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Audiomachine - Rise of the warriors lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental...

F.k.Ü. - Rise of the mosh mongers lyrics

Attacked with force, blown to the ground Hear our chant, ... asks for right or wrong Rise! And join the mosh crusade ... We rise We're the horror metal brigade

Iron Fire - Rise of the rainbow lyrics

have seen the magic light Shining down on ... me I have heard the demon cry And the burning ... witches die Thoughts of darkness, let me out Cause I ... am on the edge Am I lost or alive

Cage - Rise of the beast lyrics

Rise! Rise! Prepare for the rise of the beast! Rise! Rise! Rise! Prepare for the rise of the ... beast! He's come to bring the end of days Raised in the

Sammy Hagar - Rise of the animal lyrics

just came out from the room I saw the rising of the ... this once before Glanced at the pictures on the wall I saw ... my reflection in the glass And as I walked down the hall I said to myself, &quot

Gloryhammer - Rise of the chaos wizards lyrics

Infernus ad astra Across the galaxy a new force of evil is ... rising Wizards of Chaos fighting the throne of ... brave king of Dundee Entwined by mystic ... spells, they know where the sorcerer hidden Imprisoned

Scar Symmetry - Rise of the reptilian regime lyrics

the spirit serpents slither, caught between the worlds they wait They're infiltrating ... earth vibration, strands of reptoid DNA Invasion of the mind Their essence crawls

Behemoth - Rise of the blackstorm of evil lyrics

black face in the shadow of the pentagram among the silent ... forests in the never existing town my ... fingers touched the sky I was god in forgotten

Drawn And Quartered - Rise of the black sun lyrics

how long until they die? Morbid surgical ... Cutting out pieces of the lungs or the brain Tortured ... death for science’s gain Rise of the black sun Night falls

Edguy - Rise of the morning glory lyrics

my friend Time to leave the vale again Back on the ... you accerlate Get out of the tight spot and fly Take ... you a ride tonight And as the sun is gonna rise I gonna

Divine Heresy - Rise of the scorned lyrics

Consumed within the throes of loss The stages towards ... Have never felt so far The recollection of what was ... us Ashes and dust Rise of the scorned Guilt self-distructs

Arch Enemy - Rise of the tyrant lyrics

Spoken intro taken from the 1979 Movie "Caligula ... Caligula: I have existed from the morning of the world and I ... shall exist until the last star falls from the

Bewitched - Rise of the antichrist lyrics

winds, raging flames of Hell Demonic Evil is on the rise I'm here to slay He's come ... to reign Lord of Evil, damnation is near ... as his creation sears The spawn of Satan growing

Amberian Dawn - Rise of the evil lyrics

unworthy while you You were the one who was feeding me with ... chance to hold me And now the milestones will guide I'm ... I hoped for revenge in the light of the moon

Gaia Epicus - Rise of the empire lyrics

of the Empire The new world soon will come Rise of the Empire The war has ... just begun Here he comes, the man behind the mask He holds ... so much power, he holds the key to the world He is no

Cold Driven - Rise of the broken lyrics

such a disgrace I don't fit the world So f***ing what So ... how does it feel To see the demon inside of me And I'm ... it out this thing inside of me Take you down This is the rise of the broken This is the end of affliction You're on the road to damnation I'll take

Crown The Empire - Rise of the runaways lyrics

trial for our fates we are the runaways Outta place with ... is just a runaway Well if the waters so deep Then why are ... all of you still standing And if the sinner's asleep Then how can

Necronomicon - Rise of the elder ones lyrics

my friends The time has come Lord of this ... world we are Bringer of light, whisperer in the dark ... Prophet on another aeon Masters of thousands ... legions Deep in the temples of the past The voices are

Necrophobic - Rise of the infernal lyrics

[Instrumental] ..................... ................................ ............................ ........................ ........................... ............

Cradle Of Filth - Rise of the pentagram lyrics

a shadow I flew Through the rain that fell sick with ... lament To this house of incest For when we ... Her white body approved The barade of my heavenly quests

Sixx:a.m. - "rise of the melancholy empire" lyrics

pain and murder No mother's milk to sip No innocence ... not be defeated However hard they try Over and over and over ... not be defeated However hard they try Over and over and over

Avenger ( Ger ) - Rise of the creature lyrics

in the haunted claudy sky As the wizzard stears the blood ... ring Lucifer's spells through the night Creatures wincing in the gut Attended by wild ... up, take refuge for death The rise of the creature will

Chthonic - Rise of the shadows lyrics

swinging, tridents crashing The demons are born from their ... steaming, corpses braising The monsters will feed when the ... fires are blazing The Eternal Wheel of

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Rise of the fall lyrics

Through it all An olympus of friends Highs and lows ... And the broken prose And our losses ... And it creates Monuments of flame Every house in town

Pro-pain - Rise of the antichrist lyrics

Up above our land Armed to the teeth With wit and weapon in ... in Ourselves enough to land the final blow The demon seed ... Spawned inside your head And the seven seals were torn Torn

Blodsrit - The glorious rise of the flames lyrics

behold thy flames Consuming the creation of God Thou appear ... in might In the shape of a burning dragon So rise ... Unleash infernal hell Upon the mountainside, we do stand

Crescent Shield - Rise of the red crescent moon lyrics

tired sun will soon die The stars will form above and ... will humor And crack the Smile of the red crescent ... moon Solace on the crimson horizon Pride of the

Logan Paul lyricsLogan Paul - The rise of the pauls feat. jake paul #thesec.. lyrics

