Pistol (a. Cunanan, Miami, Fl. 1996) ... lyrics

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Modest Mouse - Pistol (a. cunanan, miami, fl. 1996) lyrics

ve got my pistol in the car, uh-huh I got my stereo in the car, uh-huh I've got my room key in the car, uh-huh Why don't you come to my room and clean my pistol, no duh I maximize my own liasons I'm going to take it till the taking comes on I've got my cocaine in the glove box

Foals - Miami lyrics

promised you open ocean glow Mother of pearl, gold, and indigo Cut through the waves, I watched you swim away I'll never love you more than today Would you be there Be there Be there for me (In Miami) Would you be there Be there Be there f

Ella Henderson - 1996 lyrics

ten past three in the afternoon In 1996 an eight pound baby arrived That was me I don’t know why I was brought to life But I swear that I’m the luckiest girl alive To be part of this family And now I miss the times When you’d hold my hand When

Against Me! - Miami lyrics

charge into danger. No guarantees or safe places. No one can be trusted, everyone is a suspect. All the money's worthless. The talent is trite and exaggerated. The food is turning and the water's f***ing poison. And it's rotting your teeth right out of y

Emarosa - 1996 on bevard lyrics

pays to be insane, Indiana rain. I let go. And I made the same mistakes, Sleeping in the flame. I lost hope Just to be alone. Afraid I'll be my father and fade away. We almost sound the same. Afraid I'll be forgotten but I can't change. I need to hear you say

Sneaker Pimps - Miami counting lyrics

I wake up on my way east I'm ironing out this crease that sleeps underneath me 1 for sorrow and 2 for killjoy , 3 the girl who gets to the boy freeing the girl who gets to remote-control me 10 stops till she drops, dressed up to the 9s 8 o'clock on the dot on the

Clay Walker - Miami and me lyrics

her in Miami Conversation turned to wine We talked and we talked Yeah we hit it off, just fine Stayed down by the water Slept beneath the stars We laughed and we danced Made love in the sand I held her in my arms But I couldn’t make

Razor - Miami lyrics

remember years ago a place I loved to go Palm trees, sunshine beaches and never any snow Then bastards came in numbers to infiltrate the place Crime and murder rates have soared in Florida's disgrace Now they've ruined Miami, they've let it go to piss Now the

The Baseballs - Miami lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh Haha, can y'all feel that Can y'all feel that Jig it out, uh Here I am in the place where I come let go Miami the base and the sunset glow Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody party all day No work all p

Halestorm - 1996 (marilyn manson cover) lyrics

choice anti girl I am the anti-flag unfurled anti white and anti man I got the anti-future plan anti fascist anti mod I am the anti-music god anti sober anti whore there will never be enough of anti more I can't believe

Pitbull - Miami shit lyrics

Intro:] Oohhhh Introduce (introduce) Mr. (mr.) Three (yep) O (yep) Five' Hop on a bucket of hot legs, f*** it [x4] [Verse 1:] This for the boy who went to Tennessee Listening to MJG, breaking 'em birds and 8 Ball Be careful with them keys Don't hesitate

Willie Nelson - Pistol packin' mama lyrics

beer in a cabaret Was I havin fun! Til one night she caught me right And now I'm on the run. Lay that pistol down, Babe. Lay that pistol down. Pistol packin' mama Lay that pistol down. She kicked out my windshield And she hit me over the head. She cussed and c

Will Smith - Miami lyrics

Yeah Yeah Yeah Miami, uh, uh Southbeach, bringin the heat, uh Haha, can y'all feel that Can y'all feel that Jig it out, uh Here I am in the place where I come let go Miami the base and the sunset glow Everyday like a mardi gras, everybody p

U2 lyricsU2 - Miami lyrics

'round here choppin' and changin' Surgery in the air Print shirts and southern accents Cigars and big hair We got the wheels and petrol is cheap Only went there for a week Got the sun got the sand Got the batteries in the handycam Her eyes all swimming pool bl

Rage Against The Machine - Pistol grip pump lyrics

grip pump on my lap at all times (3x) They can be f***ing with other niggas shit, but they cant be f***ing with mine Pistol grip pump on my lap at all times (3x) They can be f***ing with other niggas shit, but they cant be f***ing with mine I was raise

