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George Jones - When you were mine - with patti page lyrics

Well, I saw you today And I thought for a while I was dreaming You were the loveliest girl I'd seen in a long long time You introduced me to him And while we were talk...

Keel - Because the night (patti smith cover) lyrics

Take me now, baby, here as I am Pull me close, try and understand Desire is hunger, is the fire I breathe Love is a banquet on which we feed Come on now, try and...

Mindless Self Indulgence - I think i turned 22 lyrics

wanted to play Because they swack me [tack?] and run away I ... lay touch some ladies To swack me [tack?] and run

Embrace - Embrace - celebrate lyrics

The Preacher’s son Patti LaBelle is in the buildin’ ... around the way, Lord Miss Patti, won’t you help me sing Lord ... around the way, Lord Miss Patti, won’t you help me sing Lord

Hoodie Allen - Fame is for assholes ft. chiddy lyrics

for you if you a tad cold Swack ho, probably gettin' tail

Hoodie Allen - Hoodie allen ft. chiddy lyrics

for you if you attack ho Swack ho, probably gettin’ tail

Andre Nickatina - Last breath of an mc lyrics

had an axe Before he took a swack man i got him in the back

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Testa o cuore lyrics

Vero Che E' A Meta' E Chi Fa Patti Col Diavolo E Dopo Aspetta Ed ... Invecchia, Il Diavolo Patti Non Ne Rispetta Dimmi Adesso

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Testa o cuore (feat. club dogo) lyrics

che è a metà E chi fa patti col diavolo e dopo aspetta ed ... invecchia, Il diavolo patti non ne rispetta Dimmi

R.e.m. lyricsR.e.m. - Blue lyrics

now. I want Whitman proud. Patti Lee proud. My brothers proud. ... Collapse Into Now PATTI: Cinderella boy You've lost

Puff Daddy - What's the 411 (remix) lyrics

go to jail For f***in Patti Labelle Ooh Regina Belle, she

Fedez - Jet set lyrics

con gli snob non scendo a patti mi trovavi al mom prima

James Ingram - How do you keep the music playing lyrics

with Patti Austin How do you keep the

Lil Kim - Not tonight lyrics

hooks What do i look like? Patti LaBelle or somebody nigga?

Lil Kim - Ladies night lyrics

hooks What I look like? Patti LaBelle or somebody nigga?

M People - Love rendezvous lyrics

of lovers outta sight. Patti sang horsesstevie got uptight

Moreno Donadoni - La novità lyrics

Nuovi mostri, soliti posti, patti chiari, battimani, battimani.

Patti Austin - First time love lyrics

When I look into my heart I feel All of the hurt that was there Then I look into your eyes and see All of the joys that we've both shared I don't wanna wish for love ...

Patti Austin - If i believed lyrics

if I believed in paradise I'd swear I must be there I'd swear I must be there right now with you if I believed in miracles I'd know that one was happening...

Patti Austin - In and out of love lyrics

Sunshine, that is what I try to follow Long time, searching for a new tomorrow I'm always in and out of love Dawning, love is always round the corner W...

Patti Austin - In my life lyrics

Although music is sweet But the song incomplete Now in my life, Boy in my life Something is missing It's the truth, yes it's true Still there's no me a...

Patti Austin - Let me be me lyrics

I don't want to be always trying to make you see I've listened to the doubts on your mind You have to know that changes what will keeps us strong And that my...

Patti Austin - Love me again lyrics

I wanna say I love you I wanna say I care Even though you may not feel the same I'm not afraid to wait 'Cause I know you'll change Love ends and so love begins my fri...

Patti Austin - Say you love lyrics

Don't you know that I want to be more than just your friend Holdin' hands is fine, but I've got better things on my mind You know it could happen if you'd only see ...

Patti Austin - Shoot the moon lyrics

Pressure slowly buildin' like a sky about to rain Somethin' so electric in the air All this time we’re killin' only leads us back again To the feeling that’s b...

Patti Austin - The girl who used to be me lyrics

A bird is born to fly, born for the moment, it takes to the sky And all its dreams are riding on its wings But if it falls, the dreams aren't broken A...

Patti Austin - The heat of heat lyrics

In the heat of heat The heat is so hot My body takes control In the heat of heat The heat gets so hot My passion overloads A lonely room until you walked in T...

Prince - Judas smile lyrics

love Maceo (Larry Graham, Patti Labelle) Erykah Badu The

The Rapture - Whoo! alright-yeah...uh huh lyrics

the lineage runs Morrison, Patti Smyth and me But maybe the

Run Dmc - Big willie lyrics

years with this career like Patti La-Belle And if I ever was

Alexander Rybak - Disney girls lyrics

girls, I'm coming back. Patti Page and summer days, on old

Chief Keef - Bang lyrics

in 4'6 Flip a nigga like Patti cake [Hook

Crass - Punk is dead lyrics

vacant, why do you smarm? Patti Smith, you're napalm, your

Art Garfunkel - Disney girls lyrics

Girls, I'm comin' back. Patti Page and summer days on old

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Midnight radio lyrics

your rock and roll Here's to Patti And Tina And Yoko Aretha

Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Midnight radio (obc) lyrics

rock and roll Here's to Patti And Tina And Yoko Aretha

Hevisaurus - Kaksipäinen poliisi lyrics

mutina Raapiminen auta ei, patti kasvaa anyway Mikäs sieltä

Todd Kerns - My true love lyrics

Stefani with the heart of Patti Smith She's all a man could

Patti Labelle - If i was a river lyrics

If I was the sunI would shine my light to light your worldIf I was the rainI would wash your tears awayYour world bright, be your light in the nightIf I ...

