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Gorefest - Of death and chaos lyrics

you want a hint of your future? Do you want to ... dead? Do you want a glimpse of tomorrow? Rest assured, no life ahead It's got to come I ... feel it present Every break of dawn Holy mother of

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The law of the flames lyrics

let the witch woman live, the queen of death and life The ... wife From the seven circles of fire she's risen with unholy ... her to die by the cruel law of the flames The choir of death is singing in the night to

Cradle Of Filth - Queen of winter, throned lyrics

who is pure in the heart And speaks in prayer by night ... when the wolf's bane blooms And the winter moon is bright&amp ... Listen to them The children of the night What sweet music

Kerion - Queen of the gorgons lyrics

has the beauty of the devil How strong is the ... face Monster with hair made of living snakes Their whistle ... seduce my soul Queen of the dark forces of evil

Imperia - Queen of light lyrics

love for an unborn angel And she's the Queen of Light, ... with her might The Queen of Light Dancing with flames ... heaven is bleeding Taken a life, given an angel The Queen of

Nu Pagadi - Queen of pain lyrics

Träne die Irgendjemand Weint auf dieser Welt Ist ... die Ketten fort von mir Queen of pain Shed a tear, 'cause ... you're cold And you're vain Queen of pain Queen of pain Life

End Of Green - Queen of my dreams lyrics

now I can hear. A calling of you has saved me before I ... dead empty place. Beautiful queen still of my dreams. You are ... who's living under my skin. Queen of my dreams, beautiful and

Nightmare (fra) - Queen of love & pain lyrics

the deep of your heart you're alone But ... is mine But you still think of the past In your dark and ... twisted mind In the heart of a savior You're the queen of

A Sound Of Thunder - Queen of hell lyrics

brothers sisters I am the queen of hell Come with me I'll ... will show no mercy A nation of the cursed So arm yourselves ... we march forth Do as I command Red and black our banners

Black Label Society - Queen of sorrow lyrics

world where I can see, oh Queen of sorrow and all this hell ... within Oh, I close my eyes and sit back as I watch my end ... begin Hey now Void of sight and sound I say hey

Jonah33 - Death and the life lyrics

everything You will be the death and life You're my end, yeah ... everything You will be the death and life of me Seems you ... you're zealous to own all of me Seems I'm reckless Seems

Num Skull - Death and innocence lyrics

that you've never done Your life has barely even just begun ... from the Grave As a man of religion you will die But ... the promise of God is lies Your faith was

Project Pitchfork - The queen of time and space lyrics

began to shine In the center of it all In a landscape was ... this mountain was a castle And in this castle was a chamber ... And in this chamber plays a girl

Inquisition - Embraced by the unholy powers of death and de.. lyrics

with might For Annihilation of the sacred king! I am the ... fallen angel summoning his death Abaddon, the one of war, I ... his crown Instruments of torture in the hands of sin

Sacred Oath - Queen of the night lyrics

ritual soul to soul Cone of Power teasing desire Pagan ... minds, black as coal Queen of the night Raised from the ... Am I insane? No one understand true love Until they're deep

Cruel Force - Queen of heresy lyrics

delight - Slaying the life Pleasures of flesh - ... Conquered by death Desecrate souls - Demon's ... whore She's the queen of the blackest abyss Her ... castle's walls are the mark of your death See the pentagram

Azealia Banks - Queen of clubs lyrics

[Chorus] She was dealt the queen of clubs So tell the f***in' ... DJ to play my favorite song I don't need the champagne, ... I'm blazin' up Wanna put my hands up in the air Yo come on

Crobot - Queen of the light lyrics

for a white dress Been out of morality too long She ... do you expect from the king of the damned Been out of ... singing the same old dead song But if you need to go… And she walked out on the night

Elton John lyricsElton John - Queen of cities (el dorado ii) lyrics

Dorado, queen of cities Paradise so wisely ... Match your people fine and free Why return to old world ... El Dorado El Dorado, queen of cities Overflowing with

