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Iron Savior - Prisoner of the void lyrics

I returned from the dead a lightning was striking my head ... mind I am refined Unlock the gate to reality Leaving the ... be free Tangled in a realm of fantasy and dreams Blinded

Golden Earring - Prisoner of the night lyrics

I can't explain Of body and brain I feel I'm ... I can't fight cause I'm a prisoner of the night I can't fight ... cause I'm a prisoner of the Mean wheel prisoner of the

Nightmare (fra) - Prisoner of the system lyrics

of the system witness of a rising fear I feel it's ... s working hard to change the rule something's trying hard ... to kill the fool in this wasteland ... without end Living for another day emerging for the mist

Conquest - Prisoner of the universe lyrics

soul is lost now among the neon lights. Like a stone ... found a picture which showed the eldest times. I was excited ... my ancestors' town. Hearing of that sound, feeling of that

Kaledon - The way of the light lyrics

Listen the Bearer of Light This is the way… Now that ... gone down You have to wash the black heart Of the ground ... And to bless the place where The cages rose

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The dying of the light lyrics

running but we can't get to the mountain. Behind the lie the ... been sinking like a flower in the fountain. When all the love ... Gonna try my best to get there but I can't afford the bus

Dark Moor - The citadel of the light lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrum...

Tim Ripper Owens - The light lyrics

gotta see it I know it's out there Ya gotta feel it it must ... be heaven I see the light it's right there in front of ... me They say everything will be OK

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Time to turn of the light lyrics

it's time to turn off the light Now it's time to - say ... our best Now we're turning off the light The love you ... is our strength We're now at the end - and soon we'll come

Donovan - The light lyrics

Died ... and I sighed As the chains of the flesh left me ... As the moans and the groans Of the friend sent me On my way ... to the Land of the Dead I flashed ... that my

Globus - Crusaders of the light lyrics

Sangra loti retisan con mia soleta ni retisan sonkolani retisan san tuti omnia san tuti ram liberatum salutam advalorus miseram adverserum qi adon olam imperium...

Miyavi - Ahead of the light lyrics

ahead of the light No mercy Crushing ... I keep on running Sweat of iron Your scent lingers ... In my head ringing (run) Of an evil calling (run) From

Mike Oldfield - Tricks of the light lyrics

information Some tricks of the light You never know Make a ... flickering midnight light Into a glow It's a trick of the light It's a trick of the light Something tells me

Birdy - Standing in the way of the light lyrics

the driving rain I have lost the words To peace us back together To tell you how it hurts. ... built so far And I'm tired of sitting waiting Alone in the

Sinate - Step out of the light lyrics

Within it l find A new kind of being And my piece of mind The pain l can handle The tortue ... remain You cannot imagine The pleasure l take In watching

Deicide - Serpents of the light lyrics

of their god, intelligence won Go ... for mercy from thieves They can't come near you, through ... them you can see Keep to the outside the teachings of ... christ Denounce the father, undo his disguise DIE!!!!

Hysterica - Fear of the light lyrics

Another burn F***! I never learn ... ego Feed my libido Fear of the light Sheltered by night ... All the rules are overthrown Fear of ... the light At the break of dawn I stand alone Unmasked

Anaal Nathrakh - Rage, rage against the dying of the light lyrics

should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the ... dying of the light. Though wise men at their ... know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle

Axxis - Shadows of the light lyrics

you read the stars - look in the future Can you see what's ... going on with me Feel the beat - the rhythm of the ... living Ther is no time - there is no time... my

Lauren Christy - Adult afraid of the light lyrics

back to me now darlin' The things that I hide from are ... now I see it, I see it clear The truth is here, So come on ... I was not a child afraid of darkness But an Adult Afraid

Crobot - Queen of the light lyrics

has the keys to under-Earth Her only ... holy rebirth All dressed in the darkness But she’ll trade it ... for a white dress Been out of morality too long She

