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Bob Marley - Rastaman live up! lyrics

live up Bongoman, don't give up Congoman, live up, yeah Binghi-man don't ... Keep your culture Don't be afraid of the vulture Grow ... your dread lock Don't be afraid of the wolf-pack Rastaman, live up Binghi-man, don't

Alborosie - Holy mount zion lyrics

intro) Well give thanks and praise to the most high rastafari king selassie I so mi a seh Alborosie deh yah praise ye jah praise yeh jah rastafari wooo yeah (chorus)

Culture - Holy mount zion lyrics

text text text text text¨ text text text text text text text text text...

Bob Marley - Rastaman chant lyrics

hear the words of the rasta man say Babylon your throne ... gone down, gone down Babylon your throne gone down ... Said, I hear the words of the higher man

Xavier Naidoo lyricsXavier Naidoo - Wo driften wir hin lyrics

We're driftin'apart. We're thrown back to the ... start Wo driften wir hin, gotta ... press start to begin, to get the soul ... right back in I'm overlooking both

3rd Root - Zion lyrics

priase Him with stringed ... instuments To praise Him with loud crashing ... cymbals To praise Him with calshing cymbals Let everything ... that has breath yes praise the LORD For we sing

Bob Marley - Zion train lyrics

coming our way Zion train is coming our way Oh ... people get on-board You better get on board ... Thank the Lord, praise Fari I gotta catch this train ... Cause thee is no other station Then you going in the same direction Zion train is

Hymn - Zion founded on the mountains lyrics

founded on the mountains, God, thy Maker, loves ... thee well; He has chosen thee, most precious, ... city, God's own city, who can all thy glory tell? Heathen lands and hostile peoples Soon

Nightwork - Rastaman lyrics

rastaman eating on the beach, drinking beer and I come ... from far land I’m going to play on my Bambu instrument I’m ... sitting on the beach, drinking beer I’m eating

Immortal - Mount north lyrics

passage in the sky Its sights so ... monumental Tower the mountain range Pointing towards the ... Nordlight Its realm hearts the kings In the ... shivering frost A horn monumental Portals that

Dbsk - Zion lyrics

wanna do mukai atta sekai ni Aim true karadachuu binetsu ga ... neratteru feel so good Hoshigattayouna same scene hirogaru ... everybody, come with me Tadoritsuku basho kara mata hajimaru Owarinaki desire sore

Marky Mark - Rastaman vibration lyrics

rtzerzrtzerzerzertz rtz rtz erxtz ex ujhr xj x j tzh tf hjf j r tjrjrtj fgj f jfjguj zjrcjr nhjwsh z j ejh zttttttttth ghftjrfg bdfhztjf hrdtjhzf hjngzjh dfghfgjh f...

Gretchen - Zion lyrics

violence Only the violent are taking it by force You ... say you want it - You see it there But ... you were so afraid and unaware You say you wanted a

Naughty By Nature - Live or die (featuring master p, mistikal, ph.. lyrics

Master P] Unnnnnnnnnnnngh! He ... heh Master P and Treach, nigga It's all family baby Get ... them Naughty boys, I got the No Limit ... Soldiers And when we posse up, these

Borknagar - Mount regency lyrics

the northern plains the entwined wintry mountains Seasons of the cold, haven of the bold the greatest ... column, the bearer of the sky The winds are stirring and blurring the

Kids Of 88 - Zion lyrics

feel a shiver down my neck This ... fever burning in my head I feel your dirt between my ... teeth The earth is moving at my feet Let it swallow me ... I feel your breath upon my skin Just open up and pull me in If it's the end

Beirut - Mount wroclai (idle days) lyrics

I know when time Will pass by slow Without my heart ... What can I do You're in the halls ... The bell gives way to a larger swell Without my heart ... What can I do, oh Wroclai And we grow fat On the

Carcass - Mount of execution lyrics

Come tell me do you pray to the devout Santa Muerte? ... Or do you slay for Hel Nina Blanca without mercy? The cavalry of this calvary A nuevo ... testament that decimates The reconquista of the

