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Avatar (swedish Band) - Queen of blades lyrics

them marching But not under roof of law We ... God The God of war And by the night I was ready Now ... we're breathing, we breathe as one We don't speak but, We share a thought We

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Queen of the road lyrics

on her hip Eyes like the beacons on a rocketship Just about the bottom of a bottle of ... gin She baits her hook and she reels'em ... in She's got a black leather jacket, with a

Sailor - Sailors night on the town lyrics

there! - You better get up now, and clean up ... see there are ships in the harbour? Put on your best face, ... some perfume in your parlour But don't lose your head, just

Crashdïet - Queen obscene / 69 shots lyrics

Mmm lookin' pretty n' ya bitter sweet C'mon gotta give ... you provide my fix You table dance teaser show me ya ... nice to eat You're a sex bomb love machine 69 shots o'

Labÿrinth - Sailors of time lyrics

Where the space is not a bound Come with me In the ... We will fly Through the bluest skies To the infinite ... stopping tonight We're going back home Like sailors of time

Jimi Hendrix - Machine gun lyrics

Gun Tearing my body all apart Machine Gun, ... yeah Tearing my body all apart Evil man make ... what I mean) Hey! And your bullets keep knocking me down

Suzanne Vega lyricsSuzanne Vega - Machine ballerina lyrics

a thing on a string to be thrown and retrieved like a ... phone call received on somebody's birthday to tease and ... and then just say goodbye? Am I a toy on a tray ?

Asaf Avidan - Sailors are we lyrics

You dirty old swines! Better tighten them ropes, and ... them waves! Hey! Sir! Boys! What?! What do you got? ... A ship that will break and a body that'll rot!

Florence + The Machine - Queen of peace lyrics

His only son Cut down, but the battle won Oh, what is ... glowing hill, I will conquer Blood is running deep Some ... like the setting sun Like a boat into oblivion Cause you

Seabear - Sailors blue lyrics

saw the lion on the elephants back I heard your name in a book, saw your face in a map ... your name everywhere I go But Im the quiet wall, a quiet bed making blankets for the

Anne-marie lyricsAnne-marie - Machine lyrics

feel an ache in my body But if only I'd have no bones ... I know the air isn't breathable And it's no good for my ... I feel an anger inside of me Burns like the sun in my chest

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Queen in the black lyrics

nice We've walked the sand by lover's sea I've held your ... let you go You're my queen in the black With your time ... stopping body Queen in the black With your eyes that

Downplay - Queen of new york city lyrics

for my morning Then Sweetly becomes someone else's queen ... comes near me And it's still burning whenever she leaves ... Stay away from the queen of new york city (Stay away

Pink Cream 69 - Queen bee lyrics

to get stuck in the mud... Queen bee Are you telling me that ... you're lonely? Queen bee Well you got to be out of ... your mind Queen bee Got to believe what you tell me Queen

Kesha lyricsKesha - Machine gun love lyrics

we'd just have a funk. Boy, I'm about to f*** you up. ... Baby, I hope you're into dirty ... talk. Late night, all night bootycalls. Been up taken by ... your love. [Chorus]: Baby, I know you thought we

Mind.in.a.box - Machine run lyrics

control, I am not holding back. I will not stay on track ... to get lost, in the flow. but everything seemed to end up ... circles, what had come right before coming back over and

Naughty By Nature - Wickedest man alive (featuring queen latifah) lyrics

Intro: Queen Latifah] Mercifully, ... mercifully massacre, Naughty By Nature Thru it ever time, ... [Verse 1: Treach] You got beef, well what we do, talk to

Koreanpop - Queen b'z - bad lyrics

say shut your mouth up ije buteo nega geureul jibaehaechyaminamina geuui ... gaseumeul tamina mina jeonbu gajyeora chyaminamina ... tamina mina jeonbu gajyeora yakhan yeojaneun beoseora GIRLS, GIRLS BREAK

Ram ( Swe ) - Machine invaders lyrics

worldwide mainfrane the machine is alive. Observations, ... the humanoid species must be replaced. We created our ... own deathbed, mindless progress, ... the humanoid species must be replaced. Machine

