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Rock Of My Salvation Danny Meakoro lyrics

Browse for Rock Of My Salvation Danny Meakoro song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Rock Of My Salvation Danny Meakoro lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Rock Of My Salvation Danny Meakoro.

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Rush Of Fools - God of my salvation lyrics

know my every thought before I speak You know my every prayer before the need You know what lies ahead though I cannot see You will not fail me, You will not fail me I will stand on the promise that You've come to save In the day of my trouble, I will seek Your face Highe

Audiovision - The rock of my soul lyrics

or White? Day or Night? Life or Death? What can I say? It's hard to find The middle link Evil is up All I was sing It's time to seize the day Before it is too late Ah-ah-ah! You are the Rock of My Soul! You have it all! Ah-ah-ah! You are the light of m

Richard Smallwood - He's my rock lyrics

Jesus, Jesus, He's my rock Jesus, Jesus, He's my rock Jesus, Jesus, He's my rock He's the rock of my salvation, He's my rock He's the rock of my salvation, He's my rock (repeat) The rock that the builders rejected, has now become the cornerstone. Upon this r

Crimson Thorn - My salvation lyrics

The Lord is my strength and my song He has become my salvation He is my God and I will praise Him My father's God and I will exalt him May the words o...

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - I go to the rock lyrics

do I go? When there's nobody else to turn to Who do I talk to? When nobody wants to listen Who do I lean on? Oh When there is no foundation stable I go to the rock I know he is able, I go to the rock [Chorus:] I go to the rock of my salvation I go to the ston

Shawn Mcdonald - My salvation lyrics

run for dear life to You my God And I never live to regret it Do what you do so well and do what you do so well Get me out of this mess Upon to my feet You, my salvation You, my fortress And You, my salvation With whom I trust Put Your ear

Pixies lyricsPixies - Rock a my soul lyrics

turned you on the roof To shine your face at me Drink wine from your tears, rollin' holly molly Rock a my, soul Hey, rock a my soul Rock a my soul Rock a my soul Rock a my soul Hard I'm waiting We're waiting For electric In a manor I'm waiting We're waiting Si

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Rock of ages lyrics

glieben glauchen globen All right I got something to say Yeah, it´s better to burn out Yeah, than fade away All right Ow Gonna start a fire C´mon! Rise up! gather round Rock this place to the ground Burn it up let´s go for broke Watch the night

Buddy Holly - Rock me my baby lyrics

your arms around me now And try your best to squeeze me Love me baby - you know how Yes, a-rock me my baby Well, rock a-like a hockory-dock, dickory-dock Rock-a-bye my baby Up and down - around the clock Well, a-rock me my baby Plant your kisses on my lips And make me

Gene Clark - Rock of ages lyrics

stood there unable trying to keep warm To make the next town Oklahoma I will roam any direction from someone Too old to remember why he's seen us that way Singing rock of ages when will you fall Turn the pages of history recalls In the mountain you revere

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Rock of america lyrics

knocked down my money, she knocked down my fame Just wanna feel I'm a part of the game On the radio, on tv, it's like a heartbeat deep inside of me Know what I want, know how to get, it's like the sound of a hot Corvette Start it up, let it roll, come on baby, let's lo

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Rock of gibraltar lyrics

Let me say this to you I'll be steadfast and true And my love will never falter The sea would crash about us The waves would lash about us I'll be your ...

Deep Insight - Rock with my band lyrics

did I become so fat? And where was my faith when I was losing track? So when did life begin to treat us bad? My face looks pretty old and I've got pain in my back Well, maybe next season, will bring me a reason To put on my Speedo, go out in the sun Have fun; I'm done And I'm tr

Edguy - Rock of cashel lyrics

these endless graze lands The rain wants to cloud remains of longing Or am I done becoming You say That life will go on Then you confine your heart to beating While you keep on cheating The road you left behind A thousand partings of the wa

Mirah - Rock of ages lyrics

of ages Are you comin' soon to carry me away? Love and rage is What's been making me to stay All around us Evil forces hound us It takes love and trust To keep it all at bay Oooh... Rock of ages Does redemption taste as sweet as they say? For the wages Of t

