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Far East Movement - Ride 4 u (ft. kid cudi & chip tha ripper) lyrics

, yoouu, you know what, yooou You, yeah, you, you know it ... You, you know it, girl! Yeah, don't ... be silly, you, you know it I'm here, I'm here ... as your friend baby, I'm here for

Ja Rule - Down 4 u lyrics

Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, ... Ashanti… Fat Joe, All Murder Inc… Irv Gotti, Chris, ... TNT… Whaaaat…… [Chorus:] I wanna be your chick I

Jeff Scott Soto - 4 u lyrics

your body down, come a little ... closer The night belongs 2 U & me, oh love There's no ... the things i Wanna do with u Just thinkin' Bout your

Joe - Ride wit u lyrics

say ride wit u, ride wit u, yea its 50 cent, yea and ... lloyd banks, yea, and young Buck, yea, and joe. G-Unit! ... I wanna rock 'n' roll with you, tear tha club up, and still

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Ride 4 me lyrics

Hey Wassup Little Homie, Yo Big Homie ... goin' down, Get in nigga, Ride, this motha f***a fresh, Ya ride with me, I need ya to hit a ... do this, Yeah nigga i know you like dis nigga, I gonna said

Blitzkrieg - 4 u lyrics


Jurassic 5 - Back 4 u lyrics

this out Real quick I don't know if everbody ... know us personally as individuals So what I want to do ... Is I want to take this timeout just to introduce everybody

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Magic ride whatever u wish 4 lyrics

Ride (Whatever U Wish 4)" [Chorus:] Come on let ... me take you on a magic ride Boy I wanna show you better ... ways to fly Whatever you wish for I'll do it for you

Lil' Flip - Cut 4 u lyrics

Flip,this for the ladies though yeah this for the ladies ... [Chorus: Lil' Flip] I Cut 4 you but girl I got things to do I ... bet you wonderin' what I'm doin when

Prince - I would die 4 u lyrics

a man I am something that you'll never understand I'll ... never beat u I'll never lie And if you ... re evil I'll forgive u by and by U - I would die 4 u, yeah Darling if u want me

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Luv 4 u lyrics

you want it - you got it - I would give all my ... luv 4 U. Cause I won’t never stop I would ... give all my luv 4 U. So why don’t you believe it ... - I would give all my luv 4 U. You will always receive it

A-jax - One 4 u lyrics

, it’s gonna be somethin’ nu (Touch), no matter wut u ... think about (Taste), you better run if you can go Cuz here we go, uh! Yeah! ... (shout it-!) You know what i’m tal-gin’ about!

Shinhwa - Bad 4 u lyrics

light, get slowly closer Oh Uh Uh Uh Yeah Just Walk On ... trapped in the clear maze, Oh Uh Uh Uh Yeah (Yeah-) You ... (Yeah-) I’m Down, this is a cruel puzzle, Chapt One I

Prince - No more candy 4 u lyrics

out of 10 mortals agree 2day; 2 ... much fame causes spiritual decay 2 all the punx who ... believe life imitates music No more candy 4 you we ... can't hang with you 2 all the punx who wanna b

A-jax - One 4 u (jap. ver) lyrics

no sa Destiny kakugo kimete idomu Destination ... kakushintaki Evolution motto Wanna gonna gotta ... stimulation tachiagare (Ready to ... fight) ugokidase omougamama ibushiburu yuuki All

Shinhwa - I pray 4 u lyrics

shi noon eul kam go saeng gak hae pwat ... seo oh rae cheon oo ri deul eui yak sok eul eo ryot teon na ... yot ki yeh heh eo jim eui eui mi wa neo eui noon mool kwa

Prince - U're gonna c me lyrics

I'm not gonna sleep 2nite Cuz u're not by my side and that ... ain't right I thought that we bought this bed 4 ... two, but what good is it if I'm not ... with u Gimme a page on my 2-way

Jadakiss - U make me wanna lyrics

s go, uh huh.. K-i-s-s- me... Uh and ... i just wanna make... Love, love, ... love ... Ya, i love it when u say... K-i-s-s me... Uh and ... i just wanna make... Love, love,

My Morning Jacket - It beats 4 u lyrics

could see and not believe The ... the wavelength And who could say but never do Things ... ve said to someone who Through all that's been and all ... will be So in line so thoughtfully In tune with you,

