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Red White And Blue Derek Warfield lyrics

Browse for Red White And Blue Derek Warfield song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Red White And Blue Derek Warfield lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Red White And Blue Derek Warfield.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd - Red white and blue lyrics

don't have no plastic L.A. Frynds, ain't on the edge of no popular trend. Ain't never seen the inside of that magazine GQ. We don't care if you 're a lawyer, or a texas oil man, or some waitress busting ass in some liquor stand. If you got Soul We hang out

Brian Mcknight - Red, white, and blue lyrics

feat. Rascal Flatts) Baby Tomorrow I'ma hafta fight Leaving at first light And all I can think of is you Baby I can hear you tryin not to cry I'm afraid and I ain't gonna lie I gotta do what I've been trained to do I'm a little tired, but I'm doin fine I got my brothers back a

Toby Keith - Courtesy of the red, white and blue (the angr.. lyrics

Girls and American Guys We’ll always stand up and salute We’ll always recognize When we see Old Glory Flying There’s a lot of men dead So we can sleep in peace at night When we lay down our head My daddy served in the army Where he lost his right e

Rise Against - Blood-red, white and blue lyrics

come test me So come break me So come on - intoxicate me With hands tied behind my back I fight And wait for you to strike A new problem We can't stop them We're outnumbered and uncautioned A rally cry ring out into the night So pride Yourself

Aaron Lewis - Red, white & blue lyrics

grandmama worked on a factory floor, Sewing leather for minimum wage, While my granddaddy worked all the beer joints in town, Tryin' to forget the memories he made. Because when daddy was born in 1945, We'd been fighting for what we believed. Along wi

Defeater - The red, white, and blues lyrics

whiskey burns going down Old man pour me another round Cause it's my last night in town And I ain't thinking of slowing down. No, I am fixing to drown Till I see the sun or I can't see Cause I got the blues and the blues got me I'm gonna make my momma proud Her boy on the f

Judas Priest - Red white blue lyrics

I'm far away And I can't get through Wherever I roam Keeps bringing me back to you Holding on to hope There's no need to fear Wherever I roam This piece of home Keeps telling you that I'm near So lift up your heart Cause the brave will always come thro

Anti-flag - Red, white and brainwashed lyrics

use the flag to control us brainwash you to be their patriotic slaves brainwash you by controlling what we learn the only difference from the nazis is that someone tried to stop them red, white and brainwashed [x4] the government says the

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - White pontiac heaven lyrics

my Axl Rose husband, Blue hydrangea, White Pontiac heaven. I'm your red, white, and blue girl, Star spangled danger. You my heavenly, Heaven King, king. You’re my one king champion, I’m your little queen, Red, white, and blue. You’re my one king champion,

Skylar Grey - Blood white and blue lyrics

quot;If I could understand it, I wouldn't get this way. Standing empty-handed In the reign, of your blasphemy. I have worn these questions, Enough to wear them out Torn by your afflictions, I would kill for the taste in my mouth [Pre-hook] Of th

Attack Attack! - Shred, white and blue lyrics

where are you going? Not asking where you have been, I see this reason is growing, I'm asking you to give in. So this is what you call home? Is this what you think you've done right? So is this what you call love? My Savior's in sight. I will wait for you to understand, I will tak

Brooks And Dunn - Only in america lyrics

coming up over New York City School bus driver in a traffic jam Starin' at the faces in her rearview mirror Looking at the promise of the Promised Land One kid dreams of fame and fortune One kid helps pay the rent One could end up going to prison One just mig

Elliott Smith - Bottle up and explode (early version) lyrics

up and explode over and over Because you react slower than slow Put it away, check out for the day In for a round of overexposure The things Mother Nature provides To get up and go Bottle up and explode Seeing stars surrounding you Red, white, and blue She looks at him li

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - White trash (2nd generation) lyrics

children, fixed blank eyes, blood and sweat, we socialize Broken homes from which they come, beer-stained dad, compliant Mom. Fear and love, much despised, replaced by comfortable lies. Teenage classic, more cliche, one step further on the edge of decay.

