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Rainbow Reggae lyrics

Browse for Rainbow Reggae song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Rainbow Reggae lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Rainbow Reggae.

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Bob Marley - Reggae on brodway lyrics

eh! ooh, Lord. Eh-eh, mama, eh! Get out on the floor and you give me some-a more now. Get out on the floor, baby. Come on, give me some-a more now. Uh! I'm in the groove to give you some-a love-a now. I'm in the groove, baby. I'm gonna give you some-a l

Dr.alban - Reggae gone ragga lyrics

gone ragga gone raggamuffin Reggae gone ragga gone raggamuffin Reggae gone ragga gone raggamuffin Reggae gone ragga gone raggamuffin Yes we know say reggae gone raggamuffin Originality of reggae was Rhytm & Blues Rhytm & Blues later be

Busy Signal - Reggae music again lyrics

na na na Say na na na ???? Reggae music again, em ???? Oh na nan a yeah It's being a long long time now, since we groove together like this A different vibe is in the air, reggae music again, I Happiness on every face Peace and love for every day Smile and gre

Protoje - Reggae revival (feat. romain virgo) lyrics

Reggae Revival Woiee nah nah niiieee Woiee nah nah niiieee A Protoje A wah you a deal wid Romain Romain Well its blazing up in my head Keeps blazing while the music a spread Am saying don't you hear what I said How reggae music fi dead Well its blazing up

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Reggae christmas (feat. pee wee herman) lyrics

year I get the same feel Christmas come I wanna pack my backs and flee wanna get away from New York Wanna find another place to be So we're having a reggae christmas - down in Jamaica we're having a good time too Hey man, we're having a reggae christmas a mer

Shaggy - Reggae vibes lyrics

s hear a reggae vibe, yeah, yeah This one called the change of style Shaggy style, let me say Life ah be under pressure The only way to relieve the stress is musical pleasure Sometimes I feel like I'm alone 'Cos everyday I wake up it's the sam

Barely Political - Reggae shark lyrics

tell you da story of a reggae shark There are hundreds of sharks livin' under da sea Great white, hammerheads and white tip reefs But the one shark Discovery always leave out It's the dreadlock rasta fish I'm talkin' about Reggae shark! Regg

Lucky Dube - Reggae strong lyrics

in the bathroom Reggae in the bedroom Reggae everywhere Reggae in jail, reggae in church Everybody likes it They tried to kill it Many years ago Killing the prophets of reggae Destroying the prophets of reggae But somebody said To all the bald hea

Jimmy Cliff - Reggae night lyrics

night, we come together when the feeling's right Reggae night, and we'll be jammin 'till the morning light Penny Reel just called, got to get my things, got to catch this ride Gotta look my best because I know there'll be mashin' up tonight Reggae night, we come together whe

Neil Diamond - Reggae strut lyrics

dey do, some dey don't do Some dey won't do,, Some won't even try How are you to know You got to go and ask it How are you go and ask it Maybe you move it by Pardon me Maybe you like to dance it Maybe you like to chance it Maybe you like to try Maybe lad

Anthony B - Reggae gone pon top lyrics

yo proud of your culture pro pro(YOU MUST BE) proud of your culture help I big up jamaica big up jamaica fyah bunnn reggae music gone pon top pon it head no stop us no aint no stop it us now junior going welcome to jamrock pon it head no stop us no aint no stop it

Inner Circle - Reggae dancer lyrics

Kingston Jamaica She knows how to bump Knows how to grind this little girl she ruft all the time she knows how to sing she don't Drink gin, knock three times She'll let you into her world Of sweet reggae music This irie crisp sister This ruft reggae dancer her mu

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Reggae music lyrics

said we friendship come first, the band did come second And that's why I decided to put it in a song So listen crowd of people and throw up unnu hands If you love dem their style and you love dem pattern Reggae music can't refuse it So give us what

Leniwiec - Reggae dla pana prezydenta lyrics

nasz prezydent, Kwaśniewski on słucha reggae. I nawet Józek Oleksy, on też chce se zrobić dredy. W pałacu prezydenckim zapach trawki się unosi i popatrz na Olka, on znowu jojnta prosi. W niewiedzy żyła cała Polska, od Bałtyku aż do Śląska, bo telewizja ich oszukiw

