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Put No One Else Above You I Love You lyrics

Browse for Put No One Else Above You I Love You song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Put No One Else Above You I Love You lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Put No One Else Above You I Love You.

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Natz Da Pinoy Rapper - No one else comes close lyrics

first you were to me the type and kind ... That was way way outta sight I'll reach, no way, I'll ... find you by my side But in time I knew I couldn't hide

Amel Larrieux - No one else lyrics

As A Windsong You Sang The Music Of An Honest Bird I Waited For Some Contradiction The Truth Was Ringin' In Your Every Word And Every ... Moment Since Then The One Thing I Can Tell Is That I

Kurt Carr - No one else lyrics

man must use the gift he's given Every man must do the will of God You were created ... for a season So never feel your gift is just too small ... Never feel that what you have is least of all

Breanne Duren - No one else lyrics

oh Oh, oh-oh, oh There's no one else who could love me ... Quite like the way that you love me No, there's no one else ... Well, I've been around the world I

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - No one else comes close lyrics

Ohhh, no, yeah When we turn out the ... lights The two of us alone together Something's just not right But girl you know ... that I would never Ever let another's touch Come between the

Isac Elliot - No one else (hot chocolate version) lyrics

made a mess and now my heart is an open wound Oh, no How ... do we save something when there's nothing left ... to lose? Oh, oh And when you're there, don't care I know it just ain't right I told

Allison Iraheta - No one else lyrics

got myself to blame for this Got myself to blame for my ... difficult days And my typical ways but you, You know ... how to let things slide I'm all perfect in your eyes You don't see all the damage in

Joe - No one else comes close lyrics

we turn out the lights The two of us alone ... together Something's just not right But girl you know that ... I would never ever let another's touch Come between the

Mary J Blige - No one else lyrics

are few The best of the few is you You know exactly what to ... do Baby, your time is so perfect Why in the hell I ... deserve it Keep on doin' what you do No one else No one else

Joe - No one else comes close (unplugged) lyrics

mmh ma mmh oh girl When we turn the lights. ... The two of us alone togther Something's just not ... right But girl you know that i would never ever let another

Semisonic - No one else lyrics

re the moviestar Of my innerspace Come to town a while Bring your quiet place ... Show me how it's done With a wave of your hand I'm ... destroyed and Recreated No one else can make me cry like

Salt´n Pepa - No one does it better lyrics

.. Baby, baby, baby (give it to me) Oh, yeah (I need it) ... Come and get it (I'm ready) Cuz no one does it ... better than me (than you, you, you) Than me, yeah yeah (oh

One More Time - No one else like you lyrics

see sadness in your eyes tough you say that life ... is great Stop your acting, tell me now Please before ... it is too late and though you're often Talking 'bout your

B5 - No one else lyrics

we turn out the lights the two of us alone ... together somthings just not right, but girl you know that i ... would never ever let anothers touch come between the

Bushman - No one else lyrics

oh oh I, I don't need no one else but you in my life Even if I ... try I can't work it out I'm longing no 1 else but you in my life Number one. Push ... my feeling, push my feeling Push it up, push it up,

Natalie Walker - No one else lyrics

Gravity pulls me into Anticipate Our first touch sweet ... and so new Let’s figure out how to make this ... forever Oh this is making me crazy Hey love I am

Nas lyricsNas - No one else in the room lyrics

[Nas] Maxwell go and sing [Maxwell] Ooohh, this for ... the ladies [Nas] M-A-X [Maxwell] ... Doin' it [Nas] N-A-S [Maxwell] I ... m back again (who's back) Again, again, I'm back again (who

Lee Seung Chul - No one else lyrics

dasi tae-eonamdaedo geureom saram ... haejoon cham goma-oon saram imnida geureon geudael ... weehaeseo naee simjangjeumeeya eolmadeun apado ... bo-ado modeungeol jol soo isseoseo saranghal soo isseoseo

Lil Kim - No one else (remix) lyrics

Brown: Brown nigga, uh, cromed out six and shit Bubblin' layin' up with ... them Colombians Oh f*** no, I get this doe, Foxy Brown Mama ... Jig suits from Gabbanna True, all a

Cee-lo Green - No ones gonna love you lyrics

s looking like a limb torn off Or all together ... just taken apart We're reeling through an endless fall We ... are the ever-living ghost of what once was

Brenda Lee - No one lyrics

one ever kissed me the way you do Ah... no one ever told me ... I love you, no one ever cared Ah... no one ever ... said all those dreams That I dreamed would come true Ah..

