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Neutral Milk Hotel - The king of carrot flowers pt. one lyrics

you were young, you were the King of carrot flowers And ... a tower tumbling through the trees In holy rattlesnake ... feet And your mom would stick a fork right into daddy's

Nick Lowe - Stick it where the sun don't shine lyrics

racket, Well, you call up the law, Do what you like, You ... keep the car, I'm on my bike; I can ... t be sorry when there ain't no choice, Either ... rejoin the rabble Or listen to your

Peaches - Stick it to the pimp lyrics

you ready? ready for the takeover. just follow me ... i got the plan don't worry you're ... doing the right thing (so lets get ... like a hand grenade i'm the first one on this panty raid

Dance Gavin Dance - The robot with human hair pt. 1 lyrics

inside to candle lighting at the fireside) To see that I have ... made it farther than you ever will (Take ... (Here's some sex for all these whores) Such talent wouldn

Lord Fist - The well of ganchul (eyleen pt. ii) lyrics

closed at your hand Smell the scent of betrayal And the ... time at its last See the woods and the garden Someone ... What it was Was it worth it There and back I don't know

Dance Gavin Dance - The robot with human hair pt. 2 lyrics

it's the coming of man And I forget ... you went away Like a kick to the face Not winning the race ... from afar) I've seen her in the car Knowing that you deserve

Dance Gavin Dance - The robot with human hair pt. 4 lyrics

of clean syringes Stuck to the ceiling I'm in view Can't ... shake the notion I'm becoming you The ... for high, free dose of low The Jig is up, I'm the one

Set Your Goals - The last american virgin lyrics

saved and a place we can meet. Can you think of any ... ve been dying to see? Say the word and we'll leave. The ... weather's fine, we've got plenty of ... time. There's only one thing keeping me

Ima Robot - Stick it to the man lyrics

we were so young that we're the nation that's free and fun ... information you get on the tube from the corporations ... to keep us numb to the sodomization of everyone

Revamp - The anatomy of a nervous breakdown: on the si.. lyrics

on the sideline, see the life I live passing me by I ... but can't go in Standing on the side while staring at myself, ... me go! Flee; far away from the life I once knew Let me fall

Gaelic Storm - The rocky road to dublin/kid on the mountain lyrics

in the merry month of June, From my ... home I started, Left the girls of Tuam, Nearly broken ... hearted, Saluted father dear, Kissed me darlin' mother, Drank a pint of beer, My

The Lonely Island - The creep feat nicki minaj john waters lyrics

I'm John Waters, and this is... The Creep. When you're ... out in the club and you see a fly girl ... Do the Creep (hah) Do the Creep (hah) And if you wanna

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - The end of all things lyrics

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh In these coming years Many things ... will change But the way I feel Will remain the

Kid Cudi - The dream time machine ft. empire of the sun lyrics

& Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi ... & Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi ... & Dot Da Genuis) WZRD-The Dream Time Machine (KId Cudi

George Gershwin - The man i love [from strike up the band] lyrics

of course Prince Charming is the theme, The he for me. ... it's clear That he'll appear. Some day he'll come along, ... The man I love And he'll be big

Crown The Empire - The wolves of paris (act ii) lyrics

And all was covered in ice There lived a pack of wolves ... tired And needed to hunt They'd sneak in to the towns At the dead of the night Seek fire

Noah And The Whale - The first days of spring lyrics

s the first day of spring And my ... is starting over again Well the trees grow, the river flows ... has one chance to f*** up their lives Like a cut down tree

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - The pills won't help you now lyrics

we were going And go up the field a ways And join all the other living souls But you ... You dig in your heels The pills won't help you now ... you were going Go up the field a ways Join all the other living souls But you never

B.g. The Prince Of Rap - The colour of my dreams lyrics


Coheed And Cambria - The willing well ii: from fear through the ey.. lyrics

what is this that I fear? In these arms that whored out ... amongst the worms That mate in these ... pain I wish to stay awake In the measure I test with your love

Current 93 - The great, bloody and bruised veil of the wor.. lyrics

bloody and bruised veil of the world The great, bloody and ... bruised veil of the world The trees wave in England The ... streams flow in England The poor halt in England The

