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Reggea Of Lucky Dube Lyrics lyrics

Browse for Reggea Of Lucky Dube Lyrics song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Reggea Of Lucky Dube Lyrics lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Reggea Of Lucky Dube Lyrics.

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Angel City - Angel of the city lyrics lyrics

no dirt to be found (Angel of the city) Now you're ... watching over me (Angel of the city) Tell me where can ... In time I'll find you, angel of the city [ Lyrics from: http

Andre Nickatina - Box of lucky charms lyrics

Nickatina) My morning starts off with the chicken and the ... she never touched the hand of a capo Shoot at the ... reflection in the mirror of life If you hit your target

Obscura Camera - Let's get out of this country lyrics lyrics

get out of this country I’ll admit I am ... hit the road dear friend of mine Wave goodbye to our ... for miles maybe never turn off We’ll find a cathedral city

Lucky Dube - Crazy world lyrics

So far so good we still living today But we don't know what tomorrow brings In this crazy world People dying like flies every day You read about it in the news But yo...

Lucky Dube - Different colours / one people lyrics

were created in the image of God And who are you to

Lucky Dube - False prophets lyrics

overstand It's telling us of all the false prophets When

Lucky Dube - Fugitive lyrics

faces It's only a matter of time They'll be on to me

Lucky Dube - Good girl lyrics

Those were the best days of my life I will always

Lucky Dube - Group areas act lyrics

[Chorus:] If I'm dreaming don't wake me up if it's a lie don't tell me the truth 'Cause what the truth will do, it's gonna hurt my heart Being in the da...

Lucky Dube - Slave lyrics

Ministers of religion Have visited me many times To talk about it They say to me I gotta leave it I gotta leave it It's a bad habit For a man But when ...

Lucky Dube - Soldier lyrics

to be as cold As the barrel of this gun I hold I would pull

Lucky Dube - The show goes on lyrics

to move on You are the star of the show now Controlling

Lucky Dube - Till you lose it all lyrics

take a lot of things for granted One day

Lucky Dube - Trinity lyrics

all the time But at the end of the day We didn't know much

Lucky Dube - Women lyrics

All these years we were proud of our young girlfriends Cause

Lucky Dube - You got no right lyrics

. who's gonna take The place of this boy in my heart We used

Lucky Dube - You stand alone lyrics

the words we use To get out of situations Then I wonder why

Lucky Dube - You've got a friend lyrics

still believe in a little bit of magic Even though the world

Lucky Dube - Jah live lyrics

I wrote this little Song of praise Now I'm gonna sing

Lucky Dube - Julie! julie! lyrics

heard of this guy He lives up on the

Lucky Dube - Keep on knocking lyrics

a letter In the early days of December Saying she wasn't

Lucky Dube - Kiss no frog lyrics

kissed In her life? None of them turned into A handsome

Lucky Dube - Life in the movies lyrics

this is the chief of police speaking, Do not

Lucky Dube - Take it to jah lyrics

I'm your father The creater of everything That's what I say

Lucky Dube - Lovers in a dangerous time lyrics

them out there In the month of December They got married in

Lucky Dube - Man in the mirror lyrics

done wrong You are the star of my show Oh... man... oh...

Lucky Dube - Mickey mouse freedom lyrics

Put his coat on his shoulders and slowly he walked away Behind him he could hear Those innocent voices Crying out so bitterly saying We did not start the war But we fi...

Lucky Dube - Money money money lyrics

in my hand Yeah, the wheels of justice They turn so slow

Lucky Dube - My game lyrics

You call yourself The voice of the voiceless But the only

Lucky Dube - Affirmative action lyrics

no education We are tired of people who Think that ... way out And, is another way of putting puppets Where they

Lucky Dube - Born to suffer lyrics

suffer [x5] The jealousy of the people We are depending ... on For the growth of children If they treat them

Lucky Dube - Can't blame you lyrics

past the trees I'm thinking of words to apologize 'Cause

Lucky Dube - Changing world lyrics

man sitting by the side of the road He's not watching ... grade 8 class I am fresh out of cigarettes And I can't be ... he doesn't wanna be part of it [Chorus:] The world is

Lucky Dube - Choose your friends lyrics

got of yellow school bus Looking so ... he's caught in the middle of it all He has dreams, like ... main dream, Is to get out of here. Is to see Mommy and