Anvil - Machine gun lyrics

the bunker suppressing fire Burning heat of hot desire ... Ammo box and bullet belt Automatic weapon how it ... shells, we're victory bound Barrage of shrapnel, a

Linda Perry - Machine man lyrics

you been told About the machine man His leather gloves ... Hide his machine hands In every dream In ... I ever had I am awoke By the machine man Have you

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Burger queen lyrics

bemused by his lack of direction Hey ... Hey You Came to this world by caesarean section Hey You, ... You Dreams of a place with a better selection Hey You, Hey

Josh Groban - Machine lyrics

above tension below Learn from the in-between Blinded by trust, ... asleep to the truth Awakened by disbelief Somewhere I found ... right? 'Cause lately I've been feeling fine! Every

Jeffree Star - Queen of the club scene lyrics

electrical The lights so bright. You're looking ... Say my name J-E-F-F-R-double E. Cuz Im the queen of ... the club scene And they love meeee ... Cuz I keep the bass turned up. It's beating

Anna Tsuchiya - Queen of the rock (hotei vs anna tsuchiya) lyrics

fear from your eyes Get a bad review, Get a bad review Oh ... everybody is envious of your luck ... Get a bad review, Get a bad review Hello no!! I'm just

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Queen of the furrows lyrics

Toronto yelled the Queen of the Furrows This is how ... down from the pillar To be apart is that why you have ... To conversations city everybody's talking You must have

Amber Run - Machine lyrics

it was coming I could tell by the look on your eyes Oh, ... I forget that smile? We've been living life by numbers ... Living at a time But it's everything, everything

Cruel Force - Queen of heresy lyrics

of flesh - Conquered by death Desecrate souls - ... Demon's control Bathe in the gore - Bloodthirsty whore She's the ... queen of the blackest abyss Her castle's walls are

Foxy Shazam - Sailors over rhinosouras bay lyrics

Whack Whack Whack Whack But the band they kept on ... Green Greasy hands Rusted elbows squeak Squeak squeak ... squeak squeak But the band they kept on playing And

Imperia - Queen of light lyrics

Is the love for an unborn angel And she's the Queen of Light, with her might The ... dark A red sky, heaven is bleeding Taken a life, given ... an angel The Queen of Light And she's the Queen of Light, with her might The

Karmah - Machine man lyrics

Licensed to kill On my 650 Bonneville "Hellfire&quot ... yell Fuelled and indestructible Get it down to take the ... loose extremes On our maniac machines Take me down Or hit the

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Queen of royal badness lyrics

you on how to unwind your body So dance and shake and ... def These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom All ... I simply cream them One by one, I dust a rush them all

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Queen lyrics

playing with your body, lady Stop feeling like ... feeling this The world says beauty is changing F*** that ... elevated and say I love my body, I love my skin I am a

Ivory Night - Machine lyrics

only vivid trace Steel as bones inside A machine behind ... Artificial eyes – artificial breath travelling through time ... – artificial death Machine – running through the fire Machine – running through the fire

Freedom Call - Queen of my world lyrics

to rescue me Ride on - balance of power - shine on ... God given,obsession I’m driven, by ... forever She is the queen of my world The dream of my ... of my fantasies She is the queen of my world The dream of my

Devendra Banhart - Queen bee lyrics

everything I mean Oh, Queen Bee I'm always happy and ... free Oh, Queen Bee Land by me, by me She's kissed ... always as good as mine I'm blessed, she treats me so damn

E-rotic - Queen of light lyrics

you? Shadows of pale pass by You've ready to sail and I ... You've tearing me down but why My daydreams are bound ... you, forever Hear me! Queen of light help me throught the

Infinity Overture - Queen of hearts lyrics

immaculate being a maiden king and fair A ... so elegant siren she would be queen Oh she would be queen born ... to be queen of all queens Her beauty world soften a

Sammy Kershaw - Queen of my double-wide trailer lyrics

from the farm And I remember thinkin' for a country girl ... armed We sat there talkin' by the lobster tank I ordered ... this So I made her the queen of my double wide trailer

Anthem - Machine made dog lyrics


Lammoth - Machine lyrics

mask you've got Doing your job doing what they told you that ... You've learned to talk now be mute You've gotten life now ... Never to ask never to doubt never use your brain

