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Eddie Money - Bring on the rain lyrics

I sleep I never dream, I, I wonder why I've got the chance, ... had confidence When I was a young man ... pass you by California and the good, good life, I loved it

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bring on the dancing horses (extended mix) lyrics

Brown Made of stone Charlie Clown No way ... home Bring on the dancing horses Headless and ... all alone Shiver and say the words Of every lie you've

Susan Enan - Bring on the wonder lyrics

can't see the stars anymore living here ... Let's go to the hills where the outlines are clear Bring on the wonder Bring on the song ... down deep in my soul for too long I fell through the cracks

Evil Masquerade - Bring on the world lyrics

space Feels like you've lost the race Or like someone else is ... messing with the pace It's like you don't belong And everything you do is wrong Why don't you join me in

Alan Jackson - Bring on the night lyrics

s twilight and the streets Light are coming on ... I'm in a stream of cars On this Boulevard, headed home ... You can make what went wrong today Seam right Bring on the night It's been a long hard

Sarah Mclachlan - Bring on the wonder lyrics

can't see the stars anymore living here ... Let's go to the hills where the outlines are clear Bring on the wonder Bring on the song ... down deep in my soul for too long I fell through the cracks

Jo Dee Messina - Bring on the rain lyrics

day has almost come and gone Can't imagine what else ... could go wrong Sometimes I'd like to hide ... away somewhere and lock the door A single battle lost ... but not the war ('cause) Tomorrow's

69 Chambers - Bring on the flood lyrics

yeah a glimpse of eternity, the key Show me your flesh and I ... believe Everything's not the way it used to be, believe ... of my sweet sweet remedy, honey Open your lips I know what

Excalion - Bring on the storm lyrics

days and nights Out here in the wild What is it that I'm ... its native land It is always one day ahead Out of sight Bring on the storm Let it rage on

The Police - Bring on the night lyrics

afternoon has gently passed me by The ... spreads its sail against the sky Waiting for tomorrow ... Just another day God bid yesterday ... goodbye Bring on the night I couldn't spend another hour of daylight Bring on the night I couldn't stand another hour of daylight The

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Bring on the night lyrics

read the book you read, tasted the ... story is darkening with time One fading afternoon The leaves ... we've always summer Yeah bring on the night, I don't care

Ereez - Bring on the thunder lyrics

On the Thunder Verse 1---- -I ... of a legend Rushing head strong into battle no matter the ... weapon You can ghost it or camp it ... but you're gonna regret it When you hear the "boom" like an

George Jones - Bring on the clowns lyrics

and heart breakers Pass me the bottle one more round Come ... Fill me with happiness and bring on the clowns. There's a ... place around the corner and I can't wait to go

Rainbow - Bring on the night (dream chaser) lyrics

was taking a chance on a tight-rope Walking the ... line to the end I was ready to fall had ... my back to the wall But I'm flying again... ... gears. I been moving Cause they wanted me dead or alive But

Four Year Strong - Bring on the world lyrics

see the sun and it’s finally fading Bring on the world we’re not alone ... tonight So sick, so sick of ... waiting It feels like it’s only getting harder Until I

Abattoir - Bring on the damned lyrics

in ten weeks astronomical secrets Elect the ... saints we won''t neglect Man began to ... multiply daughters born to them for the chosen to select ... and bound by mutual exsecration the remainder all of them

Simple Minds - Bring on the dancing horses lyrics

Brown Made of stone Charlie Clown No way home ... Bringing on the dancing horses Headless and ... all alone Shiver and say the words Of every lie you've

Matt Pond Pa - Bring on the ending lyrics

case nobody called follow the prim ones and sit on your ... hands watch your step don't hardly move speak in ... hushed tones till they bring on the ending they bring on the ending as we file to get

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - Bring on the lucie (freda peeple) lyrics

Boys, this is it, over the hill) We don't care what ... flag you're waving We don't even want to know your name ... We don't care where you're from or ... You're making all our decisions We have just one request of

Coldwater Jane - Bring one the love lyrics

drink my coke I read the paper I sit and listen to the 6 o’clock news It’s like the ... whole world’s Has gone to pieces And we’re all ... part of the wrecking crew Ain’t

