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The Real Group - Pass me the jazz lyrics

who me? Yeah why not, I could go for ... something nice Maybe you'll like ... cozy place I know just around the corner? Sure, sounds good, I ... prefer something special with a spice

Killus - The night of the knife lyrics

Night of the Knife The Night of the Knife The Night ... of the Knife The Night of the

Orcivus - The knife within lyrics

Devil's tongue lick the deepest hell of my soul. From ... - my eternity - and my quest. The darkest paths of my ... blasphemous soul will evoke the knife in my soul! ...The

Flux Of Pink Indians - Pass me another issue lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Foun...

Hedley - The knife lyrics

happy But I'm not gonna lie The way you smile when everyone's ... laughing gets me every time Between your lips and ... no sleep tonight And I love the way you twist the knife We

Decapitated - The knife lyrics

mumble their songs to deaf ears of sands ... Mountains guard their dominions until the end of ... time Rivers carve hieroglyphs ... only read by the birds Lion hunts antelope,

Brian Setzer - The knife feels like justice lyrics

givin' it all away I wish there's something I could say ... Like the time you looked into the mirror ... And saw someone else lookin' back I wish ... I could find the words But there's nothing that even comes

Kyla La Grange - The knife lyrics

cold bright fear that struck me dead And your body lay heavy ... bold enough to carry us In the beginning, I wanted you so ... much Fire then dirt then dust So love, would you

Hymn - Pass me not o gentle savior lyrics

Pass me not, O gentle Savior, hear my ... humble cry; while on others thou art calling, do not pass me by. Refrain: Savior, ... hear my humble cry; while on others thou art calling, do not pass me by. 2. Let me at thy

Chevelle - Under the knife lyrics

whole No wonder I would rather be under the knife ... Know when to fight Who has the life to spend on this When ... you're the last to know I started 1976

Iconcrash - The knife lyrics

this no one else can make me feel this sick you are the knife in me the knife in me and ... how hard you try to wake me up you won this time and ... you cut my skin you are the flood around me and I breathe you in and now when I

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The knife lyrics

twist the knife And I'll take the bullet ... You start the fire And the world then turns for you ... t it right? Isn't it a crime? Isn't it cruel to be so

Lyle Lovett - Pass me not lyrics

my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. [Chorus:] (I'm ... my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by. Let me at Thy

R5 - Pass me by lyrics

that trip we took in Mexico, yeah Hangin' with the ... on tryin' to find a way to meet ya, yeah I was chillin', ... were with him Hooked up by the fire Now he's long gone I'm

George Jones - Pass me by lyrics

you look at what came down the road today Wanting me to be ... A bridge to burn to get to someone new Hey, pass me by if ... you're only passing through. You sure look

Brand Nubian - Pass the gat lyrics

quot;Gimme a gat I'm bout to smoke this ... motherf***er!" (2X) Pass me.. pass me the gat, I gotta ... I ain't rollin over on my motherf***in back (4X) [Sadat X

Busta Rhymes - Pass the courvoisier lyrics

quot;Pass The Courvoisier" (feat. P. ... like this, Ladies & Gentlemen The time you all been ... Flipmode collaboration (Come on) [P. Diddy] Shake ya

Anthony Hamilton - Pass me over lyrics

day chance to make another chance, a fragile place ... word alone is what has kept me, born the son, king of ... burdens down If you catch me dreaming please don't wake me

Mirah - The knife thrower lyrics

you find the one you want You summon them ... a lark You say this is a game so take your place Then you ... set the mask upon your face My ... silhouette in the air you trace And the dagger

Ghost Brigade - The knife lyrics

to try Just one more time Waiting for the end Or a ... we all are This is not the first time When I'm in this ... condition And it's not the last time When I promise to

Mac Lethal - Pass the ammo lyrics

Verse 1] Live from the working class trash bin ... Afghanis in tents are in the past-tense And black ... are pissed on with harrassment See everynight there's gun

