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Sinister - Perpetual damnation + outro lyrics

mutants they cross the brain the inferno of your morbid mind Damnation of immortal souls Perpetual - caustic septic vitality Damnation - deformed incubus Perpetual Perpetual Damnation Mutilated dimensions creations of subconsciousness woo

Incantation - Lusting congregation of perpetual damnation (.. lyrics

worshiper Dominating phobias Threacherous beleifs... flames... Destiny of damnation I will perish Eternally... perish into perpetual damnation Burn...Burn... Nazareth died Our souls redeem From Christ flames... Dest

City Of Autumn - Perpetual run lyrics

to keep on waiting for something to save me this time But something is missing Just find me some sense in this life So I guess I'll be leaving into the night You won't find me home until the time gets right All the dreams I've been building you don't even like So that's why

Highlord - Perpetual fury lyrics

skies, Angels of hell are marching through the stars Showing me weak lights through the dark curtains of all your secret lies Cold winter wind Kills with no mercy the depth of my lost soul Now I realize that I lived in an endless dream of pain and sorrow Fire lines c

Procol Harum - Perpetual motion lyrics

around the crescent moon Passions rise from basement rooms Fountains play and worlds collide We gently swing and sway from side to side Dancers in perpetual motion Slip an' sliding across the floor Ships our on a moonlit ocean Sailin' t'ward a distant shore Star-crossed

Anthrax - Perpetual motion lyrics

cracks are showing, on my face I didn't think that I was, that old my story is I weathered every storm I, pulled it through Falling by the wayside, I've seen a few But I never went down, never went down, I never will Taken every single bl

Ingrowing - Perpetual lyrics

dawn of humanity When human eye descried For the first time Shy sunbeams among the clouds And bowed the head to nature The dark epoch of insidious brutality When man forgot the beginnings Inexorable circuitous cource of life We never change

Majesty - Damnation hero lyrics

am fire, when wind is wild I am darkness when there is crimson light When they're calling for help I come They don't know me, I am the shadow's son Whenever they need me the flame of rebellion will spark My deeds will prevail but my name will be lost in the dark

Gwar - Damnation under god lyrics

To tame the raging wanderlust That surges in my thighs I'll summon chaos legions From the Krethek Nebuli Watch the lard fields glisten On the shores of Vulva-Core See the sled of nebulon Risen to the fore The myriad delights Asgardian nights The Heavens un-clog Da

Hawkwind - Damnation alley lyrics

ve got the serum and i'm going to take it all the way to boston oh i've got to get through the going won't be easy but i'm going to make it it's the only thing that i'm cut out to do ride the post-atomic radio-active trash the sky is on fire from that nu

Obscura - Perpetual infinity lyrics

vein endeavor, a toroid, nacreous and bright A triptych trinity of grace and height Perceived and obsolete, merge into decay Defeated, primordial grandeur Into the void - Illuminate, elucidate, enlighten once bliss Into the light - Occult, enwomb, disg

Axenstar - Perpetual twilight lyrics

as I predicted it would go We will never see the light again Is this what all belived in? Our future has lost it's meaning And will be put to sleep [CHORUS] Now it all seems so clear We shouldn't have let our dreams disappear And the end is so near Perpetua

Diamond Head - Damnation street lyrics

since school days I've walked a fool's way With no love to find me No dream to hide me No kindness inside this heart with a stone's kiss Just a short fall to the dawn, when you're walking on dead man's feet Down on Damnation street You got nobody's love

Klaatu - Perpetual motion machine lyrics

your dollars or your moms and fathers For there's something you should own You can have one today just send right away We deliver right to your home You can't get better value for your money Than you get right here You don't have to see it to know

Marduk - Damnation's gold lyrics

moon - Sun of silver See the fallen string their bows Another dart from reason's quiver Again the eyes of madness glow Curse on curse - Voice of fire See the width of Hell expand Knotted whips of flaming wire Dancing upon the back of man Doomsday embers D

Gaia Epicus - Damnation lyrics

more illusions, break down the walls Here comes the truth, crushing at your balls Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we're heading for a fall So many signs, so many warnings You tried to let us know, we didn't want to see it Oh oh ooh, oh oh ooh we're heading fo

Black Abyss - Damnation lyrics

re forced into a world Of hate and lies A God forgotten place Destined to die My fate I will not face Your black and cold embrace Salvation free my soul May death be my savior One step higher - evolution - live to die Feel the fire - revolution - it's a lie Domination -