Crystal Viper - Bringer of the light lyrics

like a flame Between dusts of the ages, he is still the ... same Sparks of deadly pain, in your eyes ... What to call the truth, and what are only the ... lies? You will bring the light! Bringer of the light

Fairyland - Clanner of the light lyrics

up! Broken my chains, along the walls of Eldergrave I run ... for all My call will strike the end The curse is gone ... forever more The call of revolution roars beyond the

Lavagance - Princess of the light lyrics

wouldn't try I would slam the door and say goodbye I ... stand up and go, just another say goodbye Now it's time ... for you to know You're the jewel, Princess of the Light

Rata Blanca - Guardian of the light lyrics

you hear us? calling from the far off edge of time. Now we ... watch your cities crumble, then you die. When your last ... child is powerless, then our work here is done, So

Sacred Warrior - Children of the light lyrics

are the ones who will take the Gospel to all nations No, we ... no sadness Cause we enjoy the life we live With ... righteousness of the Lamb We do what is good For

Aeternom - Battle of the light lyrics

through the night it's killing time but ... will come if we don't loose there's no turning back on the ... a shiny star that leads to the north Shows the way to

Grave - Out of the light lyrics

false like you Blinded by the tales, I chose my path No ... it, I was enslaved Under the sign of christ, I fell from ... grace Not a sign of proof, only the words Spoken from the preachers, the selfelected

Skeletonwitch - Born of the light that does not shine lyrics

lord of the night From under the darkness rise Spirit foul ... upon the wind Carried forth on rotten ... wings Demon of flesh Wicked, breathless, ... old Born of the light that does not shine Not of the dead, yet not alive

James Brendan - Carriers of the light lyrics

to a party just the other day with all of you Fresh off the road and pretty tired ... Didn't have to worry cause the ice is always broken As we ... catch each others eyes across the fire Had a couple of

Fukpig - Delight in the dying of the light lyrics

kiss Just a world full of cunts, liars and scumbags No ... reason to exist If the time has come to end The ... timings f***ing right Delight, delight in the dying of the light Mother nature cries and

Hillsong United - Children of the light lyrics

in the wilderness Following the love You poured out for us ... Covered by the Name that we confess Jesus ... forever Roaming through the dark of night Clinging to the word that burns deep inside

3 Inches Of Blood - Assassins of the light lyrics

feed on fear Afflicting all the weak, Sucking up their tears ... Drain the life from those who cannot ... Stand the night Demise will manifest ... as assassins of the light Storm clouds fill the

Mumford & Sons - Lover of the light lyrics

in the middle of the night I may watch you go There'll be no value in the ... strength of walls that I have grown There'll be no comfort in the ... shade of the shadows thrown But I'll be

The Who lyricsThe Who - Trick of the light lyrics

awake in the middle of the night I wonder how she's ... feelin' Is it just a trick of the light Or is her ceiling ... shakin' her head At a copy of "True Confessions"

Donots - There's a tunnel at the end of the light lyrics

is that not difficult. The hardest part is to never come ... I’m back on my feet again. The trick is to stop breathing

Bridear - Thread of the light lyrics

warmth it must have been in the side If it goes where, it ... no ito Ima wa todokanai There is no star in the night sky ... endlessly felt far Thread of the light, which a key doesn't

Lecrae - Children of the light lyrics

Hook:] We are children of the light Royal rulers of the ... day Saints, no prisoners of the night Trust and love will ... lead the way We are free [Verse 1:

Setherial - The mournful sunset of the forsaken lyrics

yout lungs collapse under the heavy weight of the final ... punishment The burden gets heavier and ... heavier As the winged horror grasps its prey ... A swarn of avenging messengers wielding

Poets Of The Fall - The labyrinth lyrics

way Through this labyrinth of whys Time and again, rig and ... a trace to tell A way out of your shell To sample life ... Time is a wraith At the point of no return A memory of the light of day Time is

