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Past Life Recordsdays Of The Past Vol 1 lyrics

Browse for Past Life Recordsdays Of The Past Vol 1 song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Past Life Recordsdays Of The Past Vol 1 lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Past Life Recordsdays Of The Past Vol 1.

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Eskimo Joe - Ghosts of the past lyrics

truck I Can’t throw away these useless things That have ... try To disregard that lonely life But they hang onto your ... running I keep running But they’re chasing me down like a

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The battle of the past lyrics

wizards Waiting for me at the Valmourt's woods Magical ... keepers They take care of the divine sword Sword of ... you Royal wisdom You're the keeper of your land Ride

Elvenpath - Sentinel of the past lyrics

secrets of the past don’t let the demons rest Well full of ... My mind a sentinel, keeper of my heart and soul The last ... dark A great ocean called life The dark voices in my head

Asperity - Past life lyrics

m going crazy inside here These walls is full of bad things ... I really fear that if I stay The ghost will chase me into ... heart again will glow On the run From the shadows of my past life On the run To meet a

Destruction - Legacy of the past (guest version) lyrics

grew up in a time The scene was on the rise We all ... had the same ideas All of us, on various tribes ... Injection of the zombie attack In the sign of

Freedom Call - Merlin - legend of the past lyrics

the isle of Avalon a virgin came Oh she ... his fate forever He faced the hand of destiny, she was ... fate forever Run for your life The empress is here,

Eternal Reign - Shadows of the past lyrics

struck and stiff with fright Then my body starts to quiver ... my own bed Could not release the angry yell Asking for ... my body in two – get me out of this place Shadows of the past – leave me be Longing for

Black Abyss - Shadows of the past lyrics

by, forever it's lost Winter of life, eternal frost Back in ... time, the early years A young man full ... of hope appears Into the abyss I'm falling The

Hellshock - Ghosts of the past lyrics

them laughing Behind the wall of life Watching our ... Seen before A millenia Of bloodsoaked tragedy Voices ... of the dead Ghosts of the past Echoes of laughter Ghosts of the past History a circle

Iron Savior - Brothers (of the past) lyrics

- energetic- drifting on the stream Agonizing isolation ... inside the machine Reborn in chaos ... Reach out and take my hand The children must life, the ... killing must end Brother - you must awake Brother -

Manic Depression - Legacy of the past lyrics

Show you no mercy tonight There's no painkiller Attacking ... But we're far from coma of souls Rise! Armies ... it's time to rise Conquer the minds! A tribute to the

Phantom Lord - Rules of the past lyrics

devotion Beyond all you see the truth Nothing but growth ... your yearning Conceived by the lies you live Don't you ... will cost you all Reveal the speed with which You are

Anthriel - Chains of the past lyrics

innocent child reaches up to the sky, He doesn't realize the ... size of his dreams Old man always ... "You can't understand the pain That comes up with a

Khors - Wounds of the past lyrics

old wood remembers the past greatness of ancestors ... Ancient barrows - wounds of great battles, Eternally ... towering above the ground, Bringing up to life

Nightrage - Scars of the past lyrics

my life I've been walking In the ... shade of your dark world Blinded by ... fears of this frail world You've ... is pounding my head from the inside. In your arms I

Nocturnal Depression - Intermezzo pt i fragments of the past.... lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

The Poodles - Echoes of the past lyrics

not to fight. On and on, the same old story. Another ... ever hear me calling you. The echoes from the past, oh. ... my name. I swear, I will be there, dont you know. To cut the rope, I am still afraid.

Callenish Circle - Shadows of the past lyrics

& Patrick Savelkoul] The dawn has reached the sky ... What does the darkness try to hide Shadows ... overrun the sunlight Nocturnal violence ... price Diabolic evil minds They rule atrocious bestial

Innerwish - Sins of the past lyrics

in this life With the burden of an unknown fate It's not us ... But now We're reaching the end of the line No fear, but ... will to survive The time has now come for us to

Instanzia - Ghosts of the past lyrics

back to haunt me A fantasy of mine Pure visions of a new ... But true dreams never die They never die Sometimes the ... heroes of our tales become part of our

Sbtrkt - Trials of the past lyrics

You're a carrier a carrier of the light inside of you. ... Glows green in the pitch black night night night ... What to be, down cruising in the ocean, and sin it's due. So

Septicflesh - Pale beauty of the past lyrics

mist unfolds its veil as the night falls in the forest The moist wind forces the trees ... to sing their sorrow For centuries they ... in a wooden web, tall towers of another epoch This sweet

English Dogs - Ghost of the past lyrics

look out there to see the few Who´s changed not me and ... seems [Chorus:] Why can the voices all shout back? Why ... can the people all come back It´s up

Harmony - Maze of the past lyrics

You are carrying burdens from the past Yesterday is hunting ... late at night Cause dreams of the past Keep you away from the light You're wandering ... around, in a maze of the past Memories, burning on and

Hibria - Beyond regrets of the past lyrics

BRIDGE: When you face all the pain that enslaves you ... will pray When you break all the chains that make you A slave ... to the darkness CHORUS: Beyond

Operatika Element - Secrets of the past lyrics

dark secrets of the past Stories that have not been ... told Come to life and light at last Ancient ... mysteries unfold Hear the whispers of the wind beyond

Sampha - Trials of the past (feat. sbtrkt) lyrics

You're a carrier, a carrier, of the light inside of you ... Glows green in the pitch black night, night, ... sheets A torpedo cruising in the ocean, and soon it's due So

Exumer - Shadows of the past lyrics

this dark street again I see the shadow I turn to see who's there, 1 know it wants me dead I ... my head I sentenced him for life, long long ago He threatened

Mithotyn - Shadows of the past lyrics

Over valleys and creeks, the spirit of our forfathers ... sweep. Past plains and forests. Past the ... clouds in the sky. the shadow of the ravens flies.

