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Rape Her And Record It lyrics

Browse for Rape Her And Record It song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Rape Her And Record It lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Rape Her And Record It.

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Pungent Stench - Rape - pagar con la misma moneda lyrics

s lying on the floor with blood between her legs A ... man was beating her and compelling to sex Tears in her eyes Her mind was in a haze ... But she recognised that motherf***er's face He's the guy

Dark Suns - Her and the element lyrics

..her voice... But it was more than that ... high horizons Velvet atmospheres Shine - ardent beauty ... sun Flush - arcane fire In her mind A desire For kindness

Lydia - Her and haley lyrics

s talking of blood. Standing so cold in photography, ... their faces knew, and clearly showed every word ... that nothing comes true. I'm here stuck in this town no more.

I Am Heresy - And yet it moves lyrics

-------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------...

Cryptopsy - ...and then it passes lyrics

distance it allows at first The change ... felt through the air The mother of nature speaks discontently ... to whisper defiance Thinks it's surprising, fully expected

Dead Swans - ...and when it seemed so bright lyrics

were still miles from nowhere with no direction to take. And it's getting harder to see ... This is a song for you and me, another anthem to numb

Slechtvalk - And thus it burns lyrics

him on the back of my horse And then I notice the royal ... emblem With this knowledge I return to ... A nightmare has unfolded itself This horror can't be a

Apostisy - And thus it was and forever will be lyrics

the storm in ruins, A city left by tragedy, and pain ... A family treasured in blood And finally the justice spoken there name As countless fall, ... the sea of regret Thus it was and forever shall be

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - And so it goes lyrics

sight to see But like any other house, it's only temporary ... Home is anywhere you choose to put your heart ... If there's no love inside, it'll soon fall apart. Ashes

Graham Nash - And so it goes lyrics

the seaside. I'm the son and you're the daughter Of the ... that we know, Who gets a little stoned beside the wayside. ... Well, there's one thing to try

Marianas Trench - And so it goes lyrics

every heart There is a room A sanctuary is ... safe and strong To heal the wounds ... tones You answered me with no pretense And still I ... silence is my self defense And this is why my eyes are

Billy Joel - And so it goes lyrics

every heart there is a room A sanctuary safe and strong To heal the wounds ... tones You answered me with no pretense And still I ... silence is my self defense And every time I've held a rose It seems I only felt the thorns

Jedi Mind Tricks - And so it burns lyrics

You funny style to me, it's war when the beat drop ... Just another motherf***er gon' see Pac You the ... up the next day at the wake and frown Yeah, and then I'll

Ludichrist - And so it goes lyrics

s screaming bray 'cause it rings at 6:55AM almost every ... day Rot and decay, American dream Rot and decay, American dream Work ... Rat race: Corpse Rot and decay, American dream Rot and decay, American dream Get

Lyle Lovett - Record lady lyrics

own boy This hanging around here's got to stop Get out on ... your own boy And take a little trip to the record shop ... I said the record shop But Robert I don't need

Nirvana lyricsNirvana - Rape me lyrics

me, Rape me, my friend Rape me, Rape me, again I'm ... the only one Hate me, Do it and do it again, Waste me, Rape me, my friend I'm not the

Richard Cheese - Rape me (nirvana) lyrics

me Rape me, my friend Rape me Rape me again i m not ... only one... Hate me Do it and do it again Waste me Rape ... the only one... My favorite inside source I'll kiss

Abomination - Murder, rape, pilage, and burn lyrics

to the battlefield With gun in hand Following ... orders Every demand [Chorus:] Murder, rape, ... pilage and burn And kill, destroy we learn We ... fight for your country The land of the brave We'll kill all

Forbidden - Rape lyrics

taken all your trust in me and thrown it away Plead for me ... to stay I'll pick you up and throw you down Shove your ... ground I'll make you sick and make you crawl Walk, run,

Mark Ronson lyricsMark Ronson - Record collection (feat. simon le bon & wiley.. lyrics

too long to type my name And record messages But my handwriting ... is excellent In fact it's second to none, none I ... just got in From somewhere really good They offered me

