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Roll Or Die lyrics

Browse for Roll Or Die song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Roll Or Die lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Roll Or Die.

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N.e.r.d lyricsN.e.r.d - Fly or die lyrics

[x3] Fly.. This is for the kids! This is only for ... took it from me, Well God forbid, Something goes wrong, ... taking a cruise! Gasping for air makes the righteous path,

August Alsina - Shoot or die lyrics

Hook:] I'll be on that shoot or die shit, die shit I'll be ... on that shoot or die shit, die shit Let me show you how we ... bang I'll be on that shoot or die shit, die shit I'll be

30h!3 - Do or die lyrics

three nights and no sleep Roll with those who know me We ... like we don't care what's tomorrow gonna be Everybody in ... a side 'Cause baby it's do or die Baby it's do or die

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Higher - featuring do or die lyrics

Do or Die) Yo Kanye Blow the Hook you ... a genius boy [Chorus] Now when you hear this ... from the feelin of a wordsmith thats the herb shit ... my latest, my greatest (Chorus)(x2) when I'm layin in

Blanks 77 - Do or die lyrics

n' roll is do or die and I wanna live and give ... what I can [Chorus:] no one's gonna stop me ... old-you f***in' fool! [Chorus] unity thru rock n roll

Majesty - Die like kings lyrics

our pride To run into their horde with a thud We all live ... our life Without a sorrow and strife But when we ... behind To win our freedom or fall When we live in peace

Human League - Do or die lyrics

on your body that you swore were from a fight I'll pass ... don't bother you at all But for me you have persistence ... all day, run all night Do or die, do or die Got to run for

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Live or die lyrics

re good together, baby, just forget 'em And let bygones be ... are you gonna be my soldier? Are we gonna be Bonnie and ... Clyde? It's either live or die, boy It's either live or die

Meat Loaf - Live or die lyrics

up your mind" Live or die—grab it by the horns and baby ... take that ride Live or die—give it up or give it ... only two choices in life—live or die I just wanna go out

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Ride or die lyrics

m rollin with Roc-a-Fella man ... How many y'all down to die tonight (die tonight) How ... ride tonight Nigga ride or die or ride or die [repeat 3X]

Naughty By Nature - Live or die (featuring master p, mistikal, ph.. lyrics

boys, I got the No Limit Soldiers And when we posse up, ... niggaz gon' pay us [Chorus: Phiness (Mystikal)] I ... ) You got until sunrise, or lose your life (Whatcha gon'

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Ride or die lyrics

us raising hell Chasing liquor with liquor Racing and ... went to jail You sat it out for a week because your mama didn ... to the spot I moved away for some years to Atlanta, Georgia but stayed the same My

Billy Idol - Lady do or die lyrics

cry What it takes a boy must die What it takes sometime Before midnight What it takes It ... was o' so young Misshaped before my time Ride metallic ... And there's mud in your eye For lady do or die It makes a

Family Force 5 - Dancer or die lyrics

were stronger than we were before! Tryin' to take our lives ... Runnin' out of time The world ends tonight unless we ... dance or die [Lots o' Woooahs, and D-d

The Great Kat - Worship me or die lyrics

me KAT RULES! WAKE UP! WORSHIP ME OR DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE ... WORSHIP ME OR DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! Let's get away from ... these torturing morons! This is a living HELL!

Scanner - Buy or die lyrics

a shopping tour 30 elderly ladies Blankets and pillows and ... pills for the brain Other little ... No matter how you pay Cash or credit Calculate what you

Beanie Sigel - Die lyrics

Chorus] We chapters of the same ... do to avoid the raid Before you get caged, but you can't ... do to avoid the raid Before you get caged, but you can't ... When you live by the sword, you die by the sword I'll

Cuff The Duke - If i live or die lyrics

s up to you Lord, it's up to you But do I ... am liking what you provide Lord if you hear me, I'm falling ... is weary, my soul is too Lord if you hear me, I need some

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Change or die lyrics

crying? Are you looking for a better life? Change or die, we're looking for the ... of our life Tonight Change or die, the answer is for you to ... s right Tonight! Are you corrupted by the status quo? The

