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Hezekiah Walker - Let the redeemed lyrics

1: Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, so. Let the redeemed ... of the Lord, say so. Sopranos: Made a way ... a way... All: out of no way. Let the redeemed of the Lord say

Neil Diamond - Let the little boy sing lyrics

back to a cotton field In the heart of Louisiana A little ... years old Singin' songs in the heat of the day But Mama ... special Mama cried 'cause the way that it was He would

Grey Bailey - Let the music play lyrics

was five years old the first time I heard that music ... play From the back porch of that old farm ... house the music carried me away I ... guitar sing So I followed the sound to an old oak tree, he

Sara Bareilles - Let the rain lyrics

I were brave If I owned this city Then I'd make it behave ... And if I were fearless Then I'd speak my truth And the ... world would hear this That's what I wish I'd do,

Hezekiah Walker - Let the glory lyrics

Let the glory of the Lord Rest on me, rest on me, me Let the glory of the Lord Rest on ... me, me The annoiting that destroys the ... yoke And sets the captives free, free Let the

Kris Kristofferson - Let the walls come down lyrics

i town An old soul standing his ground Sang his heart right ... out at the world Passing him by I ... can still hear every word Of a song that ... nobody heard ‘Cause he sang right out

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Let the music heal your soul lyrics

rhyme Just a song where his feeling show And if someone ... feels the same about the simple song Oh sometimes you ... can hear them sing Music gives you ... it also heals your soul Let the music heal your soul Let

Naughty By Nature - Let the hoes go! lyrics

Bass me, face me, task the tip of a tasty Bitches are ... from a peach or a pony I'm the Only, now your lyrics look ... it built for partyin I rip hearts apart as if it's my last

Salt´n Pepa - Let the rhythm run (remix) lyrics

and Pepa's on the mic makin' sure you like The ... end Once again, we're gonna let the party begin So tell me ... is ready to work it out So let the rhythm run (what?), the

Fozzy - Let the madness begin lyrics

that he made to himself But the thrill puts his pact on the ... Made of bitterness, hate, and his lies A life on trial a sad ... sustained He can't control the deepening hole He feels true

Reba Mcentire - Let the music lift you up lyrics

you say you're from the city Chicago is your home ... girl Over Oklahoma way Oh there are miles and miles between ... of freedom Ringing through the air Sending out a message to

Alabama 3 - Let the caged bird sing lyrics

had the hands of a missionary She ... had the body of a nun And in the fumblings of their union They found the key to kingdom ... 'Cause he knew one day they're gonna lock the door And

Dotan - Let the river in lyrics

night came in in Spring The final frost was laid again ... We dried the roofs, Froze the shoots, Killed the flowers, ... and stole the color from the summer. Oh let the river

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Let the beat build lyrics

I see you big boy Ima kill these niggas man Yea Haha.. ... .straight off the block with it Eagle street ... I'm payin dues, you keep the difference I can see the end

Labrinth - Let the sunshine lyrics

know what i dont even care the time has passed me by its ... gone with the wind its only cus the sun ... shined once again now the party’s on everybody’s there

Aaron Carter - Let the music heal your soul lyrics

song where is feeling show [The Moffats] And if someone ... feels the same about the simple song [Gil] oh ... sometimes you can hear them sing [Sqeezer] music

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Let the dream come true lyrics

a broken heart, now we gonna start It' s ... for me and you, let the dream come true Not a broken ... start It' s for me and you, let the dream come true What I'm

Rixton - Let the road lyrics

the road Take you home And the sun catch your eye If you ... don't belong And the world feels too strong And ... you're scared of the darkness to come Oh hold on,

Simple Minds - Let the children speak lyrics

A whole nation waits outside The rhythm of tomorrow They can ... dance away their sorrows tonight Lost - ... Prisoner waits outside with his lone heart beating Let the