Jake Paul] Let me just start off by saying I think my brother ... Also true But he is my brother Still true And I'm always ... Paul & Jake Paul] It's the rise of the Pauls, that's

Deeds Of Flesh - Rise of the virvum juggernaut lyrics

sub-quarters of the craft Harbors an alien ... has no effect in calming the beast Thrashing around for ... decades In the hull of the ship The Scion of another

Afromental - Rise of the rage lyrics

Why do I have feelings the world's breaking I'm crying ... 'cause of thoughts that I'm obsessed ... with They give me drugs I don't wanna ... take But once I won't they say I ain't safe The world

The Prodigy lyricsThe Prodigy - Rise of the eagles lyrics

I wanna love like a mother Listen up, let the lesson ... how to sin As we dance on the razor's edge As we dance on the razor's edge Dance on the ... razor's edge! Dance on the razor's edge! Murder! Dance

Deströyer 666 - Rise of the predator lyrics

taste the blood and the Fear of the Prey as it Falls to the ... Jaws of the Beast Come feel the ... Rushing of Senses and Blood as it ... Predator Come tear the Shackles of Thought from our

Jedi Mind Tricks - Rise of the machines lyrics

gonnna rip his heart out, I'm the best ever I'm the most ... and most ruthless champion there's ever been My style is ... [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz] They call me Kublai Khan, ready

Miracle Of Sound - Rise of the tomb raider song: edge of the wor.. lyrics

the furthest reaches Into the deep unseen Gather the ... fragments of my legacy And in the ... broken pieces A trail of evergreen To provoke the ... destiny Stand firm The fires of burden Still burn

Rise Of The Northstar - Sound of wolves lyrics

yo wassup mother f***er Rise of the Northstar is back ... straight from Paris, go to the Koshien represent our style ... Da furyo style, bosozokus warriors Shonan soldiers, united

Ravenheart - Walk of the warriors lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrume...

Black Messiah - March of the warriors lyrics

- could not believe that there was a tribe able to treat ... way. After long consultation they commanly agreed to march ... with their hosts on Valhalla in order

Mortyr - New world order + rise of the tyrant lyrics

... + With a mind of hate and a fist of steel The ... on Mercy all forgotten in the shadows of the past Blood ... has fallen on the streets, heads and hands torn

Arise-x - Arise-x - rise of the angels lyrics

of darkness scorch in a ray of light Rivers of believers ... lost souls in the night. A flicker in the doom ... Purified spirits to hell they`re bound. Shivers in his

Affector - Falling away & the rise of the beast lyrics

know this: that in the last days, grievous times ... come For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, ... without self-control Lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God You will hear of wars

Anathema - Eternal rise of the sun lyrics

unstoppable end The world turns every day An ... no end So, for this time of morning I can no longer cry ... Even though the story goes on The script

Necronomicon - The valley of the lost souls lyrics

sounds in the night flowers are flying in the wind The black stone ageless ... a monument stands in the valley Symbol of power, a ... symbol of forgotten past Venus

Mystic Prophecy - Warriors of the northern seas lyrics

thunder blaze from the sky Odin my lord, only for ... and destroy Now my soul rise through the sky Forever for ... freedom are ready to die Warriors of the Northern Sea Show no

Iskald - Warriors of the northern twilight lyrics

stands still The dim light in horizon has ... faded The winds of the sea has gone Coldness is ... left behind The sun has found better places ... Wolves howl in fear Their castle is a throne of

Amon Amarth - Warriors of the north lyrics

were the warriors of the north Notorious and brave ... a fight in war We feared not the grave The ruler of this ... northern court My brother, lord, king He always had

Domine - Army of the dead lyrics

I) The Vision And The Promise] In the city of ... immortals a scream broke the silence it was a seer and he ... his dreams his beloved city of eternal life collapsing

Manowar - Warriors of the world united lyrics

stand from all around the world Waiting in a line to ... hear the battle cry All are gathered ... here victory is near The sound will fill the hall ... metal that is true We own the right to live the fight we're

Mandowar - Warriors of the world - manowar cover lyrics

stand, from all around the world Waiting in a line, to ... hear the battle cry All are gathered ... here, victory is near The sound will fill the hall, ... metal that it´s true We own the right, to live the fight,

Acheron (usa) - Rise of rebellion lyrics

breeding humans to follow the herd Muhammad Christ Buddha ... it's too late Bring back the laws that excel the elite ... triumph our strife We told them their faults informed them

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Warriors of the sun lyrics

are the warriors of the sun Fighting post-war ... may be our final run We are the warriors of the sun Say we ... feed the hungry and we tend to the ... that we're always around when the going gets thick Say we'll

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Warriors of the wasteland lyrics

diamond mine to the factory Everybody’s doing ... what I’m saying Working for the world go round The battle cry ... mess with me I’ve travelled the world for eternity Warriors of the wasteland Sailboats of

Manowar - Warriors of the world lyrics

see you stand from all around the world Waiting in a line to ... hear the battle cry All are gathered ... here, victory is near The sound will fill the hall,

Saxon - Warriors of the road lyrics

red lights, nerves of steel Engines hot, grip the ... go out, motors roar Ram the pedal to the floor Pushing ... t look back Try to focus on the track Warriors of the road

Renascent - Warriors of the morning lyrics

of the morning I call you forth ... into battle Warriors of the morning Stand fast and obey ... You are a people The nations have not yet observed ... A people that the Church Has desired and

Dynasty - Warriors of the king lyrics

are the holy warriors And our flag is the Lord’s ... He is the King of kings This an eternal ... Only guitars and good words. The hands of God protect us, The

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising against ... each other Saving nothing but death The dust was rising up in the sky

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