John Hiatt - Rock of your love lyrics

ain't like I'm so tough You shook me to the heart You shook me sure enough Turned my whole world upside down I tried to run away but I just ran aground On the rock of your love On the stone hard truth On the rock of your love I found my living proof You pierced through armo

Bachman-turner Overdrive - Rock is my life, and this is my song lyrics

s a hurried up life But it's the life I choose No use in asking me to slow down Cause I got nothing to lose But time and time is all I've got You know I born standing up with a guitar in my hand I'm not trying to come on like hollywood But hollywood is what I am When

Ferry Bryan - Rock of ages lyrics

again You're the song I'm the one Who turns the pages There you go Flying high Here am I Rock of ages Ring the changes Ring all changes Try to move me as of old Rock-a-bye me Rock of ages Tough my soul Lost again All alone Turned to stone Cold an

Kevin Johnson - Rock and roll i gave you the best years of my.. lyrics

can still remember when I bought my first guitar Remember just how good the feeling was, put it proudly in my car And my family listened fifty times to my two song repertoire And I told my mum her only son was gonna be a star Bought all the Beatles records, sounded just like Paul

Badfinger - Rock of all ages lyrics

your taking all my money and I guess you think it's funny but I don't - my my You always want it right now and you know it brings me down but I don't - why why Guess you think it's funny that you're taking all my money but I don't You know you sh

Charlie Daniels - Heart of my heart lyrics

sin kept my life in a whirl Lust, greed and money and sensual pleasures Mark the boundaries of my narrow world I was headed for hell but as far as I fell Your Spirit still followed me down Then when I hit the bottom and cried out for mercy You picked me up

The Rabble - Salvation lyrics

s another spin out just like every other night Dusk comes out once more and on go the street lights Your getting cold out in the dark and you think you are alone You think you stand in solitude no-one you can condone Yeah it feels like something's missing - it

Rufus Wainwright lyricsRufus Wainwright - Danny boy lyrics

skin is cold, but the sun shines within your hold your hair is gold, but you see through a goldfish bowl i feel old, sick and tired we walk the streets, gently staring, wondering what to do the sun in sheets, pouring down those streets to eyes green and blue An

Skillet - Salvation lyrics

Alone, lost in this abyss Crawling in the dark Nothing to wipe my longing clips And I wonder where you are (Where you are) Are you far? (Are you far) Will you come to my rescue? Am I left to die But I can't give up on you I feel you keeping me alive You are my salva

Lillian Axe - She is my salvation lyrics

can move the mountains on a clear day, But sometimes they can crash into the sea. Look around, choose your poison. Otherwise, you'll have no choice in living Your life the way it's mean to be. But one more believer is all that we need. The scars on our kn

Lp lyricsLp - Salvation lyrics

you arrived at my door I didn't recognize My salvation And the light, on the shore, it was in your eyes My salvation And all I really wanted to do was make love to you And retreat into my isolation Salvation, salvation Aaaaa oh oh Aaaaa oh oh Aaaaa

Gabrielle Aplin - Salvation lyrics

are the avalanche One world away My make believing While I'm wide awake Just a trick of light To bring me back around again Those wild eyes A psychedelic silhouette I never meant to fall for you but I Was buried underneath and All that I could see was white My

Danny - Bitch better have my money lyrics

yayo Moo-la-lah Yayo Bitch better have my money! Y'all should know me well enough Bitch better have my money! Please don't call me on my bluff Pay me what you owe me Ballin' bigger than LeBron Bitch, give me your money Who y'all think y'all front

Adam Gontier - Salvation lyrics

Judas came up from D.C. He'd been down in Georgia for a while He drove a 944 He bought with the soul Of a blonde-headed kid With a left-handed guitar Now he's lookin' for me Citizen C-O-P-E Sign the dotted line please For the fake 50's Now Judas answer me "Sinc

Burning Point - Salvation by fire lyrics

Far away from foreign land came the strange soulless man drove all the righteous men out of their homes Hear the whole nation cry help from the other side against the eastern dark The Battle of the End I hear the sound of the thunder comi

Incantation - Crown of decayed salvation lyrics

Anguish brought upon the savior Darkness Pathetic kingdom Deepens Twisted Blasphemy Nocturnal righteousness Feasting (on the) lamb of god Rejoice in male...

