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Metronomy - The bay lyrics

may have the money But you've got to go ... It's sensible It's sensible And those endless seasons That ... go on and on Incredible But I'd sooner get ... out And remember where we went last

The Frames - Ship caught in the bay lyrics

but never far enough Like a ship caught in the bay We'll ... show each other where it hurts And well make the f***ers pay And what ... it we don't do well enough That were constantly afraid. And

Ledisi - In the morning lyrics

] I need you, I need you In the morning Will you be there in the morning To love me ... me Love me I don't know what it is about your love And ... what you've got that keeps me running back to you Telling me lies

Echo & The Bunnymen - With a hip lyrics

halt halt halt Nobody's allowed Strictly verboten Out ... we know no bounds Until, at least, and then Trespass all the way down We've got ... it, and I want some I can handle it, and I want some Relax, feel the pleasure inside

Dave Gahan lyricsDave Gahan - In the morning lyrics

leaves are falling It’s in your nature I’m counting all ... the sticks left on the ground Early this morning ... When I tried to wake ya You wasn’t making any kind

Daniel Curtis Lee - In the summertime lyrics

the summertime when the weather is hot In the summertime and you can touch the sky In the summertime yo we just chillin ... With that feeling in our mind Yo we just hang with the

Dusty Springfield - In the land of make believe lyrics

the land of make believe You're mine ... tonight Although you are far away In the land of make ... believe I'm holding you tight The silver moon ... is shining above And there's love in your eyes And I

Foxygen - In the darkness lyrics

maybe late at night there's an elegant land in the darkness Oh maybe in the mind ... it's a hell of a time in the darkness Maybe in space there's an alien race I wouldn't

Marissa Nadler - In the time of the lorry low lyrics

to your home again Forgive me to the rain It's ... true that I willed and wished for you Each night ... upon my bed Driving down your road again A winding road of green Your face a

Pm Dawn - In the presence of mirrors lyrics

that’s dope...) In the presence of mirrors I come face to face with you In the ... presence of mirrors I come face to face with you In the ... presence of mirrors I come face to face with you Which is

Adrian Belew - The man in the moon lyrics

i stood in the night Out on the broken pier Me with my feet in the sea You with your face in the clouds, The man in the ... moon And as i heard your voice, Felt your laugh Flood across the broken

Badfinger - In the meantime lyrics

eyes stick out in your head Make me believe it You don't ... it, you don't need it You already know In time with ... time In the meantime You can leave it Or not believe it

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - In the blue lyrics

days I barely miss you, some days I'm almost alright And ... not beside my side Got this same damn conversation playing ... over and over in my mind Yeah my heart is wet and heavy

Death Grips - I break mirrors with my face in the united st.. lyrics

break mirrors with my face in the United States I break ... mirrors with my face in the United States I break ... mirrors with my face in the United States I break

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - In the end lyrics

power of God is living within us We will not be afraid The constant battles rage all around us Your promise still ... remains Your promise still remains

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - In the hood lyrics

story you are about to see, occured along the ... main training root, on the border between the north and south. On a small outpost called Red Crane Village. [RZA] What the f*** y'all niggas

Primal Fear - Running in the dust lyrics

m on my way in a foreign land The crime rate's up to 25 ... Dessident people everywhere And I can't find no comfort ... here All alone - no one's there to help me No control - there's no one I can trust Cause they were running in the

Nelly lyricsNelly - Bay lyrics

was out in the (bay bay bay bay bay) Met some niggas from the (bay bay bay bay bay) Met ... some girls from the (bay bay bay bay bay) Lot of folks in the (bay bay bay bay bay) And they all go (dum dum dum dum dum

Kate Bush - The handsome cabin boy lyrics

Tis of a pretty female As you may understand. Her mind being bent for rambling ... Unto some foreign land, She dressed herself in sailor's clothes, Or so it

The Kinks - In a foreign land lyrics

was a matter of fact that when I paid all my tax I ... held my world in the palm of my hand And all of my ... debts were causing me to defect To a land of

Korpiklaani - Running with wolves lyrics

................. ................. ....................... ........... ............. .................... .......... ............... ........ .........