The Decemberists - The hazards of love 2 (wager all) lyrics

you down In clover bed The stars a roof Above our ... all my life I never felt the tremor And all my life ... you down In clover bed The stars a roof Above our

The Dubliners - The stone outside dan murphy's door lyrics

spot in our memory It's the place we were born in and ... since we left it But return there we will if we're spared ... and how often we sat On the stone outside Dan Murphy's

God Dethroned - The poison apple (eve and serpentio in the ga.. lyrics

eve, i've seen you naked in the garden of eden Eve come with ... me to the tree of ancient wisdom Eve ... (fear not) Eve you're a god (the poison apple) Eve you're

Like Vultures - The truth (ft. vinny win from above the broke.. lyrics

I can't forgive you for all the awful things you put me ... your answer, you're not above the truth. Go. I'm at my ... point, had everything to lose. I tried building myself a

Lord Of The Lost - The measure of all things lyrics

one way out is through The measure of all things Is a ... is clear somehow The measure of all things Is you ... I want to believe The only thing that's true After

Rage Against The Machine - The ghost of tom joad lyrics

walks along the railroad track He's Goin' ... some place, there's no turnin' back The ... Patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge Man sleeps by a ... campfire under the bridge The shelter line stretchin'

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The last beat of my heart lyrics

stirred When time wreathed a rose A garland of shame ... to speak We dare to breathe Majestic Imperial A ... Don't walk away How in the world Can I wish for this?

The Beach Boys - The private life of bill and sue lyrics

just why we care We see their faces everywhere The ... story you ever knew The private life of Bill and Sue ... Barbara to Jersey Shore At the line in the grocery store

Bokor - The island of st: menée (beach of the living .. lyrics

fare is one dollar a ritual The fare is one dollar a ritual ... Paid in advance From the tall ships of old Europe, to the cruisers of today They've ... on display Wild dreams in the pitch black nights, the fever

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The bug that tried to crawl around the world lyrics

But I believe just about the biggest case of ambition I ... bug that I saw crawlin' along the beach one day He was a ... mighty ambitious bug On the beach one early mornin' as a

Dashboard Confessional - The places you have come to fear the most lyrics

a charming beautiful exterior. laced with brilliant smiles ... everyone or anyone at all. And the grave that you ... refuse to leave the refuge that you've built to

Hecate Enthroned - The slaughter of innocence a requiem for the .. lyrics

falling in crippling time In the moonlighting darkness, the ... garden divine For invoking the dark, and the blood of its ... Lord It shall punish the weak with its bestial sword The innocent blood sacrificed in the night Within darkness comes

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - The origin of love (obc) lyrics

Of Love by When the earth was still flat, And the clouds made of fire, And ... mountains stretched up to the sky, Sometimes higher, ... Folks roamed the earth Like big rolling kegs.

Mike + The Mechanics - The ghost of sex and you lyrics

I have nothing in my defence There can be no forgiveness To ... Suggest I never knew The ghost comes back to haunt me ... The ghost of sex and you I ... held her hand outside the hotel Kissed her mouth in the back of the car Whether fact

Only The Young - The monster mash (cover andrew gold) lyrics

was working in the lab late one night When my ... to my surprise He did the mash He did the monster mash ... The monster mash It was a ... graveyard smash He did the mash It caught on in a flash

Pellek - The power of love (huey lewis and the news co.. lyrics

a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to ... More than a feeling that's the power of love Tougher than ... just save your life That's the power of love That's the

Project Hate Mcmxcix, The - The swarming of whores lyrics

my face away from god As the sight is too hard to bear ... choose to despair Caress the beauty of a thousand forsaken ... souls And walk across the depth of never-whore I

Punk Goes... - The seed (2.0) by person l (the roots cover) lyrics

'cause one monkey don't stop the show Little Mary is bad In these streets she done ran Ever ... since when the heat began I told the girl ... hand To enable you to keep the plan 'cause you is quick to

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - The dark gift (timv fused radio edit) (the sh.. lyrics

are like mourners when they stand and cry At open grave ... in wind and rain. Yes, it is death. But you ... return to this benighted sky. I plunge in flood and