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - On the tequila lyrics

on the Tequila oh On fire on Tequila oh My friends and ... we’ll wind up All I know is there’s a car waiting And we’ll ... I have to keep my eye on my old friend from high

Imany - The good the bad & the crazy lyrics

lot of women in me You're wondering what I mean, I see ... Meet the Good, the Bad and the Crazy I come in many shades ... and shapes So don't put up the barricades I'm not here to

Barry Manilow - Bring on tomorrow lyrics

I got news Our ship's in the harbor The street's turning ... you're dreaming, it's no longer on hold Dream baby, ... promise to keep Now home is the hunter and holding the prize

Patty Loveless - The party ain't over yet lyrics

wind a blowin' through my crazy life I feel the chill begin, ... it's gonna be a long, long, long night I hear the thunder ... roll but I don't fear the lightning strike 'Cause deep

The Pharcyde - On the dl lyrics

bullshit To last me clear to the ends of my term I hate worms ... So I'ma bring in the fish And induce my backhand ... Yeah I wish that I change Then I could shed all the (main)

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - The crazy ones lyrics

the crazy ones, the crazy ones Will never forget it all ... Cause it's the crazy ones, the crazy ones Who make our life ... a beautiful mess Woo, even the worst times were the best

Julian Marley - On the floor lyrics

s dancin on the floor Everyone's goin' crazy, crazy In a ... way A lot of people dancin' on the floor And they're goin' crazy, crazy I won't deny That

Girls Aloud - The crazy life lyrics

but before you blink She's gone and stolen the night She ... and proud, loves to please the crowd She's only playing the ... make you blush cos she wants the crush She's gotta have it

Lalaine - On the edge of goodbye lyrics

.. Right on the edge of saying good-bye ... Staring and silently cursing the hands of time I hear we're ... ] I hold my breath and hold on tight Try to stop the world

Jennifer Hudson - Bring back the music lyrics

em, let's take em back Won't you bring it back? Will ... you bring it back? Yeah we bring it back, yeah we bring it ... back Singing together, dancing in the street

Lordi - Bring it on (the raging hounds return) lyrics

I am me, who the hell are you? I bring the ... word from the dead This is the day they shall re-animate ... And get their claws on your necks A pack of ... are howling Awaken from their sleep of sin Hail to the

Debelah Morgan - Bring back the sun lyrics

How am I supposed to live alone When I need you love to ... carry on How will I make it through the night Without your love will ... morning ever come Chorus Bring back the sun Bring back the

Rain Man - Bring back the summer lyrics

t you think it's perfect and the feeling's worth it when we ... ve searched for is right here on the dance floor and you ... want it now now now now now Don't know what you're there for,

Mike Candys - Bring back the love ft. jenson vaughan lyrics

You're like an angel Without the halo You give and take it ... But I'm still faithful, I'm on my knees and I pray, oh ... Baby, won't you bring back the, Bring back the, bring back the love Baby, won't you bring

Canton Jones - On the floor lyrics

Verse 1:] Looks like the party started up Everybody ... let go now give it up He's the reason why you live it up ... Game done we won, the battle's won Have fun,

Gwar - Bring back the bomb lyrics

to dead shore Such a hideous theatre of war But that was the ... end--Why? There are so many more that must ... die Is that not part of the plan? I must use the nukes

Eddie Rabbitt - Bring back the sunshine lyrics

you fall in love Just how long love will last You keep on ... that it all works out For the best This morning I woke ... up to find My love was gone with no goodbye I sat there

Redfoo - Bring out the bottles lyrics

Let's go! I'm walkin' in the club with my hands up high tonight On the dancefloor the ... is lookin' fly Yeah, It's gonna be poppin' tonight I say

Secret Sphere - Bring on lyrics

times in which you can't see the meaning There are lives in ... which you won't find the love There are nights in ... which you don't ever dream to see light ... believe, but still we hold on And after thousand tears we

Sigh - Bring back the dead lyrics

I wish it was a dream I won't believe in salvation, (I) ... t be saved I wait for my condemnation in the cold flame ... Repeated suicide in imagination, Watch the coward pray

