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Primal Scream - Exterminator lyrics

english high-rise Exterminate the underclass, exterminate the telepaths No civil ... disobedience, no civil disobedience Incubating ... ultraviolence, psychic distortions Slow death injectible,

Silverchair - Cicada lyrics

He only had one favourite toy, And he had nothing on his ... mind, He never left anything behind, no, As he got older ... things got worse, Like he had ... been born under a curse, Things started to fall apart,

Boy Kill Boy - Civil sin lyrics

s to the gods and their seats on ... high Nobody knows anything Here's to the flags in ... guilty sky Nobody says anything This aside, this coast is ... that you can owe me It's civilised, it's civilised, it's civil sin Who am I? Only One more

Anvil - Guilty lyrics

day you must report Sitting in a jury box Listen to the ... must be presented While the jury's lives have been pre-empted ... make a plea He just wants to be set free A duty to the

Atoms For Peace - Judge, jury and executioner lyrics

worry, baby It goes right through me I’m like the wind and my anger will disperse ... Thin persecutors Your twisted whispers A ... it like it was Judge and jury, executioner Judge and jury

Rush Of Fools - A civil war lyrics

am a lover of being in charge, though it’s my enemy ... And it sounds unlike me to not be the one with the ... authority It’s time to bow out of this race ‘Bout

Asian Dub Foundation - La haine lyrics

in the ghetto where morality died It's A ... raise the 45 Press it against his head watch him beg for ... Now you're the judge,the jury and the executioner sealin'

Elf - Gambler, gambler lyrics

tell ya just how I lose Ain't got no money But I'll ... Gambler, gambler Chicken in the first degree Gambler, ... gambler Chicken in the first degree I never

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Civil war lyrics

we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you ... Look at your young men fighting Look at your women crying ... Look at your young men dying The way they've always done

Manic Street Preachers - Divine youth (feat. georgia ruth williams) lyrics

around each other Fate falling in the distance Eyes with ... of yesterday The weakest in the gang The last to feel ... alone No luck in your tender bones And I sing to myself My civil wars

The Defiled - The ill disposed lyrics

with new blood, this earth to soak Discard with no remorse ... Makeshift land filled with tiny bones Hand-outs for all the ... Discard with no remorse To fade away into nothingness

Rush - Show don't tell lyrics

long Everyone knows everything And no one's ever wrong ... can you believe? It's hard to play it safe But apart from ... friends We don't take anything on faith Until later...

Montgomery Gentry - Gone lyrics

ain't no temporary, typical, ... good-bye, uh uh uh This ain't no breakin' up and wakin' ... up and makin' up one more time, uh uh uh ... gone Gone like a freight-train, gone like yesterday Gone

Imagika - Last battalion lyrics

night beneath pale moonlight In a field filled with fear and ... Each night they rise again to fight once more Ghastly ... soldiers of the civil war Sounds of crashing

Princess Chelsea - Ice reign lyrics

can be cruel and be mean Waging battles, online wars It's ... a bit of a chore Listen to what I now say For bad ... you'll pay So start being civil Courteous too Or it will be

Silent Force - Saints and sinners lyrics

in they rush in through the door (They knew ... I was there) Take me in, in silence will be sworn (Should ... there)? Charges brought against mankind, was it everyone?

All Time Low - I feel like dancin' lyrics

said she wants to run away Says I look like a ... boy she used to date Took me by the hand and pulled ... me to the stairs (Not interested, girl) Put her tongue all up in my ear (Gross)

Shinedown - How did you love? lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Shinedown - How did you love (dr. ozi remix) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Shinedown - How did you love (acoustic) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Cataract - March with your battleforce lyrics

out your leadership The total reign you're seeking for, ... for full control you're reaching out Running over civil life ... use your mighty warriors To take it all with your list,

Shinedown - How did you love (rob & jack remix) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Shinedown - How did you love (piano version) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Shinedown - How did you love (twine remix) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

The Damned - 1 of the 2 lyrics

up fury Won't get the jury to defend you You tried but you ... they see you You want me to hang around With you always ... our saturation eyes You think you can disguise all those

Shinedown - How did you love (nikö blank remix) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Shinedown - How did you love (neon tribe remix) lyrics

of a thousand voices calling your name. You can have the ... light of the world blind you, bath you in grace. But ... t see so easily what you hold in your hands. Cause castles

Motörhead - Civil war lyrics

noise is coming The wolf at your door Do ... you hear the drummin'? Outside your window ... Outside your window Civil war, civil war All your ... yesterdays gone before Civil war, civil war Can you tell

Esp - United and strong lyrics

on Earth today sometimes I see it passing away through my eyes I see ... the world so inhibited But why can't we ... others don't care They cower in their own beliefes They say

