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Pascal Sitaki Mwingine Lyri lyrics

Browse for Pascal Sitaki Mwingine Lyri song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Pascal Sitaki Mwingine Lyri lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 45 lyrics related to Pascal Sitaki Mwingine Lyri.

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Goethes Erben - Pascal ii lyrics

Ich schlief ein und ein Mann: Doch die Umgebung hatte sich geändert Frau: Geräusch drang an meine Ohren Von weiter fern, hör ich deine Stimme Mann: Das erste Mal nicht deine Schreie Frau: Verzerrt und weit entfernt nahm ich deine Worte wahr. Mann:

Goethes Erben - Pascal i lyrics

war Dein Schweigen Dein Lachen war verstummt solange ich auch flehte Du gebarst kein Wort Du lagst nur da und schliefst Die Zeit lief weiter und in der Nacht hörte ich Dein Weinen Dein Schrei, Dein Schrei, Deine Schreie Nacht für Nacht hallten Deine Schre

Goethes Erben - Pascal-vorspiel lyrics

süßes Lächeln fing jedes Herz Mehr als ein Jahrzehnt gebannt in Fleisch und Blut das lachte, schrie und lebte Schwarzes Haar im Kontrast zu blasser Haut schimmerndes Pergament, das Deinen kleinen Körper sanft umschloß Du warst fröhlich schriest und tobtest sprangst fielst

Pyrrhon - Pascal's wager lyrics

to justify Faith numerically Suffer through the proof Hope it helps you sleep Reject reason instrumental In keeping with your kind Reducing your God to A roll of the dice Try to justify Faith numerically Suffer through the proof Hope it helps you s

Lizz Robinett - Ventus's theme - kingdom hearts original lyri.. lyrics

soundly safe in his heart You no longer have to face the evil in the dark Just rest your mind, and leave your pain behind Remember softly, of a time when the world was so bright You've fought so bravely, my dear And so you can rest, for now there's nothing left to fear F

Sinister - Chapel desecration lyrics

Fear Deprive them of their sacred pride In a murderous frenzy As if possessed and justified Straw man, figurehead, renegade...warlord Kill and mass, first in front Sudden decline A dying of archaic hopes This must be obeyed It's Vexing to admit yo

Ll Cool J - I need a beat lyrics

it's a Malibu beat, subject of discussion Malibu beat, subject of discuss-cussion You're motivated-vated, to aid a percussion-cussion There's no glo-glory, for this story-story It-it rock-rock in any territory-tory I syncopate it and design it well-well Beat

Sarah Brightman - Here with me lyrics

didn't hear you leave I wonder how am I still here I don't want to move a thing It might change my memory Oh I am what I am I'll do what I want But I can't hide I won't go I won't sleep I can't breathe Until you're resting Here with me I

Common - Sum shit i wrote lyrics

I erase like racism, I'm as large as a bigot Groove is my escapism, when I'm bubbly I just kick it What I need from you is understanding that I'm standing On my own two, down with my own crew Toe cancer, I'm bad to the bone too, I'm prone to snap off W

Adam Pascal - Another day lyrics

Who Do You Think You Are? Barging In On Me And My Guitar Little Girl - Hey The Door Is That Way You Better Go You Know The Fire's Out Anyway Take Your Powder - Take Your Candle Your Sweet Whisper I Just Can't Handle Well Take Your Hair In The Moonlight Your Bro

Adam Pascal - Beautiful song lyrics

every motion, there's an ocean of emotion  Understanding all you are, and all I am  I can be patient, there's a grace  In the courageous way that you  Take your every step, the best you can  In the silence I hear the sound of your heart  And in the pages that have

Adam Pascal - Book of endings lyrics

is forming around her broken heart 4 this morning, she wrote him one last time Journal entry #42409 'He just needs some Well, he needs a bit more time' I know you take your time As you whittle me that card But I want you to know I just put in new alarms

Adam Pascal - Civilian lyrics

a cold dead mountain we will wander In a forest hidden from the sea Under skies of black and orange thunder In a desert riddled with disease Never gonna be mine Never gonna fall in line for you Never gonna take mine Never gonna let 'em go for you Why don't you let '

Adam Pascal - Fight lyrics

our ring of love, this much is true. I Never thought that I'd be fighting you But you stole my heart you cheated and lied You weren't in my corner You weren't on my side Chorus: The gloves are off you hit below the belt Now it's time-out, b