Jorn Lande & Trond Holter - Queen of the dead lyrics

the light in her eyes. Queen of the dead. There is no ... Look at you now, Draculas queen. The most beautiful dark I ... Oh, you belong in my shadowland. In the twilight zone waits

Crystal Viper - Goddess of death lyrics

She rules demons of the earth She will drive you ... ever seen the cold Emptiness of her eyes Have you seen the ... end of the ends? Queen of death will take you there! And as

A Change Of Pace - Queen of hearts lyrics

at the stars above I put my hand to your cheek For one last ... into words through voice or hand Your love is the best thing ... I'll never have The time and pain put in this will not be

Manilla Road - Queen of the black coast lyrics

me back, across the sea Of Vilayet, to my queen No ... a pirate's dream Scourge of the westcoast Hellcat of my ... The south so vast The queen was hung from her own mast

Oomph! - Song of death lyrics

I know you're gonna hang me And the noose is pulled so tight ... me to breathe Sing me this song of death Sing me this song of death Sing me this song

Diablo - Queen of entity lyrics

to my world of hate, damnation of my soul ... be together with my dreams of death, you know! Tell me ... what you fell My queen of entity Welcome to this

Electric Light Orchestra - Queen of the hours lyrics

wind To blow away the veil of time. Slowly now the threads ... Are starting to unwind. Queen of the hours, along, along, ... along The path of time, of time She is still, the clock

Cradle Of Filth - Of mist and midnight skies lyrics

other laws to the service of the enemies of god are ... silent and hidden yet our exquisite ... he may not walk for fear of falling foul to temptation

Sathanas - Queen of the netherworld lyrics

stake She recites A curse of ages! Chants of death! ... Hordes of hell Conjuring The ... Shall take revenge, And spread the plague! Chants

Elvenking - Death and the suffering lyrics

Suffered I have and Suffer I will... Counting my ... that I spill The sweetest of tortures, that we call Life.. ... cease with the slash of a knife How can I accept

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Queen of hearts lyrics

I saw him playing cards And I went over to the old man ... the cards All about your life Do you want to know it? So ... listen to me" The Queen of Hearts The Queen of

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Queen of hearts remix lyrics

I saw him playing cards And I went over to the old man ... the cards All about your life Do you want to know it? So ... listen to me" The Queen of Hearts The Queen of Hearts

Bal-sagoth - When rides the scion of the storms lyrics

Dover, England: September 1594 (the ... recollections of a war-weary mariner)] ... we set sail for the Bay of Biscay on the morrow. I was ... battle-scarred master of an English galleon, survivor

Devlin ( Swe ) - Queen of razors lyrics

beautiful Your dreams of me I'm the answers to all

Gvcci Hvcci - Queen of darkness lyrics

are, baby Room fulla candles Ashes on the mantle Of ... me just a little Too hot to handle Damn, yo—this is just a ... Choked that boy to death, yeah Just as he was gettin'

John Mayer - Queen of california lyrics

on Boarded a flight with a song in the back of my soul And ... out her ghost left town The Queen of California is stepping ... hung After the gold rush of 1971 I just found out her

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Queen of royal badness lyrics

to unwind your body So dance and shake and just keep in step ... Understand, draw a clear picture What I ... def These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom All

Archeon - Queen of the night lyrics

m falling down to the grave of my world There is almost ... But I can see nothing!!! Queen of the Night Queen of the Life Then I'm walking in her

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Queen of all the tarts (overture) lyrics

of Queen of all the tarts Queen of Queen of all the tarts ... Queen of Queen of all the tarts Queen of Queen of all the tarts Queen of. ... . Queen of.. Queen of.. Queen of.