Foxygen - Waitin' 4 u lyrics

ve been sitting here out alone Try to feel so tempt ... for you yeah This road we found is not the real thing But ... I'm down Yeah If you don't excuse it all the same

Omi - Me 4 u lyrics

the heart of a giant And I couldn't ask for more He makes ... me feel like a beautiful woman So glad he's mine, I ... on time And I give my all cause I know she deserves it She

Chromeo - Waiting 4 u lyrics

oo oo ooh, I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for you. (I ... oo oo ooh, I'm waiting for you, I'm waiting for you. I ... see you when the lights turn low. I want you more than

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 4 way street medley lyrics

ways he talks. He's the unforseen danger The keeper of ... key to the locks Know when you see him Nothing can free him ... wide It's the loner. If you see him in the subway He'll

Heather Morris - Im a slave 4 u lyrics

know I may be young But I've got feelings, too And ... doing So let me go and just listen All you people ... m a little girl Well, did you ever think it'd be okay for

Ross Lynch - Crazy 4 u lyrics

it safe I kept my foot up on the break I never really ... Aw girl and then I met you Opened my eyes to somethin’ ... new You know you set me free like no one else

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Even the stars fall 4 u lyrics

couldn’t bring myself to take you ... home, I got you out here all along And even ... this old truck of mine, is staying right ... gotta know the way I feel Out the corner of my eye, did you see that? Chorus: Every

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - All 4 u lyrics


Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Bent 4 u lyrics

re unsure and you're not ready so that must ... mean I want you you're unavailable and disinterested ... and to you I look for comfort a ... ways I will try to change you a million months and a

2pm - I will give you my life (my life 4 u) lyrics

apeuji ma ijen uljido ma Naega neoreul jikyeo ... jundago neowa yeong wonhi ... hamkkerago Sarangeul mideobwa dashin duryeowo ma ... Neoreul haeng bokhage haejuge tago ireohke ni apeseo ineunde Nae moksumeul geonda

R5 - Crazy 4 u lyrics

it safe I kept my foot up on the break I never really ... Aw girl and then I met you Opened my eyes to somethin’ ... new You know you set me free like no one else

Rent - Today 4 u lyrics

& ROGER Bustelo -- Marlboro Banana by ... the bunch A box of Cap'n Crunch will taste so good ... And firewood MARK Must be Santa Claus COLLINS

A Tribe Called Quest - Hot 4 u lyrics

made it shake like jelly Put her own video star on my ... Fortelly Had to be jetty cause this sucker hold netty ... Kept blowing me up, her jonesing was steady

Brokencyde - Still waiting 4 u lyrics

I see him there (WITH YOU! ) Holding your hand, he's ... trying to (KISS YOU! ) I try so hard, I wanna be ... (WITH YOU! ) Cuz I can't take this pain, cuz ... I (MISS YOU! ) I won't let go, my heart

Charli Xcx - Dance 4 u lyrics

your magic Under your magic in the night I twist ... and turn But I can never put up a fight You are like ... diamonds You are like diamonds in the ... night Ask me a question You know I'll do anything, i'm

Elliphant - Everything 4 u lyrics

m a gazelle and you're a lion. I heard the bells ... but I ignored them. What could be worse more Than the ... I feel alone, I feel ... You cracked my shell, Made me to

Koda Kumi - Crazy 4 u lyrics

kurayami de tsume wo migaite wa Nerai ... sadamete kuchibiru ubatta Shouga nai desho kaku go kimete yo ... Konya wa nagai yoru ni naru wa Itsumademo kawara nai

Lil Bo Weep - All 4 u lyrics

cried all for you i cant make it though i ... do i dont wanna cry i just wanna die i cant help

Lil Bo Weep - I wrote this song 4 u lyrics

wrote this song for you i gave you all i knew how ... to i kept you in my mind and i just need ... you to listen i miss you every day nothing is ever

Love And Death - I w8 4 u lyrics

you real and honest Make it ... another day Take a new avenue Look inside you will find ... The way you lie Tell me you lost it! Tell me you lost it ... Whatever it takes you know I won't let it break you

Redman - Jam 4 u lyrics

starts coughing* Yo, this is for ... motherf***ers -- that talk that sellout shit ''I just want to jam ... for you'' (repeat 2X) ''Ev-everybody ... get up!'' ''I just want to jam for you''