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - 1996 lyrics

a candle for the sinners Set the world on fire Anti-choice and anti-girl I am the anti-flag unfurled Anti-white and anti-man I got the anti-future plan Anti-fascist, Anti-mod I am the anti-music god Anti-sober, anti-whore Never be enough of anti-more

Ras Kass - Miami life lyrics

Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain't nuttin nice Miami Life, at any price, keep my pockets nice Eff the po-lice, Miami Life ain't nuttin nice Verse One: I'm launchin rockets and SCUDs at Crockett and Tubbs [and Tye] full

K'jon - Miami[from "2 fast 2 furious" soundtrack] lyrics

K'Jon: talking] (hey yo) I see the chicas (hey yo what's up ma) I see the chicas (you ready) I see the chicas (let's ride) Ola (homies) Ola (homies) Ola (haha, I'm in Miami, ya) (hey yo) Ew la la, la la la [Chorus] I'm in Miami and the gir

Eminem lyricsEminem - Pistol poppin - cashis lyrics

Eminem] Haha [Ca$his] Ca$his, Ca$his Cashis [Eminem] Yeah! [Ca$his] King Mathers [Eminem] C'MON! [Ca$his] Pistol poppin, come get me nigga! {*echoes*} Feat [Chorus: Ca$his] Pistol poppin, bodies droppin, layin all around You thought it w

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Pistol whipped lyrics

look so pretty When you cry. Don't wanna hit you But the only thing, Between our love is (1) A bloody nose (2) A busted lip And (3) A blackened eye You look so pretty When you cry. Don't wanna hit you But the only thing, Between our love is (1) A bloody nose (2) A busted

Counting Crows - Miami lyrics

guess I think I feel alright You come circling through the light The skyline, baby, is bright tonight What more perfect rendezvous? The sundown paints the shadows Through the daylight, Amy, on what we do It looks like darkness to me Drifting down into Miami Can I

John Cougar Mellencamp - Miami lyrics

I hear in Miami they have a lot of girls Who toast their flesh in the sun Living on allowances they receive from the old man at home To keep up appearances to have fun [Chorus:] Hey baby Living in Miami I know you're hip to those hotel alibis I know you're nowh

Acid Black Cherry - Pistol lyrics

chotto shirake sasenaide ai no mitsu o kobosanaide jiman no PISUTORU o koko ni tsukitsukete hari ni ito o toosu you ni kajitsu nigiritsubusu you ni GIRIGIRI no tengoku e hora KAUNTODAUN o kaishi afuredashichau basho ni sawatte AITSU yori S na kotoba de motto henshin sas

Flickerstick - Pistol in my hand lyrics

I'm a man and I'm feeling so into you Hey I'm a man and I'm feeling so into you Don't you lie, they may follow I still can't see you smile Hey I'm a man and I'm feeling so into you Save yourself this emotion They want to see you drown Let it out,

Kings Of Leon - Pistol of fire lyrics

of fire x 3 Shattered the frame Go hug your sister Go love your sister Go hug your sister One and the same Higher, where did you want to take me? Higher, where did you want to go? Higher, grabbing up the money it's coming Higher, coming for that rooftop door

Imagine Dragons lyricsImagine Dragons - Pistol whip lyrics

can see clearly, I can see clearly What you mean Oh my dear it's a pistol whip to my Broken heart and the stars are spinning, So I pick one up and put it on my shoulder Look look look You're a world class case I'll punch my stomach, All the people sing, t

D12 - Pistol pistol lyrics

Bizarre] Yeah, welcome to Amityville [Swifty] Detroit, nigga! [Bizarre] The reason why rappers gotta pack pistols! Ha ha ha ha! [Chorus - Eminem] Slick criminal wit, the shit I spit chews like a bullet came back that just missed and hit you I say the typ

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - A pistol to my temple lyrics

I flew into a mountain Burn myself to nothing That would be something Would it be enough? A pistol to my temple Pull the trigger like its nothing That would be something, but it’s never enough This is all an illusion What do you take me for? It makes no difference wh

Cashis - Pistol poppin' lyrics

feat. Eminem) [guns cocking then one gunshot] [Eminem:] Haha [Ca$his:] Ca$his, Ca$his [Eminem:] Yeah! [Ca$his:] King Mathers [Eminem:] C'MON! [Ca$his:] Pistol poppin, come get me nigga! [echoes] [Chorus: Ca$his] Pistol poppin, bodies dro