Cradle Of Filth - Queen of winter, throned lyrics

heart And speaks in prayer by night May become a wolf ... when the wolf's bane blooms And the winter moon is ... mephitic voyeur On the black side of the glass

Exo - Machine (korean ver.) lyrics

pihanbangul annaoldeut Wanbyeokhan areumdaum kkumgateun ... hwanggeumbiyul Geunyeoui singgeureon ... Daeriseok gateun pibugyeol chohyeonsiljeogingeol ... geol Dojeohi mideul su eobseo bwabwa Neon machi

Saxon - Machine gun lyrics

underhanded fire Hear the bullets flying millions every ... cover me I don't wanna die Machine gun Machine gun Machine gun ... Machine gun Over the top into the

Abyssos - Queen covered in black lyrics

time where history has never been written, to a place only ... accessed by those of our kindred bitten. ... You have all seen them before. In places most secret

The Cramps - Queen of pain lyrics

of pain, queen of pain. you got me hanging ... from a chain queen of pain, queen of pain. i'm bad and i know ... i'm to blame queen of pain,queen of pain these marks will be

Marie Digby - Machine lyrics

m not a machine Looking around, ... its color Don't know what's become of me Barely alive, ... controlling me I'm not a machine, I'm not a machine I've got

Jethro Tull - Queen and country lyrics

silken whispers: catch us by the anchor chains --- But we all laugh so politely ... sail on just the same. For Queen and Country in the long ... dying day, And it's been this way for five long

Judas Priest - Machine man lyrics

to kill My 650 Bonneville "Hellfire! ... yell Fueled and indestructible Get it down To take the ... loose extremes On our maniac machines Take me down Or hit the

Millencolin - Machine 15 lyrics

stuck to my head. It’s just begun, you’re gone, you came ... walking free. (The machine is turning fifteen) No one ... Oh, have you seen Scooby gaping after this machine?

Battle Beast - Machine revolution lyrics

revolution Machine revolution Machine ... revolution Machine revolution Infernal fire's ... raging, machine world overlords Will soon ... knocking on your front door Absorbing information, stealing

Cadaveria - Queen of forgotten lyrics

In people's hearts, I am the queen of all You have forgotten. ... In people's hearts, I am the queen of all You have forgotten. ... in thoughts...!] [Carried by the breeze, In the colours

Bruce Dickinson - Machine men lyrics

the toys out for the boys Let the children make ... carcass in its dying rages Machine men - cannibals of rust Machine men - iron bites the dust Machine men - build with feet of clay

Exo - Machine (chinese ver.) lyrics

fou liu zhe xue ye Huang jin bi li chao xian shi zhu yi dou ... hai pa wei ta ding yi Da bai le ren lei de luo ji ... ju you mei you zai hu xi hui bu hui wei le shui tan xi Ta

David Hasselhoff - Queen of rain lyrics

fades to autumn Comes the queen of rain When a love will ... fade forever Comes the queen of rain The queen of rain ... The queen of rain The queen of rain The love we shared

Doro Pesch - Machine ii machine lyrics

terminal eyes Your voodoo brings me down on my knees ... [Chorus:] Two animals, machine to machine you got Some ... primitive feel Two animals, machine to machine Spinnin' in

Saxon - Queen of hearts lyrics

Trapped inside the players web Of cunning and deceit The bishop in his corner kneels ... lose your head To the red queen The red queen queen of ... hearts She is the red queen The red queen queen of

Skindred - Machine lyrics

Verse 1] I'm not going out baby I'm going all out One become ... two becomes ten becomes fallout No I don't even ... Turn the ignition, start the machine (Ayo, ayo) Yeah this is my

Local H - Machine shed wrestling lyrics

change I'd rather wrestle my machine You ain't a lover, you'll ... change I'd rather wrestle my machine A token e-mail, a drunken ... re just a fake Had all the bullshit I'm gonna take

Love Robot - Machine lyrics

mind. Two sides and they both wanna find. My fists are ... up, I'm ready to run. But how do you fight with the ... I try to show you the light. But there's not much that I can

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