Kumbia Kings - Reggae kumbia lyrics

E. con sabor Kumbia Kings empezando (Ay, ay, ay) Para que vallas calentando (Como?) El DJ Kane que le esta presentando (A quien?) A Vico C. que dice asi Los Kumbia Kings te ponen a bailar Sacude, sacude, pa' que pueda brincar Porque los Kumbia Kings

Martin Jondo - Rainbow warrior lyrics

WARRIOR well dis one rainbow warrior down ina babylon we´re chanting songs of freedom and it go like dis brothers and sisters CHORUS said I am a rainbow warrior rainbow rainbow warrior lord I am a rainbow warrior warrior of love now we seh

Avalanch - Rainbow warrior (english version) lyrics

lonely man is walking His face is so sad His future is unknowing Unknowing his past It's winter in his heart He never wants to smile A sword is hanging hand He's ready for the fight A burning chariot's coming Is coming from the stars A hundred t

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Rainbow lyrics

We're the colours of the rainbow (oh) Rainbow Jessie J He grew up in the city Had a lot of money Sponging off his daddy all the time He lives in a bubble Never had to struggle He's far from the benefit line But he feels blue sometimes And he blood bleeds red like mine

Patrik Nuo - Rainbow love lyrics

for the beginning And red our love is spinning Blue ?cause you?re my ocean And bright like an explosion Purple but not rainy And green your hope will save me Grey for stormy weather Who cares when we?re together Shining at the end of the sky and some

Modestep - Rainbow (ft. partysquad) lyrics

Rainbow Rainbow Rainbow (6x) Is that a rainbow I see above London town? Is that a rainbow I see above Kingston town? Is that a rainbow I see above Amsterdam? Is that a rainbow? Rainbow, London town Rainbow, Kingston town Rainbow, Amsterdam

Prince - Rainbow children lyrics

the accurate understanding of God and His law they went about the work of building a new nation: The Rainbow Children Just like the sun, the Rainbow Children rise, Flying upon the wings of the New Translation See them fly, fly The covenant will b kept

Sanna Nielsen - Rainbow lyrics

go by I've been waiting for about a month Friendly fires from a silent front Im going And I dont cry Sleeping in the middle of the bed Im so ashamed of all the shit I said Im going, heavens quiet Love is cruel And, God, I miss you And, God, I miss you

Roy Orbison - Rainbow love lyrics

looked behind a silver cloud, I found a pretty rainbow there I walked out to the rainbow's end and found a rainbow love The one that I was looking for, the dream that I was dreaming of There, down at the rainbow's end I found a rainbow love

Benedictum - Rainbow in the dark dio cover lyrics

there's lightning You know it always brings me down 'Cause it's free and I see that its me who's lost and never found A cry for magic I feel it dancing in the light It was cold, lost my hold To the shadows of the night Not sign of the mornin

Colbie Caillat - Rainbow lyrics

m still feelin the rain fall And bouncin off my skin How long do I have to wait for The sun to shine again Come on paint me the rainbows I can follow it I don't know where it'll take me But I like wonderin Wherever you are Where will you be Are you the same or

Charlie Daniels - Rainbow ride lyrics

traced my footprints through the sands of yesterday Back the way I came, I was returning And then I saw me standing just across the river Just across the bridge that I'd left burning It was all reaching out to me Now my reflection in the water's all I see

Timo Kotipelto - Rainbow eyes (rainbow cover) lyrics

s been gone since yesterday Oh, I didn't care Never cared for yesterdays Fancies in the air No sighs or mysteries She lay golden in the sun No broken harmonies But I've lost my way She had rainbow eyes Rainbow eyes Rainbow eyes Love should be a simple blend A

Blaque - Rainbow drive lyrics

Brandi] People all over the world Let's come together We need some unity and peace among one another Here's what you do (drive) Just to let you feel (to) Release your fears and bring your mind to my point of view [Chorus:] Let's get to Rainbo

Camel - Rainbow's end lyrics

began by sharing more together Black against white made it alright But things are different now, we've grown apart So it's ok, call it a day What can I say Let's just remember what we had Keep on looking for that rainbow Rainbow's end And when you fi

