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Pour Me Another Drink lyrics

Browse for Pour Me Another Drink song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Pour Me Another Drink lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Pour Me Another Drink.

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Eddie Rabbitt - Pour me another tequila lyrics

now that she's gone So pour me another tequila Make it a ... killer one more time Pour me another tequila I don't wanna feel ... you Hey Joe, would you help me drown my sorrow? I'm not

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - Pour me lyrics

Danny] Pour me, pour me, pour me another It holds me, ... holds me like no other One more drink ... then I swear that I'm going home Truth is, I don't really

Nightcore - Pour me lyrics

Danny) Pour me, pour me, pour me another It holds me, ... holds me like no other One more drink ... then I swear that I'm going home Truth is, I don't really

Sloppy Seconds - Shut up and pour me a drink lyrics

t tell me Don't tempt me I'll drink 'till the bottles ... think I'm unable to set my drink down on the table I hoard it ... you to think So shut up and pour me a drink Stop pointing

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Pour me a glass lyrics

upon a time I was sitting by, a bottle ... it down in a little while, I drink it glass for glass but ... it makes feel good, it makes me blow my mind, I cannot stop pour me another glass, I would if

He Is We - Pour me out lyrics

you on my lips And it makes me sad There's a part of me ... did have, oh noo Fill me up Steam me up Hear me ... shout Tip me over and pour me out Pour me out On the

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Pour me lyrics

do? You just cry Poor me, so blind I couldn't see The ... You just cry I hear you come nearer I hear you but I don ... t understand I hear you come nearer I hear you but I don

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Pour me lyrics

do? You just cry Poor me, so blind I couldn't see The ... You just cry I hear you come nearer I hear you but I don ... t understand I hear you come nearer I hear you but I don

Dreamshade - Another me, another you lyrics

voices in my head are telling me the meaning of the secrets ... about you but this is something new. I didn’t expect it ... This is how it ends here. Another me. Another you. Never

Chris Norman - Just another drink lyrics

Alright Chorus: Just another drink before you must go ... I see by your smile Tell me you'll stay for a while my ... beautiful baby Just another drink to weather the storm Cuddle

Pain - Bottle's nest lyrics

What did I do? Can't remember a thing Not a thing ... pretend? I'm falling Another day Another party Another ... toast I slam the drink And I almost fall And the

Brian Setzer - Drink whiskey & shut up lyrics

whiskey and shut up I might pour you a beer Drink whiskey and ... shut up I might pour you a beer And if you don't ... money Get out of here Drink whiskey and shut up I don't

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Prisoner lyrics

m underneath the table Then pour me another drink Oh, I don't ... want to remember I don't even want to ... wanna love But he won't let me go Loosen up my chains Oh,

Morgan Wallen lyricsMorgan Wallen - Whiskey glasses lyrics

me, pour me another drink 'Cause I don't wanna feel a ... sip 'til the pain wears off Pour me, pour me another round ... without her So make them drinks strong 'Cause, brother, she

All Time Low - I can't do the one-two step lyrics

.." Fall short this time of goals you rose to meet ... that you're playing on something that could have been ... more than life behind the same four walls... Pour me another drink I'll commit myself to

Mila J - Smoke, drink, break up lyrics

that I leave, but then I come right back to you So what is ... as well sit here and roll me a joint Or pour me a drink ... ] So either we smoke, Or we drink Or we break up Either we

The Kinks - Have another drink lyrics

and terrified? Such a shame. We've all got problems we ... all your depressions. Have another drink it'll make you feel ... better, Have another drink and you'll feel alright. If

Dope - We are lyrics

No regrets Stand back give me some room to breathe I think ... it's time to pour me another drink You think you know but you ... to forget We Are So light another candle for your sins Slit another throat for innocence Let me

The Dubliners - Drink it up men lyrics

beats a pint of good stout Drink it up men it's long after ten ... astray There I drank enough drink for to fill Galway Bay Going ... up in the morning I wore out me shoes Going up to the cross

