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Brown Dennis - Money in my pocket lyrics

in my pocket but I just can't get ... no love Money in my pocket but I just can't get ... no love I'm praying for A girl to be my own ... Soon you said she coming but I don't believe a word

Simply Red - Money in my pocket (plan b mix) lyrics

in my pocket but I just can't get ... no love Money in my pocket but I just can't get ... no love I'm praying for A girl to be my own ... Soon you said she coming but I don't believe a word

King Shaolin - Money in my soul lyrics

I know you want me I´ve seen the diamonds come out of your ... to bet on me Cos´ I´m not the one, you´ll ever hypnotize ... stay free Now It´s time to find a love, get inspired from

Seals & Crofts - Put your love in my hands lyrics

what you are? Don't you think that you'd be happier with ... me? Look inside yourself. Won't you take ... a searching moment to see, If you might ... be much better off with me? Put your love in my hands. Put

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Put a bar in my ca lyrics

just talked to the weatherman It's gonna rain on me ... today I dropped my bubblegum in the sand And I had to throw ... I got out of bed, scratched my watch and wound my head I'm

Celkilt - The war in my head lyrics

all of these things that I’ve lost All of these mistakes that worked out ... just fine Pray that no one calls out my name That nothing changes ... I’ll put my head down Fear of the

Macbeth ( Ita ) - The world in my mind lyrics

world tries to put me down Everything I do for ... get too much of a wonderful thing The world has a funny way ... of a sneaking up on me Help me forget

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The lady in my life lyrics

ONE There will be no darkness tonight ... lady our love will shine, (lighting the light) just put your trust in my heart and ... meet me in paradise, (now is the time), girl you're every

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - The beatles - in my life (covered by ed sheer.. lyrics

are places I remember all my life though some have changed ... some have gone and some remain all these places had their ... some are dead and some are living in my life I've loved them

L'arc~en~ciel - The ghost in my room lyrics

no mawari wo Oyoide iru ningyo mitai ni Doku wo nomi ... yuketara kako mo kawaru The ghost in my

My Dying Bride - The snow in my hand lyrics

ve seen them. so dark. Black. And yet fine. The flower they carry had ... once been mine. Get away from me, man of ... Stay far from me. I lie to myself (it's not hurting). I

Eilera - The weapon in my self lyrics

again You've been lying to me And again Thinking ... high above me Each time brings the Weapon in My Self (I ... now...) I can hear her now singing me This Flood of Happiness Running in my veins

Rain Fell Within - The sun in my wound lyrics

light has grown dim, another day turned to night. Your ... tears meet my lips as you hold me tight. ... My body is getting weaker and I wish the sun ... would brighten up the sky. I thought I'd see a

Capsize - The angst in my veins lyrics

you ever felt like you were invisible? Tell me now if you ... ve ever felt miserable There's never really been a clear ... To live your life opposite to the world's rotation To feel

Opeth - The lines in my hand lyrics

are dying in the wake of gods And decrees ... remain arcane And everything around us is a consequence ... of pain The writings on the wall depict a truth that no

Snap - The world in my hands (we are one) lyrics

we step out there into this beautiful land We can ... fly away Through the thrill as time evolves Love, ... keep moving on On a place, in a time ... In a space, in my mind In a dream, far away In a land

4th Dimension - The sun in my life lyrics

killing my memories, stranded alone ... within this cruel labyrinth of grief I’m probing into my soul, Prey to the shades ... that bind me to dwell under eternal

Devilment - The stake in my heart lyrics

with the fury of the Valkyrie in flight Miasma flips the ... triggers in my veins Greeting immortality Sweet realities ... me high I'm sail past derailing once again Now The

Dreamshade - The world in my hands lyrics

and I can’t control all these feelings and all my ... thoughts. How to clear my mind get to realize that there ... is something more outside? Tonight I’m

Miss Saigon - The movie in my mind lyrics

They are not nice they're mostly noise They swear ... like men, they screw like boys I know there ... s nothing in their hearts But every time I ... take one in my arms It starts, the movie in my mind The dream they leave behind A scene I can't erase And in

