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Everly Brothers - God rest you merry, gentlemen lyrics

merry gentlemen, let nothing you dismay, Remember christ our ... of comfort and joy From God our heav'nly father a blessed ... bethlehem was born the son of God by name. "fear not,

Slayer - God send death lyrics

your back look on to me You'll see genocide Face from ... pleading cries Watch you die inside watch you die God send death end misery ... a shattered faith Down on your knees Your screaming out

Coheed And Cambria - God send conspirator lyrics

in your last breath and stare. ... Assure me your metronome's left arm stick ... stuck on the right words in your ear. Did you hear me loud ... the cracks not to disturb your steadied arm straight line.

Anna Abreu - Send you packing lyrics

hit delete all of this time you were lying you were ... Broken dishes on the floor You got no business here no more ... now don't give a shit, all your gifts Imma throw them out

Big Country - Send you lyrics

there's nothing wrong with you There's nothing wrong Hey ... But must move on I will send you a lullaby You may not ... weep, you may not cry What else am I

Black Veil Brides - God bless you lyrics

place And all I know is what you left A love I can’t erase ... my name and ashes scorn You left me with these broken ... lies And I let you Got no more time for your

Sodom - God bless you lyrics

death Scars of misery God bless you, the nations heart ... brothers With a rifle in your gracious hand You'll leave ... The sin to the holy sky God bless you, the nations heart

Aaron Neville - God made you for me lyrics

time to make a woman like you Ooh baby, cause you're so, ... the sky, put the sparkle in your eye Baby, don't you know, you're my only desire When I ... enter the room, I smell your perfume The taste of your

Roy Orbison - God love you lyrics

with no place to go. Then you said hello. And now i walk ... with you.I talk with you. At last you’re here.In my ... me, with the everything you do. Long nights through.God

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - God made you beautiful lyrics

such a beautiful sight You took the breath And the ... we have been blessed And your love, it shines so bright You bring me back to life, back ... to life You make everything right And your love, it shines so bright You bring me back to life, back

Josh Henderson - God made you beautiful lyrics

hide the beauty of your hair Or change the colors ... Don’t hide the freckles on your skin, Hiding what he put you in I wish that there was sth ... Or let those tears roll down your checks Just be yourself,

Rachael Lampa - God loves you lyrics

about the time That you have the whole world figyred ... That would be the time that you Eneter in a season of doubt ... I tell you That every time those ... thoughts begin To enter your mind You Father picks you

Culture Club - God thank you woman lyrics

thank you thank you God thank you woman What we ... I would give the world to you Or anything you need There ... I won’t do Just promise that you’ll never leave Chorus: God thank you woman Thank you

Deathgaze - God bless you lyrics

ll sing god bless you And I'd sing god break you ... glad Hear me screaming for you loving Let's share this way ... follow, baby Tell me where your voice I am going crazy

Falling In Reverse - God, if you are above lyrics

They say the truth will set you free Then why am I still ... I've got no truth left, can't you see? Am I making myself ... Resolution, no solution God, If You Are Above... I fear

Libera - God rest you merry gentlemen lyrics

rest you merry, gentlemen Let nothing ... of comfort and joy From god our heavenly father A ... was born The son of god by name O, tidings of ... the angel "Let nothing you affright This day is born a

Chester See - God damn you're beautiful lyrics

the days I can't see your eyes, I don't even want to, ... On the days I can't see your smile, Well i'd rather sit, ... while. For the days I know you'll be near, 'Cause a day

Beth Hart - God bless you lyrics

love you and all that you do I need you to see me ... through I want you and I say Oh and god bless you She told me you're going ... away I said how can I make you stay I love you and I say

Naomi King - God dammit, you asshole lyrics

me take you back to just a few months ago ... I was so sure and so ready, you know I was so set, my whole ... To move away Let me take you now and see how I'm so f***ed

