Rulers Of The World Are Searching For The Miracle lyrics

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God Forbid - The end of the world lyrics

it's our affliction The remains of yesterday Help us ... get away from the destruction of our world Running for cover ... as the ghost walk as man Running for cover as the world comes to

Anguish Force - Searching for the light lyrics

Rio", on his left side, there's a black cave Covered by the trees In the wood, hidden so ... good, was a safe place From the enemy I can't find a way

Balance Of Power (uk) - Searching for the truth lyrics

s no mistake, there's no regret, what I know ... it there's no room for changing All I own is one ... becoming my philosophy Feel the truth...the unmistaken,

Devilyn - Searching for the beauty lyrics

consists of the scraps of beauty Evil from the pieces of good Life's just only ... thousands of deaths Happiness doesn't ... consist of anything Through veins of the world hate does flow The

Devil You Know - Searching for the sun lyrics

walk this road with me Mend the scars, I can mend the scars ... than just tomorrow Let go of sorrow, I won't burn the ... bridge for tomorrow Searching for the sun, my heart was not

Elevation Worship - For the lamb lyrics

a shameful day He died In the sorrow of defeat But forgiveness was His cry As His ... blood ran down for me How the Father's heart was torn As ... His only son was slain But the earth would soon rejoice

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a formation which Scares tells ... malicious and vengeful is out there It must be as the wise man

A Hero For The World - Part ii: a quest for the brave lyrics

over land and sea Sentenced for heresy treason and murder ... no one had died, yet I was there for the turn of the worlds ... I’ve seen forces of west and east unite To

Richard Hawley - The night are made for us lyrics

s leaves are falling, they melt into the night I'll be ... ll be with you again tonight The nights are made for us All ... our days are cursed It feels so right to

The Kinks - The world keep going round lyrics

worry 'bout the sun What's the use of worrying 'bout the big ... ol' sun You worry 'bout the rain The rain keeps falling ... just the same You worry when the one

The Hush Sound - The boys are too refined lyrics

boys who kiss and bite, They are the brilliant ones who speak ... write with silver luck... They sing in clever tongues, Oh ... how my knees go weak to be the one -- she kicks and bucks.

Nightcore - The world calling (there for tomorrow) lyrics

wanna be your tenth caller on the radio So don't bother ... cutting me off short tonight We let our ... words speak for themselves Don't take it all so ... harder Than it already is for you to stand alone For you, for you, for you To wake up

From First To Last - The crows are coming for us lyrics

does it feel To be ashamed Of who you love Well I know ... me ought to hurry Heaven in the glitter is for real Real, ... What you were Always knew The crows are coming for us Let them live, let them live The

Hope For The Dying - The awakening: dissimulation lyrics

am wasting away The desires of my mind left A shameful path ... by a man Surely unworthy of grace And I have no one to ... blame And no one to take the pain away I‘ve had my life

Neptunian Horizon - Searching for agartha lyrics

And moonlight pierces sky, There a Fool wanders so alone ... hidden way Past frozen lakes of pain and sorrow As the world ... fades away. Searching for the answers, searching for a

Mary J Blige - Searching lyrics

I'm trying to get over All the negativity That's why I'm searching We are living in a world Of ... But I'm telling you my friend The answer's right in front of

Pretty Ricky - Searching for love lyrics

SPOKEN:] We Can Do it Microsoft 'Cause I Have That Hard ... You know what I'm looking for So make me beg for more Make ... say words, I've never said before Like a Libra I can teach you

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The temple of the holy lyrics

with the wind and home is far away ... from me There's no one way to see ... Haunted by ghosts the evil force of mystery No way out for ... you and me The end of the time, they're the end of the

Dokken - The hunter lyrics

roll by as I look to the sky And then the feeling ... burns like a fire, fire of sin Oh, will I ever learn ... You're the only one I could call my own ... But then the shadows fall and I'm gone

Infant Sorrow - Searching for a father lyrics

" And he said "Other men do as other men please ... And Aldous is the name with which I leave you. ... Here I stand Beneath the robes of Lady Liberty Searching for a father in America Searching for a father in America. I

Russell Brand - Searching for a father lyrics

" And he said "Other men do as other men please ... And Aldous is the name with which I leave you. ... Here I stand Beneath the robes of Lady Liberty Searching for a father in America Searching for a father in America.

The Kooks - Are we electric lyrics

believe it, when will we see the light? Stop running from it; ... feel it, when we've got each other And we are electric together Are we really moving, are

Pastore - The world is falling lyrics

see the darkness of the world Destruction, chaos and fear ... sins again Destruction force Against the skies ... This could be real The world is falling The world is

Nina Persson - The bluest eyes in texas lyrics

sun was setting slow And in the rear view mirror I watched ... golden hair I close my eyes for a moment and I'm still there ... (chorus) The bluest eyes in Texas are

A Camp - The bluest eyes lyrics

sun was setting low and in the rearview mirror i watched it ... go i can still see the wind in her golden hair i ... close my eyes for a moment, i'm still there the bluest eyes in texas are

Restless Heart - The bluest eyes in texas lyrics

sun was setting slow And in the rear view mirror I watched it ... golden hair I close my eyes for a moment and I'm still there ... (chorus) The bluest eyes in Texas are

Monkey Business - Are you shure? lyrics

Are you Are you shure Once upon a time ... we lived in the mud Had only worms to eat ... And in the winter boy it was oh so cold ... slow But I say we´re taking care Some may simply stay behind

F.o.b. - The adult toys lyrics


Human League - The stars are going out lyrics

under bedclothes. fallen to the floor. hot Anticipation. ... causes slumber to withdraw. are you going Out tonight? will the evening be alright or more?

