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Good Clean Fun - On the streets saving the scene from the forc.. lyrics

is a new revolution we're building a brand-new ... about time we find a revolution and not let it slip away It ... s time that we all work together, This little thing we call

Morrissey - On the streets i ran lyrics

face glares back At me from the glass and lurches, oh ... Forgive me, on the street's I ran Turned ... sickness into, popular song Streets of wet black ... holes On roads you can never know You

Justin Sane - On the streets tonight lyrics

the streets tonight, o yeah on the streets tonight on the streets tonight, that's where i'll be ... found 'cause i don't wanna go home i want to ... to hang with you where the city is at peace at 5 AM as

New Order lyricsNew Order - People on the high line lyrics

you love me in the night I will come and make ... your love When you're not there, I think of us We're like the sun, we're burning bright We ... I'll keep trying It's all gonna be alright This time we'll

Diamond Head - Wild on the streets lyrics

words of freedom on the tongue of a snake With a ... face bought and paid for by the lies of the state Without a ... human trait well under the heels of a tyranny waits A long forgotten voice And

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Lonely on the streets jersey city lyrics

ooh, we stand alone, Woo ohh, it's lonely on the streets tonight I'll tell ... you about a place, where the poor write their songs I'll ... Like a stepping razor everyone is a threat, Better have

Battle Beast - Out on the streets lyrics

I start I'm lost and alone in the future world Out on the streets again, out on my ... always, nowhere to go Out on the streets again, fighting my ... war On the streets where I belong I carry an

James Brendan - World on the streets lyrics

saw the truth and it made you sad ... up again Love was lost in the indecision Pacified by your ... television And you hope the chance remains to live with a

Gary Moore - Back on the streets lyrics

hear me knockin', But you won't let me in. Might be fine ... hangin' round. But if you don't open up this door, I'm gonna kick it down. Sometimes ... I feel like I'm back on the streets again. Sometimes I feel like

Saxon - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been out in the cold Trying to get in We've ... back home to you Standing alone in the fight You've never ... of our sight We're back on the streets again We're back on

Blackfoot - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been lookin' for a direction to put me in touch, I'm a ... high and low for my connection, am I asking too much? Way ... back in my mind, there's a voice that says I can

Dwight Yoakam - The streets of bakersfield lyrics

Yes I've worn blisters on my heels Trying to find me ... something better Here on the streets of Bakersfield Hey you don't ... know me, but you don't like me You say you care

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Back on the streets lyrics

ve been told in the name of something I've got ... to know what it means to play the game Too many faces ... around they're talking They play their parts oh, so well

Savatage - Out on the streets lyrics

you're not here today Now's the time I need you most, I ... think about the days we lost Baby, I need ... you here. I'm out on the streets alone tonight Lookin' for

Cro-mags - War on the streets lyrics

stick up kid takes another life today, Monkey on his ... back crackpipe in the ashtray, Sweet little girl ... dumps her baby in the alley, Got knocked up by a

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The streets of laredo lyrics

I walked out on the streets of Laredo. As I walked out on Laredo one day, I spied a ... in white linen as cold as the clay. I can see by your ... that you are a cowboy. These words he did say as I

Europe - On the loose lyrics

out on the streets He lives from day to day ... away. Hoping that maybe one day He could be someone ... someday He could be number one. In his world of make

George Jones - On the rebound lyrics

let you down We were two lonely people Two lonely people on the rebound. (Both) You ... cried on my shoulder for a while Then ... and I told you about him Then we found, then we found.

