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Halvorsen - She got me like lyrics

hair, blue eyes that'll make you faint On sight, but she looks like trouble Her lips, ... so kissable and poisonous I know she won't ... be good for me But I, I don't care 'Cause I know it

Eddie Rabbitt - She loves me like she means it lyrics

s not the kind who likes to hang around with me and the guys ... She said she wants me all to herself Now, ain't that ... nice? She's got those lovin' eyes That

Eddie Rabbitt - Nobody loves me like my baby lyrics

t nobody loves me like my baby No body can make me feel ... the way I feel Ain't nobody loves me like my baby I ... know my baby love for me is real When I'm down she brings me round She takes me where I

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - She makes me high lyrics

yeah, yeah Oh Baby She is calling And you don't want to answer back I'm falling ... Trying to find my way back Maybe I'll never know Where I ... ve been (what I've seen) I hope she'll meet me inbetween So I hope I

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Live or die (hold me like a child) lyrics

one breath One fundamental sign of life Don't look back, don't analyze The tears ... that you cry Only the strong ... survive The silent sacrifice And I, I will be your

Confederate Railroad - She took it like a man lyrics

hated like the devil To tell her we were ... through I was sure it would break her heart Tear her ... world in two She is such a fragile thing Lord, I hate

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Like a baby lyrics

gave me love to enjoy Like a bright shiny toy to a baby ... No matter what you would do I depended on you like a baby One thing I know I love ... you Yes I loved you like a baby It was a fool that you

Mindy Mccready - Hold me lyrics

I burn just to taste your kiss To hear passion ... call me by name To make love to you with reckless abandon And become blue of the ... flame Sometimes when I need to know how much you love me

The Game - She want to have my baby lyrics

gggo Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Yeah Le'gggo Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh ... Everybody f***ing Amber Rose Is the p**** good? ... Only Kanye and Cameron knows And who this Tami

Glen Campbell - She called me baby lyrics

called me baby baby all night long used to hold and ... kiss me till the dawn Then one day I awoke and she was gone there's no more baby ... baby all night long Well she called me baby baby all night

Da Band - Hold me down lyrics

[Babs] Yeah, Brooklyn New York, stay ... focused Its ya girl, Babs Bunny, the streets first lady Diddy I see you baby Yall niggas done met ya match I

Laura Branigan - Hold me lyrics

young, very pretty Living alone, full of fear Feeling ... lost, so unhappy Waiting for luck to appear Meet a man, sit together, Talk about dreams, a career Feeling

Eddie Rabbitt - She's an old cadillac lyrics

an old Cadillac A big Coupe de Ville She’s an old Cadillac ... her templins to her grill A-she may drink a lot of gas But ... my baby thinks she’s high class She’s an old Cadillac She got blue leather seats She’s

Bow Wow - She's my lyrics

1: Lil mama bad man she fine she a dime she a problem bedroom ... time boy I make her yell like the college ???? So good ... check her swag unlike anything I had red American

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Hold me down lyrics

to keep you close to me you give me a sense of ... security Through drama you will be all I need straight up now I need you to hold me down hold me down I need

Fear Cult - She loves me not lyrics

m so sick of this emotion, and the torment that it brings Drawn in by its illusion, Just ... a song the siren sings I've crashed ... force upon your shores I am strewed upon your beach I hold your body close to me, But

Kendrick Lamar - She needs me (remix)[bonus track] lyrics

you been? It's been months and I haven't heard from you, I ... need you It's been months and I haven't heard from you, come back to me Come back, I need

Lil' Phat - She got it lyrics

got it Every time you see her man she fresh to death on her shit She got it, she always got a new hustle, she ... bout her bizness She got it, she the real definition when they

Eric Church - Like jesus does lyrics

m a long gone Waylon song on vinyl I'm a backroad ... sinner at a tent revival She believes in me like she ... believes her Bible She loves me like Jesus does I'm a left

Vybz Kartel - She tell me lyrics

told me that she'll never hurt me And she'll do me no wrong All now me cyan ... believe the voice like mi never see ti see that something so beautiful could so heartless wicked no baby Mi

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Like i never left ft. akon lyrics

you ever wish you could take back something that you did in ... your past If it wasn't for me I know what we had was definitely gonna last I admit ... that we say some things we don't mean when we’re mad But