Dio - Rainbow in the dark lyrics

there's lightning You know it always brings me down 'Cause it's free and I see that its me who's lost and never found A cry for magic I feel it dancing in the light It was cold, lost my hold To the shadows of the night Not sign of the morning coming You've been

Nerina Pallot - Rainbow lyrics

don't know where I go wrong - Everything I do just takes so long. I don't know what's up with me I'm swinging from a branch of my family tree... So give me some of yours then, if you think it might get better If you're sure you've got the an

Rainbow - Rainbow eyes lyrics

s been gone since yesterday Oh I didn't care Never cared for yesterdays Fancies in the air No sighs or mysteries She lay golden in the sun No broken harmonies But I've lost my way She had rainbow eyes Rainbow eyes Rainbow eyes Love should be a simpl

America - Rainbow song lyrics

frames a picture of winter time within my room Sometimes then I laugh at the funny times we had in school Blowing leaves, broken dreams Seventeen, dancing queen, dancing queen I am asleep on a rainbow Hiding from the wake of the tide I am asleep on a rainbow Hoping for the rest

Dbsk - Rainbow - japanese lyrics

colors make much happiness with you, and me Darling aitakute Love aenai toki Always sora wo mitsume Calling you baby baby Kokoro wa itsumo nee zutto soba ni iru yo Mune no oku de sukoshi ame ga futteite mo Kimi no kotoba ga hikari wo tsurete todoitara h

Elf - Rainbow lyrics

pick your feet up Come and lay beside me Show me things I've never known before Seven days of wonder Come and pray beside me I guess I'm through believing No one's waiting for me Think I woke up living on my dreams You black eyed husky woman Come and lay beside me Black eyed

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - Reggae bump, bump lyrics

feat. Elephant Man) [Intro:] [R. Kelly:] This is big!!!! [Elephant Man:] Chi Twon girls have di badonkadonk (OH!!!!) ATL junk in di trunk a bounce (OH!!!!) Jamaican girls pat yuh front a clump (Come on!!!) Miami girls let mi see yuh jump, jump (Yep) New York girls can

Sia lyricsSia - Rainbow lyrics

know you, you're a special one Some see crazy where I see love You fall so low but shoot so high Big dreamers shoot for open sky So much life in those open eyes So much depth, you look for the light But when your wounds open, you will cry You'll cry out now and you'll question why

Blackfoot - Rainbow lyrics

I left my home at the north end of Florida Headed out for southern California Lookin' for some fun like any other And the open skies Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana Even past right through Texarkana Lord I know that time is truly wastin' Not getting any yo

Blackmore's Night - Rainbow blues lyrics

rain wasn't made of water The snow didn't have a place in the sun So we slipped behind the rainbow And laid back till we had done And then the rain wasn't made of water And the snow didn't have a place in the sun So we slipped behind the rainbow And laid back till we had

Kesha lyricsKesha - Rainbow lyrics

used to live in the darkness Dress in black, act so heartless But now I see that colors are everything Got kaleidoscopes in my hairdo Got back the stars in my eyes, too Yeah, now I see the magic inside of me Yeah, maybe my head's f***ed up But I'm falling right back in

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Rainbow demon lyrics

rides the rainbow demon On his horse of crimson fire Black shadows are following closely On the heels of his desire Ridin' on in the mist of morning No one dared to stand in his way Possessed by some distant calling Riding on through night and day Rainbow demon Pi

Almora - Rainbow lyrics

victory without the pain and agony No glory without fighting for the pride No victory till rising of the honesty Don't stop running after the right The men never survive who are fighting for the dark No one wins against the power of the light If you trust in your h

Astral Doors - Rainbow warrior lyrics

of the world now forsaken Stealers of the sun in the making Chaos and destruction all around this time Mirror, mirror: who's the liar? To be or not to be; who was the soldier with a heart? Master and slave, so many miles apart [Chorus:] You must surrender

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Rainbow road lyrics

was born a poor poor man All my life I had hard workin' hands But I sang a song as I carried my load Cuz I had a dream about rainbow, rainbow road Then one day my chance came along A man heard me singin' and playing these old songs He bought m

