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Kano - Ps qs lyrics

manners dont like me, They try and bad mind me. When Kano comes to town, All i say is mines right, And they use the limelight, When Kano comes around, Some try ta screw me or even sue me, but it dont work coz the crowd dont boo me, You aint a true G, I'm too deep how ca

Ayumi Hamasaki - Ps ii lyrics

e mukau tabi ga moshi atta to shita nara kitto konna tabi no koto o iu no deshou yuiitsu nokotte ita mono wa kono kamikire ni kakarete ita kotoba "nakitai dake naite mo ii namida karete shimau kurai" "nakitai dake naite mo ii namida karete shi

Jessie Malakouti - Ps lyrics

work it out sluts) Don't like my attitude-- fine Don't like my music--- okay Don't like my style, well that's mine And you don't know me anyway Don't like my hood, i accept that Don't like the way that i talk Can't stand the song when i'm dancing Sorry if i set you up You

Robin Sparkles - Ps i love you lyrics

you're beautiful On your pedestal I see you, you don't see me Am I just too young Or just too dumb Or maybe just too grungy! And I'm wearin' my flannel and thinkin' of you I lace up my boots and I'm thinkin' of you. I write letters and letters, they never get

Silly - Ps lyrics

nicht, Vater, wenn du frierst: Ich bin wie du geworden. Ich laß mich nicht und laß mich nie mit lauten Lügen morden. Vergiß nicht, Mutter, wenn du weinst: Du hast mich gut erzogen, und niemand kriegt und keiner kriegt mich einfach krummgebogen. Ve

Common - Star *69 (ps with love) lyrics

s do it now, it's me and you Close my eyes Erotica, I'm seein' you Listen to me wishin' I could be with you To share my love and ecstasy with you Are you alone? Is your shorty sleep? Hold on. That's okay, ignore the beep For you, my love is immortal deep You a

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Where you at (feat. freeway and clipse) lyrics

yeah Woo! Uh, it’s going down, niggas! Yes! Khaled! Free! Uh, uh, uh It’s that slow flow, F-R double-E, nigga See them p**** niggas but you can’t see me I’m sunk in the seat Clutch my hammer close, I’m controlling the V And love the cities on both the coasts

Jadakiss - Can't stop me lyrics

Verse 1:] Mhmm, yes, I does that. Stays hot, I ain't got to get my buzz back What everybody trying to be now; I was that They could never stop me; that's why I love rap Been living the life, praising ice. Bang the baddest chicks in the world, mayb

Raury - Trap tears lyrics

cryin', can't survive She lost her mind, she's stressin' out She needs to pay bills Son took her money, daughter hungry Bought the shit, there's no refunding She's high still He owes the gane, they gave him weight But he was weak, he has a week Or he will

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Musical - Vidiots lyrics

TEAVEE Hey Wonka, if you can send chocolate by TV, could you send a person too? WONKA I suppose so, but there might be some technical issues. OOMPA LOOMPAS Alas alas poor Mike Teavee For OMG he's ADD MIKE TEAVEE You can't stop progress.

Everlast - Ticking away lyrics

on the wall keeps ticking away I've got to go, but I'd love to stay Yo, I've been walking 'round in the streets of these cities I've tipped a few whiskeys, I've rolled a few ditties. I made a few dollars, I've bought a few bottles I popped a few collars

Ludacris - Do the right thang lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hip hop nation, this is Spiz-ike Lee Been sleepin for too long, wake up.. Wake up - WAKE UUUUUUUUUUP! [rooster crows] [Ludacris] WAKE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP! [rooster crows] I see the sunshine GAZING through the window pane (yeah) Bla

Mac Miller - Brand name lyrics

in between heaven and hell F*** a 9 to 5, I'd rather end up dead or in jail American ninja to these obstacles No stoppin' me, we on the move Your mouth runnin' like a prostitute's Keep your head to yourself I work harder than anybody you know I'm done with tricks, don't ne

Sizzla - Do some good lyrics

Intro:] Some ah dem jus nah wah,dem nah wah do nutten Well listen... Better be on yuh Ps and Qs If not for l,my friend,then yuh zooze This one ah go lick yuh like news Can't fit,get out my shoes No-one can live without food Mankind:yuh

S. J. Tucker - Wendy trilogy iii: green-eyed sue/sue's jig lyrics

Wendy'd got herself a crew of ruthless men and brave And they'd terrorize the Lost Boys each and every Saturday. One day Wendy says to Peter, "I'd like more girls on my crew." So Peter goes a-hunting Lost Girls and brings back Green-eyed