Martin Smith - You are my salvation lyrics

is a beautiful thing It takes a heart and lets it sing Love changes everything It ends the war that lies within Hold me, love me, Holy One I was born for Your kingdom come You are my salvation You are ma salvation Only You, can save Love, it will never depar

No Bragging Rights - Not my salvation lyrics

faith is my strength, It’s my way to separate all the things that get in my way From everything that I’m trying to save. The things that I believe and everything that I hold true, Is my driving force… it’s what gets me through. Stop trying to sell me a lie, Your ideals are po

Illuminandi - Hymn of all creation lyrics

let us sing together to our Lord; Come, let us shout to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him and give him thanks, Praise him with our music and our song. The seas have lifted up their voice; /The seas have lifted up their voice/ The seas have lift

Everlife - Set me free lyrics

has a reason A longin' A hunger to reveal It seems as if every where you turn I was searchin' for the answer lying to be free [Chorus] You change me deep inside I'm messing up look in my eyes I'm searching for one true love Take my hand and set me free Everytime

Illdisposed - The key to my salvation lyrics

The key to my salvation Lies in Where ever I'm able To show my true self The key is to let the Poison Out now That for so long Has been eating my heart Shine on...

Angra - Salvation: suicide lyrics

to be dead when hope is gone Depreciating life when the days are looking bad Sick of being alive when everyone is vain Lost your hopes and now you fight against depression Cause life's hard for everyone just look all around you So why squander all your power on self

Cece Winans - Bless his holy name lyrics

the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me I will bless His holy name Bless the Lord, oh my soul and all that is within me I will bless His holy name He forgives our inequities and He heals our diseases And forever I'll proclaim He's the one and only true

For Today - Foundation lyrics

make this declaration with heaven watching my every move: He is my sure foundation, and I will trust Him with my life. I will remain a keeper of the flame for the righteous one. I will never abandon this cause. My devotion’s uncompromising. I will never abandon this ca

Biohazard - Salvation lyrics

I hope to rise above material chains which hold me down To turn my anger into love and keep my feet planted on the ground. To undo stigmas societies branded, misconceptions about being a man. To be grateful, take nothing for granted, to live the truth as best

Rivers & Robots - Shepherd of my soul lyrics

Lord of the mountains and sea You are treading a path set for me God of the seasons and sky You have always been holding my life And Lord, You are the shepherd...

Anthem - Rock 'n' roll survivor lyrics

RE IN YOUR TOWN akuseru funde ikari wasureta machi e omae no shisen to omae no kodou matte ita ze HELLO! ROCK YOU, kusari wo ima hiki chigiri ROCK ME, ueta yatsu ra wa ROCK'N' ROLL SURVIVOR SPOTLIGHT terashi dasu nosa isamashii sugata wo ONE MORE TIM

Funker Vogt - Salvation lyrics

seems to me like a trip to nowhere Like a train speeding down the tracks The voices in my head burn me I'll flee into the dream and surrender No purview through the veil of my thoughts My body vibrates pumped full of <unintelligible> drugs This game

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Rock me lyrics

Harry] Do you remember summer '09? Wanna go back there every night, Just can't lie, was the best time of my life, Lying on the beach as the sun blew out, Playing this guitar by the fire too loud, Oh my, my, they could never shut us down [Pre-Chorus: Louis] I used to

Nightcore - Rock me lyrics

you remember summer '09 Wanna go back there every night Just can't lie it was the best time of my life Lying on the beach as the sun blew out Playing this guitar by the fire too loud Oh my, my they could never shut us down I used to think that I was better

Skanners - Rock rock city lyrics

steps on the sidewalk Dirty street of this old town I'm gonna hear some more tonight I'm dying for that sound My God the noise is rising I can hear it grow and grow It's howling wolfs, it's thunder hell The only sound I know Rock rock city -