Girls Dead Monster - God bless you lyrics

kie kasanaru hamon no you na hitotachi o zutto mitekita ... ga tsukureru soto wa ame kyoushitsu de kyoku o kaiteta ... daremo hitori da aki no sasu you na kaze ga hontou ni itai

The Kiddie - God bless you lyrics

nado choukantan desu hitsuyou na mono o nashi de sumashite ... ikirarenai no dakedo Kyou wa nanni mo yaritakunai

Beverley Knight - Send me move me love me lyrics

Over and over and over) mmm, send me, move me love me (over ... and over and over) Send me Sugar Have you ever ... seen me sit and wonder why you're here with me? Of anyone you'd have your pick Yet here is

Lil Kim - You can't win lyrics

and gentleman (Come on throw your hands in the air like this ... I'd like to introduce to you, my bitch [Lil' Kim] F*** ... whole twelve rounds, yeah You broke hoes need to throw in

Nina Simone - Children go where i send you lyrics

go where I send you, How shall I send you? I'm ... gonna send you one by one, One for the ... Children go where I send you, How shall I send you? I'm ... gonna send you two by two, Two for Paul and

Lil' O - When god made you lyrics

Dana Jackson] You make me feel like sunshine ... baby [x2] [Hook] When God made you, all my fantasies ... all the rain and pain, you stayed true Them hoes, you

Newsboys - Go i wanna send you lyrics

just to cry on, realize) Are you gonna lend a hand, And ... assist? (I wanna send you there) GO... FROM THE TOP ... TIL THE WORK IS DONE I gonna SEND YOU GO... FROM THE BREAK OF

The Animals - Gonna send you back to walker lyrics

had nothin' when I met you baby But look what you got ... a mistake When I brought you to the south Gonna send you ... to Walker Girl, that's where you belong Since you been got in

Celtic Woman - Send me a song lyrics

the wave now and know that you're free Turn your back on ... so wild and so strong When you think of me, wave to me and send me a song Don't look back

The Kelly Family - I´ll send you a letter lyrics

ain't as good As being with you You got the game with the ... fame Why should I believe you got my picture in a frame ... being with Chorus: I'll send you a letter,I'll send you a

B. J. Thomas - Gonna send you back to georgia lyrics

you had nothing when I met you baby But look what you got ... make a mistake But I brought you from the south So I'm ... gonna take you back to Georgia Well back

Martina Mcbride - God's will lyrics

met God´s Will on a Halloween night ... Yeah, that was until I knew God´s Will Will´s mom had to ... Yeah, that was until I knew God´s Will Before they moved

Morbid Death - God lyrics

them under trees of hope. God, don't let the sea drown our ... highest mountain of Hope. God, don't let the fire burn our ... the purity of a whore! God! If you are still there, come

Biss - God lyrics

not my place I do not like you either I don’t like your ... maker I’m tangled and under your spell You are a faker (I ... do not believe in) Chorus God! Where is my backstage pass?

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - God knows lyrics

knows you ain't pretty God knows it's true God knows ... ever gonna take the place of you. God knows it's a struggle ... God knows it's a crime God knows there gonna be no more

Gary Barlow - God lyrics

The bells start to chime If your life’s helpless then it’s ... time They knew you could run They knew you ... could fight Sharpen your arrows now (Chorus) Tell

Clawfinger - God is dead lyrics

s no God for you to worship No master to obey ... There's not a soul that you can blame For all the ... stupid things you say There's nowhere you can ... turn you No words to justify Cause

Neil Diamond - God rest ye merry gentlemen lyrics

rest you merry, gentlemen Let nothing ... of comfort and joy From God our heavenly Father A ... was born The Son of God by name O tidings of comfort

Kirk Franklin - A god like you lyrics

wanna be like you they Want power and praise ... like you but See there's no god like our God There's no one ... like you Who gave their life like you ... and Who paid our price like you see There's only one god that

Get Scared - God damn liar lyrics

ll never take me You'll never take me alive Cause ... God knows you've tried I once was blinded ... Maybe I should cut my wrists You know I've never been f***ed

