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Pick Up The Phone And Make A Call lyrics

Browse for Pick Up The Phone And Make A Call song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Pick Up The Phone And Make A Call lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Pick Up The Phone And Make A Call.

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Evan And Jaron - Pick up the phone lyrics

to call you in the middle of the night but my thoughts have ... I got your number from a friend who told me that it'd ... be all right to call you if I ever need

Ciara - Pick up the phone lyrics

uh huh uh huhuh huh Where u at boy Where u at boy [Hook:] ... Ohh I've been callin u all night long and im becoming ... best friends with the dial tone cuz u not pickin up the phone [Verse:] I called ya cell and ya home and still i

Falling In Reverse - Pick up the phone lyrics

Your Call has been forwarded to an automatic voice ... message system* *Please record your message* ... *Beep* Pick up the phone! Answer your texts Well I apologize about last night I

F.r. David - Pick up the phone lyrics

goodbye when I left To your answering machine Then you ... jumped in a plane Girl, you know what I mean ... Pick up the phone, oh yeah Pick up the phone, oh please I need your voice again

The Notwist - Pick up the phone lyrics

know this place You know this gloom? We ... here before When life is a loop You're in a room ... Without a door Pick up the phone And answer me at last

Dragonette - Pick up the phone lyrics

Your still very young And we only just started having ... fun I'm picking through and I choose you, you're so cool ... No need to save yourself for someone else

Beth O'reilly - Pick up the phone lyrics

could promise you the world but i don’t think ... box i could offer you my heart but it isn’t mine to give ... you you’ve already got it under lock i

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - Pick up the pieces lyrics

don't really wanna let this stuff go But you're ... too stubborn to pick up the phone So round and round we go I ... should be happy but I'm feeling so so There's something missing and I

Janet  Jackson lyricsJanet Jackson - Call on me (feat. nelly) lyrics

this before But I'm sure that the way I feel, I don't want ... to go 'Cuz I've cried my share of tears And I've sang my ... share of blues But to keep you ... over here, I'll do what I got to do So baby, call

Next - Call on me lyrics

on me whenever you feel freaky I'm all you need so come on ... come see me Call on me whenever you feel freaky I'm all you need so come on ... come see me on the phone you sure talk a good game say

Cosmo Klein - Pick up the pieces lyrics

doesn't wear disguises Don't you know Saw the flames right in your ... eyes Your burnin' soul All your make up doesn't hide The fear inside In my mind you

Tarrus Riley - Pick up the pieces lyrics

says her heart's been broken Too many ... times So now she keeps her guard up Got to play tough yeah ... her to let me in She hesitates, She's afraid She says the last time she's been there

Donots - Pick up the pieces lyrics

one, come all And have a dance on broken glass We look a ... mess Sedated in our sunday best What the hell are we waiting for? I said what the ... hell are we waiting for? All dressed up and nowhere to

Eve 6 - Pick up the pieces lyrics

Whoooooaah Your mother saved you’re medals She put them in a box in a room Basket, ... base, and footballs Plastic creatures from the county ... zoo She thinks about you often She has no idea you’re rotten All the colors

The Who lyricsThe Who - Pick up the peace lyrics

I'm in the ether Look down at time I see three children ... Prepare to walk the line I see them older ... When life is done I was a loser At the game they won

Alice Cooper - Pick up the bones lyrics

pieces of my family here in old pillow case ... this one has a skull but it don't have a face These look like the arms ... of my father so strong and the ring on this finger means my

The Hollies - Pick up the pieces again lyrics

I see the sun Leaving today Cool night, mellow light ... Don't fade away Your eyes, paradise What ... do they say Leaving, loving Stay one more day And after all the tears have fallen my way You'd think

Willie Nelson - Pick up the tempo lyrics

are saying that time will take care of people like me That ... I'm livin' too fast and they say I can't last too much longer ... But little they see that their thoughts of me is my saviour And little they know that the beat oughta go just a

Alexz Johnson - Pick up the pieces lyrics

I was a drift on an ocean all alone You came and rescued me ... When I was far from home Rush of love around my heart Just as I ... fell apart [Chorus] Nobody ever

Avant - Call on me lyrics

on inside your home I'll pick you up and carry you to my ... throne cuz for you baby I'll do anything cuz I ... love the joy you bring Just call on ... need someone to touch you babe, hold you close call on me

