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Dead Can Dance - Rakim lyrics

the rounds of life Favored rhymes to find hope in the sands ... Favored son Fence in your heart Saviored son Sins

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Rakim tribute lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Yeah, what, what, yeah Shout ... out the 18th letter, you know? Word up... we gon' ... do it like this And pay homage to the most livest Yeah.. yo... [Raekwon:] I

Rakim - It's been a long time lyrics

DJ Premier cuts early Eric B. & Rakim records} ... s been a long time..'' ''.. Rakim, the microphone soloist'' ... [Rakim] Follow procedures, the

Rakim - Put your hands together lyrics

playing for 1:02 before the ... main song* [Eric B] ''Clap your hands'' cut and scratched ... 6X [Rakim] Put your hands together... clap your hands Verse One: Rakim

Rakim - When i'm flowin lyrics

yes y'all, check it out y'all (repeat 2X) Chorus: Rakim (Yo) I find a show, rhyme ... to go I'm designed to blow, my mind's inclined to flow Yo, ... my M.O., makin all kind of dough

Rakim - Take the train lyrics

Take it to the max (8x) Rakim: All in together lets make a ... game We can all win if we play the same Whoever gets caught ... Take it to the maximum (3x) Rakim: Take it to the maximum Rakim: The trains been highjacked

Rakim - Waiting for the world to end lyrics

Yeah, it's the god Rakim Word up, I'm blazin this out ... to all my comrades Yanamean? From the slums of New ... over the world This is for y'all.... Through my travels I

Rakim - Once upon a rhyme in japan lyrics

VERSE 1: Rakim ] Aiyo, once upon a rhyme, but way ... In a place surrounded by casualties B-boys and girls ... wear caps and jeans They have to fiend, infected by

Rakim - Flow forever lyrics

Rakim] Aiyyo.. what's goin on? The Mic ... Teflon Don.. I'm back baby The year of the 9's and I ... motherf***ers a offer they can't refuse Y'know? Ha,

Rakim - I know you got soul lyrics

time, I shouldn't have left you Without a strong rhyme to ... step to Think of how many weak shows you slept through ... Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you Thinking of this, you keep

Rakim - The saga begins lyrics

KRS-One (here we go...) ''Yo'' --> Mobb Deep ''And my ... name is Rakim...'' --> The R (repeat 5X ... Yo, the saga begins, my eyes is the photography lens

Rakim - How i get down lyrics

Before the dough came, my whole aim, was blow like ... Make rappers go ? and they so lame, playin with no game ... em on the lil plane til they can't claim no fame I got,

Rakim - Keep em eager to listen lyrics

so it ain't hard to tell Easy to recognize, so my records ... the stage show is shown All you hear is screams when I'm ... hit by the laser beams Ladies fiend

Rakim - Walk these streets (feat. maino) lyrics

Intro: Tracey Horton (Rakim)] La-da-da-dah, la-da-da-dah ... da-dah, la-da-da-dah (Uh... yeah...) (This is for the ... dah (It's what we call money music, right here) (Uh, yeah

Rakim - Heat it up lyrics

heat it up (x2) Mic check y'all Then throw it to the ... I came in the door The great Rakim, papermates to the pen ... up first When it absolutely positively has to be there on

Nas lyricsNas - Dj premier, rakim, nas & krs-one - classic lyrics

Rakim:] Is y'all ready for Twenty-0-7, it's now ... another drought Everyone's a killer, wow we buggin ... crowd what I'm about And they still want to know when the

Rakim - Follow the leader lyrics

a solo Get in the flow - and you can picture like a photo ... everlastin, I can go on for days and days With rhyme displays that engrave deep as X-rays

Rakim - To the listeners lyrics

and line 4X) [Verse One: Rakim] It's to the listeners, for ... for the mix Eardrums are playing along to what I'm sayin you're singin a song Stevie ... Blass on the keyboard, swingin along But you

Rakim - Paid in full lyrics

Rakim, what's up? Yo, I'm doing the knowledge, E. ... , I'm trying to get paid in full Well, ... check this out, since Nobry Walters is our agency, right? ... up Zakia/4th & Broadway is our record company Indeed

Rakim - Run for cover lyrics

Here I go again, ready to flow again. Better hold my mic, don't blow again. ... Warned by alarms when the mic gets warm ... calm. Jet for the exit, why hang around? Words that I