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - I'm a slave 4 u lyrics

know I may be young But I've got feelings, too And ... like doing So let me go and just listen All you people ... m a little girl Well, did you ever think it'd be okay for

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - I'm a slave 4 u (dave audé slave driver mix) lyrics

know I may be young, but I've got feelings too. And ... doing. So let me go and just listen. All you people ... m a little girl. Well did you ever think it be okay for me

Basement Jaxx lyricsBasement Jaxx - U r on my mind lyrics

in my mind As I lay down You are in my mind As I lay me ... down You are in my mind As I lay down ... You are in my mind As I lay me ... I want to be Maybe we could find a planet just 4 U and

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Ride the bullet lyrics


Color Me Badd - All 4 love lyrics

- Color Me Badd I'm so glad you're my girl I'll do anythung 4 ... U Call U evry night And give U flowers 2 I thank the Lord 4 U And think about U all the ... I ask him everyday That you'll 4-ever B mine I wanna hold

Colt Ford - Ride through the country lyrics

Yeh, my names Colt Ford, I jus came here to do a little ... song for yall, bout where I come from, the way ... I see it, I brought my buddy, Mr. John Michael ... Montgomery with me, he's gunna play a lil guitar and sing

Fabolous - Ride for this lyrics

{Yea, Uh Huh, Yea} We in the door now ... {Yea} Holla, Rule nigga, With the F-A-B-O ... haha, Yea {Yea} Cluemanatti {My nigga} Holla ... back nigga {Yea, Uh, Yea} Irv Gotti {Yea} Murder Inc. {Uh, Yea, Uh} Run

Prince - Wherever u go, whatever u do lyrics

ooh Wherever U go, whatever U do Oh please, ... that I'll always be there 4 U U don't have 2 call, U don't ... have 2 say Just think about me and I'll be on my way I

Blog 27 - F*** u lyrics

u wats up? I'm hell of scandal Just ... t give a shit :/ Already found but still lost somehow ... damn like this To be lost in ur own world, in ur lies How

Lil Boosie - U ain't bout what u be talkin' bout lyrics

1: u aint bout dat murda murda shit u aint down to lose ... yo cool an go and hurt a bitch we got da hook up ... on den rentals now we murkin shit pen it up spend it up and let dat 30 spit bitch do

One Voice - U brighten up my life lyrics

1st Verse:] Hopin' 4 the sun - One rainy day Wishin' ... that the rain - Would go away So many tears - Pouring - Down on me U wrapped ... your arms - Around me U engages - Me in - The dance

Falco lyricsFalco - U.4.2.p.1. club dub lyrics

amp;quot;Club Manifesto NUOVO" &quot ... Ginseng Design" "Club Manifesto ... nuovo" "Ginseng Design"

Prince - Do u lie? lyrics

Les enfants qui mentent ne vont pas au ... When I lie awake in my boudoir I think of u dear Do u ... think of me, or do u lie, do u lie? When I'm in a sad and

Jon B - Burning 4 you lyrics

so deep inside (now girl) You are somethin' special, don't ... you know Treasure is mystery I find (now baby ... take it slow In the air outside I feel you And you know

Prince - The ride lyrics

the time, baby I got the ride If U got the time, baby I ... got the ride Where I wanna go Keep U ... satisfied If U like it real slow, baby I ... got days If U like it real slow I got

Brick & Lace - U and me lyrics

Long time mi wa fi tell u boy Say ah u alone mi deal ... stress of life, it comes around my baby Don't u kno that ... it Long time mi wa fi tell u boy Jus you alone I'm

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - 4 words and never letchu go lyrics

,feat,hope ,destiny A funny thing bout luv we choose ... It ain't perfect but we do the best we can Do U understand And I luv U more ... say Here's to knowin that you'll stay with me Through the

Chipz - 4 who u r lyrics

water, moved away Wish you all my life for who you are ... There is so much I would tell you But this night is ... will find the raisers? The sun sets already fast There’s

Prince - Hot wit' u with eve lyrics

with U I wanna get hot with U ... Get U underneath the cream and ooh ... Get U doing things U thought U'd never do Make U suck your ... tongue and say "ooh" I wanna get hot with U

Ray J - U need it / u don't lyrics

Verse 1:] Good plan to be successful in the game U need ... it But liars, snakes and fake ... friends U don't Banking safe, stash your money U need it 20 cars,

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