The Shadows - The shadows - nights in white satin - orchest.. lyrics

Satin Alba 1961 The Shadows (UK #1) 1962 Out ... of The Shadows (UK #1) 1963 ... 1964 Dance With The Shadows (UK #2) 1965 The ... Sound of The Shadows (UK #4) 1965

The Shadows - The shadows - 'sealed with a kiss' - orchestr.. lyrics

A Kiss' Alba 1961 The Shadows (UK #1) 1962 Out ... of The Shadows (UK #1) 1963 ... 1964 Dance With The Shadows (UK #2) 1965 The ... Sound of The Shadows (UK #4) 1965

Sixx:a.m. - The last time (my heart will hit the ground) lyrics

ve been beaten down That was the last time my heart will ever ... hit the ground I can take it, I can ... face it now That was the last time my heart will ever

Aesop Rock - The tugboat complex pt. 3 lyrics

my God They've got angels sweatin' like ... Hell, it's workin' their little halos to the bone ... combing them deserts my figure eight ... lifeline defined traffic the way my schoolin' end-less-ly

Bush lyricsBush - Alien lyrics

Well the satellite comes and goes We ... give each other all we know In silence we ... still talk By the light of the stereo waltz And will you ... that i needed I don't breathe another lover, yeah

One Fine Day - Alien lyrics

and living deep down in their holes demanding more with ... souls can't understand how they replace sanity and I feel ... so distant I'm an alien in oblivion I'm an alien not

Cathedral - The garden lyrics

Pt.1: Thorns Of Creation] New ... light has formed, from the darkness torn Of dust and ... us to a tree We ate from it the fruits of poisoned destiny ... [Pt.2: Trouble In The Garden] Horns of goat,

Hawkwind - Alien (i am) lyrics

bodies, microscopic breeding. I sleep in you and eat from ... within. I am the Alien. We are here to help you. ... Make the mend in the chemical bend. We are the Aliens. I lack emotion, have no

Meinhard - Alien lyrics

When I am feeling like an alien Seeing this world for the ... time When all around me there is wonders I feel happy ... a while Like a homeless alien I feel like a homeless alien

Iron Mask - Alien pharao lyrics

hordes of war Reaching for the light of a brave new sun Alien nation in the sky, unknown ... Mysterious twilight In the night they spy on the world ... we live In their eyes, the thurst of victory Will we

Ray William Johnson - Alien lyrics

you ever felt left out of the group, excluded? Given the ... brought his whole damn crew in. And now it’s high noon and ... no wonder you’re truant! They always look at you and they

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Alien nation lyrics

the heat of the violence The night's exploding everywhere ... When hate pulls the trigger The devil comes to take his share ... In the garden of Eden The time is running out so fast

Septicflesh - The future belong to the brave lyrics

is the symptom of the failure to evolve forwards ... Change was and will be the most permanent element of ... our abodes As hawks we cut the electric skies. With pride

Skillet - Alien youth explanation lyrics

s been confirmed that the aliens have landed... It's been ... confirmed that the aliens have landed... World ... Love conquers all! Rise like the chosen generation, There's

Perpetual Fire - Alien lyrics

are coming! From the stars Human haters! Here they are They'll destroy That's ... for sure Only pain... And no mercy! Beware the ... Run away and don't look back They set the world on fire Lakes

Gwar - The litany of the slain lyrics

killed by mostly me Goatie the load, he's first in line ... was spitted Cranial-crush the Franken Ref Ollie North was ... Baby Small Sac had to join the Navy The Litany of the

Blessed Death - Alien impregnation lyrics

from space, came the dying race Life beyond our ... To plant its seed among the stars Chosen earth for its ... never did exist You prove my theory wrong Advanced mutation

Augury - Alien shores lyrics

All shall come discover the world into the eyes of lunacy ... Gateways to the unknown, wide open they call ... Intuition peeks beyond the veil of lies Lucid delirium

Anybody Killa (abk) - Stick and move lyrics

Violent J) Mop up the floor with that bullshit ... Cause I'mma stick and move I'mma stick and ... and mine (Anybody Killa) Stick and move, outta the way Duck

Barren Earth - The rains begin lyrics

in her pulse within Beyond the deep the green voice calls ... is cold yet suddenly I feel the heat that's feeding me She ... rules the waves inside Alien And again Takes my hand

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