Poets Of The Fall - The poet & the muse lyrics

town wrought With mystery of Tom The poet and his muse ... And the magic lake Which gave a life ... To the words the poet used Now the muse she ... grace And told her stories of treasures Deep beneath the

Candlemass - Assassin of the light lyrics

of shadow's sole, liebst the night he owns The grace of the beast, the solace of the ... sleet A sea of colder rain, gives him life ... mortality, precious pearls of grief Murder draped in

Desert - Victim of the light lyrics

heroes, who stood for the right and led us to better ... exiled, murdered for sake of cheap ideals By ones they ... were condemned for deeds of glory. This is the story of

After All - Reflection of the light lyrics

will tell all the tales Who will shuffle the ... deck of cards Who will make us see the things we do not see Who ... oceans Who will give all the answers Who will make our

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The battle of the past lyrics

wizards Waiting for me at the Valmourt's woods Magical ... keepers They take care of the divine sword Sword of ... you Royal wisdom You're the keeper of your land Ride

Samael - Messenger of the light lyrics

am the envoy of the son of the dawn A slave to the star of the morning I am here to prepare ... the coming of our lord To overthrow the thesis of Metatron To contradict

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising against ... each other Saving nothing but death The dust was rising up in the sky

Jag Panzer - The setting of the sun lyrics

like you All is well with the setting of the sun All is ... well with the setting of the sun Cause to fight, cause ... to die For the glory of truth Cause to rise, cause

Narsilion - The dream of the unicorns lyrics

the winds from the silver woods Feel her cry in ... your dreams It´s the legend of eternity... Feel the ... embrace of the enchanted moon Feel the ... sadness in her eyes It´s the legend of eternity...

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - Prisoner of doom lyrics

and consume. You're a prisoner of doom. Sittin' in my room. ... I listen and consume. I'm a prisoner of doom. [Verse 1: ... I'll miss you. Sittin' in the chair while I'm starin' into

Utada Hikaru - Prisoner of love lyrics

m a prisoner of love Prisoner of love Just a prisoner of ... love I'm just a prisoner of love A prisoner of love ... da to omoeta I'm just a prisoner of love Just a prisoner of

Suzi Quatro - Prisoner of your imagination lyrics

is believing You're a prisoner of your imagination You're ... a prisoner of your imagination Late ... scare children You're a prisoner of your imagination You're

James Brown - Prisoner of love lyrics

ll find me Too weak to break the chains that bind me I need ... to remind me I'm just a prisoner, don't let me be a prisoner ... now From one who's master of my fate now I can't escape

Doro Pesch - Prisoner of love lyrics

t want your pretty picture of life That's something I can ... don't need from you This is the truth I'm telling you I ... your master And you're my prisoner of love L am your keeper

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Prisoner ft. the weeknd lyrics

without your love I feel the rush and it’s amazing ... yeah I don't mean to come off selfish, but I want it all ... be a lesson, let's get out of its way Cause I know, all I

Pat Benatar - Prisoner of love lyrics

hard labor, it's a labor of love Convicted of crimes, the crimes of passion Caught in ... a chain gang, the chain of fools Solitary confinement, ... confined by the rules I'm just a prisoner

Nick Carter - Prisoner (from the pendant movie) lyrics

black dress I'm only guilty of loving you Keep me locked in ... if I can't have you And the rest of my life will be ... up with madness Take these chains of love, Set my

Etta James - Prisoner of love lyrics

ll find me To weak to break the chains That bind me I need ... To remind me That I'm just a prisoner of Love For one command I ... now From one who's master Of my fate now I can't escape

Judas Priest - Prisoner of your eyes lyrics

I saw your face I became a prisoner of your eyes And I would do ... and be with you. You know there are times When I let ... and captured me Now I'm a prisoner of your eyes Trapped in time

Escape With Romeo - Prisoner of your love lyrics

and pain how should I draw the line when it ends up in ... and chains you just think of me I wonder how I ever ... you are away from me I’m a prisoner of your love a prisoner of

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