A Loss For Words - Mount st. joseph lyrics

can you sit there in your room ... like a caged up refugee? Barely alive and all worn out ... with the fake plastic trees. Is it the only ... thing that makes you feel like life has meaning? The scars are tattooed

Milk Inc. - Live her life lyrics

now on You'll be nothing but a digit I won't dial Bet you ... t see it coming Thought I was a fool (Thought I was a ... you) This is how it's gonna be from now on You see, from

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Live it up lyrics

youths a live it up live it up live it up live it up ... uno fi big it up live it up live it up live it up live it up ... we nuh have no time fi give it up live

Kid Ink - Live it up lyrics

I ain't got a care in the world tonight We ain't really worried about ... nothing Had a long day, all my life, I've been waiting ... for this moment So I gotta live it up, live it up, live live

Prince - Live 4 love lyrics

commence Countdown start 10,9,8,7,6,5,4 Keep ... goin' Acceleration into temporal space ... now begins... 30,000 feet and still-a-counting (live 4 ... love) The attack on my plane is steadily mounting (live

Dragonette - Live in this city lyrics

start it up, turn it over Like a general motor And come down ... heavy cause I drop it Like a Tomahawk chopper Gotta ... keep on doing what I’m doing Cause we’re clapping our hands now Yeah, I

Girls Aloud - Live in the country lyrics

do what I want And I'll do what I like When I make a ... ll be out of sight I'll do what I want And I'll do what I ... please I'll laugh in your face When you beg on your knees

It Lives, It Breathes - Live for the night (cover krewella) lyrics

live for the night, I live for the lights I live for ... the high ’til I’m free falling I live for the night, I ... live for the lights I live for the high ’til I’m free falling (falling, falling, falling…) ‘Til I’m free falling

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Live it up lyrics

ha ha-ha ooh... You know we've been ... struggling for such a long time Working here and ... there just to get by It's finally time for me to get mine ... No more robbing Peter so we can pay Paul (oh no) Or going

Nelly lyricsNelly - Live tonight lyrics

Keri Hilson] I just wanna live tonight I just wanna live ... tonight away I just wanna live tonight I just wanna live my ... life, ay I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I I just wanna live tonight I just wanna

Quiet Riot - Live 'til it hurts lyrics

mama, mama, mama yeah all right Can't take a look ... in the mirror, it's gonna bust the beast But I am alive I only flirt with danger ... until I feel the heat That's how I survive The slave

Ac Dc - Live wire lyrics

lookin' for trouble I'm the man to see If you're lookin' ... for satisfaction I'm satisfaction guaranteed I'm as cool as a body on ice Or hotter than a rollin' dice Send you to

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - Live it up lyrics

s go! Oh, yeah! Spent all of my life breaking all the ... out of line, the streets are my school Can’t get enough ... of a good time Gonna live it up while still alive

Thomas Anders - Live your dream lyrics

live you dream Don't dream your life!! You can feel ... it in the air You can see the vision getting so ... much closer Makes you feel that you're getting there You

Atheist - Live and live again lyrics

flight to a field of happenstance..and the air is cold ... Clutch tight to the appetite for the starving ... Hesitations soul. Another flight to the bluest

Barbie - Live in the moment lyrics

now, loving this day We won't regret the chances ... we take The sun is out, we don't have a care We're feeling so ... good like we're walking on air Nothing can get in the way Nothing can tear us down

Bars And Melody - Live your life lyrics

(Bars): Now let me start from the beginning, or maybe the end. Because back ... with you might understand, from the way that I see ... it. Can you say it ain't beautiful? if it's something you

Brooks Elkie - Live laugh and love lyrics

m gonna live, laugh, love just for today Gonna take all the trouble that ... tomorrow might bring and put it away Gonna drink ... every drop of happiness till they cover me up

Black 'n Blue - Live it up lyrics

come your money's always in the bank? Then you always say you're broke Why don't ... you get a shot of confidence? 'Cause ... the way you live's a joke How come you never take a second chance? Just what