Guster - The beginning of the end lyrics

We're just oil-filled machines Trying not to say the things we mean You gotta show us ... tells us That it's something in our genes Pretty soon we'll ... all be coming clean Gotta show us a

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Drifter's escape lyrics

help me in my weakness” I heard the ... the courtroom And were taking him away “My trip hasn’t ... his robe aside A tear came to his eye “You fail to

Disciple - Spinning lyrics

black And the world keeps spinning around Another disease ... And the world keeps spinning around Somebody's tragedy ... is somebody's victory And the world keeps spinning around And the world keeps

Fgfc820 - Democracy lyrics

time has come to scorch the earth And to ... start again clean Bend the people to our ... will With propaganda machines Reconstruct the ... hierarchy Revolution starts right here Nihilistic anarchy

Brand New - The quiet things that no one ever knows lyrics

hospital Nursed the shoreline like a wound Reports of ... it safe and slow The quiet things that no one ever knows ... So keep the blood in your head And keep your feet

Epica - Price of freedom lyrics

quot;They have begged for civil rights. They have begged the ... white man for civil rights. They have begged the white ... anytime you beg another man to set you free, you'll never be

Talking Heads lyricsTalking Heads - Electric guitar lyrics

highway This is a crime against the state This is the meaning of life Tune this ... Tune this electric guitar To tune this electric guitar ... Electric guitar is brought in to a court of law The judge

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Mother of a man lyrics

You wanna feel, you wanna touch this little bitch I ... of a man I've got the stopper in my hand Judge and jury help me please Ain't gonna ... wife, she don't feel safe Since we had a lot of trouble

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Drifters escape lyrics

help me in my weakness I heard the ... the courtroom And were taking him away "My trip hasn ... his robe aside A tear came to his eye "You failed to

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Drifter's escape lyrics

quot;Oh, help me in my weakness" I heard ... the courtroom And were taking him away "My trip hasn ... his robe aside A tear came to his eye "You fail to

Snowmine - Curfews lyrics

I deserve. I married hours into dusty papers. My friends in ink defend the way I think. ... Your civil servant I'm not civil to serve. My rival head is

Los Cadetes De Linares - Busca otro amor lyrics

Pidele a dios que te toque buena suerte y no te ... yo. Pidele a dios que te cases con un rico no te castigues ... y te cases con un pobre. Pidele a

Crystal Eyes - Dreamers on trial lyrics

plains are always waiting beyond your wasted doors ... s a place for all our yearning but no one dare to go ... Through the eye of the storm where the cold winds blow

The Lurkers - Freak show lyrics

hate Always out with terminal cases and I don't remember ... I don't wana go and be in a freakshow Freakshow oh ... t know whats wrong or whats right I don't care what they say

Communic - Waves of visual decay lyrics

Maybe this time I will get it right The future sees the past ... If I fail to conceive The time has ... arrived For killing the past And come back to ... life Come back to life I need to see before

Skyclad - Civil war dance lyrics

daughters of the empire Stained the map red, white and blue ... Back at home the storm clouds thundered Dole ... 'til the tides of fresh opinion Washed away the world

Dirty Pretty Things - Gin and milk lyrics

m in to myself On uncertain terms I put gin in my milk To kill all the germs As I pray ... really like you But I'm nothing like you I try oh so hard

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - The hit lyrics

uh, uh I change places, to prevent catchin' the cases ... Races, in the faces, hall at you laces ... trace this The only thing hotter than my flow is the

Natalie Merchant - It's a-coming lyrics

a-coming. Wild fires, dying lakes, landslides, ... hurricanes, apocalypse in store like nothing ever seen ... before. It’s a-coming. Third-generation

Coheed And Cambria - The end complete iii lyrics

The world still turning to the sound of the suffering. ... You are the jury, we are the saints. Our minds divide, the past repeats. ... A war still brewing in the hearts of those we once

Gama Bomb - New eliminators of atlantis b.c. lyrics

from a future time Sentenced to the past for a forgotten ... ll perish him for the perfect rights Down through the years past ... the mist Time ports them to their trash The jury ends

Overkill - Bastard nation lyrics

The balance goes away. Mine is but an active immagination. Tear the boundary ... down! Know more line. Take a look inside the ... bastard that you find. Yelling screamed and

Bludgeon - Idle distinction lyrics

the dark emptiness My soul bleeds pain ... Through the suffering Life is drained To ... screams of victims Are echoing within...within! Scorn, ... A vision of blood Judge and jury! A vagrant to some Warned

Further Seems Forever - The moon is down lyrics

is down, and heaven is waiting for us to find her in our ... but my strength keeps slipping. Now we're all the terminal cases, but were so determined to thrive. And those with