Amanda Lear - Queen of china-town lyrics

that I met the opium Queen babyface girl from Shanghai ... never smile and never cry. She now rules ... gold bring her your worries and when life gets a bit too

Amanda Lear - Queen of chinatown (opium dense mix) lyrics

that I met the opium Queen babyface girl from Shanghai ... never smile and never cry. She now rules ... gold bring her your worries and when life gets a bit too

Crystal Ball - Queen of the night lyrics

throws its beam A silver ray of light Her memory is just a ... is what she’s got She’s a queen of the night From dusk ‘til ... dawn she’ll ride She’s the queen of the night Came from the

David Hasselhoff - Queen of rain lyrics

fades to autumn Comes the queen of rain When a love will ... fade forever Comes the queen of rain The queen of rain ... The queen of rain The queen of rain The love we shared

Hasselhoff David - Queen of rain lyrics

fades to autumn Comes the queen of rain When a love will ... fade forever Comes the queen of rain The queen of rain ... The queen of rain The queen of rain The love we

Juice Newton - Queen of hearts lyrics

 and I'm a-waiting on the twelve ... time  Playing with the queen of hearts, knowing it ain't ... lie,  thinking 'bout a life of crime  That's what I'll have

Monster Magnet - Queen of you lyrics

Crazy we live in a world of billions Your only friend ... wings could fly Every now and then you gotta clear that sky ... come to crown yourself the Queen The Queen of You Your

Gamma Ray - Death or glory lyrics

bored Going nowhere...pissed off with life Don't need no ... my knife When it's night And I'm out on my own on the ... t make me sad I'm gonna stand up To the ones who bring me

Anna Tsuchiya - Queen of the rock (hotei vs anna tsuchiya) lyrics

your eyes I'm getting sick of this ordinary day Get up ... Oh, everybody is envious of your luck Get a bad review, ... what I want I'm getting sick of arcane realty Get up &

Avatar (swedish Band) - Queen of blades lyrics

marching But not under roof of law We fall in line and We ... as one I answer God The God of war And by the night I was ... a hunger We share a hate And in the end, we will share death So far we travel through

Example lyricsExample - Queen of your dreams lyrics

battle without you None of your poachers getting out ... there And should let the whole world ... can't look her in her face And say you lost this one, you

Queensrÿche - Queen of the reich lyrics

the dead of night She'll come and take ... you away Searing beams of light and thunder Over ... takes your soul from under And the blinding light of the ... is no escape It's the ending of your precious life Your

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Queen of rain lyrics

house there are fifty doors and one of them leads to your ... heart. In the time of spring I passed your gate and tried to make a start. All I ... knew was the scent of sea and dew I've been in love before

Dave Edmunds - Queen of hearts lyrics

short time Playing with the Queen of Hearts knowing it ain't ... another lie, thinking about a life of crime That's what I'll ... everybody what you have done And baby, I know it makes you sad

Janessa Mike - Queen of hearts lyrics

of hearts. Queen of hearts. She the type of girl ... is a bad girl; Cause she the queen of hearts. She had me open ... the cards. Shorty’s the queen of hearts. Queen of hearts

Seraphim - Song of death live lyrics

wicked gathering, dark stands still full of sorrow Gorgon ... creeps aound a grave, hush of shadow piercingly cold ... Marvel of love incompletely, moonlight

The Cramps - Queen of pain lyrics

of pain, queen of pain. you got me hanging ... from a chain queen of pain, queen of pain. i'm bad and i know ... i'm to blame queen of pain,queen of pain these marks will be

Holy Moses - Queen of siam lyrics

a cold morning in the north of the world Where the fields ... are black and dead There's a storm of ice ... thoughts are vanished The queen of Siam won't die With

Donnie Munro - Queen of the hill lyrics

she walks with dignity and pride she was the queen of ... the bracken turns to gold and she's waiting for me still ... she was the queen of the Hill she was the queen of the hill for many years

Buglug - Queen of heart lyrics

goran kimyou na gojisei Queen Of Heart is Murderous ... goran kimyou na gojisei Queen Of Heart is

Cauldron - Queen of fire lyrics

hold the chains on life, you'll never leave ... Concoction, under lock and key, no need I trust in lust ... to keep you stranded by my side And when you're ... Run tonight, burn the candle, fantasize Look inside Queen of fire in your eyes The

Crimson Glory - Queen of the masquerade lyrics

- madame of mystery Heavens angel, ... Lady - black widow strange and cruel Is it true? Do you ... her majesty Hail - to the queen of the masquerade Deep in

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