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Psalmist Raine The Lords Prayer lyrics

Browse for Psalmist Raine The Lords Prayer song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Psalmist Raine The Lords Prayer lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Psalmist Raine The Lords Prayer.

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Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - The lords of salem lyrics

Zombie! Zombie!) I speak the truth, I dare not tell a lie ... One child is in fits, The other child dies, Now the yellow ... bird sits upon her finger, The yellow bird a specter lost to

Skanners - The lords of lies lyrics

are the lords of lies With eyes of fire ... And with their chairs of leather You promise glory forever ... Just like filthy animals The lords of lies Only words, I

Goldstreet Worship - The battle is the lords' lyrics

Battle Is The lords' Vs1 Shout Hosanna The fight ... is the lordsThe blood of Jesus avails Shout ... hosanna The victory is ours For the power ... at work Vs2 Shout Hosanna The Lord is the Captain His

Orden Ogan - The lords of the flies lyrics

around you It all goes down the drain There's no need to ... move it all Until you feel the pain This is the play of ... your ruin All actors on their knees Pay with your life,

Immediate Music - The lords shall rule lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Pagan Altar - The lords of hypocrisy lyrics

and tall Screaming from the pulpit on Sunday morning To ... save you from the fall Can you hear them? ... Can you see them? Don't believe them; don't

Cage - The lords of chaos lyrics

what little shadow remained, The Great Holy War had been Lost, ... his Return, We would use their own filthy purity against them and reserect our Dark Prince

Yolanda Adams - The battle is the lords lyrics

God is using You For the battle is not yours It's the ... Lord's There's no sadness Jesus can't ... feel And there is no sorrow that He can ... all things work according to the Master's holy will No matter

Cruel Force - The gallows prayer lyrics

where life has ceased Bear the marks of the deceased ... song is sung Howling spirits their bodies hung Yet on the ... gallows the raven cries The wind it rattles the bones

Manowar - The warriors prayer lyrics

Grandfather, tell my a story! - ... you were a boy. - Well, then, I shall have to take you ... s day, as I walked through the enchanted forest, I heard the sound of horses, and men at

Anti-nowhere League - The punk prayer lyrics

Give me toxic air to breathe, give me acid rain I never ... for your greed and your gain Then you point your finger and ... good To look up to my elders the way I always should Don't

Breed 77 - The final prayer lyrics

If I lose my way If I find the place where I will go If I ... If I sell my sky If I sell the moon, the stars, the sun ... If I sell my sky If I sell the moon, the stars, the sun

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The caroleans prayer lyrics

beyond their nations' borders There's ... an army on the march For religion, king and ... glory In the name of Christ Their ... Taking orders from the heavens Through hostile fire

Christ Agony - The triangle (prayer, sonet, throne) lyrics

chamber sleeps, sonne of the sable night, brother to ... my languish, and restore the light, with dark forgetting ... my cares returne. And let the day be time enough to morne,

Cliff Richard - The millenium prayer lyrics

Father who art in Heaven Hallowed ... us And lead us not to the time of trial But deliver us ... from evil For thine is the kingdom The power and the ... glory Our Father who art in Heaven Hallowed

Lords Of The Underground - Here come the lords lyrics

It's us? Yeah listen to the cut! It's our style! Our ... Your style! Stop brother! Aiyyo nigga wake up, ... somethin!" Listen to the way they flip the metaphors

Tasmin Archer - Lords of the new church lyrics

And his actions touch the lives of us all He rose with ... forgets that he came from the back streets like them We ... pray to the east, we pray to the west And we see the gods of the new church As they undertake

Metallica lyricsMetallica - Lords of summer lyrics

Pale riders into the night Galloping harder and ... dreaming wake Walk through the fire innate Frost bitten ... Are you remembering the sound Recall the shaking of the ground Calling, calling

Lords Of Acid - Worship the lords lyrics

Truly Free. Land of the Free... What freedom is ... say: F*** you F*** you Motherf***er Cocksucker F*** you ... Repeat after me !!! Praise the lords F*** the rest Worship

Otep - Lords of war lyrics

in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of ... our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph. So help ... for us to mourn To misguide the misinformed To ignore the

Lords Of Acid - Praise the lords lyrics

it's time to party We are the freaks, the town's in danger ... trot, can't complain Praise the lords, misbehave Raise ... loud Parents gone, we own the building Let's call the gang

A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil in the closet lyrics

for my bed and hiding under the covers I need to have my ... forget it Can you make sure the close is closed and turn all the clowns around They come to

Battlelore - Last of the lords lyrics

Last Of The Lords I am the last of the Lords Once great ... ruler of the lands I am the Steadfast The one in time to ... hold the specter Under the curse They'll live until the

Lords Of Black - Lords of black lyrics

dark, when it's black I'm the mirror you can't lie No one ... of reality Now I'm breaking the silence Chorus Fear is ... from my hands I will be the law and right We'll turn

Attacker - Lords of thunder lyrics

you do can prevent them They're the keepers of the land ... Nothing we do can even fight them They can crush us with a ... hand They're turning your head Make

Eidolon - Lords of desecration lyrics

- to those who bear witness the symbol of salvation - for all ... of those to see the chosen ones - who seek glory ... pain shall journey through - the path of never ending fear

Seven Gates - Lords of the night lyrics

it's just the same Livin' on the same old shame I don't care ... about career I just want another beer But when the ... s walls and I roam through the night From pub to pub From

Necrophobic - The nocturnal silence lyrics

at the twilight in the bloodred sky The evil gods ... rising Shadows revealed by the darkened moon Behold the ... signs Nocturnal souls gathered through time Preparing the unholy rite Seeds of

Ravenheart - Lords of power lyrics

live in the land of glory We live in the ... land of the sun We cry out the call of freedom For everyone ... We see the shine of the sun We see the clouds at the