Delain - Not enough lyrics

When every victim is self-defined Try to understand it's ... harder to apologize When all committed ... crimes They're just in our minds It's not enough How

Impellitteri - Perfect crime lyrics

m sucking on a 40 with friends who ... persuasion, missed out of being African Hard to hold back ... bottled up tension Hide in the color of the white man's

Defleshed - Friction lyrics

molotov Panzerfaust, Glock, ... Kalashnikov AK4, civil wars Anywhere near ... there's friction I have an inborn addiction for things ... and conflicts always ends up in discord and in friction

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Love made a promise lyrics

same tide when we met Caught in a storm when we came together ... I believed it I never lied to you When I said what I said ... I think you know it's the end of the

Pitiful Reign - Rapid deployment lyrics

time, pay your crime, forced into denial it your new ... perdition influenced, yet abused, by ... rituals, the uk's breeding a new blood Rapid ... deployment the jury attack unfair repayment its

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Stories of old lyrics

a look at unselected cases You'll find love has been ... By both sides compromising Amounting to a disastrous ... effect You hear stories of old Of princes bold

Bare - Two households lyrics

this is your fifteen minute call! NADIA Two ... households, both alike in dignity RORY Does ... Two households, both alike in dignity LUCAS Kyra, I can

Little Richard - Oh why? lyrics

Charged with a crime Forgot to plead innocent 'Cause darling, you're not mine Oh why? ... Why should it happen to me? Well, I'm fine with it ... The judge he can agree The jury keep on guessing But the DA

Mando Diao - Clean town lyrics

wanna worship its feelings The ones who's squeezing ... man And if mama says it's dinner time, if she ruins your ... love, run away So you live in a prison So you're wasting

Douwe Bob - Judge, jury, & executioner lyrics

I walk along the line, I have no sense of space ... and time or where I'm going I see a mother with a child ... the boy reminds me of myself he's still ... unknowing I write my name across the

Manfred Mann - No guarantee lyrics

Any work caused by or arising out of the failure of the ... owner to comply with the instructions or recommendations ... supply, any damage resulting from a fire explosion or civil disorder We can give you

Devilyn - Searching for the beauty lyrics

only thousands of deaths Happiness doesn't consist of anything Through veins of the ... does flow The maggots prey inside I take them in my hand ... one by one In search for beauty Six cases I have with God Six ordeals to go through Six eyes to see

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Diminished lyrics

watched you fall. I think I pushed. maybe I'm crazy ... maybe diminished maybe I'm innocent maybe I'm finished ... this? I will give my best today I will give myself away

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - L.a.p.d. lyrics

cops are taking care of business I can understand But the ... L.A. story's gone way out of hand ... has started from the inside They're shooting anyone ... who even tries to run They're shooting little

Avicii lyricsAvicii - What would i change it to lyrics

you know that you're falling Maybe you're falling but ... s quite enough of your bawlin' Cause baby you’re bawlin' ... but you'll survive And losing is only a sign It's only a

Morgana Lefay - Over and over again lyrics

waking up again Holding onto dreams that fade away Painted windows hide the light I ... body - restless head Getting up or stay in bed - I guess ... that time will tell I think there is no show today Oh,

Inkubus Sukkubus - Church of madness lyrics

Christian knights Dressed in red and white To bring the ... comes a plague of idiots blinded by their faith Here comes ... the Inquisition to burn you at the stake Here

Halsey lyricsHalsey - The prologue lyrics

households, both alike in dignity In fair Verona, ... From ancient grudge break to new mutiny Where civil blood ... makes civil hands unclean From forth the

Obituary lyricsObituary - Platonic disease lyrics

Expired, we've acquired platonic disease. No jury, your ... down the sentence of never ending said. Platonic disease. ... Platonic disease. No jury. The pain. The chance

Jeff Beck - The hangman's knee lyrics

Slack if for a while There ain't no use in your hurrying me ... Ain't nothing gonna change things now Oh I ain't trying to ... your judges wrong And your jury oh your jury I guess I know

Elton John lyricsElton John - Duets for one lyrics

face that smiled at every passing scene Look at you, you're ... lost behind the web of woven time When ... each emotion pinball in your mind Look at me, I'm happy now

Civil War - The last full measure lyrics

wake up at night again and again But there ain't no turning ... for me dad It's a slaughter in the sun And we try to get ... say there's no golden bridge to heaven And some people say

Shok Paris - Exhibit a lyrics

s four in the morning I wait for my case Today ... with the state They're screamin' for blood and they're sealin' my fate Don't kiss me good ... bye cause it's never too late The judge holds the