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Let the show begin lyrics

And here we are Locked together Living on this lonely star ... But we can stay here Like the mountains do Like the leaves ... before we do, before we do Let the show begin Let the

Chris August - Let the music play lyrics

in the church, if you feel these words Raise a hand if you ... hurt Well it’s no surprise, there’s not a hand in sight Don ... or you win it 'Cause all this mess you're in won't last so

Citizen Cope - Let the drummer kick lyrics

the drummer kick, Let the drummer kick that Let the ... drummer kick, Let the drummer kick that Let the ... drummer kick, Let the drummer kick that Let the

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Let the music take control lyrics

let the music take control The rhythm's gonna move your soul ... The music will set you free You ... re living your fantasy So let the music take control The

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - Let the party begin lyrics

We’re ready to go And the feeling is right Let the ... party begin The music goes on Come on let’s ... sing this song Let me say say say It’s summer

Drowning Pool - Let the sin begin lyrics

in the mercy seat in Kansas City ... to Philly Got an Indiana heart with a lone star state of ... knocks 'em all back Well the bad times ain't so mean When

Hammerfall - Let the hammer fall lyrics

It's getting closer now The clock strikes midnight time ... It is the tolling of the judgement bell You fear the dead of night There ain't ... no place to hide This is your point of no return

Me & My - Let the love go on lyrics

on and on It's so cold out there, take my hand And you'll ... With our love we can lay down the world Let's lay down the ... (try it once) You'll feel the peace (feel the peace) in

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Let the children play lyrics

the children have their way Let the children play Let the ... children play Let the children have their way Let the children play Let the ... Ellos tienen que jugar Let the children play Ellos

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Let the music set you free lyrics

the music set you free Let the music set you free Let the

Activate - Let the rhythm take control lyrics

you, do you wanna, get up to the music Do you really wanna, let the rhythm take control, Let ... the rhythm take control Let the rhythm take control OK,

Anarbor - Let the games begin lyrics

baby tell me What's the deal with your new boyfriend? ... He wears a hat to the side With a bill he doesn't ... to bend (BANG! BANG!) I heard a knock at the door She

Army Of Lovers - Let the sunshine in lyrics

the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in ... Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in ... We starve Look at one another Short of breath Walking

B. B. King - Let the good times roll lyrics

everybody, let's have some fun You only ... re dead you're done, so Let the good times roll, let the ... you're young or old Get together, let the good times roll

Peabo Bryson - Let the feeling flow lyrics

in love, it was easy at the start I thought I had it in ... realized That I couldn?t see the forest for the trees What ... was wrong with me There comes a time in every life

Dragonette - Let the night fall lyrics

feet deep, I'm sinking in the shallow end Scotch and sun, ... on Stupid fun, friends since the afternoon Riding bikes to the docks from the avenue ... We'll step it up when the sun goes down Let the night

Good Charlotte - Let the music play lyrics

last goodbye So when the system breaks you down Just ... listen to the sound What do I do when it ... s all been done When the words have all been sung And

4him - Let the lion run free lyrics

can dream a dream The dreamer is inside of me Its ... always been Its time to break the status quo and take a leap ... And jump out of my skin Break these chains, open this cage Let the lion run free Destiny awaits

Nomy - Let the sun die lyrics

live in sorrow let's die tomorrow so let the ... sun die so let the sun... So scared of this ... we're dogs and thats a fact Let's die for everything we've

Paramore - Let the flames begin lyrics

I'd give it all my oxygen To let the flames begin So let the ... Oh, glory Oh, glory This is how we'll dance when, ... When they try to take us down This is

Ben Rector - Let the good times roll lyrics

am here I work my fingers to the bone Thursday, worries all ... breath I need a cure for the hurt that's ailing me ... your feet start moving Just let loose and you'll feel alright

Bloodbath - Let the stillborn come to me lyrics

the stillborn come to me Their souls shall melt into a ... mass of death Commence the ritual beyond the veil of ... life Poison my heart, shred my veins Claws of

