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Mina - Parole parole lyrics

cosa mi succede stasera, ti guardo ed è come la prima volta. che cosa sei, che cosa sei, che cosa sei Non vorrei parlare. Cosa sei Ma tu sei la frase d'amore cominciata e mai finita. Non cambi mai, non cambi mai, non cambi mai. Tu sei il mio ieri, il mio oggi Proprio mai Il

Emis Killa - Parole di ghiaccio lyrics

Fuori quanto è brutto il tempo però si è calmato il vento il mio sguardo è meno freddo questo inverno sta finendo. Ogni cosa c’ha il suo tempo chi ha pazienza ne uscirà vado avanti e non ci penso questo inverno passerà. Verse 1: Oggi è domenica e t

Sailor - Romance lyrics

romance, romance You keep me dancing all night long You like to lead me on The chimes of midnight will fade away And I know that nobody else is going to matter until it's day So let the 'boys night out on the town' Carry on without me I know a place I'd rather be To look

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Romance lyrics

Wayne - Romance (Lyrics HQ|HD) Romance - Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - Romance (New Single) Lil Wayne - Romance ( New 2013) Lil Wayne - RomanceLil Wayne - Romance (Lyrics HQ|HD) Romance - Lil Wayne Lil Wayne - Romance (New Single) Lil Wayne - Romance ( Ne

Paul Carrack - Romance (love theme from sing; paul carrack &.. lyrics

heard it said Romance was dead and gone And I almost beleived it was true Til the moment you came along I know it's so hard to find romance When the world moves so fast But when I look at you I get the feeling these feelings will last Let's make our own romance We've got ti

Empire Of The Sun - Romance to me lyrics

haven't seen you in ages But it's not as bleak as it seems The tears have stained all the pages It is all a romance to be Since you've been gone, I've faded But I reach out and you go forth My ears have gone in phases It is all a romance to me

Terri Nunn - Romance (love theme from sing; terri nunn & p.. lyrics

heard it said Romance was dead and gone And I almost beleived it was true Til the moment you came along I know it's so hard to find romance When the world moves so fast But when I look at you I get the feeling these feelings will last Let's make our own

Berryz Koubou - Romance wo katatte lyrics

nagameteru Oh wo oh wowox2 Oishisou ni mietekuru Oh wo oh wowox2 Romansu katareba kono machi ichiban Ironna shousetsu yomimakutta onna no ko Hitoribocchi mo toki ni aru kedo Rajio ga utau suteki na ongaku kiite Saa odorimashou odorimashou Watashitach

Irene Cara - Romance '83 lyrics

at the images on my TV set switching channels, haven't found the right station yet What I need is Romance '83 I try to fix the tuning on my radio Getting up I trip over the remote control What I need is Romance '83 I thought that love and kindness

Reckless Love - Romance lyrics

neon lights are shining blue, Shivers of red running through, Serenity surrounding her steps as she walks, Back to you, Heat of the night keeps callin' her, She's better than you or I deserve, The entertainer of rich lookin' cheap in her tight, Little

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Romance is dead lyrics

plastic flowers you gave for sit on the table so unstable And there is some greasy finger prints on the pre-wrote birthday card you wrote your name in And I know that you make your effort But I think you could do much better A rose is blue and violets red Say it isn't

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Romance is dead in finland lyrics

plastic flowers you gave for sit on the table so unstable And there is some greasy finger prints on the pre-wrote birthday card you wrote your name in And I know that you make your effort But I think you could do much better A rose is blue and violets red Say it isn't true D

Elvenking - Romance and wrath lyrics

cut the strings, to end their lives No mercy, pity, no false disguise Morte, Amore, Death and Love Behold their pain from high above Pale moon skies Witnesses of my inner pit of commotion Chaos rise! To desecrate my last hidden sense of devotion Loose like neve

Gordon Lightfoot - Romance lyrics

said you were through with romance Why take a chance on anyone You're so beautiful too I can tell by the way that you dance They say that people don't change Why rearrange the original You do something to me That my eyes cannot see at a glance Signs of a ne

Disciple - Romance me lyrics

Romans 8:19-25] Is solace a hopeless crusade The grandeur of a raping plague A portrait that is best forgotten Bed of fire for the dying orphans Is there a bridge for the endless mote? A river for the arid throat? A sun for the winter flower? A kn