Great Big Sea - Excursion around the bay lyrics

it was on this monday morning And the day be calm and fine A ... harbour grace excursion With the boys who had the time And ... just before the sailor Took the gangway from the pier I saw

Aesop Rock - Blue in the face lyrics

Aesop Rock] Yo, I surf an axiom kicked in a center fold ... tenements Oh distribute sour inhalants regulate lobby ... developments Today summon the rug rat oblivious to what's

Pj Harvey - The bay lyrics

dead man came calling My name and in need Said &quot ... Betty, you're my girl The strongest I've seen" ... But oh my heart Is heading to break They say God

David Gray - The one i love lyrics

close my eyes Girl and watch you go Running through ... this life darling Like a field of snow As the tracer ... glides In its graceful arc Send a little prayer out

77 Bombay Street - In the war lyrics

king of foreign country heard some rumours in the night ... That some other evil king is now preparing for a fight ... He assembles all his generals And asks them what to do And with sternness in their

Mark Knopfler - In the sky lyrics

you home from the sea, my soul balladeer You've ... been away roaming far away from here weathered a storm ... your heart unafraid crossed every ocean in the

Natalie Merchant - The janitor's boy lyrics

I'm in love with the janitor's boy, And the janitor ... s boy loves me; He's going to hunt for a desert isle In our geography. A desert ... isle with spicy trees Somewhere near

The Dubliners - The fields of athenry lyrics

a lonely prison wall, I heard a young girl calling Michael they have taken you away, ... you stole Trevelyn's corn So the young might see the morn, ... Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay Low lie, The

Asp - The fields of athenry lyrics

a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl calling: Michael, ... they are taking you away For you stole Trevelyn's ... corn So the young might see the morn Now a prison ship lies

The High Kings - The high kings - the fields of athenry lyrics

a lonely prison wall I heard a young girl callin': &quot ... Michael, they have taken you away For you stole Trevelyn's ... corn So the young might see the morn As a prison ship lies waiting in the bay"

The Mission - Running with scissors lyrics

only way that I'll make the papers These days is if I load a gun And fire a bullet into ... my brain But then again the hackneyed hacks Will only ... write I'm only jumping Someone else's train It's always the same And I can't

Alexz Johnson - Running with the devil lyrics

up straight Find a hand on his shoulder Trying to ... find his way through the city Crawling through an alley On the floor by your ... door Needing help with the feeling That he's had before

Sea Shanty - Running down to cuba lyrics

down to Cuba with a toad of sugar, Weigh, me boys, ... to Cuba! Make her run you, lime juice ... squeezes, Running down to Cuba. Weigh, me boys, to Cuba!

Aurora - Running with the wolves lyrics

row the boat to safer grounds But don't you ... know we're stronger now My heart still beats and my skin ... feels My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears But we

Generation X - Running with the boss sound lyrics

by the paperstand I felt the power Of another religion ... Rebels with a cause came out of the sun And spoke the only language they'd been ... given Creepers tapping out the beat as I felt the heat Man they sure looked neat Well

Oliver Onions - In the middle of all that trouble again lyrics

round running around Round, round running around Hidden down the long ... long road upon my roller skates Hidden where the sun don ... t stop to shine You can call me Rosco cause another name

Lionel Richie - Running with the night lyrics

heart of the city street was beating Lights from the ... neons Turned the dark to day We were too hot to think of ... sleeping We had to get out Before the magic

I See Stars - Running with scissors lyrics

truth cannot be anymore clear And I’m not asking you to ... hold on It’s everything that you ever feared I know ... you’re trying so hard to move on It kind of

Helix - Running wild in the 21 st century lyrics

a trip with me Into the 21st Century I know what's ... on your mind What will we find As time goes on and on ... Will history repeat itself Will there be fast cars, pretty women, rock n' roll

Level 42 - Running in the family lyrics

dad would send us to our room ... He'd be the voice of doom He said that ... we would thank him later All day, he was solid as a rock ... eight o'clock We'd be crumbling One night, my brother Joe