Chumbawamba - Flesh and blood and feelings lyrics

thatcher lives in ronald reagan’s underpants She’s been there for eight years cooking up her plan To make the uk like big brother usa Where selfmade men run everything and this is what they say Once upon a time, we had an idea Mr big thought it was a damn good idea Together

The Bravery - Red hands and white knuckles lyrics

could be found out dancin' At ludlow st. and stanton Oh, you should've seen her Shake it up like Orangina. And even though she's a liar We got on like a house on fire. Even though she's my friend We never knew when to say when Every little move she made was a ticker tape p

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Red and blue lyrics

to I think I love you You got ripped jeans I'm only 19 What do you wanna do? You got your cigarette I got my headset We're two of a kind You're spades and I'm diamonds And you know that too Yeah you can see clearly That I am the one yo

Eli Lieb - Red and blue lyrics

didn't take you long to find someone new And it didn't take me long to walk away While I was standing in the wings I saw everything That you did up on that stage While you were telling me all these lies You thought that I was blind But baby I could see right through you Co

Bambee - Red, yellow, green & blue lyrics

baby, let me take you to paradise Follow me to the rainbow's end Hey, boy, what'cha say? Oh, why can't you look my way? When will you realize you and me are paradise? Hey, boy, can't you see? Handsome, you are meant for me Sent from above, this crazy thing called love How

Edenbridge - Red ball in blue sky lyrics

all over the island lies asleep the balance of your life the beauty of the deep this sapphire blue this entrancing rendezvous the art of seduction will take you away what has happened before was it all that you longing for more an illusive devious path led astray sleepw

Michael Franti & Spearhead - Red beans and rice lyrics

don't eat red meat but I'm not a vegetarian I like ice cream/ but not much dairy 'cause it gets in my nose it makes me gotta blows snot like a farmer and it gets on my clothes it's rather unsightly/ can even be frightening but cold medication/ should not be tak

Gothic Knights - Power and the glory lyrics

crack we were caught by surprise, fire in the sky A burning rain forever changed our lives Your strike on our land was your first mistake, called us out to war Now you've summoned the red, white and blue hurricane Eternal fire still burning on you'll never stop the flame in t

Keith Anderson - Three chord country and american rock & roll lyrics

.. How about a little fiddle? That sounds good Cut of Wranglers and bikinis on the railroad bridge Dive into the river then climb up and jump again When the sun is setting we head down to the beer barn Grab a couple keggers then we roll out to the farm Where's the band now

Skunk Anansie - It takes blood and guts to be this cool lyrics

me from critical acclaim Save my smile its' too cracked from fame Wish me well with my fantasy Feel my arrogance with your sanity Wash me oh so painfully clean Disect my words with a fist full of your dreams Build me up and strike me down please Sign

Elliott Smith - Bottle up and explode lyrics

Up And Explode Elliott Smith Bottle up and explode over and over Keep the troublemaker below Put it away and check out for the day In for a round of overexposure The thing mother nature provides To get up and go Bottle up and explode, seeing stars surrounding

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Red eyes and tears lyrics

eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear Red eyes and tears no more for you my love I fear No more fear, no more fear I'm in love Losing sensation for you my love I fear Losing sensation for you my love I fear No more fear, no more fear I'm in love [S

Katrina & The Waves - Red wine and whisky lyrics

and lightning down on the beach Me and my boyfriend got five cents each. Got to learn to keep moving on got to learn to keep grooving on. Got to learn to keep moving on got to learn to keep grooving on. Red wine and whisky all the time. We had a lot of money but we b

Pretty Maids - Red hot and heavy lyrics

t try to talk to your mother she won't understand she says you're crazy, boy you're running wild don't try to talk to your father he won't give a damn saying you're lazy and a problem child You've got to be strong if you will survive, stay

Distillers - Red carpet and rebellion lyrics

carpet and rebellion makes ya wonder at these established ones they aint out to get ya cause your a mile .. away i heard a siren, a city warning , they said a new dawn arrives in the morning .. so i wait out tonight for the , the new sunrise they laid me to rest