Antonio Banderas - Rainbow tour lyrics

of Europe, I send you the Rainbow of Argentina Spain has fallen to the charms of Evita She can do what she likes, it doesn't matter much She's our lady of the new world with a golden touch She filled a bull-ring, forty-five thousand seater But if

Europe - Rainbow bridge lyrics

all the rivers we have flown together to the sea Like all the stars that have aligned to something heavenly Like all the forces of the dark we're creating below Nothing can touch the living hope the human spirit owns So we run across the rainbow bridge We running for

Shawn Hook - Rainbow lyrics

streets, crowded rooms Waiting lines, words to use Everyone is see through Lonely nights and broken dreams Left behind, or so it seemed How did I ever find you? I gave up on chasing love I swept it underneath the rug Then I met you And everything felt

New York Dolls - Rainbow store lyrics

you rocking the Rainbow store That pretty little doll that I'd seen before Stayed too long with the borderline My emotional landscape one street mind Was lifting my heart to not cause a stir She knew I was watching her Looking like the lover that gave all

Emigrate - Rainbow lyrics

just wanna be With you Every day Every day you see Is something new Come along with me And do Anything cause Nothing's what it seems To be with you Baby don't you hide From me Your pretty heart No, I will always find The love inside Baby, don't you g

Robert Plant - Rainbow lyrics

Oooh Oooh Oooh Ooh Oooh Oooh I found a lucky charm I dressed it up with love I crossed the Seven Seas to you Will it be enough? And I will be a rainbow Oh, while your storm is gone And I will bring the song for you And I will carry on Ooh Oooh Oooh Ooh Oooh O

Fefe Dobson - Rainbow lyrics

only a rainbow away and I'm sitting here soaking wet, waiting for you Your only a rainbow, just a rainbow away and I'm reaching out hoping that you see it too But telling you, that I'm no fool Cuz I know what rainbows do They fade away, fade away, fade away, a

Mandragora Scream - Rainbow seeker lyrics

s cold...I feel lured in my mud-eyes... I see you layin' by the pond And I can laugh and I can cry I want to kiss your lifeless hair... I'm tryin' to embellish my rainbow now eerie glow... I need more orphan's eyes, shiftin' colours for my rainbow Feminie eyes' light I seek all o

Oh Land - Rainbow lyrics

a little bit further Don't get out, the morning wants to keep us safe in here Resting on your shoulder We wont go, until there's no- More people out there You can make it click Making me pop Going for the goal With the clean cut Searching no more All melodi

Blackmore's Night - Rainbow eyes lyrics

s been gone since yesterday, oh i did'nt care, never cared for yesterday fancies in the air. No signs or Mystery's, she lay golden in the sun no broken harmonies But i've lost my way. She had Rainbow Eyes.. Love should be a simple place whispering on the shore. No

Bruce Hornsby - Rainbow's cadillac lyrics

he came to town with a strong pull Would flash his moves for the worshipful Shoulder moves from side to side Go over your head and dot your eyes Every night about a quarter to ten >From the middle of June to the summer's end People would gather from mi

Mariah Carey lyricsMariah Carey - Rainbow (interlude) lyrics

know there is a rainbow. For me to follow. To get beyond my sorrow. Thunder precedes the sunlight. So I'll be alright. If I can find that. Rainbow's end. I will be alright. If I can find that. Rainbow's end

Keke Palmer - Rainbow lyrics

Verse 1:] We were so close, like to swords in one heart. But you're giving me this feeling that we're drifing apart. You don't come to me like you use to, and I don't cry on ya shoulder. I'm trying to understand this before darkness takes over.

Meja - Rainbow lyrics

somebody tell me how clouds can make you forget a blue sky Thought I'd hide in the rain but you saw me cry I used to be lonely and love was something just others had found I thought no one could know me 'til you came around The sun has so much power s

Kacey Musgraves - Rainbow lyrics

it rain it pours but you didn't even notice It ain't rainin' anymore, It's hard to breathe when all we know is The struggle of staying above, the rising water line The sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin' But you're stuck out in the same old stor

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