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Gravestone - You can't take it with you lyrics

All the money you ever earned is not worth the ... (bridge) Don't be afraid you better live your own life Take them out today II. Always ... Not the right way to live Take them down with your power

Tim Mcgraw - You can take it with you when you go lyrics

never once stub my big toe It was a man who'd never been ... left who said You can't take it with you when you go Hell ... she took everything but the kitchen sink If I had me a glass

Social Distortion - Can't take it with you lyrics

tell you something, baby, that’s a ... fact Never see a hearse with a luggage rack All your ... money, your hard earned pay It don’t mean shit, babe, at the

Eric Church - Can't take it with you lyrics

to the table Till I went to sit my coffee cup where the table ... she's gainin' fast on Memphis with a trailer-load in tow Who ... says you can't take it with you when you go Cause she got

Alan Parsons Project - Can't take it with you lyrics

I am just a humble servant with a message here for you Well ... i know you have good reasons and there's ... things you've got to do But the boatman ... won't be waiting and he's leaving here with

Secondhand Serenade - Take me with you lyrics

in front of anything like you Its the last place I ever ... I woke up this morning Is it true? And that you're always ... this breathtaking And your smart and you're willing My

Cathy Burton - Take me with you (& tenishia) lyrics

Sweeping everything along within In the dead of night ... Shades emptiness I hear your talk But I don't understand ... Where are you going Please take me with you You're the only one I've got

Revive - Take me with you lyrics

Yeah, chasing my plans. Take me with you, Take me with you. When the lights go down, ... they go down, I'll belong to you, Change my heart and soul,

Serge Devant Feat Emma Hewitt - Take me with you lyrics

t go underground without me, Please take me to your world... In the night I ... found you, Now I walk without you Thought I would be ... But all I see is where you WERE... Now the night

Chava Alberstein - Take me with you kci oti itach קחי אותי איתך lyrics

קחי אותי איתך צועק הילד לרכבת קחי אותי איתך את מגיעה וכבר עוזבת קחי אותי איתך צועק הילד לרכבת קחי אותי איתך כאן אני נחנק קחי אותי איתך צועק הילד מן החושך אל האניה המ...

Nina Hagen - Take jesus with you lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found No...

Kyler England - Take me with you lyrics

Thinking over all the things you said to me, you said to me ... All your dreams are dying in the sun ... away, to run away Packed your bags to leave by the morning

Adam Gontier - Take me with you lyrics

I'd picture all the times you made me smile... I want you to know... That if you go, ... you'll take a piece of me The world I ... know would be brought down to its knees And a pain inside

Bo Bice - You take yourself with you lyrics

left but leaving When you know you know, you just can't ... fight that feeling You can climb the highest ... s ever gone On a crowded city sidewalk, you might find yourself alone In the middle of

Cartel - Take me with you lyrics

down Tied up and now I guess it shows Locked down in Maybe ... she had to notice me I made it so obvious to see Now she ... up to see the world And if you go there, oh please take me with you If you go there, oh

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Take it with me lyrics

No one knows where we are It's a long time since I Drank ... The ocean is blue As blue as your eyes I'm gonna take it with ... thing Ever dies I'm gonna take it with me When I go Far

Genitorturers - Take it lyrics

got the world of hurts Begin it to your skin Give it to over ... when the fury begins Get on your hands and knees Time to ... move with the the damned Get off your

Keith Richards - Take it so hard lyrics

, easy to do People so pitiful they never come through ... honey, I ain't that way (You want a little bit) once in a ... while, come on and get a bit You shouldn't take it so hard

Van Morrison - Take it where you find it lyrics

wrote down words that did fit Writers wrote books ... Thinkers thought about it Take it where you find it Can't ... leave it alone You will find a purpose To carry

Shawanda Crystal - You can't take it back lyrics

stop the tears, no What do you do when it’s too late What ... do you say when you cant change the truth Of what you’ve done and it’s coming at you fast When you cant hide the