Mattia Cerrito - Parole lontane lyrics

na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Text na videu Te

Miranda! - Romance juvenil lyrics

ciertamente, fuiste haciendote, de mi muy, lentamente, fuiste apareciendo yo, que creia que era todo para mi que buscaba revelarme Lo que seba, paso pero tu amor se quedo y esta noche los dos celebraremos mira lo que hay aqi un romance juvenil no

Ra - Parole lyrics

I'm not your favorite It's too bad you're not mine Someone once tried to tell me To leave all this behind You and I are forever I cut your name in me I'm gonna bleed us together In crimson harmony And I will taste your mind Fill it full o

Boa (보아) - Romance lyrics

I fall, when I fall in love Ttatteutage nal gamssajuneun gonggi Sarangi chaja ol geotman gateun I bam I wanna love you just the way you are Deullyeoyo nuneul gameumyeon jeonhwagi soge Bulleojudeon norae Gwitgae haru onjongil maemdon geudae I'm go

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Romance in the dark lyrics

the dark, it's just you and I
 There's not a sound, there's not one sigh 
Just the beat of my poor heart 
In the dark

 Now, in the dark, I get such a thrill
 When he puts his fingertips upon my lips
 And he begs me, "Please, please, be

Level 42 - Romance lyrics

with all those tales of romance You try so hard And I can't take the heartbreak you weave Don't cry alone Oh baby baby don't give up on me Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up and you will see Oh baby baby this I guarantee Turn it up, turn it up it'll be alright Alrigh

Lights - Romance is lyrics

Is You're three sides of my eight sided circle Two lovers, juxtaposed red doorways. Broken window frames colour her eyes in With black lines, let it all run down. Let it all run down. It's one way to opt for a horizon Cause in my opinion It's one way to say we're abandoned

Mortifilia - Romance of the dead lyrics

'''''''s just finishing, Darkness comes here I''''''''m waiting for you I''''''''m waiting for some signal At the moment I''''''''ll make it Let''''''''s spend a nice night There, a assion''''''''s Changing to obsession, I''''''''m the master of your fate You a

A.k.a.s - Romance is dead lyrics

guitars won´t stay in tune. These fists are raised against you. These words refuse to rhyme. These kids won´t stay in line tonight. Black eyes, white lies. Tight pants and pin-striped nights. Blood on our hands, price on our heads...who says romance is dead? You think our days our n

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Romance lyrics

say high, i say low You say stop, i say go You say don't pay the bills Cause you won't but i will Do you believe in romance Do you believe in schemes of

Akb48 - Romance, irane lyrics

onnanoko wa mitsume au dake de So DOKIDOKI suru mahou ni kakaru no Love sore ga koi to omoi komeru no wa obaka desuka? soretomo junsui sugi masuka? HAATO made kanashibari atta you ni setsunakute ugokenai naze? sareru ga mama na no? sonna ROMANSU, IRANE

Broken Social Scene - Romance to the grave lyrics

I'm right, I'm always wrong beneath the wise, rolling through the way (Further my luck tries to be the same) When I'm wrong, I'm almost right to breathe the miles coming through the haze (Still like I thought) I don't speak the tongues of finds within

Buck-tick - Romance lyrics

dake ni yurusareta Hikaru ubuge ni tada mitoreteita Nemuri tsudzukete iru kimi no yume he Kuroi doresu de matte ite hoshii Aa kimi no kubisuji ni fukaku ai tsukisasu Aa boku no chi to mazariai yoru wo kakeyou Tsukiyo no hanayome Tenshi ga mitei

Omd - Romance of the telescope lyrics

these arms that were broken, how they held you so. Never once did they fail you, they won’t let you go. We’re just waiting looking skyward as the days come down. Someone promised there’d be answers, if we stayed around. Over decades, now this romance

Adams - Romance lyrics

wo kudaite egutta Boku no taisetsunamono wa Itanda furuutsu mitai ni Minikui mitame wa tobegorosa ne Tsunaga reta dousen ni wa Senketsu no ruuju ga shitataru Tounoku ishiki no naka de kou omotta “mada owatcha inai!” Yame rarenai bokutachi wa soushitsu so ai no morumot

