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Queen Of The Borrowed Light .. lyrics

Browse for Queen Of The Borrowed Light .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Queen Of The Borrowed Light .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Queen Of The Borrowed Light ...

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Lord Belial - Lilith - demonic queen of the black light lyrics

the deepest forests In the shades of grey Beyond fear Lilith- Queen of the black light awaits She is one of the tyrants She is one of the darkness With a blaze of thorns She will demand your soul Behind the dark side of the mirror In anoth

Crobot - Queen of the light lyrics

has the keys to under-Earth Her only wish, a holy rebirth All dressed in the darkness But she’ll trade it all for a white dress Been out of morality too long She swears our love has been dying But what do you expect from the king of the damned Been out of mortality too lo

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Queen of the road lyrics

in the doorway with her hand on her hip Eyes like the beacons on a rocketship Just about the bottom of a bottle of gin She baits her hook and she reels'em in She's got a black leather jacket, with a patch on the back No imitation cajun gonna get to that Got a red bandana a

Avian - Queen of the insane lyrics

s the day to pay the insane Until now you've had the edge Shadows dance across your room Chasing you with unholy rage No more are you allowed to dream The end has come to the legacy She won't stop until she has your soul The kingdom has heard her call Out

Darkwater - Queen of the night lyrics

feel, I breathe, I have my life right in my hands Still I fear my command is not enough Take this weight off of me Watch me break constantly Just one touch and I come to light Queen of the night I'm down so deep cannot sleep without you now Break the trus

Queensrÿche - Queen of the reich lyrics

the dead of night She'll come and take you away Searing beams of light and thunder Over blackened plains She will find her way Flying high through the night She will hide your fate As she takes your soul from under And the blinding light of the castle fades

Ted Nugent - Queen of the forest lyrics

you remember her name She standing for a long long time She got the magic wand To make it rain or sunshine CHORUS: She got the power to turn on the light She got the power to turn on the light, light, light She the queen of the forest?.quee

Shadow Gallery - The queen of the city of ice lyrics

Chapter 1:] Long ago the skies turned gray the fallen sun had gone away and left us cold until one thousand years would pass and we'd sail away Trapped within such misery we'd seen a light we'd never seen all crowned with gold through morning mist with te

Fun. - Queen of the slipstream lyrics

re the Queen of the slipstream With eyes that shine You have crossed many waters to be here You have drank of the fountain of innocence And experienced the long cold wintry years. There's a dream where the contents are visible Where the poetic champions compose Will you breathe n

Anna Tsuchiya - Queen of the rock (hotei vs anna tsuchiya) lyrics

up & ready, Get up & ready Oh, I'm ready for leave this f***in' town Get up & ready, Get up & ready Run to where you'll not need to shield your eyes I'm getting sick of this ordinary day Get up your courage, Get up your courage It's time

Crystal Ball - Queen of the night lyrics

wakes from a dream Another sleepless night The moon throws its beam A silver ray of light Her memory is just a scheme All she feels is fright The radio plays a theme From a strange old rite Love she hoped to find Bloodshed is what she’s got She’s a queen of the night

Electric Light Orchestra - Queen of the hours lyrics

of the hours lies waiting for the wind To blow away the veil of time. Slowly now the threads of age Are starting to unwind. Queen of the hours, along, along, along The path of time, of time She is still, the clock shall tell the tale When all is well, is well. Blac

Loverboy - Queen of the broken hearts lyrics

sides are fightin' You don't know who to choose You're stuck in the middle And you can't lose Both sides are talkin' You've finally seen the light You'll get it together But not tonight You were born with it And now you got it The way you want it And you don't care Cau

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Queen of the dead lyrics

Dracula:] Blue eyed dream, innocent smile. She was a good girl just for a while. She would never let anyone inside. But I killed the light in her eyes. Queen of the dead. There is no salvation ahead. On a one way ride straight to hell. There's no way to erase or rewind it.

