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Running In The Grass lyrics

Browse for Running In The Grass song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Running In The Grass lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Running In The Grass.

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Primal Fear - Running in the dust lyrics

m on my way in a foreign land The crime ... everywhere And I can't find no comfort here All alone ... - no one's there to help me No control - there's no one I can trust

Hinder - Running in the rain lyrics

wounds get deeper Tonight´s the night she's gonna shed her skin Cause she's thinkin that he ... doesn't need her She's wishin all this would end And she's

Level 42 - Running in the family lyrics

send us to our room He'd be the voice of doom He said that ... eight o'clock We'd be crumbling One night, my brother Joe ... and me Climbed down the family tree That grew

Arachnes - Running in the labyrinth lyrics

notes are falling now, Like an heavy thing, ... I take this dream, again, The smile of a new song. But ... streamed down her face. RUNNING IN THE LABYRINTH, OVER A

Annihilator - Snake in the grass lyrics

were the world to me, I thought that ... I would always be there for you I was too blind to ... see, I would have clibed the highest mountain for you You ... gave me something to hope for, you made me

Aurora - Little boy in the grass lyrics

will tell you the story about the little boy I found in the grass Tired, solace, he told me he ... could hear the children wanting to pass Sounds of laughter in the air Still today we hear them Finally we are over it,

Elton John lyricsElton John - Snake in the grass lyrics

morning, ahh Down by the river, ahh Without a warning ... you'd come across a snake in the grass Every day now, ahh ... If you should meet an evil-minded snake in the grass Stop

Sea Wolf - Dew in the grass lyrics

by the riverside I brought my soon ... to-be-bride Through the fog and smoke watched the ... geese and the barges flow She sang in the city dawn Wrapped my limbs inside her clear song Every car

Iron & Wine - Teeth in the grass lyrics

when you give me your clothes And when we're lovers at ... last Fresh air, perfume in your nose There will be ... teeth in the grass And when you give me your

Animal Collective - Lying in the grass lyrics

the pieces where they ought to be But it's clear ... like me Pick a place around the table talk Make a push to ... wake the comatose Say you pause to ... s wrong And quickly blow up the cover There’s a way through

Edenbridge - In the rain lyrics

m walking along the river Raindrops fall from the sky The ... never wonders 'bout all the feelings gone by The ... flower buds open their hearts They're begging for

Mithotyn - In the forest of moonlight lyrics

the forest of moonlight the secrets of ancient battler ... are hidden. But in the northern lands the memory of the ... brave still remain. Between the trees at the meadow the

Semisonic - In the veins lyrics

is the ocean which we ride Carried ... along on a changing tide Blind, blind rage and pure delight ... Running in the current side by side Waiting ... t tried Baby it's amazing all the tings a self contains! Peace is in the veins, in the veins! (Be careful what

Brenda Lee - The grass is greener lyrics

had the world when you were mine But I threw it away I ... thought the grass was greener there Where I wandered one day ... he was never true I thought the grass was greener there Now

Passenger lyricsPassenger - The wrong direction lyrics

I was a kid, the things I did, were hidden under the grid Young and naive, I ... hid With regret, I'm willing to bet, you say the older ... shirt like a dagger or work The first cut is the deepest,

Nelly Furtado - The grass is green lyrics

i once had something Something that was so good Better ... than the last thing i touched Then I turned ... right around on that something And figured i didn't like

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The grass is blue lyrics

ve had to think up a way to survive Since ... you Unless I pretend that the opposite's true Rivers ... Valleys are high Mountains are level Truth is a lie I

Bright Eyes - The joy in discovery lyrics

do you lay in the grass? Why do you lay there? Don ... to be found? Why do you lay in the grass? Why do you lay there? Don't you want to be ... found? Why do you lay in the grass Why do you lay in the grass

Making Marks - The grass that´s still wet lyrics

take the easy way ´Cause there´s nothing else to take And ... when we´re awake But all these dissapointments are gonna ... bring us down We lose our faith in human kind and everyone