Gordon Lightfoot - On yonge street lyrics

the people walkin' up and down See the people movin' all around On the streets of my hometown on Yonge ... Street Longest street in the world they say Summertime soon slips away I hope I'll see

Marky Mark - Life in the streets (ft. prince ital joe) lyrics

this is some old Janet Jackson type of #! but it ain't ... about that This if the real, the street life trauma Yo, I ... grew up rough in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts

P.o.d. lyricsP.o.d. - On the grind (featuring sick jacken) lyrics

What? My soul is payable on death, the flow I'm layin ... is deaf Mics come with a teflon vest, my words wreck I'm a ... Psycho, ill with the voco-loco Heard a sick pedo

Prince Ital Joe - Life in the streets lyrics

this is some old Janet Jackson type of #! but it ain't ... about that This if the real, the street life trauma Yo, I ... grew up rough in the streets of Boston, Massachusetts

Common - The people lyrics

(Repeat) Yeah, it's for the People [Verse 1] This is ... for unsung heroes Ridin in they regal, tryin to stay legal ... daughter found Nemo, I found the new primo Yeah you know how

Magnum - On the 13th day lyrics

there's a hundred million souls All looking for ... redemption But most of them are digging holes To bury their intentions We treat it ... like a sacred shrine And then we lose all faith So

Suede lyricsSuede - The sound of the streets lyrics

walks the streets of summer Inside her there's ... no future She walks the streets to pass the time The cash ... are laughing At plastic people passing She walks the streets to pass the time Sadie,

116 Clique - The streets lyrics

Chorus] Hey we bring this to the street Cause they ain't seen ... us in the street But they need this in the street ... Cause it's mean up in the street We're redemmed of the

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - On city streets lyrics

A STAND UNITED WE ARE STRONG WE WILL CARRY ON Let's ... go.. Come on all you people Of inner city streets The ones contaminated Whoever you ... be Punk was born and grew On concrete city streets And so

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The streets of america lyrics

many septic sources forming the fabric of a wayward people ... disappearing as the vestiges of our past ... Just a little tale from the streets of America (say a

Everything But The Girl - Talk to me like the sea lyrics

this short summer night long I've been waiting for you ... that you feel this way too There are people on the streets ... for the weekend But I don't hear them There are others I could meet for the

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The natives(bonus track) lyrics

Deuce] Seems like everyones got their beef But ... keep it going fighting Hold on when we win, take a hit ... 'Cause we never gonna lose it dying We gonna

Nightcore - The natives lyrics

Producer: Seems like everyones got their beef, but ... keep it going fighting. Hold on when we win, take a hit. ... Cause we never gonna lose it dying. We gonna

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The black eyed peas - #wheresthelove ft. the .. lyrics

feat. The World, Jaden Smith, A$AP ... Kelly, Andra Day, Jessie J, The Game, Nicole Scherzinger, ... [Chorus:] People killin' people dyin' ... Children hurtin', I hear them cryin' Can you practice

Jefferson Airplane - The wheel lyrics

CAN BE ONE WORLD WE WILL BE ONE WORLD In the Jungles of the ... Mountain Young Nora loves the mountain And the Mountain ... feeds the people and the Wheel keeps on turnin'

Scatman John lyricsScatman John - People of the generation lyrics

of the generation You can put an end to ... separation You're the living hope to save the nations You are the answer, you are ... (Scatting by Scatman John) People of the generation You can

Sleeping Giant - The streets don't lie lyrics

me to the streets I'm losing everything, ... do I turn? Kicking me in the teeth Why's my wife and ... in some strange building their whole life taped in boxes

Cauldron Born - People of the dark circle lyrics

room all eyes ablaze upon me I felt a frost chill tear ... up my spine as the child gazed upon me Pulled ... out into the abyss voices calling me ... Falling out into the abyss brought this festival

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Streets of glory lyrics

s no angels in the sea We both lend its own We ... teach 'cause you never learn There's nothing left There's no ... return The more you talk the less it means What I wants

Gama Bomb - The cannibals are in the streets lyrics

night I had the strangest dream about the day ... when it all came down There were figures writhing and a ... and fire was engulfing the town Last night I awoke with

Mortal Sin - From the gutter to the grave lyrics

eyes Spare a thought for the children From the gutter to ... No, that's not what we taught them Fifty thousand kids out on the streets of the Lucky