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Where you at (feat. freeway and clipse) lyrics

yeah Woo! Uh, it’s going down, niggas! Yes! ... Khaled! Free! Uh, uh, uh It’s that slow flow, F-R double ... close, I’m controlling the V And love the cities on both the

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - It's my party lyrics

re stuck in the playground And I'm a grown woman now ... tired of being rude Come and give me a hug dude Let's go ... It's my party, I'll do do what I

Bauchklang - Record lyrics

no records in my bag) you always ... taking my records you always taking my records no respect for my records ... you sneak into my place and i tell you that sucks you

Dean Martin - It's only make believe lyrics

heard the news today some mother drowned her baby boys And ... then went on tv and cried real tears but it was ... s in this song. You see, it's only make believe. It's

Method Man - It's that wu shit lyrics

like I'm sixed up, don't get it mixed up Even if I'm shaking ... your hand, I'm still gripped up With ... He banging my old chick, and he mad open Think I smell

Bt The Roots - It just dont stop lyrics

Dice Raw Hook: Dig it, this world is filled with ... homicides and rape All the crimes of hate just ... ain't the size and shape You can walk don't the ... block and get slumped or knocked It

Kiss - It never goes away lyrics

it You can have it Come and take it I don't need it ... Power and possessions Never quiet your ... they still have nothing It never ends There's nothing I

Mew - Her voice is beyond her years lyrics

voice is beyond her years She's trying to move ... you She did not know where to go And soon it was dark ... go I couldn't let you go Her voice is beyond her years

Mac Dre - It don't stop lyrics

havin' wealth Livin' wild with this thug style, I got these ... door Infrared light smilin' title, desert eagle 4-4 Layin' ... my ghetto troopers to the mother load To snatch a bottle of A

Aus-rotten - ...and now back to our programming lyrics

Morris and R.J. Reynolds kill every ... for presenting the public with the facts Disney expands its international market with ... the KKK Ending oil protests with executions Nigeria belongs

The Cramps - Her love rubbed off lyrics

I'm-a strollin' along in the city park Met that baby standin' ... Took that lovin' baby by the hand I let her know that I'm her ... lovin' man I let her know that I'm her lovin' man

The Cab - Her love is my religion lyrics

said her love is my religion, is my ... Some have them Bibles, and some go to church Well I ... found my heaven, inside of her We all need something to ... find our destiny I've got her and she's got me I see her

The Searchers - It's in her kiss lyrics

tell if she loves me so Is it in her eyes (no no you'll be ... deceived) Is it in her sighs (no no she'll make ... know if she loves you so It's in her kiss (that's where it is) Is it in her face (no no

Estelle - Make her say (beat it up) lyrics

see that you want it I already know Impatient to ... I just wanna see Come a bit closer Here, take a peek ... a tom tom Go like a train Switch up positions Awesome brain

The Hollies - It's in her kiss lyrics

tell if she loves me so Is it in her eyes (no no you'll be ... deceived) Is it in her sighs (no no she'll make ... know if she loves you so It's in her kiss (that's where it is) Is it in her face (no

Clay Walker - Holding her and loving you lyrics

thing I'll ever do Leaving here without you And the second ... I'll ever do Is telling her about you She's been good ... going rough How can I tell her now That good ain't good

George Jones - Her name is... lyrics

I love her and just can't live without her And I've got the urge to tell the ... world about her But our love's a secret and ... the light of day But I went and wrote this love song anyway.

Musiq Soulchild - Her lyrics

me tell you something about her Aint nobody else around like her every time I spend some time ... with her I don't be thinking about no ... other her See everything I need and

Heidi Newfield - Love her and lose me lyrics

kind of car does she drive Is her hair as soft as mine Where ... Does she have any kids Does her touch make you weak What's it ... like to love her and to lose me What kind of

Kelly Price - Her lyrics

watching from a distance And everything it rings ... has really got you twisted And there's so much your eyes don ... t even see, yeah And then I laid my eyes upon your

Babybird - It’s okay lyrics

on the swings I would give her everything. Making out with ... cloud in the sky, break apart and then I cry, break apart and ... then I cry, I cry. Kiss her neck, hold her waist, I love