Akanishi Jin - California rock feat. prophet lyrics

Rock Worldwides my reach The cups full of magic Sex on the beach Makes me heroic I'm an auto drone tuned like an autobot Drinks got me rollin' tonight I'm about to touch my glass with some bad bees tonight It's a party mother fu*kers Party party li

Joseph Arthur - Birthday card lyrics

wrote her name with a heart Inside his birthday card Right beside the PS which read Please don't think I'm devious It's not that obvious In fact it's more of a mess You're what I find most beautiful But you're also what makes me the ugliest So i'm taking away

Billie Holiday - P.s. i love you lyrics

I thought I drop a line The weather is cool The folks are fine I'm in bed each night at nine PS I love you Yesterday we had some rain But all in all I can't complain Was it dusty on the train PS I love you Write to the Brown's just as soon

Horrorpops - Psychobitches outta hell lyrics

re not pom-pom dancing giggling girls They're hard-core fun bunny maniacs No man can deny them and all men satisfy them There's no wrong loving- Just make sure you keep them hungry If you wanna find them go check the nudie bars They're all heart breakers That loves to be house w

Migos lyricsMigos - Beast lyrics

Intro: Baka] Murda on tha beat so it's not nice [Chorus: Quavo] Beast, she a lil, she a lil beast (yeah) She a lil beast (beast), she a lil, she a lil beast (beastie) She a lil beast (beast), she a lil, she a lil beast (beast) She a lil beast (y

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Whippin ft.section boyz & quavo lyrics

Knine:] Whipping up some work Phone going off, trap going berserk Hit the road cause a nigga need to earn Big back, she make it whine and twerk Hit it from the back, then I skrrr skrrr Young boys f***ing up, they don't learn Section on my T-shirt

Plentakill - Surrender this game lyrics

is 10 % Lux 20 % Swain 15 % silver bolts from arrows of Vayne 55 % MF, she makin' it rain And 100 % reason to surrender this game Singed, he doesnt need his teamates in fights He just wants to be chased, whether its all day or all night and he feels so OP when his enemies gettin

Jaravis - Radio lyrics

Verse 1] Woke up this morning 10 o'clock or so And B2K is on my radio And my head still hurting from late last night Cuz my shorty did my braids too tight Hop out the shower, throw my sweat suit on Lace my Tim's grab my sidekick phone Look out the window all the clouds a

Aesop Rock - Cycles to gehenna lyrics

Verse 1] Baseheads locally approach all spark plugs Total disregard for a dying man's shark jump Post-meridiem pretty tungsten attracts any once—pale horse painted gunmetal black Face masking, hard-shelled ebony propeller hat Clubmans, gloved rakes grappling the clutch span Tuck g

Annihilator - Never neverland lyrics

"No not 'Alison hell' part 2! Yes, another gloomy subject! Yet another true story! This is about an unfortunate young girl Who was locked in a room for half a decade Just for looking at a boy in a grocery store! Her guardian, also her grandmother Felt that

Bars And Melody - Keep smiling lyrics

smiling keep smiling and we'll see what tomorrow brings keep smiling keep smiling and be thankful for the little things The sun is shining in the morning I get out bed instead of being negative and thank the lord i aint dead cuz i can do what i want and i can travel the world an

Chromeo - Old 45's lyrics

just step to ya with a corny line Asking for your name, saying what's your sign? You turn around like boy quit talking to me He could pick you up in a limousine You'd look back like whachu mean Just worried about more important things Boys are non-committ

Perry Como - A youre adorable lyrics

Johnny Jones was serenading Mary, He sure could quote a lot of poetry, But he'd much rather tell her, What he learned in his speller, When they both attended PS 33. A, You're adorable . . . B, You're so beautiful . . . C, You're a cutie full of charms . . . D, You're a d

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Victory lyrics

feat. Nas & John Legend) [DJ Khaled] They doubted me all my life Now it’s victory (DJ KHALED!) [John Legend] Whatever it is, I’ll pay the cost I’m willing to risk it, I’ll take the loss I’ll put it all on the line In a hustler’s state of mind I’m gonna make hist

Joey Bada$$ - Paper trail$ lyrics

ain't a thing if I got it (x2) [Hook] Before the money, there was love But before the money, it was tough Then came the money through a plug It's a shame this ain't enough [Verse 1] Yo, sitting back plotting, jotting information on my nation Really started from the bott

Kendrick Lamar - Poe mans dreams (his vice) lyrics

Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] Smoke good, eat good, live good [4X] [Kendrick Lamar] I used to want to see the penitentiary, way after elementary Thought it was cool to look the judge in the face when he sentenced me Since my uncles was institutionalised my intuition has said I was suited