Hellyeah - Live or die lyrics

or treason. Honesty or a lie Find in some reason, ... do we live life or die? Love or Hate Worship or ... Deny Pleasure or pain do we live life or die

Impending Doom - Live or die lyrics

We could have it all Or dwell in eternal darkness, ... in the face of death Lying dormant in a grave of reeking ... to decide Hell wasn't made for us Born with the choice live

Nordheim (can) - Get drunk or die tryin' lyrics

But you drink once more You try to fight the ... But you're !!!WASTED TO THE CORE!!! You pick an ugly bitch ... DRINK!!! Get drunk !!!OR DIE TRYIN'!!! Get drunk !!!OR DIE TRYIN'!!! Liquor !!!IS MY

Hanker - Do or die lyrics

think, cannot speak, do or die... Many things they refuse ... they see we're falling Many words they refuse to say But can ... t they see we're dying Many lords they refuse to pray But

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Do or die lyrics

is overcome by pain My love for you remains the same The ... The time is now, it's do or die It‘s never too late to live ... When I was down, It‘s hard for me to see you this way

Blessed By A Broken Heart - Skate or die lyrics

afternoon No care in the world There’s no way that I’ll ... my own Live to ride Skate or die Leaning back and power ... my own Live to ride Skate or die Every day I live to ride

Gala - Dance or die lyrics

or Die I dance or die Dance or Die I dance or ... die Dance or Die I dance or die I dance

Sadus - Fight or die lyrics

despite his Will To fight for his Country Supposedly Born ... to Kill He was afraid to Die To Kill, or to Fight He had ... by the Light You'll Fight or Die So Dominate, you can't Hide

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Live or die (hold me like a child) lyrics

go by Standing face to face forever Live or die (Refrén) ... go You're the eye of the storm The reason I laugh or cry ... Live or die I will stay with you Take

Editor - F*** or die! lyrics

Right Turn TV First Box For Assholes See Many Cunts ... Still More And More What Does It Mean? ... Possessed By Desire To F*** Or Die This Is Damnation Of My

Fate Magazine - Wake up or die lyrics

allright Breaking up this world hiding in the cave don´t ... in the crowd why all the sorrow Boilling blood and ... allright Carving up this world For all the money made

Forbidden - Adapt or die lyrics

in line or lead the way Below the ... grinding gears of war, adapt or die Powers bought and sold ... a side then stand your ground or run away It's done, ... beginning of the end Adapt or die Disseminate blinding

Lm.c - Mad or die [the mad lm.c] lyrics

you mad? Let's get MAD, MAD or DIE Let's get MAD, MAD or DIE) Oboeteiru ka Lucy ano koro no OREtachi muteki datta ... mukai kaze ni nokkari sora wo tsukinuketa jiyuuki mama

Planet Funk - Sk8 or die lyrics

peters invented pool skating for me and you Grab your ... real high jump off don't die But first remember you only ... on his first day of work, about to defy the laws of

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - Do or die lyrics

that I believe; Time to do or die. I will never forget ... the moment. I will never forget The moment... And the story goes O-oh! O-oh! O-o-h!

Ducking Punches - D.i.y. or die lyrics

I battle it out This is more important to me Than you'll ... music The weight of the world Brings us all down to ... we built up from scratch for me it's D.I.Y. or die Why

Immaculate - Thrash (or die trying) lyrics

Speed is set to hyper Out for human flesh Mound of dust ... the ashes Ominous deadly force Shattered through its core ... glam Indeed now it's time to DIE! THRASH OR! Die trying!

Jule Vera - Die trying lyrics

it all Cause I know it's worth the fall and when they set ... it higher I would rather die tonight Cause i know it's worth the fight and when you ... build it higher Oh Higher or die trying When dawn is

Metal Law - Metal or die lyrics

or die / Be blessed or be dead Those are the words ... / I repeat in my head Metal or die / Be a genius or be mad ... he hears our call: Metal or die... We’re doomed to do

Nightcore - Do or die (30stm) lyrics

that I believe; Time to do or die. I will never forget ... the moment. I will never forget The moment... And the story goes O-oh! O-oh! O-o-h!

Pellek - Do or die (30 seconds to mars cover) lyrics

that I believe; Time to do or die. I will never forget ... the moment. I will never forget The moment... And the story goes O-oh! O-oh! O-o-h!