Van Morrison - Queen of the slipstream lyrics

re the Queen of the slipstream With eyes that shine You have crossed many waters to be here You have drank of the fountain of innocence And experienced the long cold wintry years. There's a dream where the contents are visible Where the poetic champions compose Wi

Inkubus Sukkubus - Queen of the may lyrics

across the barren land Still cold from winter's hand It has been a time for tears Season of the Goddess return On this eve, the first summer night Out of the darkness and into the light Set the Beltaine fires alight Season of the Goddess return Ha

Bobby Darin - Queen of the hop lyrics

you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue You can keep your miss Molly and your Mary Lou When it comes to the chicken or doin' the bop? I got a girl they call the queen of the hop Oh, well I love my queen Do you know who I mean? Sweet lit

Shakin' Stevens - Queen of the hop lyrics

you can talk about your Julie and your Peggy Sue. You can keep your Miss Molly and your Mary Lou. When it comes to the chicken or doin' the bop? I got a girl they call the queen of the hop. Oh well I love my queen. Do you know who I mean? Sweet little

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Queen of the rodeo lyrics

daddy was a trucker Left home when I was three He fell for some dude in Austin Then it was mom and me She always wanted a daughter Well look at what she got A'hit me, beat me, a faggot I ain't But a real man they say I'm not I'm the queen, q

Emmylou Harris - Queen of the silver dolar lyrics

arrives in all her splendor Each night at nine o’clock Her chariot is the crosstown bus That stops right down the block Now the old piano minstrel plays her tune as she walks in And the queen of the silver dollar’s home again She’s the queen of the silver

Crimson Glory - Queen of the masquerade lyrics

- madame of mystery Heavens angel, devils daughter Lady - black widow strange and cruel Is it true? Do you still need hearts to bleed To be satisfied? Gathering prey, deadly webs Hang in dark disguise Showing no mercy, insatiable appetite Down, down to your knees Bow b

Deacon Blue - Queen of the new year lyrics

re so young And you know so much Heaven help us all From the tales you tell You're so old And innocent as hell How I love your questions You Queen of the New Year Oh you're so young And you know so much And my mind's not made up About the way f

Hot Chelle Rae - Queen of the scene lyrics

s sophisticated, Or so she seems, This place is overrated, But it's the place to be, She never comes alone, And everyone's her friend, A long way from home, Well she thinks she's looking classy, But it's easy to see that. She shines like a diamond, Thin

Jeffree Star - Queen of the club scene lyrics

it's 2 AM And the party pulls up. Now we're moving out To the city we love to go. Whoa Whoa Whoa I feel I feel electrical The lights so bright. You're looking magical In the city tonight. Whoa Whoa Whoa Tell me now That I can se

Buddy Holly - Queen of the ballroom lyrics

re the queen of the ballroom You're in every ma-an's arms When I look upon you How you thrill me with your charms You have all the men at your feet With your lovely lovely ways And I will love you forever and al-always May I have, may I have this da-a-a-ance? Now I kn

Lovex - Queen of the night lyrics

this night and make it what you want it to be With no regrets or shame Bring your friends and let this party never end You know how to do it yeah Tonight you get to be a superstar (to be a superstar) You got what it takes to go far (takes to go far) Everybody know

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Queen of the publication lyrics

strange is going on And you're in the middle I'll do anything to solve the riddle I've got a city editor Put me on a deadline If I don't come through I'm on the breadline I'll invade your privacy Please don't take it personally I'm oh so sorry But the reader's

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Queen of the furrows lyrics

Toronto yelled the Queen of the Furrows This is how we farm hens cluck and roosters crow You are my heart staring down from the pillar To be apart is that why you have to go To conversations city everybody's talking You must have something to say To con

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Queen of the night lyrics

I've got the stuff that you want I've got the thing that you need I've got more than enough To make you drop to your knees Cause I'm the queen of the night The queen of the night Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Don't make no difference if I'm wrong or I'm right I've got the f