Rakim - Set em straight lyrics

inside scoop on the fiend They wanna know why I'm seldom ... or shootin through the city in fly limousines There's ... spotlight .. cause I already got light They be like, ''Yo

Rakim - Let the rhythm hit em lyrics

m the arsenal I got artillery, lyrics of ammo Rounds of rhythm Then I'm 'a give 'em ... Nothin' to ricochet ready to aim at the brain ~Now ... what the trigger say Tempos triflin' Felt like a

Rakim - New york lyrics

you was born in New york City let me hear say ''You know ... that''! YOU KNOW THAT Aiyyo, once upon a rhyme where the ... scenery sets, you see stress Streets a

Rakim - Outro lyrics

is, the one, main thing that you have that you would want ... people to remember you by? Or not one but the, those ... things that are dear to you that you would, want to be

Rakim - As the rhyme goes on lyrics

finish this song 'Cuz the rhyme gets rougher as the rhyme ... goes on You sweat as you step about to get hype Or ... should you just listen to the man on ... the mic You're physically in this with me but how could

Rakim - Eric b is president lyrics

fighting me, inviting me to rhyme I can't hold it back, I'm ... for the line, Taking off my coat, clearing my throat My ... rhyme will be kicking it until I ... hit my last note My mind'll range to find all

Rakim - Guess who's back lyrics

with three 7's in my head ''''Once again back is ... ' --> Chuck D< Yeah, yeah It's the return of the ... Wild Style fashionist Smashin hits, ... DJ's throw on cuts and obey the crowd Just pump the

Rakim - I get visual lyrics

Keep you goin' when i'm flowin' ... smooth enough) Yes Yes Y'all, i still fiend by any ... extremes don't intervene my adventures show like a three ... screen coz i mention many things and i'm presenting many scenes i guess i'm

Rakim - I know lyrics

who's the most explosive one yet? The a roundest one left ... Who flows express to them rhythm drum set ain't done yet? ... Flow like a trumpet to your eardrum are deaf Who pose

Rakim - Untouchables lyrics

is poetry in motion Try to catch on, stay close to ... the host and MC's try to make the road rough but I ... m coastin Ladies hear the rhymes rub em on like lotion Hit

Rakim - We'll never stop lyrics

(it don't stop) yeah check it out (it don't ... we keep it extra hot they love the whips the chicks ... neighborhood superstars boys on the block thugs in the

Rakim - When i be on tha mic lyrics

niggas) (I'm internationally known) (When I be on the mic ... niggas) (I'm internationally known, yo) (Hardcore.. ... niggas) (I'm internationally known) (When I be on the mic

Rakim - R.a.k.i.m lyrics

I: Stand alone M: It's my crown, my world, my throne ... [Verse 1] Aiyyo when Rakim Allah attack, it's a wrap y ... all relax The arm in that, you show me where the party's

Rakim - Rest assured lyrics

Double oh seven is back.. [Rakim] I don't stress my day cause ... it's best to parlay I guess you could say I've been away I ... and fourteen hands comb New York for fans They make waves

Rakim - Show me love lyrics

.. show me love Promise you won't do me wrong (for sure ... If I turn you on (yeah) Promise you'll stay all ... on) Makin love til dawn Yo, it's time to bring the day

Rakim - Strong island lyrics

Rakim] One two.. Yeah.. uhh.. yeah.. ''Rough ... enough to break New York from Long Island'' -> My Melody Yeah it's the God baby.. Long Island's own..

Rakim - Microphone fiend lyrics

Cause I grabbed the mic and try to say, '' Yes y'all!'' They ... tried to take it, and say that I'm too small Cool, ... grab So then I add all the rhymes I had One after the other

Rakim - Move the crowd lyrics

by the speaker, suddenly I had this Fever, was it me ... I get, the better it sound My mind starts to activate, rhymes collaborate Cuz When i ... Something from the top of my head So I fell into the

Rakim - My melody lyrics

up the bass, check out my melody, hand out a cigar I'm ... knowledge be born, and my name's the R A-k-i-m not ... on a list That's what I'm sayin, I drop science like a

Rakim - Mystery lyrics

Chorus: If you can see if you can solve the mystery The ... answer revolves around your history So carefully, I ... this degree Scientifically, and realistically (Who is

Rakim - No omega lyrics

without the, end so play the eye inside, no extended ... be smooth as a Persian Rhyme everlastin, there'll be no ... to draw a better picture for your third eye, if you're blind