Lalaine - Running in circles lyrics

now I find myself Thinking about what we had All this ... went bad I fell so empty inside It's like a part of me ... died And there's no place left to hide

Page France - Grass lyrics

eyes when the wind was done You were lying ... like a soldier In the grass, in the grass, Like the war was ... your hands It looks like the worst is over Blue eyes when

Arachnes - Running in an old town lyrics

In An Old TownRunning In An Old TownRunning In An Old ... TownRunning In An Old TownRunning In An Old TownRunning In An

Gary Moore - Running from the storm lyrics

wind is up And the sky is falling. The thunder ... cracks And the sea is rolling. Wonder if we'll ever see ... Ride with our backs to the wind, Don't know if I'll make

Arlo Guthrie - Running down the road lyrics

down the road Make my get away ... Everything I told you was just ... Yes, You know I'm off again Oh, and I've been told ... You were there beside me Running down the road Walking down

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Talking loud and clear lyrics

loud and clear Saying just what we feel Lying in the grass With the sun on our ... Decisions are reversed Facing one another With words that ... every little word You’re getting closer to me Talking loud

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Running up the hill lyrics

to Running Up That Hill (Kate Bush ... me? You want to hear about the deal I'm making. You, you ... him to swap our places, Be running up that road, Be running up

For Today - The breaker's commission lyrics

Acceptance Stripping demons right off my back trying to leech life off me. Get ... off me and feel my Father's fury, Oppressor! One day ... you'll feel the full blast of His vengeance,

Beyond The Black - Running to the edge lyrics

winds are cold and heartless A ... lonely whisper in the darkness Wait for me beyond the shades ‘Cause in this world ... Leave a trail for me to find I will leave this world behind I am running, running, running to the edge Racing off the

Bow Wow Wow - Go wild in the country lyrics

shop around I can get a train, I don't need no hamburgers ... wanna keep it I'm sick of seeing signe to eat walking down these lonely streets Wild, go

Jesus Jackson - Running on sunshine lyrics

you got me trippin' on sunshine God knows you just made my ... day Since you came around, I just can ... down, no I wanna see you walkin' my way, yeah Girl you got

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Running down the way up lyrics

lower center's in me revolve around. Derive their meaning from my self will. ... As I watch the sun highlight your Midas ... to notice That I'm still heading for the ground. From

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Running to the edge of the world lyrics

when i took you up to the top of the hill? We had our ... knives drawn. They were as sharp as we were in ... his house down, and wait for the fire to spread. Sometimes

Scarlet White - Running through the storm lyrics

s getting Dark out The sky is filled with clouds I ... can feel my heart begin to pound I hear the thunder ... And it's pouring down There's no escape when you're on the ground You better take cover

Alexz Johnson - Running with the devil lyrics

up straight Find a hand on his shoulder Trying to find his way through the ... city Crawling through an alley On the ... floor by your door Needing help with the feeling That

Current 93 - The frolic lyrics

hand We walk towards where the roses once grew I lie back ... in the grass and dream of how it once was ... The rubbishstrewn streets ... Riperising smell of gutters and rain The children abandoned Mother

Van Morrison - Naked in the jungle lyrics

in the jungle, naked to the world Naked in the jungle, ... naked to the world Well, you gotta keep ... ll come unfurled Lions and the tigers, grazin' in the grass

Silent Force - Running through the fire lyrics

find that all it takes, A strike ... to start the fire, I find that all it takes is just a ... strike to start the fire I stand there ... before his eyes I stand there mesmerized by all the

Aurora - Running with the wolves lyrics

row the boat to safer grounds But ... My heart still beats and my skin still feels My lungs still ... breathe, my mind still fears But we're running out of time, time For the

Auvernia - Running on the road lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Corrosion Of Conformity - The moneychangers lyrics

minds they set the bait, in the grass the serpents wait. ... blessed when you say yes. Then you know the trap is set. ... That's right, the moneychangers. Thrown out