The Hellacopters - No one's gonna do it for you lyrics

as time is a teacher Confusion makes it so hard to tell It's bound to be hard to be her ... But it seems she's the best part of ... hell Astray in myladys mansion Lost in the chambers of

Kenny Rogers - Have i told you lately that i love you lyrics

I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you there's no one else above you? Fill my ... heart with gladness Take away all my ... my troubles, that's what you do For the morning sun and

Nia Peeples - You make me wanna lyrics

your finger on my pulse Feel how it races Put your hand over ... my heart Wish we could trade places ... Bridge: So you could feel how it pounds me

Maverick Sabre - No one lyrics

changed myself for you I opened up all them doors I ... closed To let you in and now I feel a fool You played so ... many games I was sitting in just blind to it From the

Meat Loaf - Love you out loud lyrics

sit in my living room thinking of you And the feelings I ... fear are coming true And everything about ... you is wrong I know it But I still taste you on my tongue

Jessica Mauboy - No one like you lyrics

used to being alone that I hid the pain of a broken heart ... That love thing I tried it over and over 'til I got tired And I never wanted to ... keep a smile up, can't deny it was fake to cover up All of

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - You made me love you lyrics

power of love The power of love Listen Said I Said I didn’t, said I didn’t, said I didn’t want to fall in love (didn’t want to fall in love) Oh

Ian Hunter - No one lyrics

used to come home each night to no one - no one All by ... myself, turn out the light - no one - no one One knife, a ... 'n' a spoon An empty bed in a cold room Oooh I needed

Accept lyricsAccept - No time to lose lyrics

ve gone so many ways I've been to all places But ... everything seems so sad without you Your love has ... The days are cold and grey I can't love no one else like I

Van Morrison - You're my woman lyrics

re my woman And you're my woman You bore my child, Lord You bore my child, ... Lord I want to thank you I want to thank you And no one ... else will do And no one else will do And no one else will

Crash Test Dummies - You've done it once again lyrics

kill is fresh, the deed is done You lay down in your bed ... But sleep won't come, you're still too high And ... thoughts race through your head And then the guilt

The Orwells - Like no one else lyrics

s got me down But she don't like it in this town I laugh ... when nobody's around And I never make a sound My baby ... s got me down But she don't like it in this town I laugh

Chris Norman - Love you heavy lyrics

know that I want you You know that I need you I don’t ... wanna live without you Ooh you got a way about you And I ... been alone for so long Now the summer’s here and winters gone So I just gotta

Airbourne lyricsAirbourne - No one fits me (better than you) lyrics

caught my eye in that leather and lace We hitched a ride straight to your ... place You killed the lights and the room went black You threw me down, took the skin

Diana Ross - One love in my lifetime lyrics

yeah From rags to riches, here I stand Shaped and ... molded by your loving hand With faith and trust unshaken You led me all the way Through ... years of joy and tears I'm standing here to say You

Rin Kagamine - I like you, i love you lyrics

Hey Hey Hey! Hey, could you wait a minute? I’m sorry, just one little moment of your time? ... Hey just one second, hey, for a little while. I only want to spend some

Chris Crocker - Love you better lyrics

know I maybe not what you want But, I could give you ... what you need And, that's why I wrote ... you this song So here it goes. Where do I go from ... here These feelings that I fear Should I just make it

Above & Beyond - No one on the earth lyrics

of my life I've been waiting For you I wanna be the one that you take home Let me be ... the one 'Cause I'm so lonely Take me home In time you'll love me like one of your