Hinder - I need another drink lyrics

So no woah woah I need another drink This chip on my ... ink To hell with your judgement I got lower class dreams ... So no woah woah I need another drink There's nobody left

High Tyde - Feel it lyrics

me another drink I'm not done with this night ... with this night yeah, oh See me where you wanna go, Always ... crazy, now, now, oh I, come see you in the dark, Come

Father John Misty - Nancy from now on lyrics

pour me another drink And punch me in the face ... You can call me Nancy Every man wears a ... below? Oooh Oh, hook me up to the tank And roll me ... I'm going where my body leads me I can fend for myself With

End Of Green - Drink myself to sleep lyrics

we cannot speak, it comes all down on me. So follow me down, my life, I know a place ... to hide. Come closer and you will see. Comes all down on my own, down on

Chuck Berry - Bring another drink lyrics

night we had a party With some mellow chicks At the gin ... the street Just to get some kicks We sat down at a table ... in the mood Bring us all some juice [Pre-Chorus] We

Corey Hart - Rain on me lyrics

out this way Seen or heard something new from her yet? &quot ... what you go and do this time?" It's gonna be like it ... one by one Baby this time I'm playin' with Too much, time on my hands Saddest song in

Brocas Helm - Drink and drive lyrics

really need it girl, it keeps me alive I've got old number 7 ... in the back seat, For good measure Have you ever seen ... these people drive? It makes me wonder why I'm still alive

Mike + The Mechanics - Another cup of coffee lyrics

she pours herself another cup of coffee As she ... your house Is this your home Does nothing ever last ... what happens when a girl becomes a wife And she pours

Anna Nalick - Drink me lyrics

the weather Will you miss me ever? Lately I'm obsessed ... In a looking glass I see me looking back I'll take another Drink Me, baby Slowly, I'll ... take my gin and cherry And some Drink Me they'll be Plath

Ferry Bryan - Another time another place lyrics

knew there'd be times like this When I'd sit at ... home and reminisce Oh how one's memory slips... So I close my ... highway baby But don't bid me adieu Through a sea of

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Drink to me lyrics

to me, drink to me Drink to me, drink to me Drink to me ... make such a pretty bouquet (Drink to me, drink to me) But only ... I threw all the others away (Drink to me, drink to me) Then you

Jason Aldean lyricsJason Aldean - Drink one for me lyrics

know how bad, I wish I was home Can't wait to get back, But ... I'm gone Y'all carry on Drink one for me, for all the old ... times We tore up that town,

Buckcherry - Drink the water lyrics

self sufficient but blind Time to create tormented butterfly ... So instromental it's easy Deadlines, ... commitments, drink the caffine Well don't mind me, im sick from drugs Blew

George Jones - Drive me to drink lyrics

do me a favor on your way to do me ... wrong Drop me at a honky tonk, don't leave me here alone I washed and ... tank If you're gonna drive me crazy drive me to drink.

Peroxwhy?gen - Another me lyrics

is what there will never be Another life like this you'll never ... see Another me there will never be Another ... like this you'll never see Another day is all I think about

Overkill - Another day to die lyrics

I'm talking to myself I want another day to die I heard the ... lonesome whistle I heard the night ... I know what he brings Here come mister rattle shaking bones

Regi - Another me lyrics

a puddle of regret Your lame excuses Your sorry lies Are ... making me sick How can you look me in ... the eyes You don't deserve me You never did The way you

Kate Alexa - Another now lyrics

page, and its just not the same, CHORUS But i'm breathing ... in, I can't think about, Another you, Another me, Another now. ... torn, Cause ever since you came my way, I learned to live by

H & Claire - Another you, another me lyrics

at first sight You and me that breathless night Love ... keen To know what love would mean And we learned Making up ... From what is now Strangers somehow Chorus Another you Another me It was the dawn Of the

Nightfane - Another day lyrics

of my tears... RF:Give me another day! Give me another night! I wish to see sun ... rays and moon light! Give me another day! I want to stay ... to live forevermore... Give me another day! Give me another night! I wish to see sun