Sally Oldfield - The sun in my eyes lyrics

clear is the night! The early flowers of the Spring ... are showing How warm is the wind! I can feel your hair in my ... fingers flowing Hey! You, you are the sun

Rick Ross - "all the money in the world" lyrics

know Get Money? Becoming the young Chamillionaire. Good ... sight of the things that is important to him. ... OLYMPICKS I’d never trade my old girl for all the money in

The Prostitutes - All the money in the world lyrics

t leave, stay close and maybe put your hands on me Lock the ... me bones and maybe throw away the key Feed me diamonds through ... the bars and watch me turn into gold Take the stage watch the rage as the kick in me

Nofx - You put your chocolate in my peanut butter lyrics

beat you to death. Because there is plenty of us, And only ... And here's just a few, You put your chocolate in my peanut ... butter, I was walking and you were in my way, You

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Drugs in my body (remix) lyrics

Verse 1: The Weeknd] x2 The sky is green I'm feeling out ... place Bottle of rum all to my face I don't need a car I ... chase London streets I'm looking for you [Verse 2: The

Black Lab - All the money in the world lyrics

the children, watch the women scream Listen to the ... big machine Switch the children, watch the women ... scream Listen to the big machine Let's have a party, let's

Amy Diamond - All the money in the world lyrics

the money in the world couldn't change what I ... feel about you All the money in the world couldn't bring me the joy that you do When life ... much more to me Now I guess the best things in life are free

Bellefire - All the money in the world lyrics

can I say to tell you Everything I'm feeling I never knew, ... Until your heart showed me the meaning [Ciara:] It's ... precious than gold I want the whole world to know And now

Alabama - She put the sad in all his songs lyrics

time beer bar picker Until the night she came along He gave ... women and his liquor And she put the sad in all his songs. ... Something about her made him sorry

Perry Como - Love put a song in my heart lyrics

. . . your love put a song, put a song, put a song in my ... Yes . . . your love put a song, put a song, put a ... song in my heart! Beautiful song of two

Kiss - Lets put the x in sex lyrics

got a letter just the other day She sent a picture, but ... address or a clue But something in that photograph reminded ... me of you Baby, let's put the X in sex Love's like a

Pitbull - My life ft. jason derulo lyrics

Intro:] Drop that beat, it's the truth, You don't know what ... it [Chorus:] I've had all the women you could possibly imagine in my life (in my life) I

Andy Biersack - Put the gun down lyrics

s where it starts, another night alone in the dark ... Hate is running through my veins Steady now I'm takin' aim The darkness of day, all the ... skies are turning to gray I can't tune the

Brandon Heath - The light in me lyrics

before You I was a flame burning down I was burning out ... You knew me better For You there was never a doubt God, since You gave me life Something

Live - Who put the fear in here lyrics

a man tell his boy About the pains of reality Then I ... watched that child grow into a soldier Defending ... contradictions and paving the way... Who put the fear in

Lowkey - Put the mic down lyrics

even know about this rapper thing anymore, man. I don't even ... know if I'm on this 'ting man, listen up! It's not ... mean? Yeah. Yeah! Ever since eleven this rap shit meant,

Motionless In White - We put the fun in funeral lyrics

Get down, get low. Turn the radio on, You're invited to ... tonight. Punk is heavy and the moon is full, Dead never ... Gonna dance all night, ('Till the sun goes down) 'Cause we're

Showaddywaddy - Who put the bomp (in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp) lyrics

d like to find the guy who wrote the song ... That made my baby fall in love with me. Who put the ... bomp in the bomp-a-bomp-a-bomp? Who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding

Cute Is What We Aim For - I put the "metro" in metronome lyrics

m gonna make sure that I put this place on the map If there's one promise I make it's ... that If there's one promise I make it's ... told me that this could be the best for me And some have

Kim Mitchell - In my shoes lyrics

then, maybe there's a place for you No, I'm ... not telling you we're through Maybe there's a place for you And then ... you'll know how I feel I'll put you here in my shoes I got