Archeon - Queen of the night lyrics

the night she comes to me, when I dream about her Beauty angel in the black coat is taking my last breath Then I'm feeling like I'm falling down to the grave of my world There is almost everything But I can see nothing!!! Queen of the Night Queen of the Life Then I

Rhapsody Of Fire - Queen of the dark horizons lyrics

NERA SUSSURRANTE PIANGE SANGUE D'INNOCENZA DALL'ABISSO LEI RITORNA PER URLARE LA SENTENZA The witches are riding, wolfs howl at the moo whilecandles are lighting the black mess of fools The daughter of evil the mistress of shame her tomb is now open to

Dangerous Toys - Queen of the nile lyrics

makes me shudder She makes me shake At night i think and i want to take her away Rainbows are on her face Visions of tattooed chains Egyptian rain in my world A princess on her throne Chorus : Queen of the nile Love me like an earthquake Queen of the nile Please let me

Chinchilla - Queen of the rain lyrics

was a shame It was a very bad time Feel the darkness Treating my heart and my mind Damned and lonely Rest in peace Lost myself For her chicane She's the mistress of my heart Pain and fire Queen of the rain, time is by my side Queen of the rain, no more tears for

The Dogma - Queen of the damned lyrics

soul was born in hell's fire Dark shade of human desire Image of passion an fury Wild celebration of nature Black hair as a night without stars Female grace with animal instinct Must of sin an destruction To you I will surrender QueenIn my dreams

Manilla Road - Queen of the black coast lyrics

me back, across the sea Of Vilayet, to my queen No kingdom hers, but for the sea A coastal curse, a pirate's dream Scourge of the westcoast Hellcat of my dreams The tigress sailed, The south so vast The queen was hung from her own mast From winged

Donnie Munro - Queen of the hill lyrics

watched her turn against the wind another year begins its end she's held her time against the change a people lost without a trace a noble history a place a long road travelled on the line another winter to survive she walks with dignity and pride she was the queen of all the

Enslaved - Queen of the ice desolates (is'ders dronning) lyrics

the balcony she beholds and longs Queen of the ice desolates Alone and weeping she bears the sorrow Queen of the ice desolates In the land where day is night and night is day Bulks a castle with walls of ice, covered with white frost Outside these walls exists n

Lana Lane - Queen of the ocean lyrics

on a sea of glass In autumn rain's Winds of change And underneath the waters still and dark I swear I saw her face Lay me down in leaves of grass Where ocean air Blows through my hair And up above where the rainclouds gather round I swear I saw h

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Queen of the damned lyrics

one that you fear is so close The woman tattooed with the rose Claws that are sharp, she'll tear you apart Make you into food for the crows Revenge is her aim, she'll make you pay She talks a mean game and she'll blow you away Get out of town as soon as

Phantom ( Usa ) - Queen of the damned lyrics

the twist Severed wrist Ride the crimson tide Strike the chime Sing the rhyme Dead men never lie Kingdoms rise, fall She stands like stone Hail, all hail, the queen of the damned Cast to crime The coffered dime The jester on the throne Tip the crown Feel

Bloodflowerz - Queen of the freakshow lyrics

sit alone in my room waiting Waiting for the demons to go And I don't wanna know what I yet know I am the queen in this freakshow When love's too low and pain's too high The only answer is goodbye My hope's just the dope to bear your last words Now I see farewell's the key to

The Divine Comedy - Queen of the south lyrics

don't look at me that way You'll only make me want to say Something I will regret You are April you are May What a stupid thing to say Just forgive me and forget That I ever opened my mouth And let it all come out Let it all flood out I am worried for

Sacred Oath - Queen of the night lyrics

us gather round the fire Sharing ritual soul to soul Cone of Power teasing desire Pagan minds, black as coal Queen of the night Raised from the grave before the altar Her kingdom come, her will be done Will you run, or will you ride her? Will she fork you with her tongue? Cr

