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Ian Brown - In the year 2525 lyrics

the year 2525, if man is still alive ... If woman can survive they may find... In the year ... 3535, ain't gonna need to tell the truth Tell no lies ... Anything you think, do and say Is in the pill

Fields Of The Nephilim - In the year 2525 lyrics

In The Year 2525) (3535) (4545) (5555) ... in the year 2525 if man is still alive ... if woman can survive they may find... (In The Year ... (3535) (4545) (5555) in the year 3535 ain't gonna need to tell the truth tell no lies

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the year of the wolf lyrics

The Year Of The Wolf, all the world smelled good, In the snow and the ice, all the rest ... was blood, In the time of the tribe, we took a thousand ... lives, When I ran with the wolves, and the hunting was

Project Pitchfork - In the year 2525 lyrics

the year 3535 Ain't gonna need to tell the ... truth, tell no lies Everything you think, do and say Is in ... the pill you took today In the year 4545 Ain't gonna need

Deadlock - The year of the crow lyrics

the sky, into the blood drenched skies... his ... soul flew away to rally the death-hordes up in heaven.... ... soul may go his words shall bring blood and honor... hunt

Dreariness - In the deep of your eyes lyrics

in the deep of your eyes I see a ... defeat one of my fears? In my nightmares, in my dreams, in my mind plough through a ... every sadness away Why in the deep of your eyes I see the

The Rapture - In the grace of your love lyrics

love You don't turn me away In the grace of your love There ... is no other way In the grace of your love Every day ... when I wake up In the grace of your love In the

Fukpig - In the absence of your saviour lyrics

saviour Who will you turn to now? Just a million wandering ... sheep In the absence of your saviour Who ... will you turn to now? In a world without religion Who

The Rembrandts - In the back of your mind lyrics

me, but this I somehow knew There'd come a day she'd leave me ... lonely, as I was sure the sky is blue By the time I ... woke the mornin', she was already up and gone

Alison Krauss - In the palm of your hand lyrics

I could have the world and all it owns A ... thousand kingdoms, a thousand thrones If ... all the earth were mine to hold With wealth my only ... d spend my gold on selfish things Without the love that Your

Blaze Bayley - The black country lyrics

De Rots Back from Brazil but the boys are gone smell of ... burning metal I know so well pipes of Paul are ... loud as hell riding hard and riding long to get back where I

B-52s - Love in the year 3000 lyrics

in the year 3000 Love in the year 3000 Love in the year 3000 ... Love Robots, bootybots, erotobots Robots, bootybots, erotobots Robots, bootybots, erotobots Robots, bootybots, erotobots It would feel real

Cancer Bats - Arsenic in the year of the snake lyrics

like a hex in the winter night, Black clouds on me ... on a serpent's back, Goddamn them all! Bad vibes thrown ... around like a hurricane To break down the skeptic in my

Conflict - The greatest show on earth lyrics

take your cash Anarchy is the line. Buy your anarchy t ... buy your nazi armband, last year's fashion, this year's price ... sweatshirts are a popular line I've got the "Crass

Coalesce - Jesus in the year 2000 / next on the shit lis.. lyrics

of the way, John's coming through and you're next on the shit list. In memory of the ... man, who taught me how to live. When the chips were ... down, and the barrel was loaded. Oh, John.

Bury Your Dead - The outsiders lyrics

life I live, my last chance to get an impact. but my time ... s wasted by the poeple who came and then go. ... This one's for them 'cause the scene's for us and I'll

Dolly Parton - In the good old days (when times were bad) lyrics

d get up before sun-up to get the work done up We'd work in the fields till the sun had gone ... down We've stood and we've cried as we have ... bristly watched A hailstorm a' beatin' our crops to the

The Jam - In the city lyrics

the city there’s a thousand things I want to say to you But ... say, I wanna tell you About the young ideas But you turn them into fears In the city there’s a thousand faces all shining bright And those golden

Metalium - In the name of blood lyrics

seven, You had first seen the light, Hunger and Illness ... got poisoned so mean By mothers hands To keep the family ... Heroes never gonna die [Evil Inner voice] In the name of

