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Eurovision - Peter nalitch & friends - lost and forgotten .. lyrics

you believe, Lord of Mercy? Would you be so good, Lord? I wanna love her now and I wanna feel that now with all All of those kisses and sweet embraces Here am I, lost and forgotten for this cruel, cruel time When I’m first time in love (Now that is why) Now that is why I sing, Lord

Eyes Set To Kill - Lost and forgotten lyrics

are the scum of the earth The voice in the crowd of a thousand mouths The ones who fight on because we'll always fight on Oh, we'll never back down Will I ever be the man? They never expected of me Will I lose myself in this? I am not free, we are not fre

Dream Theater - Lost not forgotten lyrics

am not immortal I am just a man A power-craving tyrant Beyond the shadows in the sand Men have come to fear me Many bow and cry Known across the desert I am the one who will not die I have faced the demons Of our most desperate moments

Eternal Reign - Lost clouds + forgotten sunrise lyrics

... + You – you walk through lies and distrust That's what it feels to be Always feel the fear of being betrayed A soul that's hurt again and again Hands up to the sky shout out in pain Your screams are heard – are not in vain What's about a new tomorrow Fr

Zack Hemsey - Lost and found lyrics

used to hear them say of bad news, when it rains then it pours Fitting for a generation yearning out for more A story of the ancients etched in relics from before Faded echoes that survive this vicious cycle that we mourn No telling how much

Kelly, Paddy (michael Patrick Kelly) - Lost and found lyrics

been lost and found as I walked through the day streets and sounds, city lights It´s wintertime, honey, I don't mind all of the matters today Oh no It's so easy, it´s so easy for you When the nighttime falls in your car safe and sound I try to sell you my heart on re

Beth O'reilly - Lost and found (part ii) lyrics

take our last breath no one around to hear it i’m searching for someone but it’s deserted lying where you left me too afraid to even breathe i thought we had a bit longer didn’t they say love was meant to be stronger i thought we ended t

Echo & The Bunnymen - Lost and found lyrics

was standing in a graveyard Under silver studded skies In a forest burning ashes On the bonfires of our lives As the sky fell down I was lost and found Saw my world spin round Round and round All the ghosts have gathered round me Come to tell me o

Judas Priest - Lost and found lyrics

always used to be afraid That I was going to lose my way I never used to walk in line but stray I never thought I'd see it through That I could deal with losing you But suddenly I see the light of day Leading me in From out of the night Staying on course - I'm s

Signum Regis - Lost and found lyrics

ve seen where rivers flow How strong the wind can blow I've seen the end of the rainbow I've really seen it all At the edge of the world There is no pot of gold But that's how far I had to go To find out where's my home Sailing ‘cross the ocean To be near you S

Alyson Avenue - Lost and lonely lyrics

a lonely road I see no reason To move along, I've lost my faith You stole my love, And misjudged you you broke my heart and left me here I keep thinking about you I hunger for you This is the end? I never will forget You left me lost and lonely (lost and alone) With no respe

Masterplan - Lost and gone lyrics

know I come running whenever you call. You led my heart to love, now you made it fall. You left me here. I'm crying in the rain. Someone's pleasure is another's pain. The promises you gave are lost and gone. Lost and gone forever. Offered al

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Lost and found lyrics

could be me, you could be standing here It's so very easy for me to disappear No-one seems to see me; it's as if I don't exist I'm going nowhere and I know I won't be missed I was lost, now I'm found Looks like finally, somebody up there's got an eye on me Undergrou

Auburn - Lost and found lyrics

was so lost But Lord you found me Dusted me off Now your angels surround me Looking at the world in front of me Saying now that's where I want to be Knowing they looking down on me And what they expect of me Why they make fun of the cross o

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Lost and found lyrics

in the deep end Stop messin' around I can't keep from falling When you're not around I can't no rest when you leave Your love keeps me burnin' You got me lost and found And my world keeps turnin' It's not the same when you're gone Feel like I'm half of myself 'Cause

Go Radio - Lost and found lyrics

hear you say the sun is setting and it's time to find belief In something other than a heart that seems to dangle from a string We've strung on this piano Who knows just where the chords will go How do I find a piece of faith in passing faces on

Golden Earring - Lost and found lyrics

not an object Somethin' you throw away I am no piece of junk That's been left on a stationary train I want you to get a message To the one that's gonna set me free Tell her to hurry - tell her to recognize me 'Cause I'm beginning to believe That fo

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - Lost and found lyrics

to love this field And the cherry sky Under blossom clouds Though it’s late July You don’t even try Still you look so cool Like a cover boy when you light the moon Need the countryside But I just forgot All the things that matter I forget a lot I get

Johnny Flynn - Lost and found lyrics

of stories reeled me in Caught my ear and hooked my chin A Friday dinner, a fish-drunk sinner Pull me down or put me in Just a lonely radio Just a makeshift show and tell Playing out the lives of the lost and found Give me faith and give me love Afa