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Rock that body lyrics

wanna rock right now I wanna, I wanna rock right now I wanna, I wanna rock right now, now, now Rock right now I wanna, I wanna rock right now I wanna, I wanna rock right now I wanna, I wanna rock right now I wanna dance, I wanna dance in the light I wanna r

Daniel J - Rock me (one direction) lyrics

you remember summer '09 Wanna go back there every night Just can't lie it was the best time of my life Lying on the beach as the sun blew out Playing this guitar by the fire too loud Oh my, my they could never shut us down I used to think that I was bett

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Rock and roll music lyrics

let me hear some of that rock and roll music Any old way you choose it's got a back beat, you can't lose it Any old time you use it's gotta be rock and roll music If you wanna dance with me, if you wanna dance with me Got no kick against modern jazz Unless they try t

Elisa - Rock your soul lyrics

more I think the less I see When I'm able to walk I'm queen of my world I let it rain on my skin I don't let myself down, I don't let myself down Just wanna be one with you, I wanna be one with you The more I think the less I do When I'm able to talk I'm q

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Rock god lyrics

man walked into the club and he said, „Hey girl, can‘t you walk and not stray?“ Father I’m torn and I’m selling my soul. To the rythm, the beat and the bass ‘Cuz I can’t confess my rock and my roll ways ‘Cuz I’m so possessed with the music The music he p

Judas Priest - Rock forever lyrics

the day is over, I like to ease my mind By jucin' up my system, With the beat of a heavy kind I smack a bottle open, I crank the hi-fi high I'm in-a seventh heaven Ooh I can touch the sky I'm in love, so in love And I can't stop talking 'bout my rock forever It's got

Katy Perry lyricsKaty Perry - Rock god (original by selena gomez and the sc.. lyrics

man walked into the club and he said, „Hey girl, can‘t you walk and not stray?“ Father I’m torn and I’m selling my soul. To the rythm, the beat and the bass ‘Cuz I can’t confess my rock and my roll ways ‘Cuz I’m so possessed with the music The music he plays. I can’t

Afromental - Rock&rollin' love lyrics

are are are are are Afromental x3 Hey baby let's just don't waste time, You know that I know that you'll be mine. I want give you some of my nasty love Oh, you gonna feel just the way you like. The sex train is coming to you ma.. I'm gonna make you scream like I want more!!! H

Benzino - Rock the party young heff remix lyrics

Intro: Benzino + (Lil' Kim)] Ayo (Benzino where you at?) It's Yellowman, Benzino wanna rock the party And we gonna bring this to the after party Queen Bee wanna rock the party Uh, uh, oh (Oh my God) Yeah (Benzino where you at?) (Bounce) Yellow City gonna rock the party (

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - Rock it lyrics

walking to the something Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Collapse I´m drinking too much bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla Fall out I´m feeling really bla bla, I want to bla bla bla, Collapse And in the end it means I bla bla bla bla bla bla bla The end

Marcy Playground - Rock and roll heroes lyrics

and roll heroes Keep me so mesmerized In the confines of my room I'm moving to the sound And rock and roll heroes They help me sleep through the night And in the morning wake up to that song That played the night before I may be a teenage rebel I live lif

Saxon - Come rock of ages (the circle is complete) lyrics

you see the signs has the time begun It was the seventh star of the seventh sun Round and round this circle turns The planets all align this is the time This is the hour we've waited for the sign Come rock of ages We worship at your feet Now is the time T

Beartooth - Rock is dead lyrics

only way I could feel okay Turn it up, let the music save me If I need to ease my pain When everyone says my world is changing I'd rather be deaf, I'd rather be dead than bored out of my mind I'd rather be deaf, I'd rather be dead than bored out of my mind If I

Danny Fernandes - End of the world lyrics

you my heart when I gave you my name Looking back is no one but myself to blame Blind to the truth should have seen it in you, I'm dying. I heard it from a friend the day that we broke Can't believe you let me be the last one to know Did you love me that much? Trade it and trust,

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