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Bring down the reign lyrics

Crying for us all Every son and every daughter Rise up ... we fall Darfur, Darfur The grace of God be with you ... of joy Angel of light Open the doors heaven Bring down the reign Bring down the reign Bring down the reign Let me feel the wind again One voice is

Aly And Aj - On the ride lyrics

don't have to try To think the same thoughts We just have a ... way Of knowing everything's gonna be ok We'll laugh 'til ... we cry Read each others minds Live with a smile

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Bring me the disco king lyrics

promised me the ending would be clear You'd ... let me know when the time was now Don't let me ... know when you're opening the door Stab me in the dark, ... out of hell Stab you from the city spires Life wasn't

Our Lady Peace - Bring back the sun lyrics

have to fight Or worry about the bills tonight I wanted you ... be your shadow Mystery's gone So bring back the sun Oh ... hate Build it with love The mystery's gone So bring back

Amen - Bring me the heads lyrics

me the heads of Roman Polanski! Bring me the legs of Fred Astaire! ... We set fires to this lesson That heavens sell That lesson failed War! We need this

Caught In The Act - Bring back the love lyrics

you But my pride was to strong Why did I have to hide? I ... know I was wrong What happened to all the ... When we knew for each other we cared So let's bring

Dio - Bring down the rain lyrics

Were you always afraid of the dark Is the edge of the ... always in your head Does the gun point straight at your ... when you sleep But now, it's only a shout away You always

For Selena And Sin - Bring me the sun lyrics

see the black birds all over my head ... I hear an old man saying “Don’t be, don’t be afraid” Those ... are heading far away to seal the day I know there’s stories,

Lil Rob - Bring out the freak in you lyrics

ready for a nasty time All the nasty things we can do I ... wanna bring out the freak in you Let me bring ... out the freak in you [Verse 1] I ... about me and you All them nasty things we can do Let

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The crazy cries of love lyrics

dark and a stormy night Everyone was at the wing-ding They ... weren't the wing-ding type So they went ... up on the train bridge Where the weather was howling And oh,

Nightcore - Bring back the glory (zardonic & voicians ) (.. lyrics

Raise your f**king hands in the air motherf***er We're bringing back the glory Bring ... back the, the, the Motherf***er Come on, now You ... this isn't a trend This is the force of pure steel from hell

Nightcore - Bring back the glory (zardonic & voicians) (n.. lyrics

Raise your f**king hands in the air motherf***er We're bringing back the glory Bring ... back the, the, the Motherf***er Come on, now You ... this isn't a trend This is the force of pure steel from hell

Nocternity - The black gates lyrics

over vast horizons Like dead black stone they ... tower Archway to the kings of old Heirs of the ... shadowed deep Bring on the night, bring on the pledge Bring on the night, bring on the

Amaranthe - On the rocks lyrics

is an admission and our mission Is to bring down the walls ... It's our mission not fall to submission ... Life is an addiction with conviction You're a Hollywood

Illnath - Bring down the witching hour lyrics

black eternity Sweeping down on brightly burning fires When ... comes the righteous ones Bringing the servants of leechy throngs Angels, remembering ... promise Black vise crushing the feathers white Come pain

Digital Underground - The return of the crazy one lyrics

Okay, buddy, start playing!) One, two Buckle my shoe Scooby ... Doo Humpty what you gonna do? Lick lick, let me lick ... Smell, let me smell the flavor And taste the behavior

Last Tribe - Bring out the brave lyrics

with closed eyes Waiting for the dark to fall Smelling the ... danger Listening to the final call We are the ones ... waited all our lives We are the ones who searched in all

Georgia Satellites - Bring down the hammer lyrics

m gonna bring down the hammer, swing it righteous wrong or right Well I held on ... like a child to a dream ??? One thousand ???, just bought ... Even a fool woke up now there's a devil ahead ???? I

Light Up The Sky - Bring it on lyrics

on the f***ing noise Why don't you feel the same? My ... I can't explain I'll remove the chains of doubt upon my name ... love I've tried to reason... I'm trying to see Why can

Overkill - Bring me the night lyrics

health I let my reputation speak just for itself I ... never liked the rules that came 'long with the game Take me back where the ... and I'm ready to die Scare the angel, fly away Let the

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