The Leftovers - Lost and found lyrics

eyes of electric blue I got excited when I first met you How was I to know that things would go this way We were together for oh so long But now you left me on my own That summer night when you found another man And now I bet she’s having fun Chewing on h

Michael Malarkey - Lost and sound lyrics

about the way you look tonight that makes me see you like when I saw you the first time Maybe unassertive it's looking in a midnight we cannot be changed we are lost and sound so come change me don't let get you down don't let get you down Something about the way you look to

The Rasmus - Lost and lonely lyrics

feels like the end of time Like something bad is coming You’ve been living in the world of lies Your see through walls are falling It’s getting hard to except that I’m losing you I watch as you sleep Your nightmares break the silence I can tell that you’re in too deep

Sam Cooke - Lost and lookin' lyrics

m lost and lookin' for my baby Wonder why my baby can't be found I'm lost and lookin' for my baby Lord knows my baby ain't around So I'm lost and lookin' for my baby Wonder why my baby can't be found Lost and searching for my baby Lord knows my baby ain't

Sear Bliss - Lost and not found lyrics

to my dreams A fragile place with fragile thrills Shadow that hide In the loneliest part of my mind A spirit lost and found In the forest of eternal entirety Rise of an untamed soul The fire that burns within Gives me the will to live But the shreds of pas

Senses Fail - Lost and found lyrics

island has become An ocean and my boat's too small The waves are crashing in And I can't save this sinking ship I sent out signal flares But no one out there seems to care Now the voice inside my head Is the only thing that I have left This is the part where I'll admi

Senses Fail - Lost and found (acoustic) lyrics

island has become An ocean and my boat's too small The waves are crashing in And I can't save this sinking ship I sent out signal flares But no one out there seems to care Now the voice inside my head Is the only thing that I have left This is the part where I'll admit

Kim Taylor - Lost and found lyrics

ve been lost and I've found That when you get lost You don't look down But you look above Yeah you look ahead And you raise your hands, To the sky instead To the sky instead To the sky instead When you run, When you try to hide Stop and sh

Alyson Stoner - Lost and found lyrics

is my world four walls and a view I stare at the ceiling Chasing these feelings around in my head I'm so confused constantly wishing for what I've been missing in my life I learn to be strong when the walls are crumbling all around my heart You might sa

Camel - Lost and found lyrics

have you come from, where have you been? How can you know unless you begin? Turn around, giving more than you take. Lost and found in the past. The chance of a lifetime is passing you by. Use it or lose it in the wink of an eye. Turn around, giving more

Ektomorf - Lost and destroyed lyrics

This time I don't need your answer This time I don't want you to stay Something's lost Something died to day I don't know why I had to meet you Why I met somebody...

From Ashes To New - Lost and alone lyrics

around the skies are falling down upon me I'm trapped inside this wake of nothing Once what was beautiful is now a disease I cant believe these walls were something Burning down over me I can't make my way through the debris I can't make it no I try my hardest to

From Ashes To New - Lost and alone (acoustic) lyrics

around the skies are falling down upon me I'm trapped inside this wake of nothing Once what was beautiful is now a disease I cant believe these walls were something Burning down over me I can't make my way through the debris I can't make it no I try my hardes

The Guess Who - Lost and found town lyrics

I packed my bags and I said I'm goin' away Out of Toronto on the next flight I was gone And it felt so good when I called my folks But nothing like it felt to be alone Lost and found town You look so good to me Lost and found town You're all I'

Katie Herzig - Lost and found lyrics

know you left me standing there Out of the calm of the coldest air I don't believe the words you said But I can't find the words I want Oh I can't find the words I want If you were gone in another life I don't believe I would just survive I could feel you next to m

Johansson Anders - Lost and found lyrics

yeah, Say yeah, you're coming I see you wanna go, a heart don't lie It's sparkles all around Be lost and found Oh, it was no long ago Can't I remember what went wrong Never forgot what you're about Only why I have my doubt Right now it fe

John Wolfhooker - Lost and found lyrics

you see what I see When we're looking in each other's eyes Do you feel what I feel As we're being paralyzed Being left in darkness Never felt so right With you in my hands And I'm not giving up on you Till the world ends I got lost bu

The Kinks - Lost and found lyrics

for the hurricane To hit New York City Somebody said it's hit the bay This is the nitty gritty And all the bag ladies Better put their acts together We're near the eye of the storm This is really heavy weather We were lost and found, in the nick of ti

Ledisi - Lost and found (find me) lyrics

alone Someone come for me Here on my own Feels like the pain lasts an eternity Tears come no more I wanna smile again Love again Please someone find me Souls pass me by Why can't they see me here Touch me one time Just like magic I will reappea

Lillix lyricsLillix - Lost and confused lyrics

many days have gone by without a trace i dont know what to do or say (or say) to many ways for you to come and stay in my mind im waiting for you but there is one thing that i forgot to say dont think im changing for you (for you) never ever will you hear