Bomfunk Mc's - Live your life lyrics

gotta live your life You gotta learn to live Life can ... lightning pop - you gone changed, who planned it what planet? I taught I had it, damn ... it amazing craze lost in a speedchase my mind is a blur

Colbie Caillat - Live it up lyrics

it up up up Live it up up up Live it up up up ... A thousand people stood in line To hear a couple words of mine Afraid I would miss a beat And ... everyone is watching me I don’t know why

Cee-lo - Live (right now) lyrics

Roll! Roll! Well every time that you're allowed to see the ... morning sun It's a reminder that your life ain't done Wake Up ... and Live Wake Up and Live RIGHT NOW I keep believing I

Cimorelli - Live forever/invincible lyrics

Broken glass inside won’t cut through me ... Pain behind my eyes I turn into ... strength Katherine: You will be my only ... one Hold my hand so we can run You and I, we're staying young, yeah Lisa: We

Cimorelli - Live while we're young lyrics

Hey boy I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya Come on and let me sneak you out And have a celebration, a celebration The music up the windows ... down Christina: Yeah, we'll be doing what we do

Cheryl Cole - Live life now lyrics

do you desire? What do you desire? If money was ... no object What would it require? What ... would you desire? What are you doing in this moment? ... What are you doing right now? Live

Crush 40 - Live and learn lyrics

mind, Ooh, looks like it came back for more! Yeah yeah ... yeah! Can you feel time slippin' down ... your spine, Ooooooh, You try and try to ignore! Yeah!

Dizzee Rascal - Live o lyrics

Answerphone Voice:] At the tone please record your ... message At the tone please record your message At the ... tone please record your message At the tone please record

Dj Katcha - Live at matrix lyrics

at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at Matrix Live at

James Durbin - Live right now lyrics

out swinging All in or nothing Believe in ... Burn out brighter Dream in colour Feeding the fire ... Heart and soul These are the days When we all stop

Fletcher - Live young die free lyrics

don't want the same things I used to want anymore I know how to say what ... i could never say and what it means tohave it my way I ... only wanna do it if it's something worth

Foghat - Live now pay later lyrics

ve got a '57 Cadillac with Batmobile wings, Pink and black ... striped interior that's fit for a king, No money ... down, fifty years to pay, be glad when it's mine,

Fozzy - Live wire (mötley crüe cover) lyrics

me in, I'm alive tonight, out on the streets again Turn me on, I'm too hot ... you'll never forget Take my fist, break down walls, ... You better set me free Cause I'm hot, young and running

Brantley Gilbert - Live it up lyrics

all around town Here’s ten cents ... for mistakes he’s made It’s all word of mouth Oh but they ... say that’s the price you pay When you’re in with the

Hammerfall - Live life loud lyrics

times this story has been told A legendary tale, ... a fable, brave and bold Now your blood ... begins to boil Turn the crank of all the toil Raise your ... fist and yell, born again Live Life Loud Live Life Loud Live Life Loud Caught up in a maze nowhere to go Suppressed

Hatebreed - Live for this lyrics

s go! Live for this, Live, Live Live for this Live for ... this, Live, Live If you don't live for ... nothing. Through the best and the worst The struggle and sacrifice. For the true

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Live now! lyrics

somebody made for me Someone I still ... tonight Everything will be alright Live Now! Live Now! ... Say it loud Live Now! Say it loud Live Now! Don’t

Inna lyricsInna - Live your life lyrics

do you think you are? Say you love me, then you break ... my heart. Feel me up and then you knock me down, ... Hold me close and I will be around. Caught my patience,

Kottonmouth Kings - Live to day lyrics

for today now (yeah, yeah, yeah) Forget about tomorrow ... on, everybody) When you blaze your own trails, you really ... don't have to follow (yo, yo, yo)

Rachael Lampa - Live for you lyrics

have spoken in the sunset You have whispered words of comfort ... the wind You know everything about me Before my life began, ... you held me in Your hand You have walked these roads before me You have known

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Live or die lyrics

you're my Bugsy Malone and I'm your suicide blonde, ... You can be my film noir star I'm your queen of Saigon If ... t think we're good together, baby, just forget 'em And let

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