Kelsea Ballerini - Love me like you mean it lyrics

me, love me, love me, mmm Oh, hey Boy with ... your hat back Mmm, I kinda like that If you wanna walk my way, I'mma shoot you straight ... up Show me what you're made of I don't have time to waste on the boys That are playing the games And leaving

Dj Earworm - Like baby omg lyrics

t stop! You make me wanna say: ah ah ah ah, oh oh, owoah! ... Tik tok! Come here rude boy. Oh my got! We gotta ... oh oh, uh oh Oh my got! Don't stop! Everybody's looking

Rick Ross - Hold me back lyrics

Intro] I see how these niggas playin’ But I could adapt ... These niggas won’t hold me back [x8] These hoes won’t hold ... me back These hoes won’t hold me back These niggas won’t hold me back These niggas won’t hold me back [Verse 1] I look

B5 - She got it like that lyrics

t Talk, Just Listen [Kelly] Yo ... have u ever thought about being with me? Naw,i dont being wit be like just ... being wit me I mean that as in something thats yours & nobody else on this earth

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - She makes me a killer lyrics

make a pretty woman your wife Never make a ... pretty woman your wife, why? You can't ... trust that funny look in her eye Never ... make a pretty woman your wife How can a angel

Kirk Franklin - Hold me now lyrics

spring of April's gone The leaves have all turned brown The ... children are all grown up And there's no one around I'm ... looking over my life and all the mistakes I've made And

Jerry Lee Lewis - Baby, hold me close lyrics

listen here baby to what old Jerry Lee has to say Cause baby Jerry don't talk this ... nonsense to everyone I want you to get out on this dance floor with me now And

Joe Nichols - She's just like that lyrics

likes daisies over diamonds You ought to see her face ... when I bring them home She spends most her morning talking to Jesus And at night ... it's wine and an old Keith Whitley song Yeah, she

The Monkees - She makes me laugh lyrics

m so glad that I got her to think of She's ... fine as any Valentine I think about her all ... the time Cross my heart and hope to die She sends me ... silly messages and pictures Directing traffic in the mall

Conrad Sewell - Hold me up lyrics

a minute you can realize you lost it all In a ... second you were always there to break my fall ... Till you came and saved my life In the lonely hour ... In the lonely hour Oh I’m praying for some help I can't do it by myself, need you now

Die Antwoord lyricsDie Antwoord - She makes me a killer lyrics

make a pretty woman your wife Never make a ... pretty woman your wife, why? You can't ... trust that funny look in her eye Never ... make a pretty woman your wife How can a angel

Journey - She makes me (feel alright) lyrics

what I'm saying, you're losing control Can't take the sun from her eyes ... She's built for comfort, she ain't no fool She said, take a ... look It's easy tonight It's gonna be alright She made me feel alright Baby baby baby baby,

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Hold me by the heart lyrics

t sure I'd be alright Wasn't sure I'd be okay again Didn't know how to take flight ... Wings broken couldn't seem to bend Somehow ... you came and like the wind, you picked me up for good And now I know what I have

Nofx - She didn't lose her baby lyrics

she cried alone for hours and she did lines off the floor as she thought of the unthinkable then she crushed up even ... more she never thought they’d take her baby she didn’t

Kelly Price - Like you do lyrics

Method Man] Hey love, hey love Hey ... Yo hey love you're the girl that I adore Every time I go on ... tour I want you more and more Ma I am yours, mi amor

Ali Campbell - Hold me tight lyrics

don’t wanna hear no more fussing and a ... fighting Baby, hold me tight Let’s let bygones be ... bygones lets think about tomorrow girl Our ... futures bright yeah I know I was wrong but I was just a fool Too blind to

Elvis Costello - She handed me a mirror lyrics

handed me a mirror That she had gazed upon The glass still ... held an image The glass still held an image But it ... was of a man I turned from the reflection To see

Ben Howard - She treats me well lyrics

fortune in my lifetime gave it all to the man instead ... still tomorrow comes I'm still standing on my ... own two feet got a woman at home she treats me well Anger I've seen it rise from a careless word that I said

Mando Diao - Baby lyrics

my heart is beating for anoyher baby She's got me on ... my knees to say my last pray I said when she left me ... Ooh baby my heart is beating for anoyher baby She's