Adam Pascal - Heal me i'm heartsick lyrics

me I’m heartsick I’m hungry and I'm broken I'm haunted, and weeping the blood of heaven flowing like a river tonight Tears I can't fight on my own I'm a haunted heathen I’m hung and barely breathing The drowning ocean Snuff the sun in motion There

Adam Pascal - I'm with you lyrics

and wonder The universe seen through your eyes The moon is a glorious halo Hanging high over your head every night Spinning and spinning A flick of the wrist and a smile And in the morning so early Deep conversations are spoken in tongues by sunlight To

Adam Pascal - I should tell you lyrics

I Should Tell You I'm Disaster I Forget How To Begin It MIMI Let's Just Make This Part Go Faster I Have Yet -- To Be In It I Should Tell You ROGER I Should Tell You MIMI I Should Tell You ROGER I Should Tell You MIMI I

Adam Pascal - 10,000 miles lyrics

for the sun to set your time Wait till your tide rolls out to sea Take a deep breath, whisper my name I'll look up just in time to see I'll see the sky that's in your eyes Then the stars can follow me  10,000 miles to take me home I don't belong, out here alone at sea

Adam Pascal - Mother's child lyrics

s child, should I put this Chip under your skin Or should I try to change the world we live in? How can I drain the sickness from the river? Wish that I could just wipe you from the face forever Too much time is taken up Too much time is taken up Watchin

Adam Pascal - No trace lyrics

a mile away but still half a life away there's no trace of you I tell myself that I I can see you passing by feel no trace of you I just called to tell you I never ever think about lazy days Sunday Afternoons Never miss the comfort of lying naked in the rough and hold

Adam Pascal - Ordinary men abound lyrics

ordinary men abound  On every little TV  In every echo inside my head  Can't get away from it now  I'm too entrenched  And every channel I change  And every paper I turn the page  But the rain, it falls  And I'm getting drenched  So I say baby, baby  Won't you join m

Adam Pascal - Rent lyrics

How Do You Document Real Life When Real Life's Getting More Like Fiction Each Day Headlines - Bread-Lines Blow My Mind And Now This Deadline "Eviction - Or Pay" Rent ROGER How Do You Write A Song When The Chords Sound Wrong Though They Once Sounded Ri

Adam Pascal - Ringing in my ear lyrics

scared to love, so scared to take a fall  Afraid of God and sex, why do I wake up at all  Today I'd like to stay at home  Hide myself from all the world  It's hard to see, but yet it's in your eyes  I'm just an empty shell, holding on for dear life  Y

Adam Pascal - Something of ours lyrics

s another compromise,  When you take into account all the lies he said  You've been dreaming for so long,  That he'll take you in his bed and make it yours  But you never took into account  The way he looked at her  And you'll never see it through the e

Adam Pascal - Tomorrow and the sun lyrics

second saved, one more to buy your time Crest of the wave, breaks on you every time boy So much to see, it just might make you blind I look out the bedroom window, waiting just to see the light It comes in waves I can't hold on Locking horns and gun to gun Tomorrow and

Adam Pascal - What you own lyrics

t breathe too deep, don't think all day Dive into work, drive the other way That drip of hurts, that pint of shame Goes away, just play the game You're living in America At the end of the millennium You're living in America Leave your conscience at

Adam Pascal - Wonderchild lyrics

a fever got you burning And your stomach got you turning And your mommy doesn't show you And your daddy doesn't know you If your torn up, life confiscated...  And if you've been burned, eviscerated You take in all that you're given And you give out demolition darling Tearin

Broilers - Das güldene potpourri lyrics

komm doch lieber Paulemann, Heute sind die Broilers dran, Die du zugrunde richtest Indem du viele Lügen dichtest. Paul der Redakteur, Lügner in den Medien Paul der Redakteur, Du wirst uns nie erledigen. Paul der Redakteur, Lügner in den Medien Paul der Redakt

Pascal Obispo - Cellophane sun lyrics

spend your days and nights alone, well I know, it's alright You find it hard to take control of your own pointed life So get between, get bhind, take your time, I don't mind Take my hand and hide your eyes Morning is a dream, a break in the night Life is but a scene, a mom

Pascal Obispo - Every time arrourn lyrics

time around I come down with the same intention And break into a smile at the thought I don't dare to mention A solitary dreamer been meaning to make it outside But sitting here alone I don't risk yet another blind side And then, oh, once in a while, I make a breakout Alw

