R.i.p Jrox Emc Senatra lyrics

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Jon Lajoie - Show me your genitals 2 emc vagina lyrics

yeah, I’m back…bitches. Women are equal and they deserve respect, Just kidding, they should suck my dick. Vagina (what!)…vagina (what!)… I want to have sex with your vagina (uhh) Vagina (what!)…vagina (what!)… 2 plus 2 = vagina (uhh). My love is like l

Nipsey Hussle - Rose clique lyrics

m the sh-t n-gga, All that They call me young nip c note rose clique Talking to my girl while your b-tch give me deep throat Shooting at the world dogg cause life is just a free throw Shopping on rodeo in some dickies that's my stee-lo Played out p-ssy please don'

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