The Afters - In my eyes lyrics

walk in no one seems to notice like ... so clear to Me you're talking it feels like no one's ... listening you think you're not interesting but ... i just don't agree You're the colors showing through a

Cold Driven - The crutch lyrics

tired of giving excuses too hate myself ... tradition I could do without The crutch has no reason except the greed itself Soon enough it ... will put the nail in my coffin Carbon copy sickness

Diana Vickers - The boy who murdered love lyrics

re The Boy Who Murdered Love Cold ... of stone You're a midas in reverse You're the king of ... pain and hurt And the stars turn into fire And the ... red to black You encourage my d eesire Then you put the

Slaves - The king and the army that stand behind him (.. lyrics

Jonny Craig:) They love you when the lines get ... blurred, our hearts become the source as we push through ... all of these feelings, failure always disappoints

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - In my car (i'll be the driver) lyrics

can choose the channel when we're watchin' the T.V. Oh, babe--it's okay ... And you can pick the flavor when we're orderin' ... ice cream I don't mind--yeah, that's fine I'd do-

At The Drive-in - Schaffino lyrics

time i'm gonna take the collection baby and with the ... money in my hand i'm gonna purchase all the details scrub you clean with ... my soap opera chirping walking on tip-toed pickpocket fever

Sanity Is Lost - I put the man in manatee lyrics

you. I will give you everything, everything you want and ... more I will be everything I can be Everything you ... want! Youre my love, blinded by the past. In my eyes

Keldian - The devil in me lyrics

don't like the way you smile I don't like ... to say goodbye I don't like the words you say to me I don't ... like the way you cry I don't like the ... Fallen angels, I have kept my word And yet here you stand

Keep Of Kalessin - The mark of power lyrics

the face of your son Through the third eye I saw The battle ... and pale red scars Everlasting under the golden stars The time has come For you, my ... son To bear the mark of power Gods, hear

Eddy Arnold - I wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's ha.. lyrics

wouldn't trade the silver in my mother's hair For all the ... gold in the world The hands that rocked my cradle ... through all my baby days Are treasures

Deep Purple - The mule lyrics

one sees the things you do Because I stand in ... of you But you drive me all the time Put the evil in my mind ... Used to sing and say my prayers Live my life without

Ghostemane - The whole where my head once lived lyrics

a time when I used to open my eyes in the AM and just be ... I love to Bury me (Under the stars in my head) I don't ... is what I want to do with my life don't question me I

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The cure - world in my eyes lyrics

me take you on a trip Around the world and back And you won't ... sit still Now let your mind do the walking And let my ... body do the talking Let me show you the world in my eyes I'll take you to the highest mountain To the

Evig Natt - In my death i dream of you lyrics

taste of your kiss, soothes my heart Your eyes, looking at ... me, but you can't see All of my pain, of leaving you this way ... My heart eager to speak, but

Thomas Anders - The echo of my heart lyrics

do you think that your love means to me ... Just illusion of reality (Doing what you like) What you ... like to do (Doing what you like) What you ... like to do Love is changing everything Love is changing

City Of Caterpillar - Minute-hour-day-month-year-(the faiths in my .. lyrics

AWAY to the present day. Couldn't keep ... away. All of you. Greetings in shapes of shadows ... connected to my feet. Under this LENGTHY ... SLEEPS...all of you. Let the light in keep the door

Blutengel - In my dreams lyrics

feel the coldness in my heart I wish that you could ... me I wish you could heal my deepest pain And take me ... away from all my fears But I'm trapped in my

Catafalque - The wells of (my) heart lyrics

tears flowing towards the sea of sadness God sent us ... onto the earth We all began crying, since our birth I heard too ... for a lifetime And listened the silence of the nights There

In My Coma - My friend lyrics

here watching you lose breath, Watching ... you as you get colder, Watching you not growing older, And ... I can't sleep on either shoulder. Sitting here

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The girl at the bottom of my glass lyrics

can't raise my glass, without seeing her ass ... bottom I can't raise my glass, without seeing her ass ... wanna know what agony is Ask the girl at the bottom of my

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