Audrey Horne - Jaws lyrics

sudden case of fear Arms against the ceiling Now rip the ... daggers And 911 on hold Grinning at each other We tread ... water Ships are sinking and sharks smell blood

Chumbawamba - Cartrouble lyrics

a copper on the door A judge in front and a jury at the side ... A judge in front and a jury at the side A judge in front ... and a jury at the side And a Bible on

The Fratellis - Whisky saga lyrics

here lie the remains Of every girl I've loved ... The princesses of heaven and hell Who ... my crooked friend Screaming he knew I was dead True right down to the end I was in a

Horrible Histories - English civil war lyrics

Roundheads, we don't want kings no more, That's why we ... started, the English civil war. People say we're not fun ... Especially when explaining, parliamentary democracy. We

Abaddon Incarnate - He sells agony lyrics

do when I am called upon Q In these cases of flogging, do ... you inquire into the circumstances? To see ... any? A: That's none of my business, the master is responsible

Gordon Lightfoot - Morning glory lyrics

faces everywhere A few hard cases stop and stare They've got ... charm that is not right Pretty faces late at night ... Morning Glory what's the story Will it ever end I've

Sinister - Afterburner lyrics

The skies are red, assault on civil liberty Theft and deceit, ... weak quest for revenge Invade and destroy their pride ... less land Invaluable words of trust

Acid Drinkers - The payback lyrics

Or absolutely calm I've been told many times His payback ... do harm They said that one fine day Persistent as they were ... he would repay He meant business right there I've said a

Germs - Not all right lyrics

not all right My time's in a sand-slide So hard not to ... unwind Find some wall to climb- Capsules cover the ... signs My thoughts in a land mine Some lights burn too bright

Little Big Town - Welcome to the family lyrics

a real job Hope you don't mind company 'Cause we'll be ... good for you you'll treat her right ('Cause) 'Cause grandpa's ... Yeah he's the judge and the jury too Uncle Bill's the

Hades - Ground zero (reprise) lyrics

s a shame really, that humankind cannot advance on social ... and civil levels as a single race with the same ... create some of the most awe inspiring machines, but we're

Eagles lyricsEagles - Guilty of the crime lyrics

look at me, baby You're lookin' at the brand new me I'm ... like a total stranger knockin' at your door No need to ... was before It's a new love story So read every line You be

The Bled - Hotel coral essex lyrics

it starts to feel, then we'll just shut it ... off again. We won't convince the jury, we're guilty till ... we die. If it starts to sing, reach in remove the sirens,

Blood Dancer - Monster lyrics

am a monster! Looking over my shoulder I'm ... paranoid forever stuck in a void I am a champion ... warfare, blood and steel In battle there's no jury so ... turn your fear into fury! Taste the blood

The Who lyricsThe Who - Slip kid lyrics

text books Lead me to the station Yeah, I'm off to ... the civil war I've got my kit bag, my ... heavy boots I'm runnin' in the rain Gonna run till my ... There's no easy way to be free No easy way to be

Plan B - She said lyrics

bay So I said what your saying girl it can’t be right How ... you can you be in love with me We only just ... met tonight So she said but boy I ... heard love goes down something started burning in my heart

Shpongle - Behind closed eyelids lyrics

closed eyelids. In very many cases, the visionary quality, the ... quality of the vision so to say, spills over, into the

Agathocles - Let's feel alright lyrics

s feel alright with no civil right Police stopped me in the ... quot; asked me what was doing here "show your ... longhair" Was nothing wrong, what i did just went

Bullet For My Valentine - Not invincible lyrics

crawl under your skin! And eat away your soul! So ... let the feast begin! And then bury the bones! ... It seems they want to be the- Judge, jury, and ... So let the feast begin! We'll never leave you alone

Exodus - Honor killings lyrics

Imprisoned by the burqa Her innocence to blame Sharia law ... Allah Rule with the whip in hand Devine decree alliance ... against women Throughout the holy

Avicii lyricsAvicii - What would i change it to lyrics

been fallen Maybe you're falling but you're still alive ... s quite enough of your bawling Cause baby you’re bawling ... body still made of flesh Cutting corners gets you where you

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Flawless crowns lyrics

With the bulletproof... more cases for ya eyes... [Raekwon:] ... bags of black We kill industry niggaz and build maps ... hoes'll spray you under the tints Yeah, car shows with cases

Phil Ochs - Talking birmingham jam lyrics

down to Birmingham Way down south in Dixie ... Oh, I thought that I would stop awhile Take a vacation ... hospitality Down there in a southern hospital Oh,

Agathocles - Alright, let's feel lyrics

let's feel, with no civil rights, Police stopped me in the ... quot;, asked me what I was doing there, "show your ... longhaired" Was nothing wrong what I did, just went

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