Jamelia - Call me lyrics

in my bed Here all alone, won't go to sleep ... Thoughts of you fill me head Coz I havn't heard the telephone Ring, ring yet? I ain't ... gonna sweat You said you will not, bet'cha might

Hutchinson Eric - Call me back lyrics

went out Thursday night without the pressures ... I find myself consumed with all the lovely things we said ... Could you really been as busy as you had claimed Or

New Boyz - Call me dougie lyrics

Ben J:] I walked in the function with dark black shades on, ice cream jacket and ... my hat says amazin I'm a cool cat but I'm a bout my ... money I an urban niggas hopped out and do the dougie

Bowling For Soup - Down for the count lyrics

Ladies and Gentlemen! In this corner, ... weighing in at 131 pounds... I'm sorry, ... correction, 126 pounds, It's the girl that broke my heart! ... she lovely folks? Just look at that smile! Draws me in

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - I like the view (deluxe edition) lyrics

Chorus - Lil Wayne] I stepped on a flower, ... foot on a petal Good wasn’t home, so I settled for ... better I’m on my way to get it, but get it got ... shot So I guess I gotta work with the little bit I

Lee Ann Womack - I may hate myself in the morning lyrics

t it just like one of us To pick up the phone and call after a ... couple drinks Say how ya been I've been wondering if maybe you've been thinking 'bout ... me And somewhere in the conversation An ole familiar

Reba Mcentire - The heart won't lie (ft. vince gill) lyrics

back over the years Of All the things I've always meant to say But words didn't come easily So many times through ... empty fears Of all the nights I tried to pick up the

Shura - Make it up lyrics

girl on the last train Small change in the universe, and ... she Speaks to herself out loud Nobody ... ever looks up at her And she says "I wonder what

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The reoccuring dream lyrics

is the reoccurring dream Born in the dreary gap ... between What we have now And what we wish we could have ... More fulfilling and less frustrating! Out of the

Jooyoung - Hang up the phone (ft. ra.d) lyrics

baby nuguhante callin’ now Gwansim inneun ... chingugeon namjachingugeon Sanggwaneopgo ildan jeonhwabuteo ... kkeunheo Akkado tto majuchyeotjanha Iraedo uyeonin

Alan Parsons Project - The three of me lyrics

s a voice on the phone Who just called in to say ' ... isn't home He'll be gone for the day'' So he pulls down the ... blind To adjust his disguise But it's all in his mind Which he

Vanessa Amorosi - The simple things lyrics

an old friend yesterday Who's a big success Got a ... Bentley and a Rolex And a Gucci dress Got the guys all ... lined up waiting For her to pull their ... string And she told me all about Her latest hot sweet

Ali - I have done everything to pick up the star lyrics

urin modeungeol kkeutnaesseo, useumyeonseo ... heeojyeosseo mannandongan haengbokhaesseotdago, aksudo nanwosseo jal garaneun neoui ... hanmadiga, nae gwitgae maemdoneunde seoreowoseo neomu

New Kids On The Block - Wasted on you lyrics

could leave you right now Pick up the phone and say we're ... both know I'll come right back to you It's a fact I need ... you You're the oxygen I breathe You're running through my

Willie Nelson - I'll pick up my heart and go home lyrics

again you've got me crying I'm a ... fool if I let this go on You can hurt me without even trying ... think I'll pick up my heart and go home I can see the first

Machine Gun Kelly - The gunner lyrics

my walk is so cocky the bouncers don't even stop me Ain't no pat down, no ID They ... know me, that shit obvi Bitch I pack out the lobby just from fans tryna

Doves - The man who told everything lyrics

out of bed, pick up the phone Time to tell the press Say ... to myself, I can't do no-one else There's a ... world outside I'm gonna tell it all I'm gonna sell

Hoodie Allen - "the real thing" lyrics

Verse 1] Super duper early morning Sunday breakfast Ain't in a rush to go to church ... because I used protection You ... complain about the way I cooked your eggs I'll

Far East Mention Mannequins - The real thing lyrics

quot;Password required" &quot ... FEMM" "Access Granted" Boy we been SOS ... for way too long I’m ‘bout to quit the download (What you stopping

