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D.r.i. - Wages of sin lyrics

he defiled He took advantage of the virgin child Got them ... free Hides behind the cloak of the clergy He was a man, ... Trust in god and have peace of mind He took something, he

Escape The Fate - City of sin lyrics

it into outerspace City of sin yeah we just can't deny it ... City of sin yeah we just cannot fight it ... City of sin raise a glass and lets toast ... to it We're singing Welcome to the City of Sin Sin (x3) City of Sin Sin

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Valley of sin lyrics

fire 'n ice dreamings of paradise, prophecies of scary ... feel the fire hearing echoes of darkest desires On and on ... on your own In the valley of sin (sin, sin, sin) bad

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - The sacrament of sin (orchestral) lyrics

awake Arise from the deep of the battle And awake when ... Commit the sacrament of sin - in for the kill Sacrament of sin - for the sin is my will ... Sacrament of sin - believe it or fall All the

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - The sacrament of sin lyrics

awake Arise from the deep of the battle And awake when ... Commit the sacrament of sin - in for the kill The ... sacrament of sin - for the sin is my will Sacrament of sin

Atrocity - Taste of sin lyrics

your eyes It's like a taste of sin red lips tell only lies ... gequält It's like a taste of sin, it's like a taste of sin ... you're my sinful queen, it's like a taste of sin Ich sterbe schon, Ich

Belphegor - Path of sin lyrics

lust takes command Path of sin - sin Create the sin - sin ... we shall be reborn Path of sin - sin Create the sin -

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Sea of sin lyrics

of Sin I'm swimming in and I'm ... gets wetter and wetter Sea of Sin know where you've been ... but I don't care Sea of Sin through thick and thin for ... cheaper and cheaper as we sink deeper and deeper Sea of Sin know where you've been 'cause

Aeon - Garden of sin lyrics

soul is possessed The mark of my presence I have on your ... flesh You are now ready for sin, open your gates invite me in ... Pounded by evil in the garden of sin Eat of my forbidden

Editor - Sin lyrics

Head Is Ripping Fistfull of Sin Heart Full Of Pain Crying ... Your name Is Cain Pay! For Sin Of The Others Pay! For Sin Of Your Father Inner ... Your Mind Is Out Pay! For Sin Of The Others Pay! For Sin Of Your Father You Cannot

Seventh Avenue - Domination of sin lyrics

God Always hold the line of least resistance It's the ... I yearn for commandments of God My life nevertheless ... from hell Domination of sin Bound to sacrilege

Bewitched - Sabbath of sin lyrics

moon is full in the dead of night Witches gathered at ... the hill The sound of cloven hooves approach All ... has to be done Sabbath of Sin Chant the number six, six,

Cage - Symphony of sin lyrics

Razor like mouth in the midst of its chest People in cages ... never be It's a symphony of sin There is no good solution, ... win A symphony, a symphony of sin The beast ripped the

Obsession - Wages of sin lyrics

What's done is done, outside of a miracle A world away, ... running in circles again Chasing memories, the voices keep ... me Demanding the wages of sin Wages of sin We sacrifice

Altered Aeon - Patriots of sin (aeternum essentia) lyrics

a gift of darkness, our coven embraces ... the heritage Practising forgotten arts, bloodline is ... the rite of passage Burning can not ... kin Blessed be the patriots of sin Terrorized, victimized

Demonical - Children of sin lyrics

of oppression, a history of scornful laughter Has come ... to an end, gruesome, sinister but fair As clouds of ... In the twilight hour the sinners will loose their faces

Eden's Curse - Symphony of sin lyrics

brink Oh what will become? Of all we leave behind? We ... the great divide And the end of mankind Visions of you and ... visions of me The changing face of

Scheepers - Remission of sin lyrics

up in Armageddon My path of destruction marked My trace ... fly [Both] Remission of sin - absolute limit see the ... outdone [Both] Remission of sin - absolute limit see the

Benediction - Child of sin lyrics

my parent`s eyes, I`m a child of sin. Black sheep of the ... love, within the black depths of a septic mind. Barred from ... in. I was born unto a child of sin. A child of sin - her

Paragon - Palace of sin lyrics

to live by the sword The way of the warrior my law Slave ... fight Trapped in a life of violence and pain In the ... palace of sin There’s no escape forever

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - One night of sin lyrics

night of sin Is what I'm now paying for ... did no wrong Now I know That sinful wild life Would cause me ... nothing but harm One night of sin Is what I'm now paying

Nightmare (fra) - The winds of sin lyrics

in black I am the angel of sin Endoctrinated, ready to ... F*** and kill The enemies of God! Another child is ... Another child is a symbol of salvation Another child will

Sacred Steel - The torch of sin lyrics

within the heart of Rock 'n Roll - Heaviness ... Implanted in a horde of hungry souls - Starved to ... We bear the torch - The torch of sin As hymns of praise to

Adagio - Seven lands of sin lyrics

Form from my eyes, The blast of sand on my face Marks the ... beginning of my punishment. But now it is ... Wandering the labyrinth of tears Scaling the pyramids of despair, The gods have now

Dark Flood - The monument of sin lyrics

the tombstone For the grave of the Earth They dragged the ... ark To the shores of the wastelands Their painted ... And suspended sun In throes of doubt Hitchhiking on the

Diabolical - Guidance of sin lyrics

The primal fear is loosing control Regaining life but ... truth kept deep inside of me Of skin and bones the will is ... core comes The guidance of sin Use when all is lost When

