight? The same thing we do every night ... world (Joey) Who the f*** is this Joey Bada$$ nigga son? ... [Ref] Aye yo who the f*** passed you the mic And said that

K'la - The coldest winter ever lyrics

mother told me closed mouth don’t get fed, My ... daddy told me closed hands don’t get bread, The world ... told me closed minds don’t get ahead, But no one

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Me myself and time lyrics

can make the rain stop if I wanna Just by my ... attitude I can take my laptop Record a snapshot And ... change a point of view I just entered this brand new world

Marina & The Diamonds - Space and the woods [late of the pier] lyrics

is in my blood, it always was But it doesn't evaporate in ... the light any more And this world is no place For a mind ... or a thought No its not Well that's been said

Mc Lars - Download this song lyrics

La la la la la la la la It's 2006, the consumer's still pissed Won't take it anymore so ... I'm writing a list Don't try to resist this ... paradigm shift The music revolution cannot be dismissed $18.98 Iggy pop CD What

Mc Lars - Hurricane fresh lyrics

snap, you know this track is fly, so get crunked up and ... don't ask why. Post-rap, post-punk, post-Kurt Cobain, post ... Kool Moe Dee post-House of Pain. Chuck D told me I

Mc Lars - Igeneration lyrics

people tried to put us down When iTunes bumped a ... post-Cold War sound My generation sat at ... the Mecca of malls, Times Square, I'm there, Viacom installs So we hit the net

Mc Lars - Internet relationships are not real relations.. lyrics

relationships are not real Your heart ... people steal but identities conceal So here's a tale of ... warning for girls and boys Laptop computers can be dangerous

Mc Lars - Mr raven lyrics

got EAP in the house tonight, Edgar Allan Poe. ... America's favorite anti-transcendentalist. We're taking ... this back, way back, nineteenth ... century style. CHORUS Who's that (who's that)

Mc Lars - Nerdcore players lyrics

had a problem with the chicks in the early nineties now i ... women until I'm ninety poster child for the geeky life ... manifested get the girls undressed and get it on get

Mc Lars - Signing emo lyrics

upon a time, in the city of Los Angeles... "Marty, ... Marty listen to me. Bring me something the kids will cry for ... Get out there, and get us stoked!" Meet Marty,

Mc Lars - Stat60 lyrics

o'clock class feels like five, asleep at three, so sleep deprived. STAT-60 satisfies 2C, the math GER, not ... The Central Limit Theorem? Speak English. The Sum of Squares? I don't need this.

Mc Lars - Uk visa versa lyrics

England... let's kick it. Cops without guns and the NME. Should I watch ... the BBC or should I watch the BBC? Look ... at these crazy coins, is this Lord of the Rings? Pounds

Mc Lars - We have arrived lyrics

Finale: This song is for everyone who's been stepped over, looked past, ostracized, diminished, ... forgotten. This song is not for self-promotion, but a

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Mrs. robota lyrics

everyday and just everynight I see your face ... babe on my laptop screen You're high and low and ... just between Oh, everyday and just everynight I send an email

N2 Cat Crew - One cat lyrics

I like your style Marks on your face front way back ... Who knew you'd come my way Streets no safe found another ... You know that you can stay Shelter shelter, Never

Paisley Brad - Ordinary boy lyrics

dance underscoring, in record times Fate ... tiwsts, nobody's watching Eyes twitch, nobody's clockin' me ... I swear you won't believe it, the ... and, Darling, you got mine See, I'm not such and ordinary

Prinz Pi - Glück lyrics

Film beginnt mit "Suche die eine große Liebe. ... dafür mit meinem Frieden seit ich 15 bin, Narbe über'm ... Herz seit dem Tod meiner Münchnerin ... Unsichtbares Schild um den Hals für meine

Sean Paul - She wanna be down lyrics

yeah You're charged with possess in other people property ... Yes, your honor, I'm guilty of ... know what? Let me tell you a story, alright, yo, yo, yo She wanna be down with me

Sido - Sido - g mein weg lyrics

hab noch mal für 5 Jahre unterschrieben ich konnte nicht ... anders sie ham gesagt das sie mich lieben sie hatten ... recht es geht mir besser als damals es fühlt sich gut an

George Watsky - Fireworks lyrics

You gotta play the cards you were given You think ... it’s simple but it goddamn isn’t It’s tougher now than ... breaking out of Shawshank prison And as you’re hittin

Addiction Crew - One way serial lyrics

the way One - Connect the laptop to the net Two - I'm gonna show you how to flow Break ... free don't wanna be just don't wanna be Search - ... Break free don't wanna be just don't wanna fall Down, all so down, make me feel right now

Alborosie - Bad mind lyrics

chorus) Dutty bad mind nuff a dem a ... a dem a dutty bad mind (verse 1) Nuff a dem a dutty bad ... Dem chat crab.bout me Mi spot dem pon the internet Dem

Anjulie - Colombia lyrics

drive I'm tired of the waitress job I got I'm tired of the ... cold, cold looks of strangers in the city I'm tired of the ... same old circumstances Tired of my sex life Tired

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - Deep blue lyrics

and time And here in my own skin I can finally begin Let ... the century pass me by Standing under night sky ... Tomorrow means nothing I was only a child

Jarren Benton - Half ounce quarter pound lyrics

Verse 1: Jarren Benton] D-d-d-d ... damn, never smoked nothing like this in my ... 3, 2, 1, I ignite I'm high as a kite Levitate through a ... room, I'm in flight Nigga so geeked that I ain't feeling

Brad Paisley - Facebook friends lyrics

was looking at shoes on Amazon A pop-up ad said, ... "Find anyone." She thought about the first boy ... that she loved Just a couple clicks and there he

Brad Paisley - You need a man around here lyrics

ve sure got a real nice place So ... don't take this the wrong way But I can tell ... by your decorating taste You've been alone too long ... You've got more candles than a midnight mass That

Busta Rhymes - Calm down ft. eminem lyrics

LYRIC Intro: Busta Rhymes Turn my mic up Turn my ... mic up Hook: Busta Rhymes (Steady on the right) Ayo, ... calm down nigga (Steady on the left) Ayo, calm

Lucy Camp - Impact lyrics

be easy but I'm not sun kissed Daughter don't matter ... when your son done missed 'bout some fun Pissed at my ... dumb young fist Wish that I could take it but my

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Toys for boys lyrics

get your mother, father, cousin or kin Cuz it's the Can't Stop kid and I'm at it again I ... brought something to bump like I always ... do And I'mma kick it old school like some light up shoes

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical - Vidiots lyrics

TEAVEE Hey Wonka, if you can send chocolate by TV, could you ... send a person too? WONKA I suppose so ... but there might be some technical issues. OOMPA

Cro - Die welt gehört dir lyrics

yeah yeah Eh, yo Mom was geht ab Sieh' der Plan hat ... geklappt Und aus Gold wurde über Nacht Platin ... Vor nem Jahr noch gelacht Das hätte keiner gedacht Denn

Cro - 400.000 pandas erinnern sich lyrics

wache auf und schon wieder ist ein Tag um Und wieder hat sich nicht viel verändert -Bis ... auf's Datum- Es ist Mittwoch der 4. April Und ... nur gechillt Hab' ich grad so gedacht Schnapp' mir den Laptop Blick' auf die Page &quot

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