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Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law .. lyrics

Browse for Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Possession Is Nine Tenths Of The Law ...

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Caskey - Anxious lyrics

Intro] I wrote this shit at a f***ing laudromat 4 in the morning, shit was overpriced! I just came home from a meeting with Birdman My lights was off, back to reality I like the type of salary you gettin' When you servin' up the white the soft I'm

The Divine Comedy - The booklovers lyrics

quot;This book deals with epiphenomenalism, which has to do with consciousness as a mere accessory of physiological processes whose presence or absence... makes no difference... whatever are you doing?" Aphra Behn: Hello Cervantes: Donkey

Blitzkrieg - Spirit of the legend lyrics

the Occult Shop window, was the guitar he wanted to own, They said it belonged to a "Legend", he bought it and he took it home, It took control of his fingers, when he played it, it gave him a scare, He took it back where he bough

Killing Joke - Money is not our god lyrics

tenths of the law than sic Is possesion Life expressed in matter is a blasphemy Success defined by aquisition stinks! So busy trying to make a living i forgot about living Yes i do So busy trying to make a living i forget about life The best things i found

Protoje - Wrong side of the law lyrics

up on the wrong side of the law Got caught, got caught, got caught Caught up on the wrong side of the law I got caught on the wrong side of the law Say they charging me for marijuana Like I don't need to reach home 'til tomorrow's Sun goes up Actually they the wrong

Dangerous Toys - The law is mine lyrics

law is mine and I'll do as I please The law is mine and there ain't no school for me Please no more tragedy Please leave your tragedy at home At home Such a great sensation to feel so cool, you see A sedate vacation with no more fools for me Please

Exhorder - The law lyrics

quot;Do what thou will shall be whole of the law" (Aleister Crowley, Liber Oz) fires are burning inside and you barely stand on two feet there's scars arranged all over you I'm governing my needs I hear an ego bleeding resounding hints of false intrepidity I'm

Kenny Rogers - Long arm of the law lyrics

Cumberland Kentucky On a cool hot evening Billy lay in love with Marrianne She was a rich judge's daughter He was a son of a miner But that night their love was more than they could stand The judge said to his daughter That son of that coal miner Is someo

Saxon - Strong arm of the law lyrics

was listening to the music on the radio I had a feeling that something's not right The music was loud, we could still hear the crowd From the gig that we played that night We pulled into a motorway restaurant Stopped a while and fooled around Oh, I

Metal Law - March of the law & hunter and prey lyrics

Of The Law: INSTRUMENTAL Hunter And Prey I’m following you through the dark of the night Your scent is driving me mad Sweet drops of your sweat on the ground Exploding desire in my head Over meadow and field, through forest and swamp

Mayan - Mainstay of society in the eyes of the law co.. lyrics

is the way to supremacy Be brave where others do not dare We’re only asking for your loyalty In a kind and friendly way Corruption is the mainstay of society To keep us ruling in the world We’re only asking for your loyalty But will not ask it

Mayan - War on terror in the eyes of the law pentagon.. lyrics

the grey curtain and reveal Your truly sharp intentions Drop the weapons and appeal To all your moral senses Common sense Indifference Negligence Innocence Obedience Impotence Stop the sick falsehoods and reveal Your goals and true intentions Stop den

Oi Polloi - Lowest of the law lyrics

lies and muck behind our backs A vicious cowardly attack A spiteful scheming slimeball with a huge ego Your pathetic negative actions make me want to throw I can't belive the depths to which you've sunk You've got some nerve to call yourself a punk

Pulp - This is hardcore (end of the line mix) lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The state of the end of the millennium addres.. lyrics

nobody loves you like we do. Neighbors, your government has triumphed in finally making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before has a governing body shown so much concern for the economic well-being of its subjects. Today we have insulated you from coun

Melodysheep - The good of the one (spock tribute) lyrics

Does the good of the many, outweigh the good of the one? I would accept that as an axiom. I have a human half, you see, as well as an alien half. Submerged, constantly at war with each other. I survive it because my intelligence wins out over both, makes them live together. I am

Eminem lyricsEminem - The ringer lyrics

Intro] Yeah, yo I'm just gonna write down my first thoughts and see where this takes me, 'cause I feel like I wanna punch the world in the f***in' face right now [Verse] Yeah, let me explain just how to make greatness Straight out the gate, I'm 'bout to break you d

Sabbat - Possession of the reaper lyrics

shadow without a smile, My real sight is fading away Riding on blind horse, I hear The mad screams of the damned When depression speaks through me, Crucified? Nightmare? I feel I hear the revelation, delight? Final agonies? Caught in illusions, I'm screaming, in torture Posses

Legion Of The Damned - Repossessed lyrics

from the book of the dead The ancient passages are read The release of evil entities After dusk Unspeakable evil in the woods From the time before time They will try To possess them all The first soul to be swallowed She starts speaking in

Editors - The law (feat. rachel goswell) lyrics

What's that accent? Where are you from? What are you drinking? How'd I get some? Sinking my teeth into something new Doing what my maker taught me to Rachel Goswell: Don't let it get heavy You are the law Don't let it get heavy You are the law Why won't you come get me?