Foxy Shazam - The streets lyrics

still I fall Fall back down the great below And it's been a ... since I have prayed But tonight I'm on my knees I'm ... asking why, why, why me? The streets is where I's born

Ice-t - Code of the streets lyrics

me keep it real Faggot ass motherf***ers have no motherf***ing ... real Thorough niggaz know, there's rules to this shit ... Original gangster, I respect the laws Of the crimes lords and

Camille Jones - The streets lyrics

the streets Late at night Ooh – my love ... lover’s eyes Each time they pass me by Ooh – my love ... I try to look away Forget the memories Of you my love Ooh

Rob Rock - Streets of madness lyrics

in the shadows, whispers in the night Telling him that ... right Tortured as a child, condemned by all his peers ... Thoughts that have no reason and a heart that's full of

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Streets of little italy lyrics

narrow and the winding ways The streets of old New York The ... families, the street life, the spark The rooftop where we ... s festival Masquerades in the dark... On the streets down

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On the grind lyrics

Whaaat You can find me on the corner with stones, quarters ... and zones or dope and powder broke, ... you? I distribute ki's to the kings and z's to the fiends,

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Streets of fire lyrics


8ball & Mjg - The streets lyrics

ain't touchin a dog Imitation fake like Gucci suits niggaz ... be wearin Nigga like me hit the room and all the bitches be ... I'm not fine I'm not cute, they just know I got some loot

Obsession - Panic in the streets lyrics

without an option No time to understand A ... desperate situation With no one to command Terrors on the ... call us Like dogs in the night We're taken by

Gregorian - Streets of philadelphia lyrics

to myself Saw my reflection in a window and didn't know ... my own face Oh, brother, are you gonna leave me ... wasting away On the streets of Philadelphia I walked the avenue 'til my legs felt like

Saga - Streets of gold lyrics

do that] Why not? - [We've done the math] They need air - [There's lots of time] You don't ... - [You move to fast] You won't change - Why can't you see,

The Fray - Streets of philadelphia lyrics

to myself See my reflection in a window And I don't know ... my own face Oh brother, please don't leave me ... wastin' away On the streets of Philadelphia... I walk

Jakub Hübner - Streets of philadelphia- bruce springsteen lyrics

to myself. I saw my reflection in a window, I didn't know ... my own face. Oh brother are you gonna leave me ... wastin' away On the Streets of Philadelphia. I walked the avenue, 'til my legs felt

Liv Kristine - Streets of philadelphia lyrics

to myself Saw my reflection in a window I didn't know my ... own face Oh brother are you gonna leave me wasting away On the streets of Philadelphia I

Max Schneider - Streets of gold lyrics

s a beautiful world There's magic in this life And a ... Like New York City lights The hotter we get the brighter we ... all burn You'll never be alone Forever on the streets of

Avalanche City - The streets lyrics

have found the sorrow, sorrow When I feel ... alone, alone I need to follow, follow ... In the distance I hear the pulse 'Cause even with the ... lights gone out I know The rhythm that our hearts pound

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The streets lyrics

bless me indeed When I'm so confused [J] Enlarge my ... Place your love and protection over me at all times Help me ... pain [Jay-Z] Police in the background, screamin put the

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The streets of stone lyrics

these streets of stone You might see her walking ... All the time alone She just got tired of ... see a smile In a world gone quite mad She is quietly ... laughing For all the good times she's had Most of

Insania ( Ger ) - Streets of madness lyrics

feel the sorrow I feel the pain frustrating sadness ... plays bloody games another breakout who's to blame I ... this madness each day it's on tv this is not the way the

George Jones - The u.s.a. today lyrics

s homeless on the streets of every city Big city crime ... in every little town There's people making money off of Jesus ... dragging everybody down. There's politicians shredding up the truth And farmers getting

Little Green Cars - The kitchen floor lyrics

moment, I had forgotten all the things that you had said to ... to me And through the kitchen door I see you're on ... me to see I guess what's done is done It looks like you

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