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Pass the wine (sophia loren) lyrics

down the street with a sad face ... Always complaining about the rat race Nobody said that ... Your job it sucks, it’s on the line Your wife act mean, ... kids all crying I need something that’s guaranteed to

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The knife lyrics

life is about to begin Tell me that I am a hero, Promise me ... in this ugly world it is time to destroy all this evil. ... Now, when I give the word get ready to fight for

Jurassic 5 - The game lyrics

Now are you ready to play the game? NO! Are you ready to ... play the game? YEAH! The Game Playing to survive ... Aiming to win anyway they can Yo, yo Pass the ball

Oasis lyricsOasis - Pass me down the wine lyrics

you pass me down the wine? It's getting near that ... time What you got tomorrow? Only ... sorrow Will you dance for me tonight? I promise I won't ... bite Let's go see the sun burst Wait till I go

Insane Clown Posse - Pass me by lyrics

about it! Does it not stagger the imagination? No builder on ... any structure to compare to the mansions above. Won't that be ... something when you go to live in

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - The weedman lyrics

aint got no mo grass Its time to re up Got to hurry up Go ... (2x)] So we just looking for the weedman The weedman the ... Hey I'm getting closer To the weedman I think he's somewhere close Smell it on his

Hopsin - The b bop lyrics

know?) my mommy doesn't like me listening to you, but could ... you like sing me one of those songs, but like ... like one of the cool ones, (man I gotta go ... da qwop dabwop dubop It's the b bop my b bop song, doing the b bop ain't nothing wrong, come on, shu ba da b bop a shu ba

The Dresden Dolls - Me & the minibar lyrics

fixe dinners up I'll unwrap the plastic cups It's just us my ... us my love I will make the room up nice Put your ... real true love Close all the windows Put signs on the

Imogen Heap - Me, the machine lyrics

blip in the algorithm A break in the ... Soft circuits, jumping. The pincodes of happiness Access ... a scent of that sweet summer breeze A love for a squeeze

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Me & the rhythm lyrics

the rhythm takes you over Takes ... A different space Ooh, the smoke is getting closer I ... Everybody wants to get some But don't you play a song ... have to talk about none Let the chemicals do its stuff 'Til the energy is too much Yeah

Hellogoodbye - The thoughts that give me the creeps lyrics

ever let you go? Oh but sometimes my mind could tell my ... heart that yes is no Like sometime I might wake up old and ... what if I never knew your name? Oh my god, the thought's

Morrissey - The more you ignore me, the closer i get lyrics

more you ignore me, the closer I get You're wasting ... your time The more you ignore me, the ... I get You're wasting your time I will be in the bar with

Gaelic Storm - Me & the moon lyrics

you know I gotta say I met a lot of friends this way, ... When the sun goes down Just hanging ... with the crew knocking back a brew or ... three or four! Chorus: Me and the moon stayed up all

Kilmara - The dark inside – show me the way lyrics

many secrets I must hide Is there a sense in what I am or is ... it only heaven´s game? Should I accept myself ... today or is there cure to find some day? Am

Running Wild - Me & the boys lyrics

is right get on the line, just go nuts now Stand ... in pride, take on the night be wild and free Kick the beat, bring on the heat, rock ... you somehow Sing along with our

The Who lyricsThe Who - The real me lyrics

went back to the doctor To get another shrink ... he thinks. Can you see the real me, doctor? Doctor! ... Can you see the real me, doctor? Oh, doctor! I

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Knife lyrics

for me here, life in the dust The desert sings of ... can wait forever No one will pass you by The snake has eyes of ... takes your life, he fears no knife It bites him too There's

Lil Rob - If you should loose me lyrics

people trying to telling me how to do this But I remain ... foolish And represent the Brown to the fullest That's ... right But let me do things my way Lil' Rob

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - As deep as the knife will go lyrics

Disturbing moans begin to soothe Scraping bone with steel to ... your gut Nothing to it Grab the handle let it slice Heart ... Bleeding it dry As deep as the knife will go A life