Impellitteri - White and perfect lyrics

comes the Englishman Perfect in his perfection Steals like a thief and runs Turns you round to his religion We will take Africa, rule Britannia We shall have India, rule Britannia *To save the world We take our world White and perfect Shine

She Wants Revenge - Red flags and long nights lyrics

of trying to find a way inside Sick and tired of all the after Sick of trying ot find a way to slide Even though it always ends in laughter Its never hard to tell when things are done She looked into my eyes and a voice said run! She says that I'm a mess but its alright Wh

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Red, meth and b (feat. method man & redman) lyrics

all ready for this? Ha! I don't think so! Yeah! Oh, listen to this! We gonna come at ya! [Redman] Cypress Hill! Yo yo yo - all my niggas say jump up, doc broke out the kennel A dog on four paws spittin' out the window Jump up! It aint no need to fight We may squeeze the p

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Axl rose husband lyrics

my Axl Rose husband Blue hydrangea White Pontiac heaven Me your red, white and blue girl Star spangled danger You my heaven, Heaven King, king I said, “Daddy, I need you” (yes) Greenwich, I need you Strangled up in ivy I’m the garden of Eden Lady Liberty Til it flame I'm s

Stephen Lynch - America lyrics

hey what do you say? I come from a place called the U.S. of A. Ho, ho what do you know? Hop in my car and let's go. Well this is a song for America, Home of the red, white, and blue. Land of Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, Apple pie, baseball, and Shell gasoline, And if you don

Alabama - American farmer lyrics

farmer, we’re all depending on you American farmer, feeding the red, white and blue American farmer Next generation, keeping our nation alive Down on their knees, praying for rain from the sky They’re out there every morning Planting those seeds in

Lizzy Borden - American metal lyrics

of stone, skull and crossbones We band together The sound of steel, noise you can feel The smell of leather Suspended thighs, blackened cat eyes We love to shout The power’s in the crowd Cause we all, we all love it loud The power's in the cro

Alice Cooper - I'm flash lyrics

m Flash, I'm the hero I'm the bopper who's the poppa of the crew I'm Flash, and I fight evil And my spaceship flies the red, white and blue I'm Flash, like a streaker You'll find me cruising out among the stars And I'm feared by every outlaw And every renegade from Jupiter

Jello Biafra - Full metal jackoff lyrics

our nation's capital There's a freeway 8 lanes wide White concrete ringed around the city For those who want inside Get on get off Ignore everything to the sides In your midst I drive While homeboys in the back of the van make drugs Wanna hide something like a crack lab

Death By Stereo - Flag day lyrics

Miss America, You know I'm doing this for you Hey Lady Liberty, I'm sacrificing all for you And through this tragedy, I know you'll see me through You never said the world was gonna tear me in two You never said my blood would be red, whi

Animal Collective - Derek lyrics

had a white and blackish sheltie had a name when we first got him I wish I had taken better care of him but he had it ok Im sorry when I get unruly when you carry on so much I get a little tired I hope you get over your teething it's not easy when you feel

Anti-flag - One people one struggle lyrics

people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. The people, united, will never be defeated. Alright! Time to

Anti-flag - The press corpse lyrics

(Downing Street) memo says... ...We gotta work to make the facts fit the false charges Pull the wool over the eyes of the filthy masses Stab the people in the back for the corporate choice Roll the propaganda out using The People's Voice We don

Gatto - The press scribble lyrics

{Downing Street} memo says... ...We gotta work to make the facts fit the false charges Pull the wool over the eyes of the filthy masses Stab the people in the back for the corporate choice Roll the propaganda out using The People's Voice We don't want to talk about it

Eddie Rabbitt - American boy lyrics

wanna live in a place where they name their kids Billy. Turn on the radio, and hear my man Willie. Friday night football, stand up and cheer. Go where I wanna go, I'm a free man here! I'm an American boy, Drive me a Chevy, ain't got no Peugot, My older brother was a GI

