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Ringo Song On Citizen Tv lyrics

Browse for Ringo Song On Citizen Tv song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ringo Song On Citizen Tv lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ringo Song On Citizen Tv.

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Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Song on fire lyrics

first words that come out And I can see this song will be about you I can't believe that I can breathe without you But all I need to do is carry on The next line I write down And there's a tear that falls between the pages I know that pain's supposed to heal in stages But it

3 Colours Red - Song on the radio lyrics

change the ninety-nine Into a hundred A crack in your grand design Coming up under And take you high over Your brightest nova Until we come again... Nothing can stop us I see you run again... away and High over...your brightest nova A transmission to be

Scouting For Girls - On the radio lyrics

the radio, on the radio, on the radio, on the radio... Radio station, that's where you came from. It's the sound of the summer, and everyone is singing along. You danced to the beat of the drum. Memories make music, music make memories. The moon in the sky on the hot summer

The Cramps - Tv set lyrics

baby i see you on my tv set yeah baby i see you on my tv set i cut your head off and put it in my tv set i use your eyeballs for dials on my tv set i watch tv i watch tv since i put you in my tv set oh baby i hear you on my radio yeah baby i hear you

Buggles - On tv lyrics

your houses late at night Sit down cosy, kill that light Watch a movie, watch a fight Feeling safe as well you might When you dream in black and white It can only happen On tv, on tv In the bathroom in your bed Wall to wall we're in your head finger on

Poison - Doin as i see on my tv lyrics

I was a child staring at the tube I saw sex, violence and death on the news One day I saw the Duke kill someone Daddy said don't worry boy, they're just acting son All I want is attention from somebody Somebody pay attention to me Like them actors I got no

Apoptygma Berzerk - Apollo (live on your tv) lyrics

sun is up mission begins suits and helmets on now we look like twins are we going to succeed, I wonder then they shut the door and engines start to roar. Cameras rolling and we're ready to go! Live on your TV defying gravity The

Lou Bega - Beauty on the tv screen lyrics

is the appetite my appetite for love and I know that she is comin' that she is comin' from above everytime I see her I just can't get enough she is cute she is pretty and sometimes she is tough She is my beauty she is my beauty on the tv

Mando Diao - Tv & me lyrics

down in a fight It was a bloody pleasure Though I couldn't walk I'm not dead I smell the pavement At the end there's a light And so pretty women Though I couldn't see I'm not blind and inside my mind Fright night on the radio starving Junkies on the TV

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Voice on my tv lyrics

s a familiar voice Sometimes I wonder if I have a choice You give it everything You're selling God but am I listening I hear you've seen the light Your message comes to me by satellite You say I must believe I say it's just another way to deceive

Liquido - On the radio lyrics

it on today, a sunny day. Listen what´s up on the radio. But do you like the tracks? poppy smacks! Someone has to turn up the radio. Tell me what goes wrong, Do you feel the same. Someone has to turn it down. It´s a sunday, it´s a monday or a friday. every da

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Nuthing on the tv lyrics

s worryin' 'bout the fight in the high street Everybody's worried 'bout the debts that they can't meet Well you work till you're wet with sweat And what do you get ? Nuthin' on the T.V. All I ever hear about is ayatollahs The headline scream and the newscast hollers What's

Royce Da 5'9" - On the run lyrics

out my window from my mind's blown hotel room I remember that cold, cold rainy night Looking out my window Feeling all alone on the run I'm still holding onto my gun Body on it from the previous evening I found out I'm wanted Nigga's snitching is what the media s

Nofx - Please play this song on the radio lyrics

wrote this song, it's not too short, it’s not too long It's got back-up vocals in just the right places It's got a few oohs and ahhs (ohhhh... ahhhh) And it takes a little pause Just before the I sing the errand; Please play this song on the rad

Cimorelli - On the radio lyrics

eyes, a smile like the top of the sun, Bright face, mistakes never looked this way, Cos I wrote your name on this page and it's been there ever since, Lately I've been dancing in my sleep. Cos our love is a sweet summer song, It's better when you sing along. I wanna h