Annihilator - Dr psycho lyrics

of what will be Tomorrow is the day, I can't back out But I ... scared of what will happen to me They say a simple procedure ... all so routine But what if the doctor was evil and very,

Grizzly Bear - Knife lyrics

your eyes With every blow, comes another lie You think it's ... s alright Can't you feel the knife Can't you feel the knife Can't you feel the knife

Obsession - Twist of the knife lyrics

me straight in the eye While there's still time, do or die ... take control Twist of the knife, cutting right thru Twist of ... the knife, a turn of the screw Twist of the knife,

Afi - We've got the knife lyrics

you said that night: I had the most exquisite time. Well ... got that right, but its not the whole story. I want it all. ... I court the loveliest of crimes. Say it, as if it were

Hatebreed - Under the knife lyrics

this world of pain, under the knife see our bodies grow ... my heart grows weak, and there's nothing to cure the ... I won't live my life under the knife. If my fate's been

Leslie Clio - Twist the knife lyrics

on to what we've lost And the things you left behind There's no you and us But so ... much of me It's a futile desire And it ... love You really gotta twist the knife Twist the knife Twist

Rusty Cage - Knife game song full version lyrics

wanted music, so you got it! The knife game song round two! ... There is an old tradition, a game we all can play. You start ... of Whiskey, you grab your knife and pray. And spread apart

Labrinth - Under the knife lyrics

got no soul Painkillers on the doctor's table Won't you ... give me back the heart I know under the knife ... under the knife Carve my darkness, into ... light Yeah, under the knife, under the knife, knife, knife, knife Cut me up and I won

Mortiis - Twist the knife lyrics

See yourself in it. Twist the knife, watch as it dies. ... but ignoring it. You feel the hate in it, escape from it. ... spit at it. Twist the knife, watch as it dies. Steal

Oomph! - Turn the knife lyrics

m sinking deeper in the black of this hole I can't ... remember if there once was my soul I wanna ... this is why you got to give me the steel You turn the knife! I come alive! You turn the

Primordial - The darkest flame lyrics

.. gave me strenght to carry on You... pass all wordly troubles unto me ... You... gave my time meaning You... left your sorrow ... I... could be a martyr in their eyes I... wished only for them to see I... embraced where

Shakespeare's Sister - Twist the knife lyrics

know I'm weak Can you see the scars upon me That your ... kisses leave? When the night comes down it hurts ... And I hit the ground, it hurts Me falta ... rompio mi corazon Twist the knife Twist the knife baby

Exhumed - Under the knife lyrics

crimson rivulets Weaving their cold and malignant minuets ... pieces, set askew, you've come undone The bleeding is ... you're turning blue, the end had begun Set down in

Helix - Deep cuts the knife lyrics

all the nights seem all the same Since you said goodbye ... I'm all alone The only voice is my own Can ... you hear me, are you near me Did you know that I hurt

Hypocrisy - Let the knife do the talking lyrics

1] Are you blind to see me? I think I know what you ... again. I am God. I am the only one. You need me. ... Put your trust in me [Chorus] Let the knife

Lyle Lovett - Moritat (mack the knife) lyrics

And Macheath, he's got a knife, and In such an obvious ... See a corpse stretched in the Strand See a man dodge ... 'round the corner... Mackie's friends

Hatebreed - Walking the knife lyrics

taken to a place Where life means nothing You only know ... you dig to a place Where the pain stops coming Some ... days will give you the ground Some days will give

Abattoir - Night of the knife lyrics

alley ways is there he stalks The feel the ... blade tucked near his heart The cold, the mist sets ... Nasty surprise or jack the knife the fate comes back from the

Sadus - Under the knife lyrics

of killing makes me all I am Exploration of ... death To heal is their plan Incision, scrutiny ... is left will be mine in time Infection Sickly form of ... Cutting into life Under the knife Under the knife Under the knife Hungriness of killing makes me all I am Exploration of

Degradead - Pass away lyrics

is threatened by demons They have arrived at my palace ... My life is being hunted Their eyes burn like fire It's ... burning my presence Enter the vicious circle This is my

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