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The law lyrics

many times did you call me And I knew it was late I left everybody But I never went straight I don't claim to be guilty But I do understand There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand There's a Law, there's an Arm, there's a Hand Now my heart's like a blister From

Gehenna - Nine circles of torture lyrics

in motion From some point Nowhere Unrelenting Wave of being A crimson mist Drifting - falling Things end In becoming Ending becoming Essence Embers of Ancient wars Blind will To death To be manifold

The Kinks - Nine to five lyrics

Star is in Norman's office. His day of sweat and toil has begun. Nine To Five Answering phones and dictating letters Making decisions that affect no one. Stuck in the office from nine until five Life is so incredibly dull, Working from nine to five

Riot ( Usa ) - The law lyrics

been used i been abused for far too long. I got my mind on lettin go. Seventy years or more i'm paying for my crime. What i've done i just don't know. I did my time behind these wallls. I hear the sound of freedoms call. Running from the law,

Scanner - The law lyrics

ride across the mountains Over their God-given land Following their destination Independent barons Fight behind their king With a sword in their hands back to back The law People pray When they ride into nowhere One dies for all Dyin for glory This was the law of the swo

Sodom - The saw is the law lyrics

scents taint with blood Signed his path of death Trace him to the place of fright Searching for his daily bread When midnight comes around Be warned because he is out of sight What carnal secrets does he hide His ruthless rage will come Bu

Gary Moore - The law of the jungle lyrics

step into a world of danger. Each night we answer neon's call. We steer away from passing strangers Jumping at shadows on the wall. The law of the jungle Is so hard to break. When death walks behind you With each step you take. Who knows what's waiting in the dark

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - The law lyrics

build a better world you gotta tear the old one down To free us from this emptiness Hell-bent and heaven bound The pleasures of a normal life Turn into decay We’re no good in time When we are falling out of faith You gotta take the law into your

Deep Switch - Nine inches of god! lyrics

the nun is learning how to speak in tongues Tonight she'll come to understand the evil one Nine inches of God will rise to sing her songs of praise Nine inches of God inside will rectify her ways. Leve with the devil kneeling in the night Take his tube and smoke h

Donald Lawrence - The law of confession lyrics

Verse:] Man can't canonot live by bread alone but by every word out the mouth of God. There's a formula for confession that can help you to live your best life. A law is simply a principle, based on a predictable consequence of an act. Confession in Greek is homo-logeo,

Alltheniko - Law of the stronger lyrics

an old man, he aims and fires A young girl uses the sword to survive There was a time of cars, cash, freedom The war destroyed all and now we have to live here, here Desert and flames before your eyes Radiations burn your flesh and your mind But we can live, law of the stronge

Graveyard - The suits, the law & the uniforms lyrics

at the base of the pyramid, but it's never gonna meet the eye. You're not supposed to know that it exists, when nothings there there's nothing to deny. If you leave your place in the foundation, you'll see the casle's made of sand. Watch it f

Sacrilege (swe) - Nine eyes of twilight lyrics

ve disarmed the weak for the lies to show I've fought without mercy I've slain with my sword I've stricken upon the ones who seek and blood ahs been shed from the souls so meek For my paradise was burned and my visions encaged Soulless and dying, a slave to my rage I've b

Kyuss - The law lyrics

imprisoning me. Feeling, that darkness in me. Me and it's you, and I run over you. So let me be. Swing low, Into the blood off of me. Me and lie on the streets of law, Breaking down the road. So bringing me down, Well in to the ground.

Paragon - Law of the blade lyrics

across the hot plain Reaching the mountains of black Hearing the cries of pain In fear of a coming attack Weapons that we take are from the dead As they rott in the dawn A battle behind and a battle ahead The calm before the storm Ambush attac

Blood On The Dance Floor - The law of love lyrics

quot;Law of Attraction is the magnetic power of the Universe that draws to us everything in our lives and the people around you that hold the same vibrational frequency. The Law of Attraction responds to the thoughts you have at all times. Everything you ex

Mystic Circle - Nine plagues of egypt lyrics

water discolored itself to red Rivers filled with blood The sky darkened God left the people alone Frogs the harbinger of the plague The stench of decay and dirt Mosquitoes bring the lumps Dogflys lay their eggs in the wounds The last days The end of the world

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The day i broke the law lyrics

I'll be coming home I hope to find you all alone With open arms to greet me at the door. You cried as I was led away It seems like only yesterday But after all these years I can't be sure [Chorus:] While I've been dreaming dreams of you Not knowing what your

Hellish War - The law of the blade lyrics

the age of wars, between the clans Barbarians fought, against their enemies With their, powerfull swords For the simple, pleasure of killing Fight Europe living, in total terror The germanic crowd, were everywhere Marching on corpes, with an wi