Bobby Darin - Another song on my mind lyrics

right, girl Were makin music lyin here tonight The kind of song that cant last long But keeps on feelin right I hear the tune youre playin And it makes my soul unwind But I cannot sing your melody With another song on my mind Oh, no I can feel

Caleb Shomo - City lights - i made a song on garage band (f.. lyrics

Lights - I Made A Song on Garage Band (feat Caleb Shomo) City Lights - I Made A Song on Garage Band (feat Caleb Shomo) City Lights - I Made A Song on Garage Band (feat Caleb Shomo) City Lights - I Made A Song on Garage Band (feat Caleb Shomo

Prince - On the couch lyrics

on, baby Don't make me sleep on the couch Love Jones is on the TV again, baby Eye wanna go down south, yeah Oh come on, baby It's undignified 2 sleep alone That's what all the people that Ain't got nobody do - Talkin' on the telephone Don't make me cr

Gordon Lightfoot - On susan's floor lyrics

crippled ships that made it Through a storm and finally reached a quiet shore The homeless found a home on Susan's floor Didn't feel so cold and tired Stretched out before her fire Rollin' smokes and drinkin' up her wine And I remember candlelight And singing 'til we could no

Marky Mark - The last song on side b, part ii: go on (feat.. lyrics

Bunch – Ain't No Stopping The Funky Bunch at Last. fm. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a hip-hop group led by Mark ..

The Reindeer Section - Last song on blue tape lyrics

out the small talk I've given up on you you brave with the big talk when all your friends are there bronzed from sunshine of all your holidays let me down easy I can't hide all this shame I fought for your honor a lot more than made sense I'm dis

Flunk - On my balcony lyrics

comes summer Beaming in through my bedroom window There´s a song on the radio You used to hum back then Here comes summer Still feels fresh as morning air Today I'll just stay here And do, well, whatever I´ll do whatever Please, make summ

La Bouche - On a night like this lyrics

a night like this, on a night like this, on a night like this. Chorus: On a night like this, I'll be there, I'll be there for you, oooh, don't you know my baby. On a night like this, I'll be there, I'll be there for you, oooh, on a night like this. On a night like this, o

Estelle - On and on lyrics

girl don’t even knows shes beautiful, ugly inside, gettin high is the usual wastin her time too high to open her eyes and now shes caught up in the light she cries at night/hums along to every song on the radio just as pretty as any mother in her video Hard to get on unless

Morning Musume - Ringo satsujin jiken lyrics

kanashii ne kanashii ne Satsujin genba ni ringo ga ochiteita Gaburi to kajitta hagata ga tsuiteita Sousa ikka no udekikitachi mo Kanshiki kain mo atama wo hinetteta Kiri ni ukanda makka na ringo Naze ga naze yobu satsujin jiken Aa paipu kuwaete tantei toujou Funifunifunifuni f

Jim Lea - Citizen kane lyrics

on the march Here in Xanadu last week Xanadu's landlord was laid to rest On the deserts of the Gulf Coast The private mountain was commissioned and successfully built The contents of Xanadu's palace were so big They could never be catalogued or appraised Enough for ten m

Simple Minds - Citizen (dance of youth) lyrics

A cure to kill the east A disease of the west Romance is no escape But I'll escape you The manufacturing sound Complaining to ourselves You're cutting up our friends Making love to our sisters Another endless day Another daze But I'm losing track

Patti Smith - Citizen ship lyrics

.. it was nothing. It didn't matter to me. Ah, there were tanks all over my street. There was one outside the windows and children in the streets were throwing rocks at the tanks. Ain't got a passport. Ain't got my real name. Ain't got a chance, spor

Eminence - Citizen zero lyrics

Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen Zero Citizen

Sid - Ringo ame lyrics

ga asa ni hirefusu toki no sono iro ni kasaneta 14mm(juushin miri) no aoi kemuri Kisetsu hazure ringo ame wo hoshigaru you na Kodomo wo miru me sameta me ga suki deshita. Furi mukaseru tame ni shita koto tsuyashita jikan na do ni kuraberaba Naranai denwa machi bouke ts