Azarath - Queen of the sabbath lyrics

entangled like snakes Dripping blood and sweat Each breath is so full of lust This is the essence of sin. Up there on the altar she lays stretched on cold stone Above her a silhouette moves Above her a head with horns. Straight into the white chest Dagger down, dagger up

Dargaard - Queen of the woods lyrics

sumus in fide Puellae et pueri integri Dianam pueri integri Puellaeque canamus O Latonia, Maximi Magma progenies livos Quam mater prope Deliam Deposivit olivam Montium domina ut fores Silvarumque virentium Saltuumque redonditorum Amniumque sonantum Tu Lucina dolent

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Queen of the highway lyrics

was a princess, queen of the highway Sign on the road said: Take us to Madre! No one could save her, save the blind tiger He was a monster, black dressed in leather She was a princess, queen of the highway Now they are wedded, she is a good girl Na

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Queen of the go go girls lyrics

you know I'm leavin' in the mornin' And it's true I might not be comin' back But you don't need to go into mournin' Because for love you will never lack (Chorus) 'Cause you're the Queen of the Go-Go Girls You're laughin' while you work But I don't ever seem to get the joke You

Angra - Queen of the night * lyrics

the crystal bell of sorrow Caught ourselves pretending our frustations Were gone Once again, instead of facing the day We ran away; closed our eyes To keep learning on feelings we had We were close Misty memories of a past come by And I'll write my pray On

Kerion - Queen of the gorgons lyrics

has the beauty of the devil How strong is the temptation to see her face Monster with hair made of living snakes Their whistle seduce my soul Queen of the dark forces of evil Mistress of the Beasts guardian of the Thresholds Her deep glance will turn me into stone Her dragon bo

Orthodox Celts - Queen of the day lyrics

Was Savin' My Money For A Charity Ball To Buy You A New Dress An' A Shoes For A Dance I Wanted To Take You To Some Fancy Place Where Nobody Knows Us An' Nobody Cares But I Met Some Old Friends They Invited Me For A Drink One After Another I Star

Sathanas - Queen of the netherworld lyrics

gathering Under a december moon Take the witch To the stake She recites A curse of ages! Chants of death! Hordes of hell Conjuring The infernal hosts! Burned alive For sorcery; Shall take revenge, And spread the plague! Chants of death! Evil of

Astarte - Queen of the damned lyrics

to the land of the dead Truth dies here and reborn somewhere else Feel the tension to the back of your head Seek down for something which is died away Rapid downfall passed from abyss seeking answers Always in vain Truth is hateful nothing shame ful

Niobeth - The magic flute (queen of the night aria) lyrics

Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen, Tod und Verzweiflung flammet um mich her! Fühlt nicht durch dich Sarastro Todesschmerzen, So bist du meine Tochter nimmermehr. Verstossen sei auf ewig, Verlassen sei auf ewig, Zertrümmert sei'n auf ewig Alle Bande der Natur Wenn

Nocternity - Queen of the deep lyrics

aeon passed since her lungs turned to quills The passing of time had her childish wombs heated Like the Goddess she praised she began to seem And she was baptized the queen of the deep All of the sea creatures bowed and loved her As she was the chosen of the sea

The Dubliners - Queen of the fair/the tongs by the fire lyrics

:::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::: ::::::::instrumental:::::::

Devotchka - Queen of the surface streets lyrics

this is one place where Your gods can't dwell It's like walking in To the mouth of hell Sweating our dignities out on the subway At the beginning of another long, long day As for my mortal remains I couldn't care 'Cause when the day is done She'll be waiting h

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Queen of the gas station lyrics

me coffee, king-sized cup Come on, kitty cat, fill her up What's your name, little buttercup? That's for me to know and you to make up Love casinos and Indian reservations But, baby, if you love me, take me to the gas station Gas station Look at you smoking in

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