Kataklysm - Damnation is here lyrics

the sky darkens, the warriors awaken The feeble have fallen, opposition is weaken Strategic in play, trapped in vein Annihilated In dust...damnation is now! Damnation is here...... Are you ready to burn? Damnation is here! Wounded souls in a tragi

Incubus - Damnation? lyrics

me down Swallow it down A little bit of something instigating your frown The moon on the town, the blood on your gown You're always picturesque Stomp the haunted mood in your crown I used to think about it then I... Chose the word indulgence, now I... Just nee

Vicky Psarakis - Perpetual dreamers lyrics

we stand utterly misguided By this disillusion of adequacy Suppressed by our ever-ending needs We are hopelessly searching for a remedy Longing, searching, hoping for love And if God could rock n' roll Where would it leave us? And if you would take the fall

Abysmal Dawn - Perpetual dormancy lyrics

down into a world without a conscious Selflessness a vision rarely seen Crawling out of the sickness that surrounds us Drifting from a womb of selfish greed The righteous are long for death Martyrs now cognizant Filled with doubt my hatred becomes boundless Cannot rest in dens

Mystik - Perpetual being lyrics

and die with us it’s a helluva cause So I’m joining up And I got my gun The official reason And it’s plain to see We do it for the freedom for you and me The common thread throughout history Keeps drivin’ men to misery They’re only told what they n

Ov Hell - Perpetual night lyrics

has filled the darkened skies Innocent blood has tainted our hands The land lies raped and ruined beneath us... Your faith torn apart by chaos A field of destruction and war Prepare for the perpetual night..

Elvis Costello - Damnation's cellar lyrics

anybody notice, over marmalade and eggs In between the Princess' legs What with wars and floods and beggars Not to mention stocks and shares If you have a moment to spare Can you write and reassure me that I have seen They're constructing a time machine There will be no

Mystic Prophecy - Damnation and darkness lyrics

was born again Living forever in time and space Master of darkness Servant for none His eyes the fire A soulless being cursed By sunlight Excelled by the embrace Of the night In the name of fire Is the secret of hell In the name of fire In d

Arch Enemy - Damnation's way lyrics

me free, let me out of here From these chains to which I am bound Time was always on your side While my final hours slipped away Frustration in their minds The hatred in their eyes A new breed will now rise Damnation's way: Losing my grip on reali

Mystic Prophecy - Damnation lyrics

I close my eyes The black birds come to hold his price The blackness overcomes And takes my breath away Bloody shadows on the wall Are trapped in an unreal world Where the legions of the damned Prepare the immortal souls Incantation between two worlds Abomination the

Rancid - Damnation lyrics

go down town Tell me what your seeing Tell me what it's like To get that old cold feeling Spend all night just looking at the ceiling Living in a blown out hotel building All the machines are broken down It's a narrow path Between evil and good

The Agonist - Perpetual notion lyrics

us your potions To conceal the decay A never ending tomorrow And a forgotten today An extended stay In the arms of security A fear of the unknown And the slow death of longevity You have yet to understand existence Tell me what's so grand about infinity

Fates Warning - Damnation lyrics

of years, before the dawn of history. Ancient races tears, are flowing like a river to the sea. Where sacred river ran, white deer had roamed the land, brilliant twilight in our dreams. Primitive child, your unforgotten tribe calls to you. Descendants we are one, the tangled ma

Gates Of Ishtar - Perpetual dawn (the arrival of eternity - end.. lyrics

has taken it's toll Years passed by like a storm Cold, burning inside, I'm not the same I've changed my ways Dawn hunting my dreams Fear, silent I scream Pain growing inside, I'm not the same I've found my way Nothing is the same anymore The times have changed, I feel so cold

Hades - Damnation lyrics

They're gonna win most popular forever Vote or award does it even matter? The politician or actress Such a mess Who is who? Cause I can't tell the difference So wha...