Lucky Dube - Cool down lyrics

his life, just like the rest of us One day she caught him ... t be surprise if he gets out of this one like the other ones ... I know he's the Houdini Of cheaters, hear him now when

Lucky Dube - Crime and corruption lyrics

make you ignore the crying of the people Farmers get ... you see it through the eyes Of the victims You will join us ... home and Coming back in a coffin With a bullet through

Lucky Dube - Divorce party lyrics

is not the 4th of July But we're celebrating ... see them now In the middle of the room Holding glasses so

Lucky Dube - Don't cry lyrics

tell you gonna cry Thinking of the lonely nights (When I'm ... not there) Thinking of the days (When I've gone) ... Thousands of people Wanna see me

Lucky Dube - Dracula lyrics

hide In the dark corners Of the night But he's gonna get ... night falls He's no friend of mine During the day he's my ... is cold as ice I am scared of him He lives on human blood

Lucky Dube - Family ties lyrics

what she was always afraid of [Chorus:] Do you know ... have stained the good name of mankind One day it was three

Lucky Dube - God bless the women lyrics

the middle of the night I heard her pray so ... bitterly And so softly yeah... She prayed for ... forget To praise The women of this world. They don't run

Lucky Dube - Good things lyrics

me tell you It's not a bed of roses [Chorus: x3] Good ... in the book But at the end of the day It is your life

Lucky Dube - Guns & roses lyrics

If we don't take control Of the situation We'll stay ... with How can five years of power Destroy a lifetime of ... we were judged By the colour of our skins Now we are judged

Lucky Dube - On my own lyrics

this time to come I am tired of being called mama's boy I am ... tired of being told, what to do and ... to do I have to be a boss of my own I am no longer go

Lucky Dube - Political games lyrics

do you say to the orphans? Of the women and men you sent to ... do you say to the widows? Of the men you sent to war

Lucky Dube - Puppet master lyrics

Marching soldier Fought of the rights of the people,

Lucky Dube - Put a little love lyrics

stood outside In the middle of the night Looking so far ... a reality And by the look of things She's fighting a

Lucky Dube - Reap what you sow lyrics

With stolen things Instead of telling him How wrong he was ... he was People coming out of burning houses It's your son

Lucky Dube - Reggae strong lyrics

ago Killing the prophets of reggae Destroying the ... prophets of reggae But somebody said To ... You can change the style Of playing reggae You can ... change the Rhythm of playing reggae But never

Lucky Dube - Release me lyrics

But when you left Part of me left with you That is why ... to die When you went Part of me went with you That's why

Lucky Dube - Remember me lyrics

to come back And take care of us Many years have gone by ... now Still no sign of you Daddy Mother died of a ... up and down The streets of Soweto No place to call my

Lucky Dube - Rolling stone lyrics

her (commitment) He is one of the men I know Who have ... years are showing She is one of the women I know Who wants ... life (commitment) He is one of the men I know Who've taken

Lucky Dube - Romeo lyrics

I prove myself to be Worthy of your love you see I'm not ... the kind of guy That will bring you ... everyday I'm not the kind of guy That will tell you I

Lucky Dube - Shembe is the way lyrics

wasn't the valley of death, I was walking in It ... was the valley of confusion for many years ... upon my tradition Making fun of my language Telling my ... shoulting Amen, At the top of the mountain I hear them

Lucky Dube - Sins of the flesh lyrics

] Save us from the sins of the flesh Things we have

Lucky Dube - Steel bars lyrics

fight forever 'till the end of time Steel bars wrapped all ... fight forever 'till the end of time Steel bars..

Lucky Dube - Teach the world lyrics

people see your kind Some of them would run a mile The ... your people as A nation of crooks Everyone around you ... your nation as A nation of drug lords Everyone blames

Lucky Dube - The bully lyrics

what's good for you Stay out of his way If you have no ... insurance Stay out of his sight He's a bully, from ... he kills for fun He's one of those people we were warned

Lucky Dube - The one lyrics

Just to get a glimpse of you As you play in the play ... a little box It is the box of memories I created about you ... and girls They remind me of you There's a lot of stories

Lucky Dube - The other side lyrics

a name You can't be proud of. He hopes that one day One of these birds of the sky can

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