Argent - It's only money pt.2 lyrics

s only money It's only money It's only money ... Ain't it funny When you want it You ain't got it ... Going for a drink and it's always dearer than you

Loreen - I'm in it with you lyrics

took a shot, it took you down But not a single drop ... of blood fell They hit your heart, they took it out And ... left you bleeding in a dry spell ... What were you thinking? Why did you let go

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Had it with you lyrics

I love you dirty f***er. Sister and ... the moonlight. Singin' for your supper. 'Cos I had it, I ... had it, I had it, I had it with you. And i had it, I had it

Powerman 5000 - You're gonna love it, if you like it or not lyrics

wants you and everyone needs They're ... didn't realize Well I know you know This is what you want ... And you know I know This is how it ... starts Well you can't let it go No it's not up to you I

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Take me along lyrics

city of angels is lonely tonight ... Say she can't love you like I do Look me in the ... eyes and say it's true I ask myself, is ... this love at all When I need you most you let me fall I'm

Dogena - With you (ft. babz wayne) lyrics

of the world Let me show you what's beautiful Woman I ... need you in my world Let me show you love like you never see Take ... you to a place where you never be So we can walk

Beast - 가져가 (take it) lyrics

haji malgeol geuraesseo It’s driving me crazy ... haengbokhan chueokdeuldo Take it all with you girl Take it ... all Take it all with you girl Take it all neon

Ll Cool J - Take it off lyrics

Cool J) I didn't even know a young lady could look that good ... outa queens and come to your hood I'm ready da change your life baby, spend some cash ... Because you got me chinky eyed like

Bill Withers - Take it all in and check it all out lyrics

can fill up a room with idle conversation you can sit up a whole darn nation with your mouth but before you start ... to show you indignation about a situation you ought to take it

Kiss - Take it off lyrics

Ooh, so I hop into my car, hit the local titty bar, uh huh ... 'Cause that's my kind of situation when I need some ... she's as good as she seems Take it off, give it to me Take it off, like you'd do me I

Loudness - Take it or leave it lyrics

Trying to keep me hungry It doesn’t mean a thing to me ... Take it or leave it Take it or leave it What’s this ... talk I’m hearing You cant take the heat If you ask me I’ll

Regi - Take it off lyrics

Take it off Yeah And you, you can remind me of who I ... really am I've got your T-shirt on but you can take it off So take it off So take it off When I'm with you,

Slash's Snakepit - Take it away! lyrics

all our friends are gone Was it something I said, did we have ... too much fun Guess you missed it, look around It's ... never you who's to blame for bringing

Atomic Rooster - Take control of you lyrics

Lights They Shine Down On You, Have They Really Come To Take You Away? White Coats, They ... Lurch Over You, You're Scared But Not Afraid, Not ... Afraid. You Will Be Taken Over, Take Control Of You.

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - Take it off lyrics

want to dear. Maybe if you're lucky you'll get a peep ... show. Look what you can't touchie Ain't no ... touchie when I go. ta-ta-take it o-o-o-off. Show me what

Bridge To Grace - Take it all lyrics

time you're looking around with you facing the crown Seen you suck the best of me Too many ... this feeling being alone You can't chase broken memories

Busta Rhymes - Take it off part 2 lyrics

talking] Yeah .. Come f*** wit us .. Yeah, ya'll know what ... to do to this shit Yeah, haha, streets We bout ... to do it again We bout to do it again We bout to do it again

Miranda Lambert - Take it out on me lyrics

last words that I'll say to you You know damn well what ... brought it on I can't believe I've been ... a silly fool To let it go on this long You never ... let life get you down 'Cause every single

Douwe Bob - Take it all lyrics

ringed the doorbell It's been too long Since he has ... to see her anyway All Take it all Take it all Oh take it all His hands are cold ... Her smile is warm And It's all she gives for now