Degradead - Resemblace of the past lyrics

will not be answered The question lies within ... Timeline has been pushed To the edge of eternity There's ... no way to escape From the past no way To get out

God Forbid - A reflection of the past lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]...

Grave Digger - Shadows of the past lyrics

I wan't miss you Shadows of the past Returned from ... nowhere I stand Shadows of the past Alone you'll be in the ... anything you say you're the kind who tries to tease then you run away Today I

4th Dimension - Landscapes (vestige of the past) lyrics

of the windowpane, horizon unfolds The spell cast upon my land blurs ... power unleashed Vestige of a dying day, dusk setting ... over woods centuries old The starlit sky, the zenith moon,

Civilization One - Legends of the past (carry on) lyrics

mind All what I see A revolution rising we A gone ... in airwaves, commanding all the young Chronicles of the ... never die Carry on, till the end Legends of the past

Destiny - Future of the past lyrics

Escaped with maiden into the wild Set out dogs, try to ... hunt them down Float with the stream away from evil harm ... Elves and fairies lead the way Swordsman free, led to

Kenziner - Images of the past lyrics

call destiny, by the moon in the dark of the night I scream ... I cry remorsefully, to the stars within my sight I feel ... t fair nor was it right Then the wind, the rain and the

Paradise Lost - Victim of the past lyrics

faith in others Lost faith in all ... trust evermore Ashamed of what we endure Into the ... grave, the heartless Consoled in ... darkness A lack of faith No one can save you

Project Pitchfork - Ghost of the past lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Atrophy - Product of the past lyrics

sun is down, the lights go on A glass and ... concrete hell The beast aroused, begins to ... prowl Aware of every smell He notes perfume ... in the air Sees footprints in the

The Peacocks - Dreaming of the past lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Burning Everafter - Echoes of the past lyrics

Not forever holding burning the ground strayed away forgive ... tonight find me reaching in the door kill the hurt when ... let it go Do you recall the winter But the ambers fade

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The laws of the future lyrics

place called Zlord, All the villagers were waiting for it ... With tears of anguish in their eyes All the time they ... pray to God Winds of freedom blow in our lives To

Graveland - Shadows of the past lyrics

monuments of the ancient glory enveloped by the wind The light dances among ... wounds Sleep deeper than the abyss Sleep with no dreaming ... The sun will rise and the dawn will come Where the

Jag Panzer - Spectres of the past lyrics

thoughts haunt me inside on the path I've laid I shake ... I've slain my friend, lost the bond we had I must flee to the witches' place and give my

Shins,the - The past and pending lyrics

someone sets light to the first fire of autumn We ... Cough and twitch from the news on your face And some ... in your eyes Held to the past too aware of the pending

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The state of the end of the millennium addres.. lyrics

making you a public fit for the 21st century. Never before ... shown so much concern for the economic well-being of its ... countless factions who threathens your financial viability;

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - The power of the heart lyrics

different people, we're not the same the power of the sun I ... you looked for caps above the water, where the waves snap ... back I flew around the world to bring you back ah the power of the heart you

Gloria Gaynor - The eye of the tiger lyrics

up back on the street Did my time, took my ... chances Went the distance now I'm back on my ... Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past You must ... fight just to keep them alive [Chorus:] It's the

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The power of the heart lyrics

different people, we're not the same The power of the sun I ... you looked for caps Above the water, where the waves snap ... back I flew around the world to bring you back Ah the power of the heart You

Pegazus - Past life lyrics

a look into the crystal ball Can you see the ... living way behind Has your life flashed past by your eyes ... to die Is it just a feeling of being unsure What the hell

Korn - The past lyrics

chose to take From the past You want a game That's ... affection Is hate without the pain Life is a connection ... Seperate from the brain You chose to take

Mikey Wax - Past life lyrics

you remember we spoke Together on our last night This was ... in our past life I remembered you Do you ... remember we said We'd be together in our next life We were

Sevendust - The past lyrics

lays a soul I've left behind the edge of sorrow was reached ... but now I'm fine I've filled the hole I had inside I'll ... light a flame and let it breathe the air that kills the shame

Never Shout Never - The past lyrics

I sing songs about the past. How I was raised and I was ... going to school. And I saw the look in her eyes. My mother ... wanted to go. Just to prove them wrong. I've been smoking

All Shall Perish - The past will haunt us both lyrics

nights with my feet to the sky So many lonesome ... could we be so wrong? This past will haunt us both Never ... That betrayal was the key to a happier life Where

Fire Of Revenge - The last breath lyrics

long ago I’m walking Around the World without rest Looking ... nobody finds me Seems that there’s nothing to do No matter ... much I run I want to kill my past life But my past life’s

India Arie - The heart of the matter lyrics

got the call today, I didn't wanna ... come An old true friend of ours was talkin' on the phone ... found someone And I thought of all the bad luck, And all the struggles we went through

The Moffatts - Life on mars lyrics

us to take a seat This is the end of the beginning We hope ... and count to ten We'll leave the past behind You'll get ... you've lost you will find it Life on Mars Pick up the pieces

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