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Grave - Passion of the weak lyrics

Seeing daily life with the parish eyes To please and ... praise his word Passion of the Weak Imprisoned mind, beaten ... and scorned Passion and holy seed Breeding the

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Passion of the night lyrics

in two Darkness falls but the moonlight sparks Longing and ... This is our story Is this the golory of love? It's hot and ... it's right It's just the passion of the night Spellbound

Get Up Kids - The dark night of the soul lyrics

Hanging on every word Hold the cards in tight But your ... is a bitch Too end on The dark night of the soul The ... dark night of the soul All my training beget a

Mac Miller - Of the soul lyrics

girls but I never kept the door closed Want you all to ... hear the way I put it in her torso I ... insane I guess it's the result of drugs that enterin' ... my brain All of a sudden, every legend keep

Mac Miller - Of the soul (remix) lyrics

Three MCs with so much soul and clout. We here to turn ... out, but first hit em, with the. Ay yo undress your dollar ... and sleepin with the scholars. In bed with good

Anna Nalick - The art of the soul lyrics

taming of the memory The heartache of the soul 'Tis their dream? forgiveness The ... fear of letting go With every breath ... With every step The truth becomes so clear

Neurosis (col) - The eyes of the soul lyrics

you die, the mysteries of life Become so clear, ... eternity is near Watch your soul, rise from earth Flow to the ... it does not die (Coro) The eyes of the soul In life in

Anaal Nathrakh - The unbearable filth of the soul lyrics

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Loreena Mckennitt - The dark night of the soul lyrics

a darkened night the flame of love was burning in my breast ... in quiet rest Shrouded by the night And by the secret ... stair I quickly fled The veil concealed my eyes while

Dj Pygme - Dj pygme - freedom of the soul lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Dj Walkzz - Dj walkzz - fire of the soul lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

At The Gates - Slaughter of the soul lyrics

illusions to choke You feed off my pain Feed off my life ... There won't be another dawn We will reap as we ... have sown Always the same My tired eyes have

Severe Torture - Butchery of the soul lyrics

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Hatebreed - Pollution of the soul lyrics

our minds It's pollution of the soul So invasive and ... to gain control Leeching the life Sucking the faith ... Polluting the blood It's everything this

Dokken - Voice of the soul lyrics

you see the soul / through a window in your ... mind Can you see the darkness that was left me ... m home Saving grace / a ray of hope When I hear a Voice of

Gothmog - Downwards the hades of the soul lyrics

s a matter of time that the soul of men surrounded by ... temptations May let the Hades open its gates ... Downwards the Hades of the soul This place is dark, where

Poison - Theatre of the soul lyrics

a hotel in New Orleans came the final blow And somehow ... in our search for that pot of gold And all that happened ... t get nothing right lately Theatre of my on

Deliverance ( Usa ) - Windows of the soul lyrics

away Seeing the light I vanquish the dark ... And conquer the night River of anger is ... malice Reach deep in my soul Through the windows of my ... may be Mind goes to work on these impurities Over and over

Immediate Music - Battle of the soul of the universe lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Bloodbath - Cancer of the soul lyrics

them, for they must die Mongers of the ... greatest lie Burn them, for (the) sins they scar ... in war Left to rot is their faith on poles Icons ... fall on religion's role The cancer of the soul

Mayhem - Dark night of the soul lyrics

the deceitful snake, The one who speaks in tongues Of all my devastating truths, ... Collect the power of my dreams Cast by the ... In Black Death, salute the visions, Mayhem of living,

Eyefear - Whispers of the soul lyrics

follow it home Don't summon the clouds to hide Bring the ... light to the sky On the edge of dawn Tell me why do ... pain Angel I see your tears they're falling Now comes the

Death - Voice of the soul lyrics

objects of flight on a voyage To ... correct what they have done, what we are doing ... Perhaps submerged, living in the inner most Recesses of the ... world Limiting our passages of thought Are they the

Gothica - Deep lakes of the soul lyrics

everything is bathed in colour And a blinding ... golden path Shines from the sky onto the sea, To the ... stains stand out every so often: red poppies. In your

Famous Last Words - The end of the beginning lyrics

stories told The truth unfolds Try to ... Remember My darling souls Look deep into the eyes of the soul that sits across the ... room And start to recognize their face They’ll start to

Blut Aus Nord - The forsaken voices of the ghostwood's shadow.. lyrics

some malicious spirit There was a funebre atmosphere ... and putrid smell of sulphur In the obscurity we ... silouettes We were on the shadowy realm that some

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The fall of the house of usher lyrics

Edgar:] And then I had a vision [Roderick ... and soundless day for autumn The leaves have lost their autumn ... glow and the clouds seem oppressive with their drifting finery

Body Count - The passion of christ lyrics

was a baby, I never knew, if there was any superior power. I ... still don't know. I will be the only one you'll ever trust ... you'll ever need, the only truth, the born again, the son of one, the Devils pain.