Rakim - Kick along lyrics

along (3x) If you like it accapella; soul ... it speak for itself But every now and then, I need a little ... Prepare the stage for Rakim to stand Then I pick a song,

Ice-t - Lethal weapon lyrics

Ice-T are on a jack move Layin down the dope groove, ... disapprove Wreckin the deck, you'll regret if you cross punk ... those who talk junk Violent your end, I got your face in my

3rd Bass - Come in lyrics

knock, come in!! Who's at my door? (I don't know but let ... in) [MC Serch] Come in, to my cribbo, no reason you'll say ... tea and crumpets, not servin you no vitals Little one sit, I

Bobby Byrd - I know you got soul lyrics

time, I shouldn't have left you Without a strong rhyme to ... step to Think of how many weak shows you slept through ... Time's up, I'm sorry I kept you Thinking of this, you

3rd Bass - Triple stage darkness lyrics

quot;You are sleeping! You do not want to believe. You are sleeping!" * DJ ... Richie Rich cuts "Guide you out of triple stage ... darkness" -> Rakim, +I Ain't No Joke+ and Chuck

Nicky Jam - Ton ton ton (feat. r.k.m & ken-y) lyrics

Jam RKM y Ken-Y Pina Records Tira Keny ... esta cansada de estar sola y de esperar La llamada de su ... Se pone su minifalda y se mira en el espejo Se ... monta en su carro y sola, sale en busca de perreo

Ice-t - Hit the deck lyrics

[unknown movie] I put the lyrics on the paper with the pen ... Islam drops the beats that you rock to Thought that I ... would never get you? Got you Doggin the floor like you

The Game - Dead lyrics

Verse 1] This for my nigga C-Murder, locked away ... conscious that took Pac away This For The Niggas ... screaming On Me But Not Today This for the niggas thinking

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Country cousins lyrics

border I got cousins.. country cousins I got cousins.. ... country cousins WHOO! [Talib ... Kweli over Intro] Yo son, what the deal son? What ... s really hood son? (what's really hood

Mobb Depp - Hoodlum lyrics

against me and is it the Henny that bend me; I be in the ... thinking da phone They take it personal, but only a ... doubt) I'm still breathing. You a must son, we full bread You ain't my dogg, tring to

Nas lyricsNas - N.y. state of mind lyrics

Intro: Nas] Yeah yeah, aiyyo black it's time (word?) ... (Word, it's time nigga?) Yeah, it's time man (aight ... nigga, begin) Yeah, straight out the f***in

Nas lyricsNas - N.y. state of mind pt. ll lyrics

Nas] Uhh Yo, yo-yo, y'all Whattup? Whattup It's ... Broken glass in the hallway, bloodstained floors ... Neighbors, look at every bag you bring through your doors

Nicky Jam - Gas pela (feat. r.k.m) lyrics

comienze a bailar y los titeres a revuliar no se ... Mujeres comienze a bailar y los titeres a revuliar no se ... vela todo el mundo vacilando y quemando la suela mela usted

Nicky Jam - Me estoy muriendo r.k.m & ken-y lyrics

Yo! Este es Nicky Jam! Yo! Presentando a Rakim y Ken-Y! Eliel! Yo! Yo! 'Vida ... Escante'! Nicky Jam! Yo! Me estoy muriendo ... Porque no tengo tu amor Yo siento que estoy muriendo

Bars And Melody - Don't look back lyrics

: You know the name top of the ... So other kids are being saying that we're lame Well we ... back again Back with the rhyming and pad and a pen By the ... time BGT was done you written us off Next record

Chamillionaire - Hip hop warning lyrics

Intro] I don't really know if it's dead or alive ... They called for an ambulance They ... here's a warning (somebody ring the alarm) Hip=hop just ... here's a warning (somebody ring the alarm) Hip-hop just

Common - Making a name for ourselves lyrics

Yeah yeah Me and my man Com Sense Rallyin troops ... like Joseph Stalin Where you at yo? Common: I'm bout ... the name Com Sense a name you fear Y'all niggaz is

Common - Nag champa lyrics

common] Yeah baby boy In the place (for you and yours) to be Da uh da uh, we ... got the uh ya'll We bout to rock ya'll, ... we got the uh baby... Yo yo yo check it Excite-ting,

Common - Two scoops of raisins lyrics

immens] yo man.. I'm hungry man [common] ay whatchu want ... man? you want some breakfast or ... I want a lil lil somethin.. yeah yea milk and cereal or ... just a little breakfast food, y'know? [common] mmm I don't

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