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Citizen of the planet lyrics

start up in the north, I grow up from special seed I sprinkle it with sensibility From french and hungarian snow I linger in the sprouting until my engine's full Then I move across the sea to european bliss To language of poets As I cut the c

The Byrds - Citizen kane lyrics

ugly fat man swam in a red tire made of stone A painted lady paddled next to him with two poodles on her lap Garbo quietly picked a flower While the chauffeur won his check again And Barrymore took an noname out and diamond fell like rain Cisco Kid and a bald headed wa

Shaman King - Ringo urami uta lyrics

no hanabira ga maiochiru you na yuki no gogo usura kagayaku taiyou ha shiroku yane ni burataeru mujin eki no tsurara watashi to namida tarenagarete iru tabidachi ga tsurai no de ha naku tada omae ga nikui dake omae no kao nado mitakunai

Ihsahn - Citizen lyrics

Whence came your voice Your right to speak? Is there a purpose to your tongue And gnawing teeth? I ask thee; How deep and hollow Is your mouth? What lie is too decayed For you to stomach? With humility and obedience You pride yourself Eva

3 Doors Down - Citizen soldier lyrics

the boundries of your city's lights. Stand the heroes waiting for your cries. So many times you did not bring this on yourself. When the moment finally comes, I'll be there to help. On that day, when you need your brothers and sisters to care. I'll be right here

Mind Key - Citizen of greed lyrics

time ago there was a rich man Who everybody knew And Forster Kane was His name and died... talkin' to a crystal ball Nobody gave him what he called: A little wish in the night Nobody realized his dreams: ...a little words on his lips Rosebud you need... Lit

Dropkick Murphys - Citizen cia lyrics

..Calling all Americans of above-average intelligence... College graduates, apply today... Come decimate dictatorships and overthrow regimes In exotic far-off places the vacation of your dreams You'll assemble puppet governments and play the hand of God We're an equal-opportunity

Shampoo - Dirty old love song lyrics

baby, let's get it on Hey baby, let's get it on You see them on the TV You always seem to hear them on the radio They're big and they're bland And they spent four hundred grand on their video They're tacky and cheap Sickly and sweet Now that the cliche's complete

Don Mclean - Color tv blues lyrics

a color TV for a limited time. and you can have it by tonight, it'll bend your mind. I wouldn't just sell it to an ordinary fool, y' have to be sure that the fool has cool. Since you look like a man with heart and soul. If you buy it from me now, you get a free mixing bowl.

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Tv talking song lyrics

time in London I gone out for a walk Past the place called Hyde Park where people talk About all kinds of different gods they have their point of view To anyone passing by and it's who they're talking to. There was someone on the platform talking to the

Abba lyricsAbba - King kong song lyrics

I was looking at a movie on the TV last night Then I had a very funny notion, yeah I really had to write a song about it And then I'm gonna sing it with my rock'n'roll band And I bet the people gonna like it, yeah I know that everybody's gonna shout it And what a dread

Conditions - Citizen lyrics

you to tell me I'm way out of line, kid Is an understatement Today I'm bold enough to start a war on Everyone around me And if you run, don't ever stop... When you retreat again Make it far enough to lose your way back I'll be a gentleman And leave it to you to keep your

Dope Stars Inc. - Citizen xt99 lyrics

are not Like a piece of flesh without some feelings. Like a crowd of pigs inside a barn. I can’t deal with codes and got my own name. Please don't call me xt 99. We are not Like a flock of sheeps piled in small cages. Like a data sheet inside a chart. Listing all you need

The Left Rights - Citizen lust lyrics

We us lee if you must We lust...It's to the moon or bust We lust....come on lets make a big fuss. like the fun with marry, he's Harry the scary , dropped on a fairy! WEEEE LUUUST How much is that little lust in the window? Who ca