Gadget - Let the mayhem begin lyrics

t you see the end is near Isn't this what ... with blood and despair This is the final war Is it the ... final call? So let the mayhem begin A war no one

Aaron Shust - Let the people praise lyrics

God is the God of gods And our Lord is the Lord of kings The revealer ... secrets of mysteries unknown Let the people praise our God Let the people praise our God His sovereign rule will last

Liberty X - The poet lyrics

love with you that night I let the lyrics speak to me They ... cast a spell upon my heart With their sensuality The truth is you were faking it ... writing on paper can steal my heart away Just imagine what his

Dustin Smith - Lord of all lyrics

wonder of all holy wonders The One who reigns on Heaven’s ... became a servant Made this fallen world His home ... crushed and crucified From the grave He now is risen Living

Hb - The lord of lords lyrics

thoughts calm down The presence of His holiness ... Are reaching up towards the sky To feel Him passing by ... There are no words, there are no songs The silence

Sing It Loud - Let yourself go lyrics

on our own ways, i think my voice is going to drown. so girl ... can you hear me whisper as we lay under the stars. ... the night is cold, so hold me ... closer. how did this fall apart? and i swear i hear her voice but it tells me to

Rotting Christ - The call of the aethyrs lyrics

who dwell into the aethyrs Are all powerful ... into the earth They execute the crisis of him They serve the will they follow the will of them Here / is / the face /

Richard Smallwood - The highest praise lyrics

1: Lord, we love You, we adore You, we ... You, we lift You up. All the glory, we give it You; for ... up. Chorus: Hallelujah is the highest praise, hallelujah is

Jeremy Camp - Hear my voice lyrics

are the only one that brings me peace ... You are the only one where hope is seen The mercy you've given is more ... so I can heed your word Hear my voice, I raise to you

4him - The voice of god lyrics

of being Moses Standing on the mountain top When he heard the voice of God And I admit that ... Ive imagined I was Paul on the road to Damascus When he heard the Savior's call CHANNEL

Intruder - The martyr lyrics

when I'm lying in my bed, I hear his words, they echo in my ... do, what we'll receive, when the work is through. I've been ... touched by the hand of fate. The winds of change fuel the

All Sons And Daughters - Hear the sound lyrics

forever, always forever We hear Your kingdom shout And all ... Your praises reign So let the heavens roar Echo across the ... people sing of Your majesty Lord hear the sound Lord hear the

Rakim - Let the rhythm hit em lyrics

m the arsenal I got artillery, lyrics of ammo Rounds of rhythm Then I'm 'a give 'em piano Bring ... a bullet-proof vest Nothin' to ... ricochet ready to aim at the brain ~Now what the trigger

Pennywise - Let us hear your voice lyrics

on ice and you'll pay the price As your freedom ... take 'em back right now. They're bullshit anyhow. It's ... time we had our say. The injustice cannot stay. They stabbed us in the back.

Pagan Altar - The erl king lyrics

There can be no dark force in this world, That could take the ... so grim would dare to be heard, No beast could be so wild ... and save yourself, For the journey we must undertake.

Deathstars - The perfect cult lyrics

world with black zinc Pour the blood so our roots can drink ... and girls - stay away from the light Drench the dolls in the cement sea Sell your soul

Lordi - The kids who wanna play with the dead lyrics

it already there in the woumb? Were we pulled out ... small? Or were we dropped on the floor? Could it be ... something we ate? Did they let us stay up too late? Were there not enough rules? Did we

Amanda Marshall - Let it rain lyrics

a choice I cannot help but hear his voice I only wish that ... without shame Chorus Let it rain Let it rain on me ... Let it rain, oh let it rain Let it rain on me

Mullmuzzler - His voice lyrics

plays through me Along with the radio A taste, a scene, a ... If only I Had known his fear So torn and feeling ... In despair, he danced the air A life became undone

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