Pascal Obispo - Fan lyrics

ai vecu sous des posters A me croire le seul à connaitre Tout de vous J'en ai refais des concert En revant de voir apparaitre Marie Lou J'inventais des lettre à France En solitaire, en silence Si je n'ai pas su l'ecrire Je voulais simplement te dire que si... Si j'exist

Pascal Obispo - Just here to the left of you lyrics

back, it won't hurt you Lean in, no inertia Bold is the love that I fight to save Head on, no collision Confusion, indecision I don't believe I'm too far to be saved Twist and turn me, bait and burn me Smile and send me to oblivion Breathe and bathe me, just be and s

Pascal Obispo - L'imprtance c'est toujours lyrics

importe ce qu'on m'donne un sourire une couronne a quelqu'un ou bien a personne peu importe ce qu'on m'donne donner c'est comme recevoir mais sans s'en appercevoir comme quand on pardonne a ce qu'on aime comme goutard l'opium d'aimer quand même d'a

Pascal Obispo - Liken a razor lyrics

you don't mind, I will start again alone If you don't mind, I'll just move myself along You take up my time, fill my head with delusions And leave me blind, like I'm starin' at the sun 'Cause I can't, and I won't look away when you walk But I'm throu

Pascal Obispo - Live for love united lyrics

you ever dreamed of playing for the biggest team there is on earth? Have you ever played at dreaming large? The time is now and you are the star The ball is travelling in your direction Give it all of your attention Pick it up and pass it on That's what's gonna make us strong C

Pascal Obispo - Model prisoner lyrics

you begin to tell her all the things she wants to hear? And did you, on the phone, say, ''You are the one?'' And did you waste your time starving your heart, waiting in line for her? You're a model prisoner The only time you miss her Fighting the darkness wide awake You're a mod

Pascal Obispo - Ordinary boy lyrics

dance underscoring, in record times Fate tiwsts, nobody's watching Eyes twitch, nobody's clockin' me I swear you won't believe it, the pain, the joy I got your number, Baby, and, Darling, you got mine See, I'm not such and ordinary boy I spend all night jus

Pascal Obispo - Precious little meltdown lyrics

ll put on the coat you want and pretend to rise above I'll carry the cross you bare and pretend to feel the love Tell you you're never alone, you're never alone You want the answers to be in a tongue you understand You're looking for someone like me to tell

Pascal Obispo - The one that got away lyrics

can't help it but I wait all night Can't help it, but I wait all night without you Sunday morning didn't turn out right I come into the morning light without you You left on the 'A' train, not even time to say Goodbye to the one that got away

Pascal Obispo - The time it takes to fall lyrics

s okay, you're not alone You're on the luckiest star that's taken you far away Did you know, that the rain in the yard has taken to going insane? A little nuts...oh, a little lost She relates, she recoils When she stands on her own, it takes her so far away I didn'

Pascal Obispo - Undiscovered lyrics

as she's become Don't regret what she's done It's worth all the pain With a smile on her face, and a love in her heart She always sings Says, I am...then whispers the word ''undiscovered'' Says, I your eyes Angel wandered too far from grace, but she daved the sinner

Pascal Obispo - Which way to nowhere lyrics

t remember which way to nowhere Walking on glass, floating on air It hurts to be lonely, it hurts to be near you It's already over, I'm starting to wear down So, when all isn't what it...what it appears to be And there's no one to hold you, no one to set you free

Scooter lyricsScooter - Hyper! hyper! lyrics

everybody on the floor? We put some energy into this place! I want to ask you something...are you ready for the sound of Scooter!!? I want to see you sweat! I said...I want to see you sweat!! Yeeah. Hyper! Hyper! Hyper! Hyper! Hyper! Hyper! Excuse me! Where is the bass drum?

Sinister - Apocalypse in time lyrics

everlasting lord Cold fingers around my throat Hell, luxurious place of emptiness Face down, head to the ground Ten years of suffering Enter speak and die Acts of ecstasy Apocalypse in time Grotesque pile of ancient entities The horns of the shrew are rape

Sinister - Savage or grace lyrics

in flames, infant lies Gallery of circumcision I see this world, drowned in blood Abidance the new arrival Absurd abuse, abused absurd Abysmal device of fictive horror Cross of death, whore of life Current way of evolution Savage or grace Countless trips through time Savage

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