Papercut Massacre - In the middle lyrics

it's a cold day The sun is out but It's not shining for me I look out, I feel ... you, around me Your voice is clear ... but it's not sounding okay Lets pretend you don't know

Bare - In the hallway lyrics

(Praying rapidly) Our father, who art in heaven Hallowed ... be thy name Thy kingdom come, thy will be done ... On earth as it is in Heaven Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our

Against The Current - Running with the wild things lyrics

they don't hear us Read us bedtime stories from their textbooks Oo try to reign ... us in Blind to our intelligence Standardization ... of the masses Give us a number fail or pass us Education, manipulation Decide

Christ Agony - The stigma of hell lyrics

the bay if dormant wind I summon those who know In ... the glow of red dwarf I summon those who dream ... This place is not for us Nor is the ... house of lies The one which will unite - in pain His seal is made of blood

Hootie & The Blowfish - Running from an angel lyrics

t look a gift horse in the mouth Come on try and tell me ... what you're talkin about Those things you're dealing with, you're living a lie ... Every time I see you it makes me wanna cry Sometimes we

Lights - Running with the boys lyrics

were kind of feral Wicked little machines, captains and cavalries Forming ... empires in the shade of the trees Without hesitation Kings of the forest town, holding

Lights - Running with the boys (acoustic) lyrics

were kind of feral, wicked little machines Captains and cavalries Forming ... empires in the shade of the trees Without hesitation Kings of the forest town Holding

Live - The sanctity of dreams lyrics

a moustache on the Mona Lisa Ride a Harley through the heart of danger Pick up a pen and fight a war for the right ... to dream I was seventeen Give up my

The Game - The game get live lyrics

20 seconds of instrumental to open] [The Game] You ... can catch five, or catch me in the CL-5 Whatever way dog, the Game get live Keepin it gangsta in a P.D. fitted velour

Hinder - Running in the rain lyrics

cuts herself to forget him And every time her wounds get ... deeper Tonight´s the night she's gonna shed her skin Cause she's thinkin that he ... doesn't need her She's wishin all this would end And she's

Jimmy Kelly - The fields of athenry lyrics

lonely prison walls I heard a young girl calling Singing ... Michael they have taken you away For you stole Trevelyn's ... corn so the young might see the morn Now a prison ship lies

Masters Of Reality - The candy song lyrics

little honey child Got something I wanna taste I got myself a hatchet To lay these woods ... to waste And when my work is through I ... ll bring my cash to you Go down and see my

Sea Wolf - The promise lyrics

city by the ocean Building lights glimmer on the bay ... slumber Gently now, gently with a kiss And we went drifting over to the corner Our eyes ... move with us, graceful in the shadows We think of the

Destiny - The devil in the dark lyrics

you avoid my eyes I seduce with my desguise Don't dare to ... look away I'm gonna make you stay There is no resitance left Come to collect my ... debts In the beginning at the age of five Your soul was

Division - In the name of honour lyrics

sent to die, given no reason why Woke up to foreign land, with a gun in my hand ... Hope I live to see nineteen, so many sights left ... unseen But the war rages on and all my friends have

Floodgate - Running with sodden legs lyrics

in a nightmare Pain like a shattered tooth Born of viral ... tendency, can't hear the storming boom of a fired gun Smack-dab in the middle of shit Bathing in the bowels of hell Slipping in between the sheets with a

K-os - The mirror[hidden track] lyrics

la la, la la la la la La la la, la la la la la Revolution ... .. Oh oh oh oh oh Babylon will never take me ... It feels so good to be here. And um...I'd like to welcome

Lloyd - The liverpool judies lyrics

From Liverpool to 'Frisco a-rovin' I went, For to stay in ... that country was my good intent. But drinkin' strong ... whiskey like other damn fools, Oh, I soon got transported back to Liverpool, singin' Roll, roll, roll bullies,

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The pirate of penance lyrics

pirate anchored on a Wednesday And why he came to port, I ... wonder To see a lady, so my friends say She dances for the sailors In a ... smoky cabaret bar underground Down in a cellar in a harbor town I know

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