Nokturnal Mortum - The hands of chaos lyrics

be the God - to be the Man, to be the power - ... not to be a slave. To be the Fire - to be the Hell, to ... be the Ice - not to be the wave. To be the Chaos - to

Rush - The analog kid lyrics

hot and windy August afternoon Has the ... trees in constant motion With a flash ... of silver leaves As they're rocking in the breeze The boy lies in the grass with

Autopsy - Running from the goathead lyrics

on the floor I realize my fate I've ... grabs my throat All I see is the head of a goat It's ... sharpened fingers slice my face The catch ... is better than the chase [Chorus] It comes

Shriekback - Running on the rocks lyrics

hooks and spears We shake the tall trees till the leaves ... drop round our ears Swimming the cold water where the sun will ... never shine Making preparations for the whip

Dub Pistols - Running from the thoughts lyrics

from the thoughts i keep bumping back into it trying to get ... away keep dragging me into it Running from the ... thoughts i keep bumping back into it trying to get away How

Alter In Mind - Running for the time lyrics

life is going to the end The game is over, can´t start it ... again Now I think about the way I lived My eyes are crying for silly life tricks Now ... I´m standing on a place I should know

Architects - Running from the sun lyrics

sun was so low that day Staring into burning eyes Watch as ... I walk away from you From the lies that you made my life ... Making me feel so lost and helpless

Generation X - Running with the boss sound lyrics

by the paperstand I felt the power Of another religion ... with a cause came out of the sun And spoke the only ... language they'd been given Creepers tapping out the beat as I felt the

The Hot Lies - Running low lyrics

beating heart don't give up on me ... now, My thirsty veins are crying out. I'm sick of the shake, ... I'm sick of the taste, I'm sick of the cold ... of pavement. I need you for the engine in this operation,

Papercut Massacre - In the middle lyrics

it's a cold day The sun is out but It's not shining for me I look out, I feel ... is clear but it's not sounding okay Lets pretend you don't ... you don't show a sign of slowing (Down! ) Running around,

Riot ( Usa ) - Running from the law lyrics

from the law for something I did not do fearful of the ... lies fighting for the truth I can't let them catch ... it will be done so when evening comes I'll be on the run Running through the hills got no

Cardiac Move - Running in your mind lyrics

into the sun, out of the middle of the world we’ve ... to see why we’ll always on the run. I’m running in your mind, Run of the bad time, running away to come back. You said

10 Years - Running in place lyrics

sounds bounce around The noise just drowns me out To ... fast to focus, nothing is showing Any sign of slowing down ... Dreams feed to me In the form of a magazine I can't

Enforcer - Running in menace lyrics

m running in menace! You wake these ... thoughts inside me and we're running out of time I don't need any ... what you may search you'll find You're blind - when I'm

Helix - Running wild in the 21 st century lyrics

a trip with me Into the 21st Century I know what's ... on your mind What will we find As time goes on and on ... history repeat itself Will there be fast cars, pretty women,

The Hollies - Running through the night lyrics

ve been runnin' through the night Tryin' to reach and ... you tight I've been wonderin' just why you stayed away ... had taken you away Ever since the day I cared all my

Oliver Onions - In the middle of all that trouble again lyrics

round running around Round, round running ... around Hidden down the long long road upon my roller ... skates Hidden where the sun don't stop to shine You

Doro Pesch - Running from the devil lyrics

World is screamin' - Nobody hears The earth is ... shakin' - Nobody fears Homes are ... burnin' - Nobody cares As long as ... no one around us is getting' hurt We're running from the devil The devil in you and

Lionel Richie - Running with the night lyrics

heart of the city street was beating ... Lights from the neons Turned the dark to day ... We were too hot to think of sleeping We had to get ... out Before the magic got away We were running with the night Playingin the shadows Just you and I Till

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