Beth Hart - House of sin lyrics

Lay me in Your house of sin Take me down There’s no ... in Consciousness House of sin Somebody swim Tumble down ... Hold your scream Somebody sing And you say it’s nothing

Paragon - World of sin lyrics


Slayer - Captor of sin lyrics] Hot winds of Hell Burns, in my wake ... you pray, Behold, captor of sin Infernal slaves of ... manipulation Captive of my vice Abandon God, the

After All - Land of sin lyrics

to see Throughout the land of sin The mystery within ... Bodies glow With water of sin Stains of glory Sources ... A story untold In search of the truth In search of the

Gormathon - World of sin lyrics

worst of your dreams is what will ... hatred you walk The bringer of death is the bringer of truth ... I'll help you die Words of wisdom out of the abundance of a heart The time is here

Hecate Enthroned - Soil of sin lyrics

is the day The expedition of indulgence How long have I ... My voyage to be the soil of sin Knowing of delights untold ... non-existent To the soil of sin I long to be Where my black

Ashes You Leave - The inheritance of sin and shame lyrics

Where have your thoughts gone off? You shine like the ... portrait that reflects Your sin and shame Where have your ... thoughts gone off? As a sinless and shameless face

The 69 Eyes - Wages of sin lyrics

new world Ain't no wages of sin Enter oblivion Like

Kamelot (usa) - Sin lyrics

Is The Night That Calls Me Sinner From A Sin The Waters ... My Skin Fearing The Fields Of Fire And The War That's ... When Will It End? Promising Pure Desire Of The

The Rabble - City of sin lyrics

down the city of sin 'Cause I - I can see that it ... re caught in the jet-stream of life And there's no way out ... t seen it just yet City of sin Countdown ticking in the

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Freedom is the wage of sin lyrics

Greenway] Mandated since none of them knew How to ... Freedom is the wage of sin No universal (theoretical ... force of influence Should dictate

Narsilion - The voice of sin lyrics

the fear... I am the blood of the fallen angels... I am ... the voice... The voice of sin... I am the lord of the ... the light... I am the dusk of the frozen tears... I am the

Probot - Centuries of sin lyrics

the undeniable The centuries of sin Supplier - medical ... the way through the death of a dance Howling in harmony ... in key Out on teh plains of indulgence we breed Screams

Pungent Stench - The convent of sin lyrics

is the convent of sin The clerics are touching ... the skin Of the novices salivating with ... trousers swell Satisfaction of needs for sinners of hell ... At the convents what kind of whoredom It is penis

Siebenbürgen - As of sin lyrics

beauty haunts me When dreams of thee I dream Revealing ... truths of midnight And all that lies ... shadowy dusk With ember eyes of fire And a heart of sin

Creation's End - Of shadow and flame lyrics

from the mire An empty shell of blackened flesh It thirsts ... slowly darken The weight of sin bears down on me My demons ... Ever reigns the shadow of sin in my heart My soul, blind

Deer Tick - Art isn't real (city of sin) lyrics

not a sound. In the bowels of history and time, I have ... could never afford a taste, Of anything that your lovely ... you just can't erase. I know of a City to steal from, And I

Koffin Kats - A locket of sin lyrics

her neck was a locket of sin Hiding the contents of the ... On his finger was a ring full of poison He'd lift it to his ... both lovers But they were using to be used What's mine

Nuclear Assault - Sin lyrics

a stone A stranger comes out of the mist Beckons to call me ... He leads me down the path of hate Down the road of sin ... can you see me I fight a losing battle now To keep myself

Protest The Hero - Asperity of sin lyrics

world are just a source of Glowing facades more deaf ... sprinkled with asperity of sin now tell me when will they ... world are just a source of glowing facades more deaf

Sacred Oath - Scourge of sin lyrics

I try to find My peace of mind Through eyes made blind ... I try to find My peace of mind Through eyes made blind ... run deep In the scourge of sin I lost my way Didn’t want

Amorphis - Veil of sin lyrics

pale women I leave some of my goodness I leave the ... veil of sin And let go my dreams

Easy Rider - Casting the shadow of sin lyrics


Rotting Christ - Art of sin lyrics

Illusions follow The ghost of many tears Once again ... this Enchanted sleep Sin becomes an art inside it ... cruelty I am still afraid of you My enemy is here I

Swollen Members lyricsSwollen Members - House of sin lyrics

calculus I feel like jumping off a bridge or a balcony So ... life will turn into the House of Sin I'm running into old ... Mad Child I never write a goofy verse I still I stare into

Cadaveria - Whispers of sin lyrics

listened to the sound of the rebirth and chaos Timid ... essence of an ancestral ego I had the ... visions of an enchanted world Mucked up ... by the vile actions of men. I abandoned the oasis

Death Angel - Shores of sin lyrics

crack of dawn fills the empty sky We ... the hills Walk the paths of love Towards the caverns of ... cry breaks the solitude Of weary men who journey on To

Silverlane - The taste of sin lyrics

night a dream reminds me of what I've done and of what I ... clearly see every detail of the guilt of mine I can't ... m calling for you! The taste of sin! Calling for you!

Sinister - Conception of sin lyrics

became menacing Stream of consciousness Flow of ... predictions Lambent tongues of flames Ominous rumbling of ... black deed Dark undercurrent of hostility Characterized by

Cough - 288 years of sin lyrics

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Despite - Creed of sin lyrics

not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:( not found:(...

Lacrimas Profundere - Her occasion of sin lyrics

If you get hurt just go and tell someone else With every kiss you try to make me understand All you are longing for is my loves bitter end I might be wro...

Masters Of Hardcore - Dyprax - depths of sin lyrics


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