Billy Joel - Miami 2017 (seen the lights go out on broadwa.. lyrics

Angelenos All come from somewhere To live in sunshine Their funky exile Midwestern ladies High-heeled and faded Drivin' sleek new sports cars With their New York cowboys Hiding up in the mountains Laying low in the canyons Goin' nowhere on the streets With the Spanis

Danger Gang - Pistol lyrics

to yatsu ga i ta sore ha niku ki shukuteki da nan do mo kurikaeshi ta tatakai ju shou ju hai kore de saigo da nan te kakattara kega suru ze inochi ga o shikerya kaeri na tekagen suru ki nan ka nai ze kakugo wo kime te kakatte koi jibun wo shinji te kamae ta ' pisuto

Bushido lyricsBushido - Miami (skit) (feat. horsecock) lyrics

quot;Lak, Hallo? Ey, weißt du, ich mach jetzt auch überkorrekt, so Hiphop, sowie Broses. Warte, ich kann dich jetzt was zeigen." "Ey yo, yo, this goes out to my thug niggas, worldwide. Aight, no a little freak in Hollywood. Sucks on dick

Fler - Miami skit lyrics

weißt du? Ich mach jetzt auch überkorrekt so Hip Hop! So wie Brosis! Warte, ich kann dich jetzt was zeigen: JO JO ! I'm a little freak in Hollywood! Sucks on dick! Does it fell good? Strait from the Streets! Know I'm saying? Weiß du ich bin jetzt Vertrag bei Kap for Real Enterta

Rory Gallagher - Pistol slapper blues lyrics

I know my dog, Anywhere I hear him bark. Well I know my rider, If I feel her in the dark. Ain't it cold for you, mother, When you say you don't love me? Well that's alright woman, You gonna need my help someday. You didn't say you didn't love me, When you were stretch

Field Mob - Pistol grip lyrics

Verse 1 - Chevy P aka Smoke] Nowadays girls and boys wanna lick me Her put her tongue on me him pull his gun onme I won't let 'em get me I stay strapped In case I try to stick her and he try to stick me So I'm... packin my magnums In case I gotta blast one The only time I'm leaki

Mac Dre - Don't be a punk lyrics

Miami- From the louie crew] What's Happenin man this ain't fo no punks man This for tha rippla type guys (yeah) We ain't no punks round here We gonna ripp one den get ready to f*** a hoe or somefin For so long [Chorus:] Don't be no punk, grab yo cup and fill

Erasure - Pistol lyrics

boy go get your gun Hands together we can have some fun Out tonight and the beat goes on Blue boy go get your gun Hands together we can have some fun Out tonight and the beat goes on We don't need no intervention Keep your cover on informat

Pitbull - A little story intro lyrics

ya'll to somethin right quick Sit down, open your ears, close your eyes, listen Here's a little story that I got to tell About this Chico named Pit everyone knows so well Illmatic like Nas but that ain't hard to tell Owes it all to Dade County and the ATL

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - A million lights lyrics

feat. Tyga, Cory Gunz, Mack Maine, Jae Millz, Kevin Rudolf) [Hook: Kevin Rudolf] A million lights and a kick drum, the floor is moving slow I've got a feeling 'bout this one, and we still young, you know I'm breathin' fire in your club It's not my fault if

Jimmy Buffett - A pirate looks at forty lyrics

mother ocean, I have heard you call, Wanted to sail upon your waters since I was three feet tall. You've seen it all, you've seen it all. Watch the men who rode you, Switch from sails to steam. And in your belly you hold the treasure that few have ever seen,

Method Man - A lil bit lyrics

Chorus: Melanie Rutherford] If you like it (a lil' bit) I will give you a (a lil' bit) If you want it (a lil' bit) you can have some more Now that you spent it (a lil' bit) you can taste it a (a lil' bit) If you like it (a lil' bit) you can have some more [Method Man] S

Creature Feature - A fate worse than death lyrics

will catch up to you And there is nothing you can do What fate surely waits, Maybe eaten by wolves In your sleep Your time is quickly running out It’s pointless to worry and pout What fate surely waits Maybe dying of thirst Lost at sea Don’t worry your head off