Evereve - The eclipse of the seventh sun lyrics

AND DEMISE The sweet draught of lick-her ... over my tongue A feast of wicked pleasure Is the ... delight of sweat and blood The seed of a lost morality As

Callenish Circle - Soul messiah lyrics

conscience's parasite I am the controller The autocrat of the soul After me, no ... turning back Gaining full soul control Sin, as a sinner ... finites For I am you I am the controller The autocrat of the soul After me, no

Nightwish - Passion and the opera lyrics

to dust A virginal sight Their apple to bite Drink ... from my thighs The rain of lies A sight so cursed ... An Aphrodite for mortal souls Playing hide and seek in

Bauhaus - The passion of lovers lyrics

She sought cracked pleasures The passion of lovers is for ... her lips And turned to feather And as I watched from ... underneath I came aware of all that she keep The little

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Passion rules the game lyrics

slows down To take me where the night begins I´m playing ... everywhere Loving here and there I always take the chance ... again I reach out through the air Good look is everywhere

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Passion rules the game lyrics

slows down To take me where the night begins I´m playing ... everywhere Loving here and there I always take the chance ... again I reach out through the air Good look is everywhere

Prince - The ladder lyrics

Once upon a time in the land of Sinaplenty There lived a ... Electra Who loved him with a passion, uncontested 4 him each day ... smile But it didn't matter The king was looking 4 the ladder

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the

Pungent Stench - The passion of lucifer lyrics

mori Someone to bear the blame Seeking for

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The tell -tale heart, pt. 1 lyrics

will you say that I am mad The disease has sharpened my ... not destroyed not dulled them Madman The eye of a ... tell this story He had no passion for the old man He was never

Opera Ix - The naked and the dance lyrics

fresh humidity of the green moss wets my skin, my ... to who adores a god, over the sacred stones of the ... Our bodies clinging each other, what is of the One becomes

Foxy Shazam - The french passion of animality opera lyrics

sure that I'm only human, then again I could be.. wrong, ... and I'm pretty sure that There is no cure, but then again ... could be wrong, I could be The stars the stripes the goddess

Bastille - Of the night lyrics

is a dancer, It's a souls companion, People feel it ... join us, You can feel it in the air, Oh oh, it's a passion ... feel it yeah, Oh oh, It's a passion, (THIS IS THE RHYTHM)

Orden Ogan - The lords of the flies lyrics

around you It all goes down the drain There's no need to ... move it all Until you feel the pain This is the play of ... your ruin All actors on their knees Pay with your life,

Lareine - The soul love lyrics

todoku made Ten no kanata de soul love Yagate haru ga kureba

Holy Blood - The soul is singing lyrics

Светит солнце над головой Принося радость с собой Светит солнце ясное, красное Землю озаряя Светит солнце ясное, красное Бога прославляя Пой, пой со мно...

Poets Of The Fall - The lie eternal lyrics

m here tonight The passion of your life To up the stakes ... sweet trial All my vestiges of hope pin Wishes upon this ... N' if you didn't inspire me Then on my knees I would fall

Illogicist - The soul feeder lyrics

slow And you know why There is no way, we can only pray ... Taste of times, devours your spine He ... And you know why He feeds on souls, rapes human thoughts

Ne Obliviscaris - Of the leper butterflies lyrics

why? Oh why the butterfly of man? Oh why? Oh why ... maelstrom wormholes Behind, the vast passion A wish is made ... upon a nebula From the leper's kiss Conjuring

Lyfthrasyr - Soul transition interface lyrics

transition Soul interface Our soul is lost ... in the moment we die But on ... nanotechnology we rely The cells are renewed diseases ... thought By storing the soul into hard-disk device

My Dying Bride - The thrash of the naked limbs lyrics

and time eats at it This passion play Smothered in effort, The thrash of naked limbs ... skin Close your eyes, the whispered sighs Frightening ... when concealed Through the halflight on her body My

Old Man's Child - The soul receiver lyrics

surrender my soul To the dark and the old I break ... my grave Visions bright as the dawn His wishes enlighten me ... making me strong The ancient ones call me upon He

Black Majesty - Journey to the soul lyrics

never... I do accept Beyond the softer mind to softly ... Now looking back... There's a journey that we'll take ... been wrong It was written in the Scriptures of your soul One

The Decemberists - The perfect crime #2 lyrics

Muse with passion of the pistol Sing Muse of the ... warning by the whistle On a night so dark ... in the waning A dawn obscured by ... Five and twenty burglars by the reservoir A teenage lookout

Embersland - The mirror of your soul lyrics


Holy Martyr - The soul of my katana lyrics

soul of my katana Is guiding me ... are dying My sword has taken their souls. Blade is my life,

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

you Turn to years Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the ... You'll hear my screams The final silence We pull the

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