Arch Of Hell - Romance of afterlife lyrics

on thorns in my eyes And die for my pleasure Don't try to deal with the god You felt in to the devil Lucifer gave me the key of hell's gate Welcome in your freaky wonderland Our calm is away There something was changed They want for tweny

Katzenjammer Kabarett - Romance lyrics

he’s entering Cherry Bloom’s bedroom He can see she’s so afraid that she can't move. Says he’ll kiss her young blossom lips She replied instead “I'll go call the police!" He hates love more than he hates the law, And laughs at her face, moc

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Romance in durango lyrics

chilli peppers in the blistering sun Dust on my face and my cape Me and Magdalena on the run I think this time we shall escape. Sold my guitar to the baker's son For a few crumbs and a place to hide But I can get another one And I'll play for Magdalena as we ride. No llore

Fest Vainqueur - Romance (penicillin cover) lyrics

ni kitzuite kudasai boku ga dakishimete ageru yume mo namida mo wasurete kimi wo motomete ita daremo shiranai sekai de boku ga sasayaite ageru mado ni uchiru setsunasa wa umare kawaru merodii kowarete shimatta baransu ga kuzureta tesaguri

Janne Da Arc - Romance lyrics

na PURAIDO wa sutete HETA na enryo mo iranai kanojo umaku gomakashite kimi to kemono ni nareru mikkai kareshi ni naru ki wa nakute sokubaku JERASHI- wa aru demo "aishiteru" janakute kimi dake no tokubetsu de itai mujaki ni warau ki

Satsuki - Romance lyrics

feel your loneliness My heart always with you Kokoro wa garasu saiku no you Sensai de moroi kedo spread mind Kake nukeyou ka doko made de mo Inochi ga aru kagiri Yubi mo, koe mo, kami mo subete ga itooshikute Itsuka kimi to tadoritsuku Shisen kimochi kodou Ugoku

Shinee - Romance lyrics

Take this off of me baby Uh Listen! Check it out nan jinachil su eopseoyo (honjaingayo? gwaenchanayo?) geu keopineun imi da sigeotjyo (ireonayo Baby) Uh Listen! honjaseo itgieneun i dosiga neomu yeppeujyo (machi geudae yeppeun du nuncheoreom) j

Juice=juice - Romance no tochuu lyrics

quot;aishiteru wa" to yue! hakkiri kuchi ni dasanakya sugoi yabai I still love you! Yeah machijuu ga aishi aisare Do it do it hitotsu no koi ni KUYOKUYO sun ja nai tsugi no koi wa motto subarashii! hazu hito no kareshi wo urayamu you na sekoi jinsei wa m

Morning Musume - Romance lyrics

onegai yo seki wo tatanai de Iki ga kakaru hodo soba ni ite hoshii Anata ga...... Suki nan desu Hitori de iru no ga kowaku naru Kono mama aenaku narisou de Kuchizuke sae shiranai kedo kore ga ai nano ne Moshi mo toberu nara tonde tsuite yuku T

Parkway Drive - Romance is dead lyrics

incisions is your wrist were all for show. Just like you. He epitome of self indulgence. Another farce. A charade and another set of crocodile tears. So serenade her with your last pathetic suicide love song. "Broken hearts never mend". But fools

Saurom - Romance de la luna, luna lyrics

en ti embrujado, perspicaz y sutil Un tapiz de deseos, una flor que adorar Llï vame madre albina en tu pecho de hiel Forja all� en el cielo una senda fugazï Luna, luna, te estoy mirando, dame tu mano, ojitos blancos Luna, luna, te estoy hablando, huyamos lejos por el llano,

Shepard Isaac - Romance of the seas lyrics


Rza - Cousins lyrics

Doc Gyneco] Moi j'doute parfois j'ai envie d'pêcher Regarde nous, essayes donc d'écouter Lis seul, avoir du goût, dans l'rap en français Ca f 'ra kiffer les cains-ri et ça tu l'sais Ca m'donne le fou-rire, mais y a pire Etudier pour l'entreprise, qu'el

Fabri Fibra lyricsFabri Fibra - 3 parole lyrics

di veramente malato alloggia nella mente del genio. In tre parole, mai dire mai. Come definiresti la tua vita in tre parole? Tre parole, che periodo noioso Tre parole, voglio diventare famoso Tre parole, ti voglio bene, ti faccio male Andiamo al mare, parcheg