Bullet For My Valentine - Her voice resides lyrics

time is ending, I feel it's only just begun And I'm ... one My ears are bleeding, her voice resides inside my head ... And now I'm choking, release this ... bursting through my chest, And now I'm crying, the tears are

Eddie Rabbitt - Forgive and forget lyrics

a man cheats on a woman it's understood he's just a man ... But when a woman cheats on her man no one forgives I drove her out into the night with ... teardrops in her eyes And only now I realize the fool I

Peter, Paul And Mary - Polly von lyrics

was undone By the cruel hand of evil at the setting of the ... sun His arrow was loosed and it flew through the dark, And ... was slain as the shaft found its mark. Chorus: She'd her

Bratmobile - And i live in a town where the boys amputate .. lyrics

me miss amerika rip it when we're 6 yeah lock her ... in her room now tell me it's my birthday- I don't care ... rub her face in glass Dad try to ... insane man throw up exrery other day- I don't care. cross my

Cinema Strange - The toad curse and how it perished in flames lyrics

make fire breath. I learned it as a lad. My master told me I ... the light. I'd look away to her. She'd match my spit with spite. I don't know what her ... were. I fell in love with her. My tongue is purple-black. I

Courtney Parker - Her last words lyrics

a smile She was cheerful and happy for a short while ... she wishes someone had told her She told you she was down, ... you let it slip by So from then on she

Disneymania - Her voice by drew seeley lyrics

there's a girl Who's like the ... the wind upon the water Somewhere there's a girl Who's like ... sunlight on the sea Somewhere there's a girl Who's like a

Eddy Arnold - It's four in the morning lyrics

in me Wishing I'd never met her knowing if I'd forget her ... be The longer I hold on and the longer this goes on the ... harder it's gonna be But it's four in the morning and

Mayer Hawthorne - Her favorite song lyrics

Walked straight to the bar in her party dress, yes Told the ... bartender pour her a shot And make it strong Because she ... to get drunk You could see it tearing up in her eyes

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Enjoy and get it on lyrics

Least that's what I told her on the phone Been a while ... since I made her smile And I know she's gonna dig my ... baby Really enjoy, gettin' it on Could I get some may

Bloodhound Gang - It´s tricky lyrics

beat is my recital I think it's very vital To rock a rhyme ... That's right on time It's tricky tricky yo here we go ... It's tricky to rock a rhyme To ... a rhyme that's right on time It's tricky tricky tricky tricky

Macy Gray - It aint the money lyrics

of mine, milk and honey, it ain’t the money no we know. ... Doin’ lines, ain’t it funny that it ain’t the money ... sell their souls for the unlimited cash Flow, in god we trust

Liza Minnelli - It amazes me lyrics

My weight ... just average And my IQ is like you'd estimate, ... if I seem at sea ... It amazes me It simply amazes ... ve learned to clip my wings And soften my ways These are

Run Dmc - It's tricky lyrics

speech is my recital, I think it´s very vital To rock (a ... , that´s right (on time) It´s Tricky is the title, here ... we go... It´s Tricky to rock a rhyme, to

Shinedown - Her name is alice lyrics

Nothing would be what it is, because everything would ... be what it isn't. I invite you to a world where there ... is no such thing as time And every creature lends them

5th Dimension - It'll never be the same again lyrics

promised to take her the the sun And I gave her ... the night And now that the dawn breaks at ... she is vanished from sigh Here's now that i'm finally ... a few things that could bring her the bright. Nooo.. It'll

Tony Bennett - It amazes me lyrics

My weight, just average And my I.Q. is like you'd ... If I seem at sea It amazes me It simply amazes ... ve learned to clip my wings And soften my ways These are

Cali Swag District - Back it up and dump it lyrics

a beat that's super bumpin! And for you, you, back it up and ... dump it! O.K.! All I need is a beat ... a beat that's super bumpin! And for you, you, back it up and

Magnum - It must have been love lyrics

night She couldn't stay, it wasn't right She never cried ... strong I always tried when it went wrong It's nothing ... lied, I heard them say She hit the slide and fell away

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