Andem (Андем) - The nine circles of hell lyrics

времён позабытая кровь В жертву костру вновь приносят любовь. Страха нет, есть только боль и дыма стена, И во имя света будешь ты сожжена! Гори огнём, Дочь Сатаны, Твой крик ласкает людям слух Не обуздать нам Тёмных Сил, Но смертна плоть у Его слуг. Очищенье

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The law of the flames lyrics

shalt not let the witch woman live, the queen of death and life The mother earth, the mother goddess, the feared devil's wife From the seven circles of fire she's risen with unholy faith They want her to die by the cruel law of the flames The choir of death is singing in the

Frozen Dawn - The order of the winter moon lyrics

the vast frozen mountains Where the horizon dies The roar of the four winds blows Beyond the edge of the kingdom Invincible voices of dark desires Burial chants at the gates of the fortress The Nine pray to the Dark Lady As the shades of the winter night gl

Marduk - Those of the unlight lyrics

nine Blasting through the earth as a storm Spreading their dark coldness Evolved into creatures that existed at the edge At the edge of this world and the realm of the shadows Resisting death, yet unable to die Magically clung to life Forever dyin

Freedom Call - Hammer of the gods lyrics

and now, I'm mystified What is wrong, what is right When the blind lead the blind On the edge of creation In despair from a clash of emotions In a world full of anxious fear Send us hope Bring us salvation Can you hear The hammer of the Gods

Jethro Tull - Law of the bungle lyrics

tiger flashes sharpened teeth. Bowlerhatted; summer briefs Beneath his pinstriped skin. To kill demands a business sense; Economy moves nonresidence Approaching from downwind. Being a tiger means you laugh Whenever lesser tigers have To eat meat that's infected. Being a ti

Loudness - The candidate lyrics

can you do? Who do you know? How much can you pay What can you hide? What’s up inside? Who’ll be the one you betray It doesn’t matter what you’ve done Come in and sit down We’ll tell you what to say Every word and every breath, every sound Looking

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The law maker lyrics

horizon breaks, where a figure stands Close your eyes and prey it's a vision of god's command CHORUS: He's evil and mysterious, people fear his name He's not here for deliverance, no He's the lawmaker He never speaks, but his tasks we're told To seek out sou

Orthodox Celts - The wearing of the green lyrics

Paddy dear, and did you hear The news that’s going round? The Shamrock is forbid, by law, To grow on Irish ground! No more St. Patrick’s day we’ll keep His colour can’t be seen; For there’s a cruel law against The Wearing of the Green! For the Wearing of the Green

Silentium - The propheter of the unenthroned lyrics

quot;And Now, My Son, Open Thine Eyes Wide To Behold. On Yer Crusade, Thou Have Become Infidel Thyself..." In the times of my youth The spirit spoke to me Pay heed, and hear the truth The signs art here to see Courses of stars unscroll´d For

Destruction - The final curtain lyrics

the hate that burns deep in your sick soul Your psychotic mind is totally out of our logical control How the f*** should I know that you did decide That I'm your unsuspecting target to build up your pride You did hurt my friends and you've destroyed my proper

Royal Jester - The new order lyrics

all my lies are turning true And the gate has opened for you the hour may not he too late My voice is powerful to hear All the people will gather near To pursue my dream of hate My will shall be the law All of your strength I withdraw The time has come for jus

Jackson United - The land without law lyrics

Cesar! when are you picking us up? cause we got flights that we gotta miss waves to catch we need sleep we're pissed gotta go cause we've been dreaming of this snow hi-voltage running thru my lips and i don't give a f*** about the

Real Sisters - The new order lyrics

all my lies are turning true And the gate has opened for you the hour may not he too late My voice is powerful to hear All the people will gather near To pursue my dream of hate My will shall be the law All of your strength I withdraw The time has come for justice to r

Dj Mad Dog - The core lyrics

Mad Dog How you doing, bro? You know, I was reminiscing about back in the days man And then you see how the [...] has some good times nowadays, bro But still, I remember the days that timetables and decoration weren't important, man It was all about the music, man,

Fit For An Autopsy - The great gift of the world lyrics

it all went away tomorrow Would there be anything worthy of the salvage Or would the world be swallowed by the sea A blissful silence in return of harmony And would there be any need for possession Cultured regret The lost of progress The passing of the flesh Marrow to ma

Battlelore - The curse of the kings lyrics

Bonus track] Once great kings of the Secondborn Cheated their faith with the Rings of Sauron Nine for mortal men Turned them into the shadows of immortal Without their maste they have no focus They have no choice but to obey Without their Rings they have no life This curse is

Martin Carthy - The dominion of the sword lyrics

by your pleading, law lies a-bleeding Burn all your studies down And throw away your reading Small power the word has, and can afford us Not half so much privilege as the sword does It'll the foster the master, plaster disaster This'll make a servant q

Saviour Machine - The promise lyrics

have traced the movements of the tribes Led in chains from the burning ruins Of their beloved city into captivity ... After two-thousand years of exile and dispersion, They have returned home gathered out of Many people .. unto the former wasteland .

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