Mason Steve - Lost and found lyrics

lost my way when I jumped in the river The girl repeats as she makes me shiver The life she gave was mine you see The trees, the knives, the blood, the leaves I come up for air as the rock gets thicker She holds me down and my leg gets stiffer The cold, the sun, the dark, th

Mercury Tide - Lost and torn lyrics

you cure my sickness Can you wash away the sins Can you take hold of me Can you keep the beast within Now, do you hear the voices As I kneel in front of you Now, do you hear them calling Calling out to pull me through Where were you when I needed a friend Where were yo

Moya - Lost and found lyrics

moment is ours, We've turned off the lights. We're lost in the power, We gained through the night. My ears are just ringing With wonderful sounds. My mind is just singing The song that we found. I'm laid up in your arms My head and my heart Lay down

One Ok Rock - Lost and found lyrics

expectation Instead of singing in the blue sky I was like a bird captured in a dungeon cage Spread my confession All of the good and bad deeds I have done There was just too much I lost (There was just to much I lost !) Break the cage Though

Eye Cue - Lost and found lyrics

Intro] Come and take me, I can show you how it's done Come and take me when no one is around Come and take me, I can show you how it's done We'll be lost and we'll be [Verse 1] If you want me, I can tell you what it's all about You're standing in the shadow, I'm wo

Aaron Lewis - Lost and lonely lyrics

I've been shattered and broken, for most of my life But I've done pretty good, with a job and a life Got a family that loves me, and a good piece of land That I bought with hard work, that I earned with these hands These things that I do I did them for yo

A Rocket To The Moon - Lost and found lyrics

man on his way back home late from work today Far out on a dirt road, he couldn’t find his way With tears in his eyes he knew there’s no one in sight And tried to tell himself that it’ll be alright Why’s it always darkest right before the dawn? If liars can be ho

The Saints - Lost and found lyrics

t nobody tells me what to do now I've heard all the lies and been promised the world No businessman is gonna use or confuse me 'Cause I ain't no puppet for his capital gain And what do you get but exploitation From creeps who are gonna ignore your situation? T

Against Me! - Lost and searching in america lyrics

if the waters rise the ground shakes and the sky turns black If it was all over this minute, this second, is there something that you’d regret? If we were written as a story actors, portrayed us in a movie Our lives sung in a song on the radio Would it make you wa

E-type - Lost and goodbye lyrics

you remember when we were so tender I long for them days You were forgiving and we were just living In clouds night and day Hard to believe when I see What we've become you and me You made me feel but I know That I will follow wherever you go

Omnium Gatherum - Lost and found lyrics

maybe I lost all youth and tender loving afterwards When I gave in wholly for that thing other and went my way And the bride's mouth tasted like the word it's called by But I've always been an oppressive kind of guy So maybe I lost all youth and tender loving afterwards When

Phoenix - Lost and found lyrics

you've got your own little story to tell Some girls they ask to put them on your knees Slowdown, it's hard enough to get along Slowdown, we'll never ever get along That ain't what you had in mind No that ain't what you had in mind You don't know what you're doing Let go It's s

Planet Funk - Lost and found lyrics

see You everywhere Love through Your creation I watch it all play out Creative presentation And it renews my mind I see a bird in flight A baby and its mother I see a homeless man A baby born to suffer And it renews my mind CHORUS Mysterious ways I can’t make out But I can

Alkaline Trio - Lost and rendered lyrics

out the hard way That you were lost and rendered All alone in the dark forest of your thoughts Forever following a trail of fear that seems to lead To more dead ends and mysteries I'm losing hope of ever solving Can anybody hear me? Is anyone out there? I'm

Chemical Vocation - Lost and found lyrics

and breathe it all in Save it for later We have become so predictable The search for redress is no longer needed Maybe this reflects all our motions We search for a reason to stay here All there is, is nothing to see And all we see is everything to loose

Limp - Lost and found lyrics

m on my way now I did it by myself I looked down every hall and avenue and I did it without help I'm in a place now where I can be myself I'm gonna do what I want and say what I think and never be let down held back and pushing through looking for a

Paragon - Forgotten prophecies lyrics

Beyond all the shadows -- Search behind the black gate Your journey through darkness and cold shall begin Forgotten paths in secrecy An ancient silver ...

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Forgotten children lyrics

a normal day Streets turn into graves Traces have been removed The search was disapproved So cold the night The weak ones lose the fight Too many of them out there No one seems to care Lost and so alone Born but never known Left all on their own forgott

Alia Tempora - Far and forgotten lyrics

inside the window, so alone Remember all those years when we used to be together All our promises, have gone When you have lost every last memory of me Sitting inside the window, looking at you lying On a hospital bed and you don't know who I am Painful tears flow down m

Borealis - Forgotten forever lyrics

sees a different face From what you recognize New light cast on old place And seen through empty eyes One moment's thought defines a lifetime And this moment will be yours Take this time to see your new reality You hear them calling No one else will know Don'

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