Andre Nickatina - A diamond lyrics

is crisscross patterns turn Mine on snap when the indo burn I'm livin wreckless. My killa cross over in the (?) Pushin coke from Fillmore to the projects in Texas Austin, Bitch yous a hoe what you callin Smokin indo like a fat rat, Chewy like a Charleston Charlesto

Andre Nickatina - A peez paradise lyrics

Peez Paradise "god bless every livin mac thats out there" "a mouthpiece is way more powerful than a gun, know what im sayin?" "i wus born this way thats why i perform this way" "the rap game is

Scarface - A minute to pray and a second to die lyrics

Scarface] Life goes on in the streets of my hood when you die but some cry, and gets by, while others choose to wonder why.. his life was took at such an early age A young nigga who lived in a rage died by the gauge He used to hustle on the street corners His mom would always be

2pac lyrics2pac - A crooked nigga too lyrics

nigga Yo Pac (That's right) Yo, I heard you got beat up by the police Got a big fat lawsuit and everything (yeah) Niggaz just wanna know if your still gonna be on some crooked ass nigga shit Please tell me what's a nigga to do and it's true Ain't nuttin' new so I do what I

Raekwon - A pinebox story lyrics

metal rock hit his face with a rush They pistol-whipped him, shot him with his Dutch He lost all his trust Smoking Dutch, choking in his lust Living out his lies, so one day he stole a pair of nuts Tried to go hard, that's the wrong song He should've just jetted, Moet in his mind

Ablaze In Hatred - A walk through the silence lyrics

shadows fell The garden of thought Passing through The entrance I once knew Ignoring the deviance Chained I am To murder those frail ones And to complete My endeared task Can I ever know Where I walked Where I suffered And there I was Where I used to be In the silence

Above The Broken - A simple truth lyrics

t you see this is all I've known, don't fear for me i will reap what i have sewn i will succeed no matter what it takes I know you'll always care for me, but i'll leave eventually you will always care trust in me and let me live 'Cause i'll never stop, 'till i reach the top i

Ad Hominem - A. rules lyrics

like animals You're the waste of existence Doomed to ignorance You'll disappear in shame and pain The spectre of Auschwitz is hauting your minds It didn't forgot you were born to suffer And we, ruling over your insipid lives We'll raise our weapons and you will return to the

Afi - A deep slow panic lyrics

watched you glide out the door With poise I'd not seen before I saw you shine… you shine I collapsed to the floor It promised it missed me more And said, "True love is mine. I missed you. Did you miss me?" Slowly, it's consuming me Deliberate an

Afterschool - A~ing lyrics

ibsuri da heumyeon Ganjil ganjil maeumi ganjireo Jakkuman aing aing Gippeoseo aing aing Yeminhae yeminhae Geudaereul ilchoman mot bwado Nunmul saeme shinho ga tteo beoryeo Jakkuman kkeoi kkeoi Bogopa kkeoi kkeoi Yeminhae yeminhae Alleoji gateun nae

Ancient - A woeful summoning lyrics

voices from the past, haunting me She calls me from the land of the dead, in twisted tongues The bells I hear are so cold, and so woeful Still I start heading for the graves, beyond the hills ''I've been waiting for you to come I am dead to the world, but you know I

Anima - A wrong person to trust in lyrics

have never Seen the catastrophe That happened In front of my eyes Tried to dispel the pain I trusted you I was so blind Scratched out my eyes For you I know what you are doing The guy you f*** with Can't hold back my rancor now I loved you so long Why must it turn into hate Excu

Animal Collective - A manatee dance lyrics

dee.....beedley dee.... beedley beedley........ beedley beedley beedley beedley beedley beedley

Architects - A portrait for the deceased lyrics

wire strangling our necks We are both silenced And we’re sure this does not add up Still we try and place our bets We’re sure this does not add up Still we’re dying To make that call Our people versus yours Never did make sense Your people versus mine Light me up it’s all t

Asia - A.l.o. lyrics

suede shoes and corduroys Greasy hair not out of choice Trying hard to blend in with the boys Standing in the corner of the room He would see her every Friday night Watching all the guys hold her so tight Looks in her eyes But she doesn't even know his

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