Muse lyricsMuse - Citizen erased lyrics

me in, Teach us to cheat And to lie, cover up What shouldn't be shared? All the truth unwinding Scraping away At my mind Please stop asking me to describe For one moment I wish you'd hold your stage With no feelings at all Open minded I'm sure I us

Broken Bells - Citizen lyrics

is a day without A trace of reason No matter where you turn And the walls will fall Affirming nothing So what's it all about? Call on a bright star Or play your hand as an intellect Wounds always speak too loud Get along for awhile See the sin in t

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Citizen lyrics

is burning The city alight the club kids on fire they're doing it right they're keeping it punk rock they're keeping it tight ripping out speakers and pumping hi-fi A higher love that rises above Rises above yeah a higher love See the silver set beneath

Culture - Citizen as a peaceful dub lyrics

text text text text text text text text text text¨ text text text text text text text text

Dr.acula - Citizen's arrest lyrics

through hunting protectors of people. Corrupt mother f***ers we can see right through you, And every sentence you state, and every choice that you've made, Is out towards your overpriced funeral parade. Stone hands, rock chucker take your best f***in' shot. I'll

I Like Trains - Citizen lyrics

the least you can do To endear yourself to Your new home This is no way This is no way To show This is no way This is no way To show gratitude Its the least you can do To endear yourself to Your new home

Kamelot (usa) - Citizen zero lyrics

wait to surface Above these bellowed growls To sweep the shallows of utopia I am the anchor And the rope around your feet In a river deep I hold you down I’ve come to stage your abdication I’m the creation of your sins Embrace me When the hounds are o

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The death song lyrics

re on a bullet and were headed straight into god Even he'd like to end it too We take a pill, get a face, buy our ticket And we hope heaven is true I saw cop beat a priest on the T.V. And I know they killed our heroes too We sing the death song kids Because we got no futur

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - Tv makes the superstar lyrics

ll take your chance, to be the one And anything is possible, if you are strong, oh yeah Sometimes you`re up, sometimes you`re down But you feel it in your heart, you can`t go wrong You are so nervous, just every single day Here a voice from heaven, you`ll find your way, oh TV m

Nina Hagen - Tv-glotzer (white punks on dope) lyrics

rechtschönen guten Abend, meine Damen und Herren. Ich begrüsse Sie recht herzlich zu unserem heutigen Fernsehprogramm Und wünsche Ihnen einen recht guten Empfang. Allein! Die Welt hat mich vergessen Ich hänge rum! Hab's bei allen verschissen Ich si

Feeder - Tv me lyrics

cover me in the clothes you see And I´m suffocating I try to breathe Only here to let them know Fading out as the hours go Cover me if I walk away Tripping out, I´m in hyper space Till the will it begins to break Feel the wall as it starts to shak

The Misfits - Tv casualty lyrics

are paint smears on everything I own The vapor rub is lying on a table of filth Christmas cards to which I never reply My eyeballs absorb only blue filtered light TV casualty, TV casualty We're all right TV casualty, TV casualty I wish they'd put Prince Namor on the tu

Omarion - Made for tv lyrics

na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Na na na na na na na naaaa [Verse One] Looking back on it all I (Wish you would've said something) Before we got this far I (And I wouldn't be caught up in) Another situation that really got me breaking

Phish - Tv show lyrics

much anger trapped inside It's so hard to let it go Hope is fading I'm tired of waiting And I'm moving much too slow The stars above I'm cursing And it still seems I'm rehearsing But the cameras have been Rolling all the while This story's getting boring And the spect

Simply Red - Money tv lyrics

remem­ber a time and a place Where Herbie had to hide his face All my money was spent And I still don’t get one red cent One black face replaced by a Base Sown from the seeds of a white dis­grace And money TV made it all for free Did they really do it for you and for me?

Mudvayne - Tv radio lyrics

incomplete me You tune me into Whitewash Spoon fed Brain dead Sloth I'd watch the paint dry before giving in Black out Stupor Inferior Insignifigant False stars above keep us sedated Satellite Astronaut Spaceship The Government I'm overdosing on reality

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