Covenant - The world is growing loud lyrics

is growing loud It's time for us to fade To grey I wish they'll let us stay The lights are going out We knew we had to ... go One day I wish they'll take us in The skies are

Man With A Mission - The world's on fire lyrics

we are standing on the edge Here we are right ... behind the end Can't believe in what I ... see But they keep saying let it be ... Wind it back backwards to the start To the day before it

Simply Red - The world and you tonight lyrics

rush around The world will wait for you And too ... much time is lost On all the things we have to do There’s noth­ing more import­ant ... closer darling And turn the lights down low a key And

David Correy - The world is ours lyrics

Live like you'll never die Dare what you dare to dream And ... everything inbetween We are drawn by the rhytms that beat ... When we all come together We're seven billion stars The world is ours Seven billion

Snap - The world in my hands (we are one) lyrics

we step out there into this beautiful land ... We can fly away Through the thrill as time evolves Love, ... separate us Bring us together, we are one I-I-I-I-I-I-I

Alice Cooper - The world needs guts lyrics

you! Fighting for your life where you've never ... fought before Hey you! Running from the ... your door Oh yeah! Back 'em off, brother Oh yeah! ... Terminate the mother now You know you gotta get

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The world is my oyster lyrics

I feel I'm a comin' your the go ahead kind. You are ... yeah give me more. You are warmly invited to come inside ... You are warmly invited to come inside

Granian - The world lyrics

is green, the trees are tall Watch me walk and ... me fall Flower pot sits in the window, staring at, staring ... at The world In my eyes The world Perfect blue skies

Harry Nilsson - The most beautiful world in the world lyrics

come to the end And the light there is dimmer And ... chances are slimmer Of findin' your way You find ... that you stay out Of trouble and danger 'Cause ... You're a scary old place out there, world But I couldn't be

Asphyx - The sickened dwell lyrics

welcomes you In a crypt of agony Dwelling in morbid ... thoughts Awake, forgotton misery Crawling ... Hanging stiff on hooks In the statement of his Eden Searching for the truth Root of life

Asphyx - The sickening dwell lyrics

welcomes you in a crypt of agony Dwelling in morbid ... thoughts Awake, forgotten misery Crawling ... Hanging stiff on hooks In the statement of his Eden Searching for the truth Root of life

Bethany Dillon - Top of the world lyrics

felt the under-toe, just a few days ... someone who is invisible? The only thing I know for sure is ... peace I'm staring into the sky Running hard, I start to

Freedom Call - The eyes of the world lyrics

the end of all creation The world is standing still Eternal ... damnation For all who have sinned Hear the clash up in the atmosphere There’s silence everywhere We‘re

The Killers - The world we live in lyrics

is the world that we live in I feel ... myself get tired this is the world that we live in Well maybe ... body, bless your soul Pray for peace and self control I

Oyster Band - The generals are born again lyrics

generals are born again, born again, born ... again The generals are born again, they're going to ... save the world Their armament is seeing right, ... doing right, being right Their armour of righteousness is

Burt Bacharach - The windows of the world lyrics

windows of the world are covered with rain, Where is the sunshine we once knew? Ev ... when little children play They need a sunny day to grow ... straight and tall. Let the sun shine through. The

Gama Bomb - The cannibals are in the streets lyrics

night I had the strangest dream about the day ... when it all came down There were figures writhing and a ... and fire was engulfing the town Last night I awoke with

Macbeth ( Ita ) - The world in my mind lyrics

put me down Everything I do for you is wrong I can’t believe ... I can never get too much of a wonderful thing The world has a funny way of a sneaking

Tim Ripper Owens - The world is blind lyrics

your eyes And shows you all the places you don't want to be ... A frozen Russian city the tundra of Siberia Pollution ... is so bad that when it snows the snow is black Just take a

Lionel Richie - Dance for the world lyrics

for the world, Dance for the world People it's time now, ... in pain We've got to find the truth, We've got to know ... is Cause we stand here together, Fighting year after year

Boney M - We kill the world (don't kill the world) lyrics

I see rockets, missiles in the sky. Day by day, more and ... to and what is this good for? Poor World, Poor World. ... yesterday was park you heard the Robin's Song Heavy tractor

David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - The world is mine lyrics

believe in the wonder I believe this new ... Like a God that I'm under There's a drugs running through ... my veins I believe in the wonder I believe I can touch

Demon Hunter - The world is a thorn lyrics

gavel has fallen, along with the rest. Are we expected to ... settle for this? Bring us the plague, lead us away. ... Blacken tomorrow with ash of today. Can't you see the

Eleven Past One - The world is ours lyrics

a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when ... and we're young, we're living for today Tell me where you ... need someone today, Get into the rhythm, forget all your

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Sun 4 the world lyrics

million years ago There was a bow called Life His ... up in a normal house His parents' beloved son There never ... was the slightest sign He'd be the

Phora - The world lyrics

It’s crazy how cats are trading their respect for ... some likes Talking their shit on twitter but speak ... less in real life All these rapper with their egos

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The world as we know it lyrics

alone Starving children the poison waters And the ... skies We won't get another chance this time We won't ... t we lost our minds? What the hell were we all thinking?

220 Volt - The end of the world lyrics

of these days That we are living And try to find out ... Is peace everywhere But there's no chance For that at ... all *Cause the world is full of evil And there's

Agonoize - For the sick and disturbed lyrics

is wrong with you? [2x] The way you look, the way you are ... You think you are a f**king star The way you ... smile, the way you talk I even hate the ... way you walk You speak of truth when you lie It's even

Anorexia Nervosa - Sequence 2 say the world that fall in the sky lyrics

I get up & come back to the mirror ... To fall silent ... ..not to suffer from any kind of affront ... Am I here to tell ... myself that it's possible for me tomorrow not to wake up ?.

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