Brian Mcknight - Hold me (trackmaster's remix) lyrics

feat. Tone, Kobe Bryant) [Tone] Brian McKnight, Trackmasters (ooooh) Here we go, ... Kobe, Brian McKnight [Kobe] Yeah, g's are [Tone] Trackmasters (mmmm)

Secret Service - She wants me lyrics

out she said she wants me Showing off like the refugee ... Thinking that love is a game Trying hard she now ... justifies Bad to see that her restless eyes Telling me I am to blame Baby, I've

Charles Shaw - Hold me baby lyrics

must see you My head is spinning all around Baby, ... carry on, c'mon carry on My, my Will you see ... you love me? You're just touching my heart Baby, carry on, c'mon carry on My, my You don't

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Hold me lyrics

me darling hold me And I'll always be your, be your guy ... Closer, baby come closer Let me be the one that loves and be by your side ... Why should you be lonely when I need you

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - She don't like the lights lyrics

don't like the flash, wanna keep us in the dark She don ... t like the fame, baby when we're miles apart And ... where it's too much for And she wanna throw us all away, it's

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - She don't like the lights (acoustic) lyrics

don't like the flash, wanna keep us in the dark She don ... t like the fame, baby when we're miles apart And ... where it's too much for And she wanna throw us all away, it's

Fm Static - Hold me twice lyrics

saw in the hallway, I bet that’s what they all say You ... probably didn’t even notice I was the ... loser Who was starin’ at my shoes n’ couldn’t think

Hall & Oates - She got me bad lyrics

she takes her hair down slowly And starts her ride ... A silver Maranello girl Up to the hills faster than light She knows I ... shouldn't be here, baby It turns her on There's

Dan Hill - Hold me now lyrics

I could make sweet love to you all ... through the night All the problems of my world ... would slowly fade away How can I be sure that ... everything you say Isn't just another line designed to steal my heart away

M.pire - She ain`t like that lyrics

aega tteumyeon geu juwineun neul ... jeonggeuridoe deonjyeo chupa su manheun neukdaedeul deuridae gyeolguk sumeo gamchwo ... cheongsuniran deocheul nonchae jinjja moseubeun seupoilleo

Mia Rose - Hold me now lyrics

to think that I wasn't strong enough Too afraid ... of really falling in love Something told me I could let go ... with you And that's how I made my decision to give it a try

Blue - She told me lyrics

was a girl I knew, she was more the beautiful She had a mind of her own - 5 foot 8 or ... more. She was a real wild child and nothing could hold ... her back She was my sis best friend so now

Brandy - Like this lyrics

VERSE 1] I have a question Can I takeover our creation of ... love Gimme your attention And give me all of your trust ... Let me show you all of me And additions to me Rhythm's the

Fleetwood Mac - Hold me lyrics

you understand me Baby, don't you hand me a line Although it doesn't matter You ... and me got plenty of time There's nobody in the future ... So baby let me hand you my love There's no step

Alex Hepburn - Hold me lyrics

ll hold you close tonight I won't ... until you're sure You're not alone Now don't you hold your ... tears inside I'll never judge you Or make you feel less

Jamie Grace - Hold me lyrics

I love, I love, I love the way You hold me) x 3 (I love, I ... love, I love, I love the way Ya, the way Ya) VERSE 1: I ... ve had a long day, I just wanna relax Don't have time for my

Johansson Anders - She loves me lyrics

s got a smile that could light up the sky And when she's looking at me I see my ... future in a beautiful eyes It's almost hard ... to breath When I hold her in my arms I know I'm

Lasgo - Hold me now lyrics

me now I have a picture pinned to my wall An ... image of you and me and we're laughing With love at ... it all But look at our lives now, we're tattered and torn We fuss and we

Brian Mcknight - Hold me lyrics

me, Love me Givin' me all that you've got Tell me, truly Can I get in for a spot For so ... long I've waited for you to come and love me Don't waste my time Cos I need you to let me know

Nomy - She reminds me of you lyrics

ve been bleeding for years and I'm dry I cannot change anything, god I tried The ... picture I had of us two I gave it to her 'cus she reminds me of you And she's asking me things all the time Why you

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