Divinefire - Live or die lyrics

hear me now Save me Jesus before I die Live or die I see ... hour is striking Need oil for my light Live or die I have ... I'll follow His way Its live or die Live or die Read the

Hysterica - Live or die lyrics

skies Where will I be tomorrow Live or die Live or die Live or die Live or die ... wasted years Been hurt before Down to my core My soul ... But the scars And the memories

Dropkick Murphys - Do or die lyrics

under the gun "It's Do or Die" Its not a rebel ... socialist Scheme to push for human rights Just the facts ... on the Behalf of the working man, for his family and

Forever The Sickest Kids - Do or die lyrics

my senses and feelings I'm sorry if I led you on last night ... When your eyes met mine My world came crashing down You ... and I we do the worst things Do or die we both

Danny Saucedo - Do or die lyrics

was standing alone on the floor Then the girl arrived and ... I came alive for a dance Something ... Undeniable deep in my core All I understood was with

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Or nah ft. wiz khalifa, ty dolla $ign lyrics

the way I flick my tongue or nah? You can ride my face ... the tip then throat the dick or nah? Can you let me stretch ... that p**** out or nah? I'm not the type to

Above The Broken - Join or die lyrics

I just want to see the terror in your eyes. So join or die. ... All you want is fame and glory but you don't know what it ... .. BITCH. You either have it or you don't. F*** what you know

Ailee - Live or die (ft. tak (baechigi)) lyrics

al suga eomneun geol meorineun kkaejil deusi bokjapande ... hae My way Whether I live or die i kkumeseo kkaeeona i noraero pieona geu nuga mweora

Dance Or Die - Dance or die lyrics

of insanity For the angels high above Fallin ... mean TO give power to the lords Find yourself in bad ... There might be nothing to adore Break the rules for the

Hardline - Do or die lyrics

(Refrain:) Feeling do or die Someone give me just a ... reason why we Do or die Taking cover on the streets ... at night Feeling feeling do or die Can you save me Can

Savage Wizdom - Do or die lyrics

once again Don’t let me down or you will face the end I ... I see you watching from the corner of my eye Are you here to ... my soul, is this my time to die Or could it be you’re out to

4backwoods - Be different or die lyrics

Getting all means reaching for a little bit more In your ... everybody´s like a little whore just like a whore We love ... Everybody likes to fight for his piece of shit I grit my

Ruff Ryders - Ryde or die lyrics

box That you gon' sleep in for years, all covered wit rocks ... Must I brag? My shit paid for, yours tagged And every ... she be suckin my dick And before you know it, I'ma have her

Attack - Live or die lyrics

be free, to be free? Live or die, for the future, in this ... the cries there is danger for this seventh year After ... the hill Ten thousand warriors stands to kill In this

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - She's not me (ride or die) lyrics

my name?) Is she a ride or die bitch? Does she know I ... my name?) Is she a ride or die bitch? Does she make ... she's not me You try to forget And you tell her that

Blutengel - Über den horizont (dance or die remix) lyrics

Ergebenheit Erträgst du die Einsamkeit Du willst nicht ... es je verstehen Du kannst diesen Weg nicht alleine gehen ... Wenn die Einsamkeit dein Herz ... aus und flieg Mit mir durch die Nacht Über den Horizont

June Carter Cash - Root, hog or die lyrics

other names It's root, hog, or die Root, hog, or die

Flux Pavilion - Do or die (feat. childish gambino) lyrics

tour bus, keep that ratio two or three Fly as I want, A-Town ... put 'em up East side till I die, Like we don't give a f*** ... me, that's suicide Gambino forever, and Royalty is do or die

Gackt - Ride or die lyrics

mama kietaku wanai…」 to Inori no kotoba mo ima wa ... chiri to naru dakedakara Onore no yowasa ni ikinone wo ... TOGETHER WE'LL GO HIGH RIDE OR DIE Futo miageta sora ni

Pro-pain - Live free (or die trying) lyrics

At best our freedoms are shorn away with all dissension ... Our social systems getting worser by the day. Afford ... way to Live Free.........or die trying !! Why bother

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