Kendrick Lamar - Night of the living junkies lyrics

remember, uh All my uncles, Sir Smokers on the landra, in front of our building They was my heroes [Chorus] This shit is so dope you might wanna be my crackhead This shit is so dope you might wanna be my crackhead Bad bitches, crackheads, street niggas, crackheads

Lil' Flip - What y'all wanna do lyrics

David Banner (talking) what, what, what, what(repeat) the most finominal beat of all times Big Face entertainment, Sucka Free trick Flip, Banner, they hatin like a bitch (David Banner) I be a soulja the 22 inch blades swangin I see the chrome on 22 inch rims swanging co

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Skys the limit lyrics

Umm, Weezy ya'll, Young Money, Cash Money, This is, Ladies and gentlemen, you all know me, You know I ride for my motherfunkin' niggas, Most likely I'm gonna die with my finger on the trigger, They tell me don't get high, and not to try to make a living, I tell them I'm a

Loick Essien - Stuttering ft ndubz lyrics

stuttering oh oh oh oh oh I’m stuttering oh oh oh oh oh I’m stuttering oh oh oh oh oh What’s happenin to me I keep stuttering I can’t believe it babe, you got me disarray I stand up and up, end up, stuck in stuck in place I go to speak my mi

Luke Christopher - The material lyrics

Every day I'm working harder, harder I'm just a little stronger, stronger Trying to get a little wiser, wiser, wiser This is the material, this is the material! Every day I'm working harder, harder I'm just a little stronger, stronger Trying to get wiser, wiser, wiser! I kn

Martin Jech - Dolls in game lyrics

of the morning moon Shadow on the silver spoon Human god directs on their sun I will not pretend If you understand The all limits have been done¨ They made everything From the dolls for playing To Jesus in green color that shines in a dark So li

Maybach Music Group - Fitted cap lyrics

billionaire [Rick Ross] You know I stick to the script Twenty-million dollar nigga, but I do it like this (M-M-M-Maybach Music, Maybach Music) [Rick Ross - Chorus] My Jordans high-top, snapback fitted cap (Wuh!) My Jordans high-top, snapback fitted cap (Wuh!) My

Modest Mouse - Ohio lyrics

Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, Ohio Took a bus straight to Baltimore, on the way he took a nap Dropped off a note that said, "I'm giving this note back" PS, there's a lot going on underneath There's roots, there's pipes and there's drainage

Jason Mraz - Gypsy mc lyrics

d like to give a shout out to all the g-y-ps And individualize because I am an MC. I can because I care, cause my family's there Cause I (cause I what?), cause I (cause I what?) 'cause I appreciate the mentality of music Saving all my sentences unless of course they're

Mrozu - Korzenie lyrics

dni tyle chwil tyle ich w tyle był, który pokrył czas Jak stary film czarno biały styl co przed nami krył magię tamtych lat nikt nie zmienił swoich pragnień ciągle wiemy co jest ważne z kalendarza zdzieram kartkę wspominam wszystkich was Ziemia wiruje szybciej nasz

Mrozu - Kurtina lyrics

skroni leci mu pot,a powietrze staje się cieżkie jak skała A taki przetrata w bok co sekunde cios wypala jak flara Nie liczy sie teraz nic tylko Jeden z nich na tarczy powróci Reakcja krótka jak pin To wiara ma teraz głos Uwierz jej Ref. Kiedy kurtyna

N-dubz - Living for the momen lyrics

s a bitch and then you die If you don't care then why should I Throwing both my hands up to the sky, I'm letting go Right now I'm just living for the moment Living for the moment (woah) [x4] From when I was younger My pain was driven by hunger

N-dubz - Love for my slum lyrics

chorus] I've never had love for the feds, But I've always had love my slum, I'm addicted to these streets like a mum is to her kids So all my people in the slum put your hands up (brap) See, never used to come that easy, Now it's just flying my way, I don't kn

Nct - Once again lyrics

and again, again, again Again and again, again, again, Again and again, again, again One, two, let’s go! Beolsseo neoreul dalmeun gyejeol We say hello Maeil deo haega nopajyeo Padoga jom deo nopajyeo Maleopsi nan ne yeopae I jarireul jikyeo watneunde

Paresłów - Mikrofon dla paresłów lyrics

Mikrofon dla Paresłów) Ej dobra masz ochotę, jedziesz od początku Szybka decyzja by nie tracić wątku Trzymaj tempo by się w akcji nie zgubić Czas przekonuje- nowe da się lubić Przestań się z myślami bić, rusz do przodu Zacznij żyć, Pokaż wszystkim co cię