Sandra lyricsSandra - Dear god if you exist lyrics

in heaven Help Holy be your name I need some proof of your existence When I was a ... child - you were never here You let my brother see the light ... of day - disabled Where were you at that time Busy - with

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - God put a smile upon your face lyrics

to say I'm on my way down God give me style and give me ... grace God put a smile upon my face ... I've got to say I wasted all your time Oh honey honey Where

Ghost Machine - God forbid lyrics

clear slowly fading God forbid, you should have to ... see things my way God forbid, you should feel the ... same God forbid, you should never walk in my shoes

Ice-t - Dear god can you hear me lyrics

man F*** it [Kryst] Dear God can you hear me? [Verse 1: ... paranoid, it ain't easy when your lifestyle was grimy and ... with the karma of drama God please believe me! [Chorus

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - You're not my god lyrics

of paper, it says, "In God We Trust" A little sure ... When I held the gold But you're not my god And you're not ... my friend You're not the one that I will

The Moffatts - When god made you lyrics

exception to the rule When God made you He had something ... else in mind When God made you He took a little extra time ... world that's slowly sinking Your gentle eyes and loving smile

Deftones - God's hands lyrics

pain and don't lie Liquify your meaning, but wont Tell her you miss her, she's with me ... 'Cause I'm done - you know But it tastes like mud ... Don't tell her you love her She's with me I

Flame - Where god placed you lyrics

think this the way it is That God made us and God placed me in ... ain't get government aid A young ages feel like that we got ... He placed me right here (Do you think about your place on the

Gloria Gaynor - God rest ye merry gentlemen lyrics

rest you merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our ... of comfort and joy From God our heavenly father A ... was born The son of god by name O tidings of

Hillsong Worship - You alone are god lyrics

my hope In the light of Your salvation Where I lose ... myself I will find You’re all I need Sing my ... love Sing my soul Unto God alone I will meet You

George Jones - If god met you lyrics

I'm home get your sweet thing over here I'm ... first bring me a beer Well, you wish I'd let you get a job, ... well, you just keep right on a-wishin' ... You know a womans place is in the

Josh Wilson - I see god in you lyrics

lives next door, The ripe young age of ninety-four, I see ... night, Says "I'll see you soon." Ooh... Lily ... Grace, I see God in you. I met him right before a

Ll Cool J - God bless lyrics

flow Son, no doubt, god it's real Every member of my ... Suga, let's (HEESHA!), uhh, god bless Verse 1: Just the ... ya hands on ya [BLANK] or you could raise them proud I

New Collection - You’ll always be my god lyrics

dreaming Of the day When you and I Stand face to face ... I’ll be home Eternally With you I just can’t wait to see your face But for now You’ll

New Song - When god made you lyrics

But now that I have found you, I believe That a miracle ... has come When God sends the perfect One Now gone are ... in my life Oh, I wonder what God was thinking when He created you I wonder if He, He knew

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - God put a smile upon your face lyrics

to say I'm on my way down God give me style and give me ... grace God put a smile upon my face ... I've got to say I wasted all your time Oh honey honey Where

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - God help us all (bonus track) lyrics

for me If I'm not here when you return And if there's a god ... You'll be crashing when you burn A still white light ... Now I'm going insane If you don't say my name For rich

India Arie - I see god in you lyrics

day that you pass my way, I wonder, I ... wonder about your life What is your age, are you connected if so, does she ... treat you right Now please, excuse me

Michael W. Smith - You are holy (prince of peace) lyrics

are holy (You are holy) You are mighty (You are mighty) ... You are worthy (You are worthy) Worthy of ... (I will listen) I will love you (I will love you) All of my

Planetshakers - You are god lyrics

Where there is darkness, Your light will shine bright ... a brand new day CHORUS: You are God, You are God You ... are so glorious, You are so powerful You are God

Pm Dawn - Why god loves you lyrics

through love baby just like you, I hope to be all he wants me ... to be So when you run from me I will always ... understand But don’t you want to know why God loves you? I think I know how divine

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