Royce Da 5'9" - Off parole (feat. pharrell, tre' little) lyrics

quiet (Yeah) I know what you thinking (Yeah) Who the hell is that (Yeah) You in the club minding ya own business (Yeah) And out of nowhere you here this (Yeah) How you supposed to act (Yeah) Neptunes (Yeah) Royce 5'9 (Yeah) It's my year baby, uh (Uh

Los Fastidios - Fiumi di parole lyrics

ascoltero E mi alzero, mi alzero Per gridare a gran voce cio che penso Per sputarvi in faccia il mio dissenso Lottero, lottero Gridero, gridero Contro di voi ed il vostro potere Non riuscirete a tenermi a sedere Di Parole, Parole & parole ci avete

Jalisse - Fiumi di parole lyrics

ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Mi aspetto mille scuse come sempre da te sei un fiume di parole dove anneghi anche me che bravo che sei ma questo linguaggio da talk show cosa centra con noi. Provo l'unico rimedio che adotto da un po' la mia testa ch

Il Divo - Senza parole lyrics

stai Dove vai Qualcosa che no va? Gia lo so Non vuoi dirmelo Ma hai gia deciso che vai via Senza parole Senza guardare mai Senza parole Senza una lacrima Addio Spiegami Chi c’è vicino a te? (Chi c’è vicino a te) Tu dirà Quanto ti amerà (Quanto ti am

Luciano Ligabue - Ho perso le parole lyrics

perso le parole eppure ce le avevo qua un attimo fa dovevo dire cose cose che sai, che ti dovevo, che ti dovrei. Ho perso le parole può darsi che abbia perso solo le mie bugie si son nascoste bene, forse però semplicemente non eran mie. credi, credici un p

Sister Sin - On parole lyrics

by little, my love, each day Inch by inch we fade away Screw all the matters, save the end Better start breathing, stop pretend Out of the blue as a long lost child Into the black, running wild Beat up and bruised, but hey, I'm alright yeah, I'll stray Feel

Andrea Bocelli - Le parole che non ti ho detto lyrics

ascoltato mai le parole che non ti ho detto il silenzio sai certe volte fa più effetto. Chiudi gli occhi per sentir le mie paure No, non tremo certo per le tue parole mai Hai ascoltato mai le parole che non ti ho detto quando eri tu il mio sogno nel cassetto

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - On parole lyrics

locked me up, put me away, Said "You're gonna get out in forever and a day" I didn't know what was going on, All I was doing was looking for fun, Forgot the reason, that's what I'm told, But you've gotta get it in before you get old, Th

Samuele Bersani - Le mie parole lyrics

mie parole sono sassi precisi aguzzi pronti da scagliare su facce vulnerabili e indifese sono nuvole sospese gonfie di sottointesi che accendono negli occhi infinite attese sono gocce preziose indimenticate a lungo spasimate e poi centellinate, sono fr

Andrea Bocelli - Le tue parole lyrics

va a morire il sole, dove il vento si riposa, ci son tutte le parole di chi è stato innamorato e non ha dimenticato tutto quello che c’è stato. Ed aspetterò il tramonto, deve pur passare il vento, io mi lascerò portare, dove nascono le parol

Ron - Non abbiam bisogno di parole lyrics

vieni qui e chiudi dolcemente gli occhi tuoi vedrai che la tristezza passera' il resto poi chissa' verra' domani. Voglio restar con te, baciare le tue mani e dirti che in questo tempo dove tutto passa, dove tutto cambia, noi siamo ancora qua..

The Hollies - 48 hour parole lyrics

m gettin out and steppin' in To somewhere where it's warmer First come will be first served You'd better put in your order Been out in the cold far too long Gonna set the town on fire (fire) If you're not with me you better step aside This boy

Alex Goot - Bad romance lyrics

rah-ah-ah-ah Ro mah-roma-mama GaGa-oh-la-la-la! Want your bad romance I want your ugly I want your disease I want your everything As long as it's free I want your love Love-love-love I want your love I want your drama The touch of your hand I want you

Artist Vs. Poet - Bad romance (lady gaga cover) lyrics

oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Caught in a bad romance Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh Caught in a bad romance Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah Roma-roma-maa Ga-ga-ooh-la-la Want your bad romance I want your ugly I want your disease I want your everything As

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