The Pharcyde - Passing me by lyrics

in my younger days I used to sport a shag When I went to school I carried lunch in a bag With an apple for my teacher 'cause I knew I'd get a kiss Always got mad when the class was dismissed But when it was in session, I always had a question I would raise my hand to make h

Protoje - Around the world (feat. chris watts) lyrics

Round the world 'Round the world 'Round the world 'Round the world 'Round the world Been around the world the world and back seen a lot of girls and girls this hot don't think for a minute beacause I'm not 'Cause no one compares to you Been around the world the world

Psanders - Strange clouds lyrics

ain't no questoins That PS is back with the remix I'm just lettin my dreams slide And better up right trough this Here is does Got that clarification if you check it No need to adjust I'm doin everything I can So write it down cause I'm fallin for trust

Saigon - It's alright (feat. marsha ambrosius) lyrics

Intro: sample of "Superstar" from The Carpenters] Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby? You said you'd be coming back this way again Baby baby baby baby ohhh baby I love you, yeah, I really do [Saigon - over Intro] Uhh, it's real Dear Lord

Sbb - Z których krwi krew moja lyrics

miłości jestem z których krwi krew moja z miłości jestem albo z woli męża z których kości kość moja z miłości jestem z miłości jestem z miłości nie słyszałem w tym domu cichych dzwonków tkliwości z których myśli myśl moja nie widziałem nigdy waszych pocałunków dlaczego

Sido - Sido - bilder im kopf lyrics

einem schwarzen Fotoalbum mit einem silbernen Knopf, bewahr ich alle diese Bilder im Kopf. Ich weiss noch, damals als ich jung und wild war im Block. Ich bewahr mir diese Bilder im Kopf. In einem schwarzen Fotoalbum mit einem silbernen Knopf, bewahr ich alle dies

Angelspit - Toxic girl lyrics

.. PS: YOU SUCK! My rotten core is packed with knives Jagged deceit, to spurt you dry Skull f***ery, and mother's hate The Blood fury predator, scorpion raped So toxic toxic toxic... Toxic Girl Love you with poison Gateway to Hell Glorious ruin (my) Toxic Girl

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Uptown (feat. ty nast, two twelve mel) lyrics

m so uptown And motherf***er if you ain't, don't go uptown, yeah I'm so uptown And motherf***er if you ain't, don't go uptown, yeah Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown Don't go uptown

Breakout (polsko) - Czy mnie jeszcze pamiętasz? lyrics

mnie jeszcze pamiętasz dowód na to mi daj czy jak inne dziewczęta baju baj, baju baj Czy mnie jeszcze pamiętasz i może wrócić chcesz tu czy jak inne dziewczęta zapomniałaś mnie już A gdy zechcesz wrócić tu wracaj z uśmiechem swym choć bym inną

Breakout (polsko) - Masz na to czas lyrics

oknem znowu pada deszcz jesieni warkocz plecie wiatr lecz jest coś, co wciąż przypomina ci wakacji czas, wakacji dni wspomnienie lata wraca znów, z zapachem kwiatów tęczą barw zielenią oczu które tylko ty ty jeden ty tak dobrze znasz lecz jest coś, co w

Camel - Send home the slates lyrics

work for the Union Pike, out on the Western Line. I found Uncle Sean in Denver, and he and his wife are fine. They send their best, and like the rest - they send home the slates. It took six months from the Cobh, another six by land, but the pay is good,

Carola - Aldrig Är jag utan fara lyrics

är jag utom fara, (1) Kan dock alltid säker vara; Alltid någon nöd, men se, Alltid hjälp för allt mitt ve! Aldrig fri från syndens smärta, Men dock tröstad vid Guds hjärta; Aldrig utan kamp och strid, Alltid dock på djupet frid! Ofta jagad, ofta fången, (2) Men dock al

Chipmunk - Chip diddy chip lyrics

I love music baby There goes the kiss because shes my lady But everybody wants to try me lately So Im eazin of the bus n peddle biking lately See music it brings me haters Haters got wifeys they bring me papers And the mummys do love these MC So th

Coolio - Get up, get down lyrics

Verse One: Malika] Steppin up out the shadows I comes equipped to wreck Hold up just a sec Coolio I'm on deck (Malika) Yes the diction is on point Causin, friction when I flex up the jaw or hit the joint That can actually give a blood mob like Gotti Like t

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