Reba Mcentire - You're the one i dream about lyrics

caught you smiling at me again out of the corner of my eye ... It isn't easy when I have to pretend that you're ... just another guy I can't let anyone ever know I

Monica - Why i love you so much lyrics

baby You mean the world and everything ... that I want for Since I've been your girl Oh my ... whole life has been much better than ... ever before You got a tender sweet love, yes you do That weakens me And

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - One night in heaven lyrics

night in heaven Uh, where we have ... started from I know our time has come One night in ... heaven Uh, I need you more and more You are the one I have been waiting for One night in heaven, one night in

Hillsong United - No reason to hide lyrics

got nothing to lose, We got no reason to hide, We got the ... answer inside of us, It’s time we took our disguises off ... See Your glory revealed, See Your

Maxwell - Love you lyrics

s you, it's you (ooooh,mmhmmm) [Verse 1:] ... You come out from nowhere, disappear and reappear Houdini ... would be very proud I can speculate your fears,

Orenda Fink - You are a mistery lyrics

are a mystery to me You are the sun light, the moon ... and the rain and the wind And the change that arrives when no one else will see ... You are a star in the sky You my angel and

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - You made me love you lyrics

worry all day long Don't know if I'm right or wrong I ... just can't help what I say Your love make me speak this way ... Why,oh why should I feel blue once I used to

Jess  Glynne lyricsJess Glynne - No one lyrics

in the deep end With nowhere to go My body's on the ... journey And my mind can't let go I'm falling into nothing Tell me what's ... left to lose 'Fore I knew where I was going And now I know I need you They

Boards Of Canada - One very important thought lyrics

that the show is over And we have jointly ... exercised our constitutional rights We would like to leave you with one very important ... thought Some time in the future, you may have the

Mary Fay - No more lyrics

again, fall into everything you have in mind, Once again, I ... feel this way, I will never play this game No ... more Never again ohhh~ Just go You have to

Syd Barrett - Love you lyrics

love you, honey little, honey funny sunny morning Love you more funny love in the skyline baby Ice-cream 'scuse me ... I've seen you looking good the other evening Oh

Idina Menzel - You learn to live without lyrics

learn to take your coffee black You learn to ... drink your whiskey neat You learn to take your shower ... cold And sleep on tired feet You learn to order

John Legend lyricsJohn Legend - Love you anyway lyrics

you’re down, I’m the first to know it You turn ... around, then you take aim on me Scream and shout, I’m ... not afraid to take it (oh) We’ve gotta be

Mika lyricsMika - Love you when i'm drunk lyrics

had a dream last night I slept with someone else ... Does that mean that I cheated on you? It was amazing And I couldn’t stop ... myself Could it be that I really want you? What if

Him - Love you like i do lyrics

my heart I'll bear the shame No prayer can ease the pain No one will love you No one will love you the way I do No one will ... love you Love you like I do And there's no escape

Sentenced - No one there lyrics

bottle, and the rope The feeling there really is no more ... The thought of the great unknown And facing it alone The ... dark, the silent, and the cold The feeling I have come to the end of

Terry Taffinder Grosvenor - You're the fire of my desire lyrics

Intro) We're on a luscious island, with no one else in sight Just you and me together in the night The stars are in ... waves lap on the shore Just you and me together evermore,

Anita Baker - No one in the world lyrics

Hirsch, Ken; Sharron, Marti; I look back on all those ... good times We once shared and I must have been blind Just to ... think, I find someone new One who loved me better than you

James Iha - No one's gonna hurt you lyrics

one’s gonna hurt you Not any more Ever since I ... amp;#8217;ve met you I’ve grown to adore you And I know they hurt you Bruised and sore No one&#8217

Firehouse - No one at all lyrics

me why things ain't like They used to be before I ... don't know why you hurt me But I still come ... back for more Baby I don't know how much more My heart can

Aaron Shust - No one higher lyrics

Father, Creator You hold our hearts together ... There's no one higher than You Redeemer, Defender Our ... great and mighty Savior There's no one higher than

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