10 Years - The click five lyrics

cold and she´s cruel But she knows what she´s doin´ She pushed me ... in the pool At our last school reunion She laughs at my dreams But I dream about

And One - Enjoy the unknown lyrics

present to you the sweetest tattoo collapsing ... hearts in reddest blue you will ... be scared by signs on your pillow ... he's not you man - no! The poems I wrote revealing the

Horse The Band - The house of boo lyrics

out -- shadows bloom Crawling hands slide to me -- across a midnight room I fear ... my blankets may not be the best Defenses that I could ... muster Still the cold beyond is like lizard claws Crawling from the hereafter Silent things scream and

Marillion - The answering machine lyrics

here to see you My feelings and I I looked down on the city ... From up in the sky The sun was reflecting From the roofs and the water Spring had come early In the parks and the old

Galneryus - The wind blows lyrics

sky is so bright and I'm standing alone I was parted from ... you and I'm walking alone I know it's not from you ... but I'll pick up the phone I was parted from you and I

Falconshield - The pact feat. nicki taylor (lol song - kalis.. lyrics

are the price of betrayal Our spears they seek to impale Our pact shall be what ... prevails See us, know we cannot fail. You take the ... pledge. Piercing your heart Pick up the spear and do your part

Gentle Giant - The power and the glory (bonus track) lyrics

run, the shotgun has got you in its range. Turn, ... turn away, when it's time to make a change. Look where you're ... going. try not to lose your way. What good is knowing you have to go away? Go, you make

Our Last Night - The capture and the captor lyrics

ve played this scene out one too many times, just make sure you ... have your lines ready. Let me set apart ... dysfunction from love. (action.) "My dear, you've

Karmaflow - The muse and the conductor lyrics

now we finally speak We came to gather and collect you There is one hope which is beside ... us Just don't resist us, all the hurting stops The Dissonance

Skyclad - The one piece puzzle lyrics

up the fragments and piece them together Tell me do you ... like what you've found? Are your thoughts like the earth spinning round? Existence ... is pure pantomime Why is life such a

Ja Rule - The murderers lyrics

Black Child] Word to god Y'all know who the f*** this is ... You know we would kidnap yo kidz You know what the ... f*** we do Murder bitch niggaz like you For real, all the

Accept lyricsAccept - The quick and the dead lyrics

hand is winding the clock in your head Tensions ... rise, push the needle to red Pick up the ... tempo, it's getting late You've got that inner ... need ...... accelerate What now lies in between the

Avian - The lost and forsaken lyrics

the hunger they search for the power The crash of the ... thunder shakes the ground down under Their fragile spirits, uplifting from their songs Singing to their

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Make it bun dem (culprate remix) lyrics

greetings to the world vice ala one big Gong Zilla 'longside ... Skrillex end for now! Oh wait! I won't! We mash up the place, turn up the bass and make dem all have fun And we ablaze the fiya, make it bun

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Make it bun dem (flinch remix) lyrics

mash up the place, turn up the bass and make dem all have ... fun And we ablaze the fiya, make it bun dem! We mash up the ... place, turn up the bass and make some soundboy run And we

Skrillex lyricsSkrillex - Make it bun dem (david heartbreak's remix) lyrics

greetings to the world vice ala one big Gong Zilla 'longside ... Skrillex end for now! Oh wait! We mash up the place, ... turn up the bass and make dem all have fun And we ablaze the fiya, make it bun

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - The good, the bad and the ugly lyrics

Consequence ] Good morning America, good morning to Erica ... Who gave me good head while watching good morning America And good day New York, have a ... good day in court My niggaz drive around the hood

Pharaoh - Up the gates lyrics

the banners were called, we had raised a mighty cheer Our ... forces had seemed so strong In the ... time that's passed, we have seen what we lost Our ... lives have been hard so long Now the

Elton John lyricsElton John - The captain and the kid lyrics

ve been out on this road some Can't help feeling I ... ve been showing my friends around I've seen it growing ... from next to nothing Into a giant eating up your town Called up the tealeaves and the tarots Asked the gypsy what she

Jimmy Buffett - Turn up the heat and chill the rose lyrics

around the pole Where the penguins patrol And the ... scientific gang Need a cozy place to hang There's a ... party in the makin' And all the igloos are a shakin' At the

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