Charlie Daniels - America i believe in you lyrics

got some trouble in our own back yard. Things are are kinda tough, times are kinda hard. Got a lot of people livin' out in the street, people goin' hungry without nothin' to eat, and in this land of plenty, this souldn't be goin' on. We got enough for everybody

Lita Ford - Patriotic snob lyrics

red white n blue for you and me The greatest nation that will ever be We got everything that you can desire We got the fire Freedom I'm a sinner a sinner (oh I'm a sinner) You're a knock down drag it out patriotic Son of a Bitch (1 patriotic S.O.B.) Sick li

Lynyrd Skynyrd - That ain't my america lyrics

I wanna light up underneath the no-smoking sign Sometimes I wish they'd tell me, how justice got so blind I wish they'd just leave me alone 'cause I'm doing alright You can take your change on down the road and leave me here with mine 'Cause that ain't my America

Queens Club - I'm american lyrics

about me. I'm American. I have many things. I wear diamond earrings. Some people love me. Yes, others loathe me. I live freely. I'm American. I'm always on your radar. I'm screening for a living. And soon, I'm red, white and blue. A new hope for me and you.

Angelic Upstarts - England lyrics

red in the flag is the blood that was spilt In the way that your forefathers tell And never a country been so great The stories Britannia coud tell I never want to live my life Away from the golden shores There's never a country in the world With th

Beth Hart - Immortal lyrics

to fly mountain high Are you tryin' to be immortal Come on here's your chance Take your dance Say goodbye to your mother Just let your life shine now's the Time what you've been given will Do just fine Just let your love come through Your song

Billy Ray Cyrus - Country as country can be lyrics

grew up on Jones and Tammy Wynette Blue collar dollars and the sun on my neck Nascar and earnhart, still miss number three Hey, I'm just as country as country can be Wide open spaces fit me like a glove Still live for my truck to be covered in mud I got hard workin hands,

Downset - My american prayer lyrics

Farrahakan! Yup we got it going on. Race in the mix and the melting pot's hot! Well, I don't know where you're at, but I know where I've always been: Downset at the bottom with my underclass freedom. The birth of this nation, birth of the systematic jack,

Agent Orange - America lyrics

m so bored of education i'm so bored of you it's such a frustration situation and i don't know what to do i really wish they'd let me be to work things out my way america's been good to me but i laugh when people say all the kids salute the flag uncle sam wants you c

Asia - Bury me in willow lyrics

ll go whichever way the winds blow It's hard to swim against the tide The willow bends in a tornado The oak will shatter as it dies Save me, and give me the peace to surrender at last When I'm gone, do this thing for me For this is my final day

The Distillers - La girl lyrics

is the story about a circle of women very f***ed up women on an la mission this is the glory gonna get their hooks in gonna drag you way down do ya wanna go home soon? oh god almighty what the f*** happened to you? cause i am not red, white, and blue outta mind your outta

Lil' Flip - Dem boyz lyrics

talking] Play-N-Skillz [Chorus: Repeat 2x] Is it cause dem boyz is out there shinin (shinin) maybe cause dem boyz is out there grindin (grindin) platinum pieces with canari diamonds (diamonds) but haters they talkin but never mind them (never mind them) [Vers

Machine Head - In comes the flood lyrics

hail Praises be to thee Oh ye paper deity As we hail our sacred cow To the bankers we will bow Endless profit from their wars Making slaves of all the poor You're new God is on the hill ''The almighty'' dollar bill I want to burn down Wall st. baby And fan the f

Cake - You turn the screws lyrics

turn the screws, You tear down the bridge, Flimsy as it is, It's business like, You shake my hand, You break up the band, Flimsy as it is, It's open mike, Punk rock, Red white and blue, You twist the knife, Then go home to kiss your wife, A bigger better slice, Is wh

Charlie Daniels - The last fallen hero lyrics

the cowards came by morning and attacked without a warning Leaving flames and death and chaos in our streets In the middle of this fiery hell brave heroes fell In the skies of Pennsylvania on a plane bound for destruction With the devil and his angels at the wheel They never reac

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