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Running Wild - The guardian lyrics

[Pre] [Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] The final plan, the

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Fly in the ointment lyrics

chorus are just him making Rolf Harris type noises, he doesn

Jan Delay - Mercedes-dance intro lyrics

Heroin Und die brunen wie Rolf Töpperwein Ey yo, ich sag

Messenger - Final thunder lyrics

has to give.... Solo 1: Rolf Munkes Solo 2:

Rolf Harris - Christmas in the sun lyrics

Christmas in the sunCome on down and join us for a Christmas in the sunShaded by the jackeranda treesYour picnic lunch is ready any time you pleaseOr spread yoursel...

Rolf Harris - Court of king caractacus lyrics

Now the ladies of the harem of the court of KingCaractacus, were just passing by.All together, now the ladies of the harem of the courtof King Caractacu...

Rolf Kasparek - Adrian s.o.s lyrics

Clock strikes midnight, a wolf adores the moon The vanguard of hell is coming soon Bloodstained altar, crucifix inverse The devil touched the cradle, god get...

Rolf Kasparek - Black demon lyrics

Ancient warriors, troops of hell Demon commands, parsons to fell Iron-bound horses, twinkling gaze Marching to win, black laws to raise. Satan's ar...

Rolf Kasparek - Diabolic force lyrics

Scared up raven yells, in the cemetary darkness falls Smouldering firebowls, from eternity hell's usher howls Tonight The vault hears a fatal vow of the preach...

Rolf Kasparek - Genghis kahn lyrics

He was just a gentile man It was his love to grind He didn't know the fear He never had to hide He loved the glance of metal And the smell of blood ...

Rolf Kasparek - Preacher lyrics

Friday night the 13th and the ruins of a crow Dark figures come together for an awful vow They have sworn to Satan to celebrate a black mass Damned rites are...

Rolf Kasparek - Prisoner of our time lyrics

Paint in subways Paint in busses With your Edding big black pentagrams Black metal graffitis are thrown against the wall Crucifixes are inversed ...

Rolf Kasparek - Soldiers of hell lyrics

Black shadows and black horses Dark warriors out of hell Mighty and evil Reflection of an ancient tale A gang appears beside you They're the m...

Rolf Kasparek - Tortuga bay lyrics

[1. Verse] Man or boy - we'll fight all as one Bending the rules - it's the call of the wild Last resort - to be shot down in pains Playing your very last ca...

Rolf Kasparek - Victim of states power lyrics

See the danger of armament Each single minute can be your last World is full of killing machines And they want to take your life See the cruel warpigs, they su...

Running Wild - Fall of dorkas lyrics

[Pre] [Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] 3.7 billion years,

Running Wild - The hussar lyrics

[Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] Horror, death and pain,

Running Wild - Revolution lyrics

Alright Alright [Leabreak Rolf] You say you got a real

Running Wild - Timeriders lyrics

Leadbreak Thilo Twinsolo Rolf Erasing the evil without

Running Wild - Tsar lyrics

nobody cried [Leadbreak Rolf] In their darkest hour

Running Wild - Victory lyrics

trying to hold [Leadbreak Rolf] The rivalry is dying,

Running Wild - When time runs out lyrics

[Pre] [Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] Trapped! A poisoned

Running Wild - When times runs out lyrics

[Pre] [Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] Trapped! A poisoned

Running Wild - Silent killer lyrics

[Pre] [Chorus] [Leadbreak Rolf] Millions of people

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