Deicide - The lord's sedition lyrics

anger vented, overthrow them with rejection Higher ... manipulation Disapproval by the faithful, lords sedition from ... Jesus pieces, Everyone of them deleted.. Slit the throat

Julie Laughs Nomore - Lords of pleasure lyrics

o spirits of the dark From the flames of Lucifer Walk with the shadows of darkness That ... surrounds you Hear when the gods of thunder will invake ... you The time of death and hatred will

Crosswind - Lords of deceit lyrics

has silently killed off the day All the nighty do is ... to devour what's old All the masses do is weep for their ... feed you your pride Pawns in their endgame, attack to retreat

Job For A Cowboy - Lords of chaos lyrics

blameless are succumbing to the ravages of warfare built upon ... capital and greed The lords of corruption leave their ... people to rot in the gore-riddened streets of

Bloody Hammers - The last legion of sorrow lyrics

at full speed through the terrain Leaving not a trace ... of life remains The lords of the earth The axe of the ... Is rising above The vengeful blade is coming down

16 Horsepower - Day of the lords lyrics

Joy Division) This is the room, the start of it all No ... so fine, only sheets on the wall I've seen the nights, ... with bloodsport and pain And the bodies obtained, the bodies

Joy Division - Day of the lords lyrics

is the room, the start of it all, No portrait ... so fine, only sheets on the wall, I've seen the nights, ... bloodsport and pain, And the bodies obtained, the bodies

Lords Of Acid - The dude lyrics

is pumping in my vains And there she sits, she looks at me ... are never ever quite as they seem She ask me for a ... Her make-up shows she knows the game And who am i to tell

Nile - The burning pits of the duat lyrics

Floweth In Abundance from the Slaughtered Ones. I Hath ... I Lay in Chains before the Undying Flames. I am ... Helpless in the Presence of He Who is Master ... of the Pits of Fire. I am Humbled

Katana - The samurai returns lyrics

set out - side by side With the rising sun in our backs, we ... With honour, we fought for the lords of this land Against the invaders from the west, we

Manilla Road - The veils of negative existence lyrics

sail the seas of negativity To banish ... of fire and lightning I am the guardian come this day I ... I will never run away In The Veils of Negative Existence

Necrophagia - The cross burns black lyrics

winds Spread contageon As the flame rises Bodies turn to ... ash Trophy corpses of the fallen The cross burns ... A thousand lakes of red Pathetic human atrocities Now

Orange Goblin - The ale house braves lyrics

your royal old wives Tell the ale-house braves they better ... run for their lives Have you seen the ... children with the blood on their hands? Have you heard

Rhapsody Of Fire - The frozen tears of angels lyrics

my friends For you face the demonknight's prophecy You ... see now the fearsome Har-Kuun is not a ... myth 3.000 year ago in the age of the red moon The lords of the Darklands defeated the

Bow Wow - The movement lyrics

My hunger my views I use them as tools To refuse for the ... sake of rebellin' Breakin the rules and yellin' Tellin them ... try it Be defiant, we pump the heart of a lion See if you

Chumbawamba - The world turned upside down lyrics

George's Hill A ragged band they called the Diggers came to ... show the people's will They defied the landlords, they ... defied the laws They were the dispossesed reclaiming what

Dawn Of Winter - The music of despair lyrics

my fate for mercy Oh let the king of diamonds win When the lords of light are with me I ... climb the stairs up to Ungol When the ... angel witch she soothes me I'm her witchfinder

Desaster - The blessed pestilence lyrics

always crawls our neck And the 14th century had seen ... His soldiers fall one by one The pest brings fast the end of ... war The last he did was throwing ... corpses over Kaffa's wall The hawkers sail to Italy to

Godkiller - The end of the world lyrics

the gate Feel the wind Of devastation Of ... desolation Blows like the breath of a thousand vultures ... Forsake your life What's the use of waiting for a

Hatesphere - The fallen shall rise in a river of blood lyrics

Lyrics: Mikael Ehlert] The lords of darkness have their ... decree The end of all life, no one will ... go free The fall shall rise in a river of ... Follow me lead ‘case I am their god The stench of

Hezekiah Walker - The battle lyrics


Pagan Altar - The aftermath lyrics

awful screaming the smell of carnage fills the ... air. Then silence, complete silence, ... everywhere. Nothing, there is nothing, nothing at all ... complete annihilation, the angel of death has arrived.

Pagan Altar - The interlude lyrics

devoid of love and hate. There's no one left to stand ... s pearly gates. To see the chaos man has wrought, ... Brings havoc to his brain. The few that's left on judgement

Pagan Altar - The masquerade lyrics

of the people you meet every day, ... Think of the characters they try to portray. They hide ... what they're thinking hide what they ... of stone, That hides their true feelings 'till they're

Riot ( Usa ) - The brethren of the long house lyrics

and strong Born of the lords The eagle sees so far as he ... scars The roots have spread out The ... tree of great peace The seeds of war grow strong in the east Brotherhood Show

Satariel - The claim lyrics

was the moon to shine upon this ... rottenness As the lords of the soil made ways for the ... flesh I beheld with wonder the descending of life And ... dreamed of how to kill the world If you don't want me

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The keeper's trilogy lyrics

disguised heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others ... at the store knock on other people's door Trick or ... treat they have to choice little ... listen listen take care In the streets on Halloween there

Lorien - The island of the dragon lyrics

Island of the Dragon are away in time A ... of wonders existed It was the center of everything. ... During ten thousand years The Empire reigned on Earth.

Battlelore - The great gathering lyrics

Mountain is breaking again The fires are awoken Like a ... It weakens our strength The Fallen One has returned With ... the lords of the Unlight Long is his arm over

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