Brownsville Station - Smokin in the boys room lyrics

you doin' out there? Ya ever seem to have one ... seems like everybody's gettin' on your case? From your ... teacher all the way down to your best girlfriend? Well,

Dire Straits - In the gallery lyrics

and free upon a horse And a fine coalminer for the NCB that ... A fallen angel and Jesus on the cross A skating ballerina ... you should have seen her do the skater's waltz Some people

Manga Anders - In the open, in the crowd lyrics

another place to watch your final days in peace The rules ... have all been changed but now you feel that you are free ... up above me If push comes to shove me There will be

Megadeth - Dance in the rain lyrics

to work a dead end 9 to 5 Trapped in a dingy ... corporate cubicle hell Then go to work in the darkness ... on the midnight shift Any chance ... you get, selling gas at the corner Shell Three letters

President Romana - The doctor who quote song lyrics

are worlds out there where the sky is burning, Where the ... seas are asleep and the rivers dream, People made of ... made of song, We've got work to do, come on! The ground spins round at a thousand miles

Crimson Cult - In the eyes lyrics

- stalkin’ in the shadows Zeroman - strivin’ ... through the dark Zeroman - walkin’ all ... alone tonight Zeroman - waiting for ... the hour Zeroman - hiding in the bush Zeroman - will I get the power - now So come aside,

Gil Scott-heron - The prisoner lyrics

I am after so many years Hounded by hatred and ... trapped by fear I'm in a box, I've got no place to ... go If I follow my mind, I know I'll slaughter my own

Holding Onto Hope - Your path was in the great waters lyrics

the waters saw you oh God. The depths trembled. The clouds ... poured out water. The skies sent out a sound. ... Arrows flashed abroad. The voice of your thunder was in the whirlwind. Lightning lit up

The Adicts - Eyes in the back of your head lyrics

is alright, everything is fine All you got is money and ... s relaxed Everybody's dreaming But someone's gotta attack ... Everything is alright, everything is fine All you got is money and

Dead Man's Bones - In the room where you sleep lyrics

saw something sitting on you bed. I saw something ... touching your head. In the room where you sleep. In the room where you sleep. Where ... better run. (You got me runnin'; you got me runnin' hard.)

Richard Smallwood - In the shelter lyrics

1: There is a place where winds don't blow, sorrow or pain ... it does not know, love and protection surround ... my soul; in the shelter of Your arms. Verse ... 2: Lord in Your arms there is much peace, and from the

Agnetha Fältskog - The one who loves you now lyrics

ever dreamed Was lost until today For I have seen tomorrow ... it every time when I Look into your beautiful eyes Oh, I ... m holding on now I'm holding on now Love, don't let me

Bird York - In the deep lyrics

you had all the answers to rest your heart upon. But ... something happens, don´t see it coming, now you can´t stop ... yourself. Now you´re out there swimming... In the deep. In the deep. Life keeps tumbling your heart in circles till

Ben Harper - In the colors lyrics

world is shaken from all the risks we have taken Dance ... with me, dance with me into the colors of the dusk When ... you have awoken from all the dreams broken Come and dance

Hoku - In the first place lyrics

don't know why You came back in my life Or why we said ... goodbye In the first place In your eyes (In your eyes) I ... been) And what could be again If we can erase the lies

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The time of your life lyrics

there on a road that leads to anywhere Like a child left in the wilderness, standing there penniless Wanting to be the best Here's a place where ... some may preconceive Why do they try and generalize, why are they antagonizing me But something I can't control that... I

George Strait - Rockin in the arms of your memory lyrics

time I saw you You were waitin' tables at the corner diner ... I said to myself Never seen a woman ... look any finer From that moment on I ... was stone cold gone You would be

Blood Red Shoes - Down here in the dark lyrics

your eyelids now and bite on your tongue ... Under the darkness leave the conversation undone All the ... sentences don't need to be said Just keep real quiet

Institute - The heat of your love lyrics

way that you state your feelings No matter the cost How ... you separate all the cliches Still you get so ... was wrong Wish I was wrong There has never been anyone like

Jakub Hübner - In the deep- bird york lyrics

you had all the answers to rest your heart upon. But ... something happens, don´t see it coming, now you can´t stop ... yourself. Now you´re out there swimming... In the deep. In the deep. Life keeps tumbling your heart in circles till