Jerry Reed - Take it easy (in your mind) lyrics

wake up in the morning and your hands are shakin' and your ... nerves are all uptight Your back is sore and your head's ... a splittin' cause you ain't slept all night You

Malrun - Take it to the grave lyrics

This cocoon of comfort You try to pull the strings of ... flesh you found As I stand my ground ... share those words I'll take it with me to the grave It's

Brooks Elkie - Take your freedom lyrics

years She's gone her way You're on your way now Who was ... it did the dirty Does it matter anyhow But you can't ... living on pipe dreams When it gives you hell living on your

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Take it out on me lyrics

do this time? Did he break your heart? I can tell you been ... crying... and baby here you are. And I always know any ... time you show up at my door past 11 o

Gorgon City - Take it all (feat. the six) lyrics

take it all, take it all I've got so much love to ... give you And I wanna give it all to you I wanna give it ... all to you Oh, take it all, take it all I've got so

Kj-52 - You'll never take me down. lyrics

aint never gonna take me down (so you see I ain't ... gonna break) Your never gonna take me down (you can't stop what you can't ... they wanna see me fall But it aint nothing cuz I done seen it all Sometimes I feel like I

Kongos - Take it from me lyrics

got a mind of its own and it stings Woke up, don't ... but I forgot the film Take it from me When you start it ... a matter of time Any minute you will cross that line Take it

Little River Band - Take it easy on me lyrics

used to be so easy to be your lover We wandered through ... they had no end But now that you are gone I'm under cover I ... just can't think about you as a friend (chorus) Take it

Marion Cotillard - Take it all lyrics

want my love, take it all You wanna watch it all come off, take it all Come on now show me ... how, you take it all You want my glove, are you ... enthralled? You wanna see it slip away and watch it fall

Reba Mcentire - Take it back lyrics

me into moving in and giving you my key You said you'd be a ... mess now if it hadn't been for me You said ... I stole your heart away by looking in your eyes I wonder now how many

The Runaways - Take it or leave it lyrics

that I'm not an angel I told you when you walked in the door You know that you make me happy ... than the time before Take it or leave it Do whatever you

Anti-flag - You are fired (take this job) lyrics

re fired. You stupid f***ing piece of shit. ... You're fired. You're nothing but a hypocrite. You're fired. Conformist f***ing ... chickenshit. Douse the dream in kerosene

Cher - You take it all lyrics

Take It All Every place that we ... (And sometimes) Ooh, you take it all Like the sea takes ... feet (And sometimes) Ooh, you take it all Like the sea takes the land from under my feet

7 Days - With you forever lyrics

ve tried to run away from you I've tried to hide my face ... from you I've tried to be what I am ... I have Don't want to lose it all again See me as I am

Melissa Etheridge - You can sleep while i drive lyrics

I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down There's ... to be left alone So baby you can sleep while I drive I'll ... pack my bag and load up my guitar In my pocket I'll carry my

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - When you gonna wake up lyrics

promises that He don't keep You got some big dreams baby, but ... in order to dream you gotta still be asleep. ... When you gonna wake up, when you gonna wake up When you

Josh Gracin - Livin' it up lyrics

it what you want, what I do, what I don't ... I won't change your mind anyway Said I'm flyin' ... planet so long So I'm livin' it up, livin' it up I got my ... ticket, gonna kick it like a rollin' stone So I'm

Pat Benatar - Take it any way you want it lyrics

I needed to be on my own You had an answer, but no alibi You're fellin' sorry 'cause there ... s no time to lie So what, you deserve everything that you

Crazy Town - Take it to the bridge lyrics

like to scream and yell White boys, B-Boys raised in the ... the rules I'm gonna do it if it's not allowed Thought ... would when I wouldn't I did it for the reason everybody said

Newsboys - Giving it over lyrics

the water of life as we knew you offered me drink, I wanted ... I was clinging to Giving it over, giving it over I was ... on my back, I'd slid 'til it hurt Giving it over, giving it over You put my head in the

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