Cris Cab - Another love (feat. wyclef jean) lyrics

love He can't do it like me, he can't love you like me so ... woah no I'll just get me, another love He can't kill it like me, you don't miss it from me so

Justin Timberlake lyricsJustin Timberlake - (another song) all over again lyrics

you, might try to love me So please give me another ... chance To write you another song And take back those ... my heart If you would let me start all over, Again I'm

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Another star lyrics

quot;Another Star" La la la la la ... la For you There might be another star But through my eyes the ... For you There might be another song But all my heart can

Markize - Another breath lyrics

you in me everyday I'm searching, Am I ... really you or you are really me? Hidden here in my head here ... Every night whispering me, I can't trust you anymore

All Over Again - (another song) all over again lyrics

thought you might try love me So please give me another ... chance To write you another song Take back those things ... my heart If you would let me start all over again I´m

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Another stranger me lyrics

A glimpse of life From somewhere deep within Awake and ... Is there anyone else here? Somebody screaming Please help me ... That I am not dreaming Welcome to my damnation Here it comes the real me I didn't know

Dj Encore Feat Angelina - Another day lyrics

where I can’t breathe Something is wrong cause I can’t ... see Why you’d expect me to give into you I’m like a ... land without a name Something’s can never be the same

Sarea - Another me lyrics

and worn, vacant and torn Memories go back to days so gray ... Welcome to my new reality Feel me ... Won't you breathe me Please me, come sweet death Fragments from a lost eternity

Skylark - Another reason to believe lyrics

me, sentimental warrior, I am here to ... hold you, take the time and Save me, I don't want to ... are still crying So bring me back tonight, back tonight ... Save me, ghost of navigator, symbol

Big Star - Give me another chance lyrics

been looking for to find Something to believe in my mind ... it was you All this time since you've been mine I've ... the way Don't give up on me so fast I see it's me that's

Flux Of Pink Indians - Pass me another issue lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not ...

Nate Dogg lyricsNate Dogg - Me and my homies lyrics

we kick it like everyday Me and my homies, kick it like ... with my phone and cause some folks who know what I go ... after I smoke a joint, come on to keep my temper low I

Grateful Dead - Me & my uncle lyrics

Went to the barroom, ordered drinks for all. Three days in the ... my body hurt, It bein' summer, I took off my shirt, And I ... tried to wash off some of that dusty dirt. When

Candice Accola - Drink to my freedom lyrics

on tour Now you’re just a memory fading like the day ... before So let’s drink to my freedom And how I ... need ‘em His not calling me for days In his dirt bong

Lorene Drive - Some kind of love lyrics

I'm just a singer I say, another sinner Dont blame these ... thing You better not pour me that drink 'Cause youre my ... favorite enemy Build me up baby, dont break me down

Dean Martin - Pour my love on you lyrics

tell you what your love has meant I'm lost for words Is ... Lord, this is my desire To pour my love on You Chorus: ... feet Like wine for you to drink Like water from my heart I pour my love on you If praise is

Jimmy Buffett - A lot to drink about lyrics

all bad Well, I think it’s time for a song about that Up on ... stars While over in sub-prime city It’s getting ugly in ... Watching the news only gives me the blues There’s too much

Dezperadoz - Just like cowboyzz do lyrics

the first thing that I do. Pour me another tall one and I ... suits for everyone, including me and you. Let it roll, here ... show. Take A seat, grab A drink and enjoy. Let it roll, here

Deez Nuts - Pour up lyrics

for the ones you love. Pour up, roll up I won't ... Any given day you can find me round the way, Friends and ... mother f***er rolled c-lo. Pour up, roll up, drink up, smoke

Enslavement Of Beauty - Severely flawed lyrics

in the blink of an eye as I pour myself another drink... I ... for such a long, long time... I keep flirting with the ... devil, the primeval muse of all my rhymes

Metro Station - Gold lyrics

the right person Chasing fame and money Feeling sad while ... what the f*** is wrong with me I pour myself another drink ... there to hold Don't wake me up now My dreams are made of

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