Neutral Milk Hotel - In the aeroplane over the sea lyrics

a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling ... all 'round the sun What a beautiful dream ... that could flash on the screen In a blink of an eye

Silverstein - In the dark lyrics

your way in, It’ll spit you out. I ... can hold it in it’s a godsend. A heart ... it’s end. Does it matter if the love ever comes back? Does ... it matter if the sun ever comes back up? In the dark, in the dark, When

Mary J Blige - In the morning lyrics

time has passed We settled in And know the shadow of ... darkness is hooverin' Yeahhh Tell me what ... happend? You started changing up and you and me are actin'

Eagles Of Death Metal - I like to move in the night lyrics

like to move, yes I move in the night You know I mellow down ... yes it is a sight I like to stroll, yes I take my time ... & when them woman start dancing... Got to make them mine You know we

Echo & The Bunnymen - In the margins lyrics

me in I need to sleep now I need dream how I used to ... dream Look me in Look me in the face now Help me believe ... how I used to believe Now do you see how They're in the margins Below and up above

Megan Lee - In the future lyrics

you go now Shining just as brightly as the sun ... Looking up ahead With nothing that can bring you down ... Everyone can see The potential that you bring So

Paragon - The blade in the dark lyrics

aching body Slowly hits the ground And footsteps echo, ... fading quick away A pale curtain, ... paints the picture grey Live your ... life in isolation You fear the blade in the dark Hide

Planetshakers - In the highest lyrics

arms I've found love unfailing Grace abounds to me ... Never let me go I'll trust in You forever You're my ... All of my hope is found in You All of my days belong to

Q5 - In the rain lyrics

shadows, watch them shimmer Soft reflections in ... Will you see me? Will you touch me? In the rain. Restless ... feelings as I watch you Try to hold them deep inside Will

Badfinger - In the meantime lyrics

eyes stick out in your head Make me believe it ... don't need it You already know In time with time In the ... You're already here But in the middle of the ocean seas

Eric Burdon - In the ground lyrics

got me thinking Just the other day Made me take notice In ... an unusual way Yes this bothers me I must confess If I find salvation Will I put it to

Combichrist - In the pit lyrics

m cleaning out today Now you can buy my soul Everything must go I'm closing down my ... life I'm making room for a brand new show ... bombs All I want is for you to be in the show It's a matter

Division - In the name of honour lyrics

soldier sent to die, given no reason why ... Woke up to foreign land, with a gun in ... my hand Hope I live to see nineteen, so many sights left ... unseen But the war rages on and all my

Domine - The prince in the scarlet robe lyrics

of the swords, you of the great old Gods A new age has ... just begun Forged in the fire of hate, vengeance and ... betrayal The race of man has come to rule

Hot Water Music - In the gray lyrics

m suspended now, hanging in the aiay of a weather beaten town ... lays a blanket of herself on the ground where comfort lives in ... sound, like a gun laying cold on the ground with no

Hurricane - In the fire lyrics

and empty lies Have led me to the real you Every time you ... tried to take your disguise You could ... see it through It's time to find your way up Before we

Alan Jackson - Right in the palm of your hand lyrics

willing woman A willing man A five room house ... And a wedding band Believers believers ... Once it begins You know it don't take long Til like

Emir Kusturica - The devil in the business class lyrics

abord dear passingers This is your devil speaking The emergency exit is on ... Don’t forget this is a no smoking flight For all the shit ... you’ve done in history I’m the one always to be blamed For

Bette Midler - In the mood lyrics

with my boy, Sid right here in the city. Don't you know ... Really grand, so grand. And then you came along, then you ... Mr. Whatchacallem, whatcha doing tonight? Hope you're in the

Phil Ochs - In the heat of the summer lyrics

the heat of the summer When the pavements were burnin' The ... soul of a city was ravaged in the night After the city sun was ... sinkin' Now no one knows how it started Why the windows were shattered But deep in the dark, someone set the

Parker Theory - In the end lyrics

s a knock at the door, State your name, And ... what your looking for, Say goodbye to this ... life you've known Leave in the middle of the night Stay low ... of sight Don't look down There's water coming in from all

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