Evergrey - Damnation lyrics

is gone And my soul screams sorrow All is lost As I shiver for tomorrow Tomorrow I want to see this sorrow end I want to feel joy again The demons inside are here to stay And life as know it fades away Will the wounds in me never heal The scares you left always

Hope For The Dying - Perpetual ruin lyrics

Verily I say unto thee That I am utterly appalled by your Words and your deeds And while I pray that I forgive you In multiples of seventy I quietly wonder if you’ll pay for your deceit You’re one of the many to fall away He who breathes out lies will not escape There

Ingrowing - Perpetual (the unplugged factory... unperpetu.. lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Lazarus A.d. - Damnation for the weak lyrics

and paranoid Forever trapped inside this nightmare I will find serenity before death Takes ahold of me A path of shattered hopes and dreams Lay before my desolate fate Though it seems I endlessly wander around to the distant sound Of a life th

Meshuggah - Perpetual black second lyrics

in a ceaseless fever of spite, an unending fit of resentment and anger Caught in a moment of unforgiveness In the snapshot of a hate filled second The speechless flickering of uncomprehending eyes -Dilated in disbelief Your vacant gaze distorted Twisted in its

Morbid Angel - Damnation lyrics

Music: Azagthoth, Vincent] [Lyrics: Vincent] [Solo: Azagthoth] Evil Minds grievous sins Pagan lives have no place for law Twisted worship exhume the dead Minds unite for evil cause Death corrodes the book once strong Evil lourd destroys his foes Plague has sprea

Deströyer 666 - Damnation's pride lyrics

right let the demon speak! A bell tolls at midnight A summon for murder The vultures flew high that night Looking for murder The winds they blew black that night A warning from Satan Across the seas they came in white A sign A rider was seen, appeared from the

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Outro (they don't want war) (feat. ace hood) lyrics

Waitress:] Guan guan Mista Khaled What you want today, the regular? [DJ Khaled:] Nah, give me the steamed fish With some white rice And give me a champaigne cola And give me some water with some lemon on it You feel me? [Waitress:] Alright there, no pro

The Game - Outro (red bandana) lyrics

Intro] Not! [echoing] Blackwall Street The Game Beach Boy Charli Baltimore (he wears a red bandana) Rockstar We are the Black Gang Free Shye motherf***ers! (he wears a red bandana) [Chorus] On the front of murder talk (he wears a) On the cover o

I Declare War - Damnation: enslavement lyrics

the idea of a God. The first creation of enslavement. A tool to your blind faith

Onslaught - Damnation + onslaught lyrics

The gates of hell have opened wide with deadly speed the metal it strikes A fork of light rains from the sky To feed the amps with power supply Killerwatts to be unleas...

Bleed From Within - Damnation lyrics

do i begin to explain this mess Everything i touch everything i see reminds me of you and the walls begin to blur as your sweet scent fills my lungs like your still in the air. Forced smiles caress my face sing into my ear cut out the hollow wailing within these walls. I am angry

Gormathon - Damnation lyrics

origin of the gods engender A breeze from heaven as we trust as our defender Poisoning it all with our lies, betrayal The trail of life in blindness we will fall Along the ruins of our path and we will know Disturbing thoughts contending, we fail Our path lea

Impaled Nazarene - Damnation (raping the angels) lyrics

Jews return to Zion and fire burn the skies, (Then) satanic majesty rises And both you and I must die ! From the eternal sea he rises Creating armies on either shore Turning man against his brother Till man exists no more ! Thirteen step

Anal Stench - Outro (the internationale) lyrics

проклятьем заклеймённый, Весь мир голодных и рабов! Кипит наш разум возмущённый И в смертный бой вести готов. Весь мир насилья мы разрушим До основанья, а затем Мы наш, мы новый мир построим, — Кто был ничем, тот станет всем. Это есть наш последний И

Blümchen - Outro (herz an herz) lyrics

du auch so verliebt, bist du auch so verliebt wie ich? Bist du auch so verliebt, bist du auch so verliebt wie ich? (Herzfrequenz) Bist du auch so verliebt, bist du auch so verliebt wie ich

The Cataracs - Outro lyrics


50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Outro skit lyrics

Army music fades-in] The murders that made it, Impossible for them to dissolve the secret society... Which leaves them only one course of action: To protect, defend, and expand. The bigger they get, the less vulnerable they become! Be careful! They will do everythi

Chamillionaire - Outro lyrics

na na na naaaa Heyyyyyyyy Na na na na naaaa They said noooo when I told them thaaaaat I find a way to get to the toooop (to the tooop) They didn't knoooow that eventuallyyyy I'd be the ONE to worry about (worry aboouuut) When someoooone would mention meeeee they always try to say I'm

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