Patti Labelle - A change is gonna come lyrics

There's an old friendThat I once heard saySomething that touched my heartAnd it began this wayI was born by the riverIn a little tentAnd just like the riverI've been ru...

Patti Labelle - All this love lyrics

I had some problemsAnd no one could seem to solve themBut you found the answerYou told me to take this chanceAnd learn the ways of love, my babyAnd all that it has to...

Patti Labelle - Anything lyrics

Ooo... Hey... Ooo...Some may say there ain't no wayYour dreams gonna see the light of day.Don't believe that you can't achieve,Whatever you're after.Can't ...

Patti Labelle - Come as you are lyrics

You're a victim of the life you leadIn your heart of hearts you can't concedeThat you could be so much moreCan't breathe in this atmosphereYou're afraid you...

Patti Labelle - Come what may lyrics

Wish I was your childHold me in your heartWe could love so freeAnd no, we'd never partBut I'm not a childAnd wishes areJust child's play, my loveNow I'll never be ...

Patti Labelle - Crazy love lyrics

We can't change the way we wereBut we can change the way we areAll I really wanted from this crazy loveWas a night so full of starsThat our hearts could not preten...

Patti Labelle - Does he love you lyrics

I've known about you for a while now,Then he leaves me he wears a smile no,As soon as he's away from me,In his arms is where you want to be,But I'm the one h...

Patti Labelle - Don't block the blessings lyrics

There's no such a thing as a broken heart,It can't be shattered, can't be torn apart,It won't start bleeding when love seems gone,It just keeps beating on and on and on a...

Patti Labelle - Don't make me over lyrics

Don't make me overNow that I'd do anything for youDon't make me overNow that you know how I adore youDon't pick on the things I say, the things I doJust love me with a...

Patti Labelle - Don't make your angel cry lyrics

Gee, I wish it was ten o'clockCome on, baby, it's time to rockI'm so glad I've got you hereMakes me happy when you are near(Ooh whee)This feelin's killin' me(Aw,...

Patti Labelle - Got to be real lyrics

What you think ahWhat you feel nowWhat you know ahTo be realWhat you think ah(I think I love you, baby)What you feel now(I feel I need you, baby)What you know ahTo be r...

Patti Labelle - I believe i can fly lyrics

I used to think that I could not go onAnd life was nothing but an awful songBut now I know the meaning of true loveI'm leaning on the everlasting armsIf I can s...

Patti Labelle - I'll still love you more lyrics

Ask me how much you mean to meAnd I wouldn't even know where to startAsk if this love runs deep in meAnd you won't find a deeper love in any heartYou could say you co...

Patti Labelle - If only you knew lyrics

Songwriters: Gamble, Kenneth; Wansel, Dexter; Biggs, Cynthia De Mari;I must have rehearsed my linesA thousand timesUntil I had them memorizedBut when I get up the nerve...

Patti Labelle - Let me be there for you lyrics

We stood on an island of our own,From the moment we first met,And we will forever,So seldom found ; A privilege to hold,Like a precious stone,That I will alw...

Patti Labelle - Love is just a whisper away lyrics

People will tell you,So many things,Just to be closer to you,Darlin' believe in me,I'm gonna try,To help you see your way through,I'm on your side,Any...

Patti Labelle - Love will lead you back lyrics

Saying goodbye is never an easy thingBut you never said, you stay foreverSo if you must go darlin', I'll set you freeBut I know in time, we'll be togetherI won't try...

Patti Labelle - Lover man (oh where can you be) lyrics

I don't know why but I'm feelin' so sadI long to try something I've never hadNever had no kissin', ooh, what I've been missin'Lover man, oh, where can you be?The night is...

Patti Labelle - New attitude lyrics

Songwriters: Sharon Terea Robinson;Jonathan Gilutin;Bunny HullRunnin' hot, runnin' coldI was runnin' into overload, it was extremeI took it so high, so lowSo low, there...

Patti Labelle - On my own lyrics

So many times, Said it was forever, Said our love would always be true, Soimething in my heart always knew, I'd be lying here beside you, On my own On my own...

Patti Labelle - Somewhere over the rainbow lyrics

Somewhere over the rainbowWay up highThere's a land that I've heard ofOnce in a lullabySomewhere over the rainbowSkies are blueAnd the dreams that we dare to dreamRea...

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